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Richard van Emden


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I would like to talk to Richard about on e of the men in boy soldiers feel free to pm me

Thanks a lot

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Havent got in touch with Richard V Emden. Wanted to ask him about Albert Harvey (14) in Boy Soldiers who was listed as being from Hull.

Dont know if there is a coincidence but there was a boy soldier of the same name from Barton on Humber and he was sent back home with a hon disch. He bacame Sgt instructor for the BartonMusketry shcool.

Alber Harvey was a pretty unrare name I suppose. There was a lot of transport of people between the towns so I wondered if this was the same man.

another branch of this thread is

did the musketry school have a war diary as in the PRO records

Ive had my hands on a instruction book for the Lewis and a bundle of photos at the MGC School at Barton in 1917 apparently all Yorkies (West) Ours had a chaplain and a pretty good organisation to it, but I dont know its unit number which it must have had.

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