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Pte/DVR Clarence Edward Mack


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Hi Folks

My grandfather, Clarence Edward Mack, #763752 was discharged from 4th DAC May 27, 1919. From what I can decipher from his service records he arrived in England Feb 6, 1918 by May 22, 1918 he became a DVR TOS reinforcements from the Arty.Pool to the field. From August 1-16, 1918 he was DVR with 4th CDAC in the field.

The next notation on his Active Service form indicates April 25, 1919 P?? to England and April 26-30, 1919 B. Wing TOS Pending RTC BShort.

I have a few questions.

Does this mean from August 1918 through April 1919 he was a driver in the field?

What specficially does a driver do? Was he driving munitions to the field? Depots?

In WWI did soldiers get leaves from the field? Were they able to get passes to take rest periods?

Were there any requirements to becomeing a DVR, how were they selected?

I did check the Canadian War Diaries, however it's a long period of time to determine where he was exactly and what he was doing.



(I did register for CEF forum, however have not heard back to be able to post there)

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