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Remembered Today:

Here is a list of the names on my

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I’ve got these medals in my collection.  Looking to reunite.  Thank you.    Lyn.

Fender. B. R.  15182.  Welsh  R.

Jones.  W. J.  17140.  Welsh  R.

 Jones.  W. J.   20466.  Welsh  R.

Scott.  D. J.  3231.   Welsh  R.

Beckett. H.  27397.  R. W. Fus.

Willshire. A. 23291. Welsh R.


Also. More on page   32.   Thank you.    Lyn.



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Help with reunite.
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Thank you Lyn, much appreciated.

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Thanks MartyG, another for me to add👍( although not at the moment)



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