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Remembered Today:

Stephen Hart 35238 Royal Fusiliers

Peter Beckett

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Does any one have any leads I can follow to research this soldier?

His MIC which I have gives 2 numbers.

First one as above and the second as Royal Innis Fusiliers 4410.

He was entitled to the Victory and British Medals Roll B/102B31 Page 1445

He was born on 18 June 1894 and family lore says he was gassed on the Somme, he survived the war and died of cancer on 7th August 1950.

Much appreciated


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Further to first post, I can now confirm that the above details regarding medal entitlement are correct (engraving on medals checked)

Is anyone who is a regular visitor to the NAA is interested in having some extra pocket money, I need to have the Medal Award Rolls checked for any more info.

If interested please PM me

Peter ;)

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