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69th Field Ambulance


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I have just found out that my great-grandfather Sgt Harry Craddock of the 13th DLI died of wounds at the 69th Field Ambulance on 20/09/17.

Knowing this information is there a way I can find out more information about how he died etc?

ps I have already managed to look at war diaries, books, War Graves Comm etc.

What I was wondering if I could access information recorded by the 69th FA??

Thanks for any pointers.

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When you say you've looked at War Diaries does that mean the 69th Field Ambulance as well?

If not then they too have War Diaries under the references:

WO95/2179 - 69 Field Ambulance 1915 Aug. - 1917 Oct.

WO95/4234 - 69 Field Ambulance 1917 Nov. - 1919 Mar.

However, having never consulted a Field Ambulance War Diary I've no idea what information they recorded.

Hope this helps


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Thanks Steve,

As you might have guessed I meant the war diaries of the 13th for the period around the 20th Sept.

I did not think about the war dairies of the 69th FA, I wonder if anyone knows whether they would contain useful information about wounded soldiers??

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