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1/9th Manchesters

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Could someone please tell me where the 1/9th Battalion, the Manchesters were on or about 12th september 1917. Also any links to Web sites/or books about them.

Thank you


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I'm not aware of any books about the 1/9th. There will be mention of them, though, in 42nd Division history

The 1/7th, which was in the same Division, was around the Menin Road on the date you mention. It seems to have been a quiet time for them. Sorry not to be more helpful - is there something specific you're trying to track down?



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I can't help you with your query but these sites Manchester Regt. rlated sites may be of general interest to you.




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John, any reply is always helpfull.

Dave, I have one of these sites, the other i will check out tomorrow.

I have a man from this Battalion, C.W.G.C says Died France and Flanders, Soldiers Died CD-ROM says KIA. :(

I have searched The Long Long Trail, (3 Times) they are mentioned on X amount of pages, then they disappear.

Thanks for your help :D

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