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Remembered Today:

Here is a list of the names on my

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Another group to add:

George JACOBS, 2nd Battalion Suffolk Regiment (1914 Star Trio)

Kind regards


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Just come across this thread. My bits and pieces are:


Cronshaw, John


Fry W.G., Pte. G-5782 The Queens Regt.

1914 Star

Quinton W.C. Driver 64174 RHA

1914-15 Star

Heapy A. Cpl. SS-10445 ASC


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226640 Pnr. Thomas Sidney HOLMES

260333 Spr. Thomas HARRIS

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210314 2nd Cpl. Charles William DUFALL

235091 Spr. Ivor BEAZLEY

167300 L/Cpl. Lawrence PRESTON

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125310 Pnr. Leonard KILBY

T7203 Cpl. Alexander John MCEWEN

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Two more,

7830 Pte W E Edge, North Staffs 1915 trio.

10073 Pte Richard Barker 3 Worcs. 1914 trio and clasp. KIA 21 /10 /14


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David McCallion

Great idea Tom

i have some odd medals swb and certs i would rather see with a family member

i will add when i sort them out

good luck

cheers davey

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Never got to the bottom of this thread but I have in my possession

a trio to 278394 WO1 J Hamon (my grandfather) plus his LSGC and MSM (see avatar)


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368410 Gnr. Thomas Elmer DAVIES

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Trio added to my collection

Pte 9533 A Wilkins Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

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Hello Tom,

Here are my latest additions, not yet listed :-

2/Leui Harris Young JOHNSON. King's Liverpool Regiment - Military Cross, 1914/15 Trio, (also his WW2 Defence medal)

680137: Sergeant R H SHARPE. London Regiment - Military Medal & 1914/15 Trio

266650: Pte W MCGEE. Royal Warwickshire Regiment - Military Medal & pair



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Saints & Sinners

Canadians in my collection:

ASHDOWN Pte 234099 BWM & VIC - 8 CAN INF

BENSON Robert Neil Gnr 40363 BWM - CFA

BERRY Colin Cpl 292368 BWM - 8 CAN INF

CRAIG Robert Spr 166964 BWM - CE

DOYLE John Spr 2667618 BWM & VIC - CE

DUNLOP A.A. Pte 862696 BWM & VIC - 180 CAN INF

GRANER Charlie Pte 186318 BWM - 8 CAN INF

HONEYBUN Alfred Pte 437372 BWM - 46 CAN INF - DOW 06 MAR 17

HUNT Alfred Pte 526672 BWM & VIC - CAMC

MAGEE Arthur Meritt Pte 20507 BWM - 10 CAN INF - KIA 24 APR 15

MANLEY R.J. Pte 160585 BWM - 102 CAN INF KIA 22 OCT 16

MELLOR Thomas A/Sgt 405507 VIC - 21 CAN INF

MOSS John Henry Pte 536117 BWM & VIC - CAMC

PRICE Charles Pte 814106 VIC - CAMC - DOD 18 SEP 19

PRIOR Gerald Oswald Cpl 148726 VIC - 78 CAN INF - DOW 19 JAN 19

RIX Gilbert Sidney A/LCpl 200274 BWM & MERC MARINE - 26 CAN INF

ROBINSON Thomas Pte 160735 BWM - 102 CAN INF

RUSSELL George Russell 2265671 BWM & VIC - 38 CAN INF

SALLOWS William Edward Pte 50098 1915 Star - CAMC

SMITH Frederick Ernest Pte 928213 VIC - 10 CAN INF

STAMENOVICH Dragutin Pte 249084 BWM - 54 CAN INF

SUDBURY John Pritchard Pte 458189 BWM - 60 CAN INF

TINDLE Ernest Sgt 536225 BWM - CAMC

WASS Walter Pte 457379 BWM & VIC - 60 CAN INF

WHITEMORE Edgar John Pte 186284 BWM & VIC - 8 CAN INF - KIA 15 AUG 17

ZITTERMAN J.S. Pte 10832 1915 STAR - 4 CAN INF

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Another two from me.

S-5017 Pte J.McKnight 14/15 Star and B.W.M Black Watch

27762 Pte W.H.Phin B.W.M and Victory. Cam,Highlanders


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Thank you Tephrite and doublebass.



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Guest pftmonojetman


Blackadder Alexander Tannhill

Borthwick Alexander Musgrave

Brown Alexander

Clark William

Corrigan Irvine

Dodds George Stewart

Ferguson James Butcher

Hall.Harold Bateson


Laughton.James Craigie







Muir George

All the above plaques with pairs







Mather.Thomas Blackshaw










all above plaques with one or more medal

Grier James







McDade Charles






Duncan James

all the above plaques with trio's

All to the Royal Scots



Hi just reading through this and saw the name Clement Mccracken, he was a friend of my Great uncle they were in the Royal scots his (CM) name is on a memorial in Davyhulme Manchester i have a photograph of him in his uniform.

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Due to a downturn in fortunes I no longer have the following: Ouch

Abbs, RW RMLI Ch 17759

Albrighton, G RFA 108168

Beale, B, RAMC 28909

Blakey, C AVC 20122

Blanks, J. Gloucestershire R. 51837

Briscow, AH Leic. R 25693

Campbell, J RN J74904

Canderton, WJ Middlesex G23996

Coghill A RA 12950

Dalgarno JA Liverpool 358190

Dallman, FJ RE Sgt 189609 WR/258076

Dorgan, J, RA 9416

Duke, W ASC M2 079438

Edey, A RE 135066

Edwards, G RAMC 5598

Fielding FG RA 117604

Fitzgerald, C F Devon 47707

Forsyth, JL RE 40885

Fulcher, BW RFA sgt. 875558

Fyfe, A RA 152899

Gilmore, J RE 269596

Gooding RE, RE, WR/205709 208230

Greaves, F RA 117604

Hand, HW, RAMC 103616

Hastings, J Middlesex R. G13934

Hogbin,H RFC 32040

Hutchinson, EN RE 290357

Hyde, AD RFA 90290

Jones, H 18th Hussars 12095

Jones, M MGC 36906

Leonard, J Lanc. Fus. 3150

Lewis, TE Durham LI 13679

Liddington, A RA 194608

Lymn, P RA L42575

Mcmillan, JG RA 190778

Ogilvie, J ASC M337807

Openshaw W Notts & Derby 4073

Peat, W. RAMC 121538

Pickford, A Liverpool 86413

Pike, AC ASC M4 02463

Richardson, HR RNAS F24304

Shepherd, W Queens 55961

Somerfield, CE RGA 37801

Steel, ME RA 185629

Vincent, ER, RMLI PO14716

Williams, AH RAMC 71533

Willaims, JG RAMC 44891

Williams, J RAMC 76710

Williams, R RA 25927

Woffindin, H AVC SE 26193

Young, JW RFA 850725

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14, bwm, bvm:

Blackwell L T, RHA/RA, 49165


Montgomery C D, ILH (GSWA)


Prowse A S.

Palmer G.

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Thank you Welshdoc and Rmarg



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Here are some more medals to an excellent thread that I have managed to miss until now... :ph34r:



Ps) This is a unique posting, I will NEVER try to do something in Excel and move it to a forum again..... :devilgrin::devilgrin:

Bennet J Warrant Officer RAF

Bonser G W 57761 Sgt RFA

Butler W 4282 Pte S.Staff.R. and RFC

Butler J H 34727 Pte DCLI

Ching A 3213 Pte DCLI

Chirgwin F J 208341 Gnr RA

Douglas A Major Cameronians

Forbes W 1509 Lce Cpl DCLI

Hall J T 3700 Pte DCLI

Hamilton H P Lieut CFA

Harries Ivor Major RMA

Jackson G 2641 Pte DCLI

Mehew S G-10963 Pte Middl R

Purcell G 5206 Pte Lcrs

Reacord J 3490 Pte DCLI

Rennie L L 190313 Capt SAEC

Revitt W A 36776 Pte DCLI

Sillence C 1253 Spr RE

Smith G C 279710 SAAF

Twentyman T SE-1276 Pte AVC

Vanstone W L T2SR-03499 DVR A.S.C.

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A couple of childhood pals of my grandfather:

Alfred Jesse GRIMWOOD, Suffolk Regiment (VM - missing BWM and SWB [badge no. 231673])

Arthur Edgar GRIMWOOD, 1st Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment (BWM & VM - missing Death Plaque)

Of six brothers, sadly three died during the war; Arthur being killed in action on the Somme in late July 1916.

Kind regards


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