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I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask but wondered if anyone could help me out with some information? I'm doing some research and setting up a website on the Scottish sculptor Alex Carrick and realised that I know very little about his war service. Any information would be welcome, his details are:

Name - Alexander Carrick

Home - Edinburgh

Born - 1882 in Musselburgh

Regiment - Royal Artillery

I know that he was in the Royal Artillery from 1916 onwards and served in Belgium.

Also a few years ago I met his daughter and she allowed me to photocopy a lot of his sketches. The one I attach below was drawn in 1918 and is dedicated to 'Major Henry', I assume his commanding officer. I know its a long shot but if anyone can identify the town?...there's a ruined church in the distance...that would be great!


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Dick Flory is the man to pm regarding Carrick with his RA connection.

I'd appreciate it if you could keep an eye out for any mention you may find during your research regarding Thomas or William Francis Beattie, sculptors in Haymarket Edinburgh but originally from Hawick.

Thomas did a lot of work on the Usher Hall in Edinburgh whilst William is famous for his "Horse" memorial in Hawick - William died of wounds in October 1918.

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This is your name, isn't it ? I am only asking because at first sight I thought you were the British gentleman I have been in touch with since last summer, who is extremely interested in the artist Alexander Carrick and who is in touch with his grand(?)daughter.

This man (I.A.) in July sent me a message including the same sketch you have posted. And asked me if I could identify the location. Which only took me a few minutes (starting from the assumption that the sketch shows Ypres, which it does indeed.) The ruins you see in the centre are the bottom of the the tower of St. Martin's Cathedral, and half hiding behind it the Cloth Hall. This allowed me to locate the position from where the sketch was made : very probably somewhere between Reservoir Cemetery (Plumerlaan), and the supermarket Delhaize (Haiglaan).

I can also add that I.A. sent me a photo of a bronze statue (of a Gunner), which he had made assisted by a local artist (assumption : from the Ypres - Poperinge area). And also a photo of a portrait (bas-relief, in profile) made by A. Carrick of this artist. And a photo showing this local artist with some other people. My UK contact hoped that I would be able to find out who this local artist was. I contacted a friend - journalist, who wrote an article about this quest,a nd though it was needle in a haystack : successfully. For a descendant was found thanks to the article.

This may not really be relevant to your posting, but I only add it to show that I.A. really is focussing intently on finding as much information on Alexander Carrick as possible.

If you want me to bring you in contact with I.A., who intended to write an article about ALexander Carrick for WFA, contact me off Forum.


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