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Bejamin Kenney, DCM, 1st Seaforths

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Hi, I've had an interesting day today reading the long long trail webiste. I'm on the trail of my grandfather, Benjamin Kenney (sometimes misspelt as Kenny)who served with the 1st Seaforths from 1898 - 1921. I know the bones of his record and am trying to fill the gaps. He was comissioned in the field in France for gallant conduct in November 1914, and he went Mesopatamia in November 1915. He survived the battles there too but was invalided to India on 12 July 1916. I am trying to find out how he was injured and what the Seaforths doing then? Does anyone know? He rejoined the Seaforths later that year and continued to serve in Mespotania and Palestine. If anyone knows about him or can point me to material giving detailed accounts of the Seaforths exploits that would be great.

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