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I visited Bisseghem Communal Cemetery this morning (I live in the village since I was born and I went there for the forst time this morning - shame on me). After looking up the names on the CWGC-homepage (and not finding two or three of the only 25 names) and the SDGW-CD-ROM, I managed to have an idea about the units that were fighting here in October 1918 (mostly 20th).

I'll check the battalion and divisional histories next week, but perhaps there are some interesting online sources I am missing?

I'm looking for:

19th (Pioneer) Battalion, Middlesex Regiment

17th Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers

18th Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers

15th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment

15th Battalion, Notts & Derby Regiment

4th Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment

18th Battalion, KRRC

Most of the battalions belonged to the 35th Division.

Chris, I did read the short story about George Smissen. Do you have more about this man (especially from the period 15th-25th October)?

What I am also looking for, are the missing soldiers from the 15th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment, around 20th October 1918. My SDGW somehow changes the date to 2014 and I can't find anything on date...

Thanks in advance,


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Jan - I've had a look on my SDGW for 15th Cheshires on the 20/10/18.

I came up with the following:

Pte 67320 Thomas Bates

Pte 67373 Thomas Green

Sgt 50390 James Henry Noonam

Pte 67632 Robert Edward Owen

Pte 40352 Harry Porter

Pte 58002 Herbert Smart

Pte 28065 Harold Woollams (formerly: 91091, RFA)

Hope this is of some help.

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Killed from 15/10/18 to 25/10/18 15th Bn. Cheshire Regt.: SDGW total of 17.

15/10/18:7 (killed in action)

20/10/18:7 (killed in action)

21/10/18:1 (died of wounds)

23/10/18: 1 (died)

24/10/18: 1 (died of wounds)

When I extend the search from 01/10/18 to 31/10/18 then total is 65

with 2 dates in particular:

13/10/18: 14 (killed in action)

14/10/18: 24 (22 killed in action; 2died)


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What I don't understand: there is an unknown Cheshire soldier buried at Bisseghem, yet no one is missing from the 15th till 24th October 1918? Five of the men killed on the 20th are buried in Bisseghem, two in Harlebeecke.


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Do you have any indication or hint for the unknown soldier to be a casualty in between the dates you mention ?

I did a search for the 14th with the following result:

total 24 (see earlier posting)

2 died and are buried in Maubeuge and Lijssenthoek

15 are buried in Dadizele

7 are on the Tyne Cot Memorial as missing.


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In Bisseghem, 25 soldiers are buried. 24 of them died between the 15th and 29th October 1918. Why should this soldier have died at another time?

There wasn't much fighting in Bisseghem too, only a bit around the 18th-20th October, during the crossing of the Lys.


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