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disbanded battalions in 1918


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I've read that when the size of brigades was reduced by 25% by disbanding one of its battalions, it was intended the 'chop' would fall on Second Line Territorial Units - not First Line. The 1/4th Lincolns was disbanded - were any other First Line units disbanded?

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My understanding of the 1/4th Lincolns in Jan 1918 was that they absorbed their 2nd Line unit, the 2/4th Lincolns. The "new" unit was renamed the 4th Lincolns. The 1/4th had been in the 138th Brigade, 46th (north Midland) Division, whereas the new 4th was in the 177th Brigade of the 59th Division (where the 2/4th battalion had served).

I believe a similar situation existed with the 1/7th and 2/8th Sherwood Foresters becoming the 7th Battalion.

Apparently each UK Division was to lose three battalions each, making a total reduction by 141 battalions to be disbanded. 115 were completely disbanded, and a further 38 (as above) amalgamated into 19 battalions, with the last seven becoming labour/pioneer/entrenching units.

My assumption was that the bulk of the cuts fell on the New Army battalions, rather than on first line units.

Hope this helps a little.


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