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14-15 Star Trio to Nurse/BRCS and Lady Superintendent RAF


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Dear all

Just aquired a really nice 14/15 Star Trio to a Nurse in the BRCS/OSJJ who later joined the RAF as a Lady Superintendant. I bought the group unseen her MIC looked interesting and I had a hunch they would be good research material so I just had a condition report off the auction house. I nearly fell of my chair when I opened the parcel this week, there was a MID emblem on the Victory Medal! :D

Just had the MID confirmed as June 1917 Sir Archibald Murray's despatch which appears in the London Gazette January 1918. Miss F A Borrett BRCS/OSJJ MID for Egypt.

My question to the forum is if I buy the book Despatches of Sir A Murray 1916-1919 will I actually get any more detail? Or will the text simply reflect the basic entry in the London Gazette?

Thanks for any information.

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