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Seeing recently that the Australian National Archives have gone on-line with their Service Records I had a check under my wife's family names from 'Down Under'. Bingo, got two straight away. They were brothers of my wife's grandfather - I suppose her grand-uncles? The elder was a gunner in the artillery having served in France.

The younger was a sargeant in the 2nd Light Horse Field Ambulance. It appears he was a hero and won the DCM, saving some wounded under fire. I attach his citation for your interest.

Bill - or any other Light Horse experts - any background as to the area of operations for this unit at the time? I assume somewhere in Palestine? Sgt Sleeman was also mentioned in despatches to Allenby. The M I D is dated 3rd Apr 1918 and the DCM award was dated 20th Apr 1918.



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Try this link to the Aust War Memorial website's Official Histories of the Medical Services. http://www.awm.gov.au/histories/chapter.asp?volume=13 and then go to page 686, Volume IX - Operations in and beyond the Jordan Valley.

You'll find a description of the relevant action and also mention of the specific incident involving Sgt Sleeman.

Tim L.

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Link to the London Gazette in case you need it:

LG 3-9-1918


Citation is the same:

567 S./Sjt. J. E. Sleeman, A.M.C.

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He was left behind in charge of a party with patients on nine camels, unable to travel further. They were overtaken and fired upon by enemy cavalry, who were only held up by a small party of our mounted men. He got all the patients on to the camels and sent on five who were able to travel. He did everything possible to extricate the remainder by putting some on horses and helping some by walking, and succeeded in getting them out of immediate danger and saving the majority.


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