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I am trying to identify my Grandfather's unit. He served for the whole of the war in the same unit. He entered the theatre of war on 9/8/1914. On his medal entitlement sheet his corps is shown as A.S.C. /A.H.T.D. Does anyone know what the initials after the ASC stand for? Are there any records that I can view?

He was a driver in horse transport, stationed originally at Aldershot at the time of the declaration of war.

He was a regular soldier having enlisted in 1909 (at the age of 17!) He left the service in 1921. He spent most of the rest of his life (he died in 1976) in hospital suffering from shell shock.

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According to Michael Young's "Army Service Corps" A(HT) was Horse Transport (Special Reserve). The "D" is a bit of a mystery, I am ploughing through the Appendices and will report if I find any reference.


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