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50th Division May - June 1918


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Below is a list of officers of the 50th Division at the beginning of the Aisne Battle. Any help with photographs of the men below would be greatly appreciated.



Aisne Battle 27th May - 6th June 1918: Divisions and Regiments

50th Division : Major-General H C Jackson

Head-Quarters: Beaurieux

150th Brigade: Brigadier General H C Rees (POW)

Head-Quarters: La Hutte

4th East Yorks: Lieutenant Colonel N W Stead

Soldiers Died: 88

Officers Died: 2

Officers POW: 20

5th Green Howards: Lieutenant Colonel J A R Thompson (KIA)

Soldiers Died: 88

Officers Died: 3

Officers POW: 21

Reserve: 4th Green Howards: Lieutenant Colonel R E D Kent (KIA)

Head-Quarters: La Hutte

Soldiers Died: 69

Officers Died: 5

Officers POW: 19

151st Brigade: Brigadier General C T Martin (KIA)

8th Durham Light Infantry: Lieutenant Colonel P Kirkup

Head-Quarters: 'Vendee'

'B' Company: Lamoreux Hill

'C' Company: Chemin de Fer

'D' Company: Chevreux

Soldiers Died: 32

Officers Died: 2

Officers POW: 16

6th Durham Light Infantry: Lieutenant Colonel F Walton

Soldiers Died : 23

Officers Died: 2

Officers POW: 16

Reserve: 5th Durham Light Infantry: Lieutenant Colonel B B Robinson

Head-quarters: Chaudardes

Soldiers Died: 47:

Officers Died: 3

Officers POW: 13

(for all casualties see page 174 'The 5th Battalion The Durham Light Infantry' by Major A L Raimes)

149th Brigade: Brigadier General E P A Riddell (Wounded)

Head-Quarters: Centre d'Evreux

4th Northumberland Fusiliers: Lieutenant Colonel B D Gibson (KIA)

Head-Quarters: Centre Marceau

Soldiers Died: 63

Officers Died: 8

Captain J M Benson Lieut Col B D Gibson Lieut W S Jones Captain D T Turner (30th May) 2/ Lieut A E Morris 2/Lieut J E Farwell (30th May) 2/Lieut R H Smallwood 2/Lieut H R Tully ( In Soldiers Died but not in CWGC) (Photographs of all in 'When the Lantern of Hope Burned Low' by Rev R Wifrid Callin, C F)

Officers POW: 14

6th Northumberland Fusiliers: Lieutenant Colonel E Temperley (POW)

Head-quarters: P C Kleber

Soldiers Died: 42

Officers Died: 2

2/Lieut William Jenkin David 2/Lieut Alan Ryder Hall (30th May)

Officers POW: 17

Reserve: 5th Northumberland Fusiliers: Lieutenant Colonel Major Tweedy

Head-quarters: Pontavert

Soldiers Died: 51

Officers Died: 8 ( Priestnall McMurdo McMeeken North Phillips Porrit Sargent Slack )

(Attached: J Bryce 17th Royal Irish Rifles- from 'Soldiers died')

Officers POW: 6

War Diary :


2/Lieut J E Porrit 2/Lieut J B Slack 2/Lieut E Phillips and 10 Other Ranks


2/Lieut R S Bowie 2/Lieut J H Young Captain H G Pegg (Gen List) and 99 Other Ranks

Missing: Captain N M North Captain H G Dodds Lieut E V Sargent 2/Lieut J H McMurdo 2/Lieut J McMeeken 2/Lieut S Weaterton (Photograph) 2/Lieut H E Preistnall 2/Lieut R H Quine 2/Lieut L J Ross 2/Lieut J Bryce 2/Lieut R T Dennis (Royal Irish Rifles attached) and 374 Other Ranks

Total Casualties 17 Officers and 483 Other Ranks

(8 KIA 3 Wounded 6 POW)

(Attached: from 6th Royal Irish Rifles L J Ross - Officers taken POW list)

Pioneers: 7th Durham Light Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Birchall

Soldiers Died: 34

Officers Died: 4

Officers POW: 13

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I've a copy of Callin's book, do you need the photos of the officers mentioned above?

There's a photo of Kirkup in the 8th Durhams history


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I live some 4 miles from Doncaster A much maligned town which has been kicked in the teeth by some governments but has risen again. It has lost its mining and railway works but the town is vibrant; new airport, bridge, higher education campus, integrated transport system, sports stadium, racecourse grandstand, regeneration programme of new housing, Cusworth Hall, Brodsworth Hall, Yorkshire Wildlife Park and much else. I'm a Londoner but would never go back there.

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Well I am just up the road near Bingley. Teach in Skipton. I lived in Kent for 9 years. One of the few drawback of being up north is the time it now takes to get to France.

Will be going to the Aisne in early April, but via Hull and then Zeebrugge.

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