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Tank mask soldier help


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I recently purchased a WWI tank mask from a family in the UK. The only info on its owner is the folowing:

- The family is from Waton, west of Norfolk

- It belonged to a family memebr a Reginald Wyer Sr who served in WWI.

- After the war Reginald senior drove Traction Engines

- His son Reginald Wyer Jr. who served in WWII in the Royal Engineers in N Africa,carried his fathers WWI mask with him.

That all the info I have. Im new to this type od research and any help would be appreciated.


Francisco Gozalez

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Sorry, but I have been trying to post the link for his medal card, unsuccessfully. If you P.M., I should be able to email it to you. I am new at this and have still not work out attachments.

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MIC details of the only Wyer listed with a tank reference shows:

Medal card of Wyer, William H

Highland Light Infantry 4471 Private

Seaforth Highlanders 28885 Private

Royal Highlanders 204211 Private

Lovat's Scouts 203350 Private

Royal Engineers 341829 Private

Tank Corps 307180 Private

Only Reginald Wyer is

Norfolk Yeomanry 2317 Private

Norfolk Regiment 320281 Private


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You're welcome

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thanks for the help. Greatly appreciated.


Siquisiri: The medal card I found is the same Reginald Wyer that Delta mentioned , if is the right one, it can be found here....

www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline/details-result.asp? Edoc_Id=6242802&querytype=1&resultcount=29504

you will have to type it in, still can not fiqure out attachments. Sorry, you didn't get my emails, I must have something wrong in your address.


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