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Strange Occurrences on the Western Front

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20 hours ago, trenchtrotter said:

More coincidences from me. This March listening to last post Menin Gate I was randomly stood next to a multitude of names to the missing. At or about eye level I realised I was next to T Thurlow, Middlesex Regt. Didn't know he was there and not looking. My initials are TT. Guess what my surname is????


On 5/11 this year again walking swiftly through the gate stopped by steps leading to upper panels. Random stop. Found myself looking at A Thurlow.



I was in a cemetery in Plymouth photoing some Belgian graves, when I looked at the row of British war graves behind. There was an O'Mahony and next to it a Torbin.

The first is my wife's maiden name and the second her sister's married name. Neither were any relation.

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On 15/11/2016 at 14:38, NigelS said:

I haven't viewed this topic for quite a while, and it's probably just me, but my eyes were immediately drawn to a miniature simulacra of  a hooded, robed lady overlooking the 'bright stone' (& snail) amongst the tree roots in the background - the elusive Queen of the Woods?




Thank you for pointing that out Nigel.

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My father had a similar experience. He stopped for no obvious reason in a small  Flemish village, noticed a war graves sign leading to a small cemetery, idly followed it  and found the first grave was his uncle's - whose burial place had not been known to the family.

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Rifle House Cemetery. It's a decent step along a track through what was probable an original trench line, although now well wooded. It was in the early summer and as we walked the mosquitoes came from everywhere biting any exposes skin. When we entered the cemetery, they stopped, but we had to run the gauntlet on the way back. Not so much a presence but was it those lost soles reminding us that they had lived and died there. Or have I eaten to much chocolate had to much beer and seen to many cemetery's. But despite the bites a sobering experience.


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9 minutes ago, sassenach said:

Lost soles? Did someone leave their shoes behind?

Very fishy.

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