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Being new the forum and not reading the entire description of the various subforums available at this site I put this in the wrong place so here it is again (hopefully) in the right place.

This is a shot in the dark but I'm trying to find out about a Major Blackburn who was alive on May 10, 1919 and I think fought in WW1. I don't know his first name and I don't have any definite info. about his unit but there was a Major Blackburn with the Sherwood Foresters, 11th Division, 33rd Brigade, 9th Battalion that saw some action at Gallipoli. However, I don't know if this is my man or not and I'd like to know about ANY Major Blackburn from any unit who was alive during this time period. Thank you for your time.


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There is a Major E D Blackburn DSO MC of the Tank Corps. Others who might fit the bill, if they held the Acting rank of Major, are:

Capt J C Blackburn MC of the West Yorks

Capt J H Blackburn MC RAMC

Capt J H J Blackburn MC 6th Dragoon Guards

Capt W H Blackburn C & Bar Royal Engineers

Charles M

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The online catalogue (PROCAT) at the PRO National Archives gives:-

WO 339/10556 BLACKBURN T, Major 1917-1920; 1972

plus several other "Capt Blackburn"s, which could be your man.

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Neil Mackenzie


What has triggered your interest in this man? Is he someone from your local area?It might help a Forumite narrow down the possibilities.


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Charles M and Greenwoodman,

Thank you for the information - it gives me some leads to follow.


The reason I am interested and why I have so little information is that I have obtained a very nice engraved rifle made by F. Beesley that was purchased by a Major Blackburn on May 10, 1919 at their London store - this is all that Beesley has about the purchase in their records.

The rifle was "found" again in Africa 60 years later. It is 375 Flanged NE caliber and was made for Big Game hunting. Did the major take it to Africa? I'd like to link it to the man that originally purchased it and then try to trace its history to the present. A daunting task but one worthy of the effort, I think. The rifle is a wonderful artifact in its own right (I've never seen another one like it in this calibre) but to learn where it has been, what hunts it was on, and who owned it over the years would be far more interesting.


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