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London Electrical Engineers

Chris Noble

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Hi Pals.

Had a bit of a chat about this yesterday evening on live chat, just could do with some printable info on the unit, Division etc.

My wife is a District Nurse, and came into contact with a lady who's Father served in this Unit but unfortunately knows nothing of his service. It would be very nice if we could provide her with some information.

Regards, Chris.

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Sorry to disappoint you but neither the Tyne Electrical Engineers nor London Electrical Engineers served overseas during the Great War. Both units were used to form sections of Anti-Aircraft Companies,R.E. or Anti-Aircraft Search Light Sections which served either at home or overseas, but the list of these units is enormous.

Recently an Australian member contacted me with a similar problem with the T.E.E. and although he had contacted the RE Museum they were unable to supply the relevant information required. Fortunatley I do have the "History of the T.E.E. 1884 - 1933", which lists not only the units formed by T.E.E. but also those supplied by L.E.E.. However I'm unsure if a L.E.E. history was published which may enlighten you further.

Here is a list of units formed from the L.E.E.;-

No.1 A.A. Coy,R.E.

No.2 A.A. Coy,R.E.

No.3 A.A. Coy,R.E.

No.4 A.A. Coy,R.E.

No.5 A.A. Coy,R.E.

No.6 A.A. Coy,R.E.

No.11 A.A. Bde S/L Coy,R.E.

No.12 A.A. Bde S/L Coy,R.E.

No.20/21 Aeorplane Sqdn S/L Coy

No.24/26 Aeroplane Sqdn S/L Coy

No.47 A.A. Coy,R.E.

No.53 A.A. Coy,R.E.

No.2 Anti-Aircraft Search Light Section,R.E. (formed with L.E.E. & Regulars)

No.3 A.A.S.S.

No.4 A.A.S.S.

No.5 A.A.S.S.

No.7 A.A.S.S.

No.8 A.A.S.S.

No.12 A.A.S.S.

No.14 A.A.S.S.

No.16 A.A.S.S.

No.18 A.A.S.S.

No.21 A.A.S.S. - Formed France

No.23 A.A.S.S. - Formed France

No.24 A.A.S.S. - Formed France

No.25 A.A.S.S.

No.29 A.A.S.S.

No.30 A.A.S.S.

No.31 A.A.S.S.

No.33 A.A.S.S.

No.35 A.A.S.S.

No.37 A.A.S.S.

No.39 A.A.S.S.

No.41 A.A.S.S.

No.43 A.A.S.S.

No.45 A.A.S.S.

No.48 A.A.S.S.

All units from No.49 A.A.S.S. to No.77 A.A.S.S. were mixed L.E.E./T.E.E. units.


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