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B1 Men

Barry Hayter

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My War diary details the following but I don't understand the reference to B1 men? Any ideas? Could be BI ...


Draft of 98 B1 men arrive to displace equal number of A men, the latter being released to join infantry Battn. (19th Btn RWF). 22 ORs Hospital Gassed. 4 ORs gassed to duty.

15th Very wet. Draft of 98 ORs sent to 19th Btn R.W.Fus in exchange for the B1 men who arrived on previous day.

The B1 men allotted to A & B Coys move forward to Flesquieres to live in the catacombs there, to clear same and improve accommodation therein.

The B1 men allotted to C & D Coys move forward to Ribecourt Catacombs to undertake similar work.

16th Damp. Slight frost at night.

Thanks all.

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Medical grade of fitness.I know this isn't exactly correct but it's a start.

A1 man is completly healthy.Good eyesight, hearing fully fit.

B1 not quite so fit , some medical deficency.

C1 some sort of disabilty due to wound etc

I will be corrected by someone who knows the actual grade system.

Found this.

from about 1916 the War Office created

an A, B, C system of medical grading of soldiers


A = fit for general service;

B = fit for service abroad in a support capacity

C = fit for service at home only.

Each medical category was then graded in a scale of

1 to 3 (3 being the weakest) with A1category being

the highest overall.

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Owen ... thank you very much .. that makes sense and fits in with the work they are carrying out.

Cheers for the prompt response.

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