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Remembered Today:

The Road to Lindi


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While watching the new channel 4 series on 4th Oct, the following carriers song was recited:

Oh the Lindi Road was dusty

And the Lindi Road was long

But the chap w?at did the hardest


Who could not do [but wrong]

Was the Kavirondo Porter with ?is

Kavirondo song,

It was ?come here Porter!?

It was ?Omera, hya! Git!?

And Omera didn?t grumble

He simply did his bit.

Does anyone know the origin of this ? Of course I have asked C4, but I will have to wait ~6wks for a reply.

I am interested in this, as my great uncle was killed in affair at Tandamuti, while the 25th RF were operating out of Lindi in then German East Africa.

Any info ?

Cheers........ Richard

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My thought at the time was that it was simply a parody of Kipling with words changed to fit the occasion or location.

I hope someone else can be a little less vague.


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