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VC for sale


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This article appeared in my local paper, Friday April 7, 2006

A miniature Victoria Cross won by a Sussex soldier who was service in the North West

Frontier will be sold at auction this month.

It is among a miniature group of medals awarded to Lieutenant (later Brigadier General) Edmond William Costello.

The VC was won at Malakand on India's North -West Frontieron July 26, 1897.

He served in world war one continuously from 1914-1919,the medals are currently housed at the National Army Museum London.

Just thought you would like to see this, do not know if this is else where on the fourm :) .

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Bearing in mind that the medals weren`t awarded but privately purchased, what authentication might one look for or expect? Phil B

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You see VC miniature groups on ebay - they sell for far more than the collective price of the singles...


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