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Could anyone help with identifying the Royal Engineers Territorial Unit allocated the Block of Numbers which includes 74037 ? Thanks very much.


Ron Hartley

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The 74037 number is not a Territorial number but a Regular (New Army) one. It is therefore not (easily) identifiable to a specific unit.

All we can tell is that he was probably a signaller (most of the 70000-78999 numbers I have seen belonged to signallers), and that he enlisted (or transferred) in late 1914 or early 1915 (my money is on early 1915).

Though some RE numbers were seemingly batch allocated, picking up the patterns is very difficult. I have only two nearby numbers pinned down:

73997 Lines of Communication Signal Company from an MM awarded 5-6-1919 in Egypt, and 74043 S (XIII) Corps Signal Company from an MM 23-12-1918.

Not enough to make any sort of positive identification of a unit. Sorry.


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Hello Steve,

Thanks for your reply. I know the Northern Signal Companies (TF) Royal Engineers were re-allocated the Block of Numbers starting 72000 in 1914-1915.

I was hoping for a positive identification of a unit relating to the Block of Numbers starting 74000. Thanks again.



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