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Clarence Alvin Leembruggen MM, ISO ex Ceylon, Fiji

christine liava'a

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christine liava'a

I sent this letter to Ceylon Medals to query an award, and received this answer.

Could anyone confirm either of these medals somehow?

Also , if anyone knows of any other awards to Ceylonese personel, please get in touch with Charles Amerasekere

>Dear Sir,

>I found your site on Ceylonese medals very interesting, however there is


>detail I would like to check.


>You state that Clarence Alvin Leembruggen, the Ceylonese in the Fiji Civil

>srvice, received a Military Medal.


>Could you tell me when,where, and why this was awarded, as I can find no

>mention of it in the London Gazette?


>I am interested in him as I am writing a book about the soldiers from Fiji

>in WW1. He and his 2 brothers were soldiers in and from Fiji. They were

>surveyors in Fiji


>Clarence Alvin Leembruggen was in the Royal Engineers,

>Eugene Lancelot Leembruggen was in the 3rd Reinforcements of the Fiji

>contingent, and then the KRRC,

>and Peter Claude Wilmot Leembruggen was in the Fiji Local Force.


>If you could confirm this medal, I would appreciate it.

I have been collecting data on recipients of Orders Decorations and Medals

with ceylonese connections since 1996 and many people have contributed

details. One such person sent me a huge database of awards and among this

was the mention of Leembruggen as a recipient of the MM and the ISO.

I too have not been able to track the MM in the London Gazette (online).

However the search engine on that site is not reliable and the absence of a

search result should not be taken as definite because by going thru' many of

the gazettes, page by page, I have discovered a number of recipients who did

not show up in search results.

The date given for the award of the Imperial Service Order (ISO) to him is 8

June 1950, but I have not been successful finding it in the London Gazette


If I do come across any mention confirming the MM, I will let you know.

Please let me know if you get to it first and also if you come across any

further info and /or photos of these Leembruggen brothers.

Thanks and kind regards,



Charles Ameresekere

Toronto, Canada


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christine liava'a

Just bringing this back to notice. Does anyone know anything about Ceylonese/Sri Lankan soldiers?

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Guest Ian Bowbrick

Have you tried contacting the Veterans Association equivalent of the Legion in Sri Lanka?

You are more likely to find the ISO award mentioned in a newspaper such as the Times.


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