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Bearing in mind the perennial headaches of finding MIDs in the Gazette - especially considering that the GAzette can very rarely find them at all - I was wondering if anyone would be interested in having the ones we can find listed here in albeit condensed form so that we can search via a webpages normal search function?

Any thought, Pals?

I have links to about a dozen MID gazettes, and will upload what I have slowly and steadily.

Foe example:


War Office,

1st January, 1916.

The following despatch has been received by the Secretary of State for War from the Field-Marshal Commanding-in-Chief the British Army in France: -


General Headquarters,

30th November, 1915.

In accordance with the last paragraph of my Despatch of the 15th October, 1915, I have the honour to bring to notice the names of those whom I recommend for gallant and distinguished service in the field.

I have the honour to be,


Your obedient servant,


Field-Marshal, Commandirig-in-Chief

The British Army in France.

Page 1


Little Johns, Commander A. S.Man, Commander J.Rowand, Commander A., D.S.O.Hamilton, Captain D. M.Macgregor, Captain Sir M., Bart.Marescaux, Acting Captain A. E. H.Cragg, Lieutenant N. H. (killed).Strange, Assistant-Paymaster C. S.ROYAL MARINE ARTILLERY.Forster, Captain A. L., D.S.O.Bailees, Major G. L.Barr, Captain E. H.Stokes, Captain (temporary Major) W. N.Summers, Temporary Captain F., RoyalMarines.Robinson, Temporary Lieutenant F. L.,Royal Marines.Cuming, Temporary Lieutenant T., RoyalMarines.


Leaf, Temporary Captain H. M.


Armoured Cars, etc.Guest, Lieutenant Hon. L. (attached to RoyalNaval Division 'Bus Company).Kerr, Lieutenant-Commander B.Neilson, Lieutenant G. C.Ball, No. O.N.F.528 Chief Petty Officer C. C.Smith, No. O.N.F.527 Petty Officer E.


Abadie, Major R. N., King's "Royal RifleCorps.Acland Troyte, Major G. J., King's RoyalRifle Corps.Adlercron, Major R. L., Cameron Highlanders.Agnew, Second Lieutenant E. S., oth Lancers,Special Reserve.

Page 2

Airey, Brevet Lie'u tenant-Colonel R. B.,Army Service Corps.Alderson, Lieutenant-General E. A. H., C.B.Alexander, Lieutenant - Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) E. W., V.C., C.M.G.,Royal Artillery.Alexander, Captain R. G., llth Lancers.Allen, Major C., West Riding Brigade, RoyalField Artillery.Allen, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel E., retiredpay.Allenby, Major-General (temporary General)Sir E. H. H., K.C.B.Alston, Major F. G., Scots Guards.Anderson, Lieutenant-General Sir C. A.,K.C.B.Anderson, Captain D. F., D.S.O., East YorkshireRegiment.Anderson, Captain E. L. B., D.S.O., RoyalArtillery.Anderson, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel N. G.,D.S.O., Army Service Corps.Anley, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) F. G., Essex Regiment.Arbuthnot, Brevet Colonel (temporaryBrigadier General) D., C.M.G., RoyalArtillery.Arbuthnot, Lieutenant M. A., 16th Lancers,Special Reserve.Armes, Major R. J., North Staffordshire Regiment.Armitage, Major C. C., Royal Artillery.Aspinall, Temporary Captain E. T.Asser, Major V., D.S.O., Royal Artillery.Atcherley, Major (temporary Brigadier-General) L. W., M.V.O., Reserve ofOfficers.Atkins, Temporary Colonel J., M.B.,F.R.C.S., Army Medical Service.Atkinson, Lieutenant-Colonel B., Royal Artillery.Babington, Honorary Major-General (temporaryMajor-General) J. M., C.B., C.M.G.,retired pay.Bagwell, Captain J., M.V.O., Norfolk Regiment,Special Reserve (Captain, retiredpay).Baird, Captain W. M., Argyll and SutherlandHighlanders, Territorial Force.Baker-Carr, Temporary Major C. D'A. B. S.Bannatine-Allason, Major-General R., C.B.Bannatyne, Captain N. C., 128th Pioneers.Banon, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)F. L.Barber, Captain W. D., King's Royal RifleCorps.Barbor, Major R. D., Army Service Corps.Baring, Temporary Captain Hon. H.Barnett, Major G. H., King's Royal RifleCorps.Barter, Major-General C. St. L., C.V.O., C.B.Bartholomew, Major A. W., D.S.O., RoyalArtillery.Bartholomew, Captain J., Gordon Highlanders,Special Reserve.Bartholomew, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) W. H., Royal Artillery.Basevi, Lieutenant-Colonel W. H. F., 91stPunjabis.Bayley, Major A. G., Oxfordshire and BuckinghamshireLight Infantry.Beck, Major E. A., Royal Scots Fusiliers.Belgrave, Major J. D., Royal Artillery.Bell, Captain G. H., South Lancashire Regiment.Bell-Irving, Lieutenant W. O., llth Hussars.Berkeley, Major C. R., D.S.O., Welsh Regiment.Bernard, Lieutenant-Colonel J. F., Army OrdnanceDepartment.Besant, Major W. H., Norfolk Regiment,Special Reserve (Major, Reserve of Officers).Bethell, Captain H. K., 7th Hussars.Bevan, Temporary Lieutenant O. C., RoyalArtillery.Binny, Major S. S., D.S.O., Reserve ofOfficers.Birch, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) J. F. N., Royal Artillery, A.D.C.Birney, Major C. F., Royal Engineers.Blackader, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) C. G., D.S.O., LeicestershireRegiment.Blair, Lieutenant-Colonel A., D.S.O., King'sOwn Scottish Borderers.Blenco-we, Major E. P., Army Service Corps.Blewitt, Captain G., Oxfordshire and BuckinghamshireLight Infantry.Boileau, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) G. H., D.S.O., Royal Engineers.Bois, Captain J., Royal Lancaster Regiment.Bonham-Carter, Major C., Royal West KentRegiment.Boscawen, Captain Hon. G. E., D.S.O., RoyalField A/tillery.Bowdler, Major B. W. B., Royal Engineers.Bowly, Captain W. A. T., Dorsetshire Regiment. Boyall, Major A. M., D.S.O., West YorkshireRegiment.Boyce, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) W. G. B., C.B., D.S.O.Boyd, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel G. F.,D.S.O., Royal Irish Regiment.Boyd-Rochfort, Captain H., 21st Lancers.Boyle, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)R. C., C.B.Braine, Major H. E. R. R., Royal MunsterFusiliers.Braithwaite, Temporary Captain F. P.Bray, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)C. A., C.B., C.M.G., Army Pay Department.Brereton, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) E. F., D.S.O.Brett, Captain (temporary Major in Army)Hon. M. V. B., M.V.O., Royal Highlanders (Territorial Force).Bridg'e, Captain C. E. D., Royal Artillery.Blridges, Lieutenant-Colonel! (temporaryBrigadier-General) G. T. M., C.M.G.,D.S.O., 4th Hussars.Brierley, Captain E. C., Reserve of Officers.Briggs, Major-General C. J., C.B.Brooke, Captain W. H., Yorkshire LightInfantry.Brooks, Captain W. T., Duke of Cornwall'sLight Infantry.Browne, Major A. D. M., Royal LancasterRegiment.Browne, Major J. C., Army Service Corps.Browne, Major W. T. R., Army ServiceCorps.Bruce, Major G. D., 61st Pioneers.Bryant, Major A., Gloucestershire Regiment.Buchan, Captain E. N., D.S.O., ManchesterRegiment.Buchanan, Major K. G., Seaforth Highlanders.Buckland, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) R. U. H., C.B., A.D.C.Buckland-Cockell, Temporary Captain A. S.Budge, Major P. P., Royal Artillery.

Page 3

Budworth, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) C. E. D., M.V.O., RoyalArtillery.Bulfin, Major-General E. S., C.V.O., C.B.Bulkeley-Johnson, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) C. B., A.D.C.Bullock Marsham, Captain F. W., 19th Hussars.Burkhardt, Captain V. R., Royal Artillery.Burn, Captain H. P., D.S.O., Gordon Highlanders.Burne, Lieutenant-Colonel R. O., Army ServiceCorps.Burnett Hitchcock, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) B.F., D.S.O., Nottinghamshireand Derbyshire Regiment.Burnett-Stuart, Lieutenant-Colonel J. T.,D.S.O., Rifle Brigade.Burney, Honorary Brigadier-General (temporaryBrigadier-General) H. H., C.B.,retired pay.Burns-Lindow, Major I. W., D.S.O., SouthIrish Horse.Bush, Lieutenant-Colonel H. S., Army OrdnanceDepartment.Bush, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)J. E.Butler, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)H. W., King's Royal Rifle Corps.Butler, Captain R. B., 30th Lancers.Butler, Brevet Colonel (temporary Major-General) R. H. K., Lancashire Fusiliers.Buxton, Captain L. G., M.V.O., Reserve ofOfficers.Cadell, Captain O. A. E., Royal FieldArtillery.Cameron, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) A. R., C.M.G., RoyalHighlanders.Campbell, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) D.Campbell, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) D. G. M.Campbell, Colonel (temporary Major-General)W., C.B., D.S.O.Capper, Major-General J. E., C.B.Capper, Major-General Sir T., K.C.M.G.,C.B., D.S.O. (died of wounds).Carnegy, Captain U. E. C., 3rd DragoonGuards.Cartwright, Colonel C. M., Indian Army.Cartwright, Colonel G. S., Royal Engineers.Casson, Major W. F. S., 27th Light Cavalry.Caulfeild, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) C. T.Cavan, Major-General F. R., Earl of, C.B.,M.V.O.Cavendish, Major F. W. L. S. H., 9thLancers. *Chance, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) O. K., 5th Lancers.Chapman, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) A. J., C.B.Charles, Major W. G., Essex Regiment.Chetwode, Colonel (temporary Major-General)Sir P. W., Bt., C.B., D.S.O.Childs, Brevet Major (local Lieutenant-Colonel) B. E. W., Royal Irish Regiment.Christie, Lieutenant-Colonel H. W. A.,C.M.G., Royal Field Artillery.Christie, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) W. E. T., Army Service Corps.Church, Lieutenant-Colonel G. R. M.,C.M.G., Royal Artillery.Clarke, Major A. L. C., Argyll and SutherlandHighlanders.Clarke, Major M. O., Royal Fusiliers.Clarke, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) T. E., Royal InniskillingFusiliers.Clayton, Major E. R., Oxfordshire and BuckinghamshireLight Infantry.Clerk, Temporary Captain A. E.Clifford, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) H., F. H., D.S.O., SuffolkRegiment.Cobbe, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)A. S., V.C., C.B., D.S.O., Indian Army,A.D.C.Cobbe, Lieutenant-Colonel H. H., D.S.O.,13fch Lancers.Cochrane, Major J. K., Leinster Regiment.Coleman, Captain G. B., Army Service Corps.Collen, Brevet Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) E. H. E., D.S.O., Reserve ofOfficers.Collins, Major R. J., Royal Berkshire Regiment.Commings, Major P. R. C., South StaffordshireRegiment.Compton, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) C. W., C.M.G., SomersetLight Infantry.Comyn, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)L. J., Connaught Rangers.Congreve, Captain C. R., D.S.O., DurhamLight Infantry.Congreve, Captain W. La T., Rifle Brigade.Congreve, Major-General W. N., V.C., C.B..M.V.O.Conway-Gordon, Major E. C. W., 3rd Skinner'sHorse.Corkran, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) C. E., C.M.G., GrenadierGuards.Cornwall, Captain J. H. M., Royal Artillery.Cory, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel G. N.,D.S.O., Royal Dublin Fusiliers.Costin, Captain C. B., West Yorkshire Regiment.C'ouper, Colonel (temporary Major-General)V. A.Courtice, Major J. G., Army OrdnanceDepartment.Courtney, Major R. W., Army Service Corps.Cox, Captain E.W., D.S.O., Royal Engineers.Craig-Brown, Major E., D.S.O., CameronHighlanders.Croker, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)H. L., C.B.Grossman, Captain F. L. M., Royal Artillery.Grossman, Major G. L., D.S.O., West YorkshireRegiment.Cuffe, Major J. A. F., Royal MunsterFusiliers.Cumberbatch, Captain H. C., Yorkshire Regiment.Cunningham, Captain F. W. M., M.D., RoyalArmy Medical Corps.Currie, Lieutenant - Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) A. C., Royal Artillery.Currie, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)R. A. M., Somerset Light Infantry.Cuthbert, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) G. J., C.B.Dallas, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)A. G., C.B.Dalmeny, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)A. E. H. M. A., Lord, Reserve ofOfficers.Daly, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) A. C., West YorkshireRegiment.

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Daly, Captain V. A. H., West Yorkshire Regiment.Danby, Captain (temporary Major) L. J.,London Regiment.Dansey, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)F. H., Wiltshire Regiment.Darell, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)W. H. V., D.S.O., Coldstream Guards.Davidson, Captain A. E., Royal Engineers.Davidson, Captain E. H., Gordon Highlanders.Davidson, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel J. H.,D.S.O., King's Royal Rifle Corps.Davidson, Major N. R., Royal Artillery.Davidson, Major P., D.S.O., M.B., RoyalArmy Medical Corps.Davies, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)H. R.Davies, Major-General R. H., C.B.Davies, Lieutenant (temporary Captain inArmy) V. C., Royal Field Artillery, SpecialReserve.Davies, Major W. E., Rifle Brigade.Davies, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)W. P. L., Royal Artillery.Dawson, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) R.de Brett, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) H. S., D.S.O., Royal Artillery.Deedes, Major C. P.,D.S.O., Yorkshire LightInfantry.de la Fontaine, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) H. V. M., East Surrey Regiment.Delves-Broughton, Temporary Captain W. E.,Royal Field Artillery (Lieutenant, Reserveof Officers).Denny, Temporary Captain M. E.De Pree, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryColonel) H. D., Royal Artillery.Derham, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) F. S., retired pay.Dick-Cunyngham, Major J. K., D.S.O.,Gordon Highlanders.Dickinson, Brevet 'Colonel W. V,, retired pay.Dillon, Major E. FitzG., D.S.O., Royal MunsterFusiliers.Dobbie, Captain W. G. S., Royal Engineers.Don, Captain J. A., Royal Field Artillery.Doran, Major J. C. M., Army Service Corps.Doyle, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)J. F. I. H., Royal Artillery.Drummond, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) H., Northumberland Yeomanry.Drummond, Major Hon. M. C. A., RoyalHighlanders.Du Boulay, Colonel N. W. H.Du Cane, Major-General J. P., C.B.Duckett, Temporary Captain J. S. (Lieutenant,Reserve of Officers).Dundas, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel F. C.,Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders?Dunlop, Colonel J. W., C.B., retired pay.Dunsterville, Colonel A. B., retired pay.Duthie, Major A. M., Royal Artillery.Dyce, Captain H. L., 9th Hodson's Horse.Earle, Lieutenant E. G., D.S.O., RoyalArtillery.Eden, Major S. H., Royal Highlanders.Edwards, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) FitzJ. M., D.S.O., Indian Army.Egerton, Major-General R. G., C.B., IndianArmy.Elles, Brevet Major H. J., Royal Engineers.Ellington, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) E. L., Royal Artillery.Elliot, Lieutenant-General Sir E. L., K.C.B.,D.S.O., retired Indian Army.Elton, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) F. A. G. Y., Royal Artillery.Evans, Lieutenant M. P., Royal Artillery.Fanshawe, Major-General R., C.B., D.S.O.Fasken, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)W. H., Indian Army.Fasson, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)D. J. M., C.B.Faunthorpe, " Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryCaptain in Army), J. C., Indian Volunteers.Fawcus, Lieutenant-Colonel M. B., C.M.G.,M.B., Royal Army Medical Corps.Feilding, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) G. P. T., D.S.O., ColdstreamGuards.Feilding, Lieutenant (temporary Captain inArmy) R. E. A., Viscount, D.S.O., ColdstreamGuards, Special Reserve.Fell, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) R. B., retired pay.Fellowes, Captain R. T., Rifle Brigade.Fergusson, Lieutenant-General Sir C., Bt.,K.C.B., M.V.O., D.S.O.Fergusson, Major V. M., Royal Artillery.Fernyhough, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) H. C.,, D.S.O., Army OrdnanceDepartment.Fetherstonhaugh, Major W. A., 8th Cavalry.Finlayson, Major R. G., D.S.O., RoyalArtillery.Fisher, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)B. D., D.S.O., 17th Lancers.FitzGerald, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) P. D., D.S.O., llth Hussars.Flemming, Temporary Captain G.Fletcher, Major A. F., D.S.O., 17th Lancers.Follett, Major R. S., Rifle Brigade.Foot, Lieutenant-Colonel R. M., late EastAnglian Brigade, Royal Field Artillery(Major, Reserve of Officers).Forbes, Lieutenant - Colonel (temporaryColonel) A., Army Ordnance Department.Ford, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) R., C.M.G., D.S.O., ArmyService Corps.Forster, Major D., Royal Engineers.Foss, Captain C. C., V.C., D.S.O., BedfordshireRegiment.Foster, Captain O. B., Northumberland Fusiliers.Fowler, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)C. A., D.S.O.Fowler. Temporary Captain H. G.Fowler, Lieutenant - Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) J. S., C.B., D.S.O.,Royal Engineers.Fox, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)R. F., C.B., D.S.O.Franklyn, Captain H. E., Yorkshire Regiment.Franks, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) G. McK., Royal Artillery.Fraser, Captain A. J., Royal Berkshire Regiment.Fraser, Captain F. L., Seaforth Highlanders.Fraser, Lieutenant - Colonel T., RoyalEngineers.Freeland, Major J. C., 35th Sikhs (IndianArmy).Freestun, Major W. H. M., Somerset LightInfantry.Freeth Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel G. H. B.,D.S.O., Lancashire Fusiliers.

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Fryer, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)J., 7th Hussars.Fulton, Captain C. G., Highland (Howitzer)Brigade, Koyal Field Artillery.Furber, Captain M., Reserve of Officers.Furse, Colonel (temporary Major-GeneralW. T.,C.B., D.S.O.Gage, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)M. F., 5th Dragoon Guards.Gale, Captain F. H., Bedfordshire Regiment.Game, Major (temporary Lieutenant-ColonelP. W., D.S.O., Royal Artillery.Garsia, Captain W. C., Hampshire Regiment.Garstin, Lieutenant-Colonel H. E., RoyalArtillery.Gathorne-Hardy, Lieutenant-Colonel Hon.J. F.} D.S.O"., Grenadier Guards.Gay, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)A. W., D.S.O.Geddes, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) J. G., C.B.Gepp, Major E. C., Duke of Cornwall's LightInfantry, Special Reserve (Lieutenant, retiredpay).Gerard, Lieutenant C. R., Grenadier Guards.Gethin, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)R. W. St. L., Royal Artillery.Gillson, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) G., D.S.O., Royal Artillery.Gloster, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) G. M.Glubb, Major-General F. M., C.B., D.S.O.Glyn, Temporary Captain R. FitzG., ArmyService Corps (Lieutenant, Reserve ofOfficers).Godman, Major L., Royal Artillery.Godwin, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) C. A. C., 23rd Cavalry.Goldsmith, Major H. D., Duke of Cornwall'sLight Infantry.Gordon, Major E. B., NorthumberlandFusiliers.Gosling, Lieutenant - Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) C., King's Royal RifleCorps.Gough, Major (Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)A. P. G., D.S.O., Reserve of Officers.Gough, Major-General (temporary Lieutenant-General) H. de la P., C.B.Gough, Lieutenant O., 12th Cavalry.Graham, Major C. A. L., D.S.O., RoyalArtillery,Graham, Captain C. P., D.S.O., Welsh Regiment.Grant, Major C. J. C., D.S.O., ColdstreamGuards.Grant, Second Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) D. L., The London Regiment.Gray, Captain C. O. V., Seaforth Highlanders.Gray, Captain E. St. C., 34th Poona Horse.Gray, Temporary Major J. A. S.Gray, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) J. N.,Inns of Court Officers Training Corps.Grazebrook, Major G. C., Royal InniskillingFusiliers.Green, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)A. F. TJ., Royal Artillery.Green, Temporary Captain F. A., StationeryServices.Green, Captain S. H., West Yorkshire Regiment.Greenly, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) W. H., C.M.G., D.S.O., 19thHussars.Griffin, Temporary Second Lieutenant S. W.Grove, Major T. T., Royal Engineers.Grubb, Major A. H. W., D.S.O., Royal Engineers.Gubbins, Major R. R., D.S.O., Reserve ofOfficers.Guest, Major Hon. C. H. C., 1st Dragoons.Guild, Captain J. R., Gloucestershire Regiment.Guy, Majoi R. F., Wiltshire Regiment.Haig, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)C. H., Leicestershire Regiment.Haig, General Sir D., G.C.B., K.C.I.E.,K.C.V.O., A.D.C.-General.Haking, Major - General (temporary Lieutenant-General) R. C. B., C.B.Haldane, Major-General J. A. L., C.B.,D.S.O.Hale, Major H., Territorial Force Reserve.Hambro, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel P. O.,15th Hussars.Hamilton, Major C. L. C., Royal Artillery.Hamilton, Captain E. G., Connaught Rangers.Hamilton, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)G. G.,. Lord, K.T., C.V.O., Reserve ofOfficers.Hammond, Captain (temporary Major) F. D.,Royal Engineers.Hare, Major C. T. M., Leicestershire Regiment.Hare, Lieutenant-Colonel R. H., M.V.O.,D.S.O., Royal Artillery.Hargreaves, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) C. L., Reserve of Officers.Harington, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) C. H., D.S.O.,Liverpool Regiment.Harper, Colonel' (temporary Major-General)G. M., C.B., D.S.O.Harrison, Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel W.A., Royal 'Engineers (Major, Reserve ofOfficers).Hartley, Temporary Captain H.Harvey, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) W. J. St. J.,Royal Highlanders.Haslam, Major B. J., Royal Engineers.Hay, Major C. J. B., Corps of Guides.Hazelton, Lieutenant-Colonel P. O., ArmyService Corps.Headlam, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) H. R., D.S.O., York and LancasterRegiment.Headlam, Major-General J. E. W., C.B.,D.S.O.Heath, Colonel (temporary Major-General)G. M., D.S.O.Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby, Colonel(Territorial Force) (temporary Brigadier-General in Army) Hon. C. S. (Major Reserveof Officers).Henderson, Major K., 39th Garhwal Rifles.Henderson-Scott, Captain A. M., Royal InniskillingFusiliers.Heneker, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) W. C. G., D.S.O., NorthStaffordshire Regiment, A.D.C.Henniker, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) A.M., Royal Engineers.Henshaw, Colonel (temporary Brigadier- General) C. G., Reserve of Officers.Henvey, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) R., Royal Artillery.Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis, Major (temporaryBrigadier-General) Hon. J. F.,D.S.O., Irish Guards (killed).Hesketh-Prichard, Temporary Captain H. V.

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Hewett, Captain H. W. O'C., 41st Dogras(killed).Hewitt, Captain A. S., Royal West Kent Regiment.Hewlett, Major E., Devonshire Regiment.Heywood, Major C. P., Coldstream Guards.Heywood, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)M. B., Northumberland Yeomanry.Heyworth, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) F. J., C.B., D.S.O.Hibbert, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General G. L., D.S.O.Hickie, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)W. B., C.B.Higgins, Temporary Captain C. M.Higginson, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) H. W., Royal Dublin Fusiliers.Hildyard, Major H. C. T., Reserve of Officers.Hill, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)C.Hoare Nairne, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) E. S., Royal Artillery.Hobbs, Major-General P. E. F., C.B., C.M.G.Holbrook, Major A. E., Army Service Corps.Holland, Colonel (temporary Major-General)A. E. A., C.B., M.V.O., D.S.O.Holland, temporary Colonel G. E., C.I.E.,D.S.O. (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel,Royal Engineers).Holliday, Major L. B., West Riding Regiment(Territorial Force).Holliday, Captain R. J., London Regiment.Holl'ond, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) S. E., Rifle Brigade.Holman, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) H. C., C.M.G., D.S.O..16th Cavalry.Home, Major (temporary Brigadier-Geneial)A. F., D.S.O., llth Hussar*Hordern, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel G. V.,Kipg's Royal Rifle Corps.Hore-Ruthven, Major Hon. C. M., D.S.O.,Royal Highlanders.Here Ruthven, Lieutenant-Colonel Hon.W. P. (Master of Ruthven), C.M.G.,D.S.O., Scots Guards.Home, Major-General H. S., C.B.Horwood, Captain (temporary Major)W. T. F., Reserve of Officers.Hotha-m, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) J., retired pay.Howard, Major G. W., D.S.O., Essex Regiment.Howard, Captain H. C. L., 16th Lancers.Howell, Lieutenant - Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) P., C.M.G., 4thHussars.Hudson, Major-General H., C.B., C.I.E.,Indian Army.Hudson, Major P., Liverpool Regiment.Hudson, Lieutenant-Colonel T. R. C., RoyalArtillery.Hughes, Captain F. St. J., Reserve of Officers.Hull, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) C. P. A., Middlesex Regiment.Hulton, Lieutenant-Colonel F. C. L., Reserveof Officers.Humphreys, Major A. S., Army ServiceCorps.Humphreys, Major E. T., Lancashire Fusiliers.Humphreys, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) G., C.B., D.S.O.Hunt, Captain H. R. A., 25th Punjabis.Huskisson, Colonel (temporary Major-General)W.Hussey, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) A. H., C.B.Hutchison, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) R., D.S.O., 4th Dragoon Guards.Incledon-Webber, Major A. B., Royal IrishFusiliers.Inder, Major (District Officer) J., retired pay.Ingham, Major R. J. FitzG., Royal Artillery.Isaac, Captain A. G. :F., Royal BerkshireRegiment.Isacke, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel H., C.M.G.,Royal West Kent Regiment.Jack, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel E. M., RoyalEngineers.Jackson, Captain (temporary Major) B., YorkshireRegiment, Territorial Force.Jackson, Captain C. B. A., York and LancasterRegiment.Jackson, Major H. C., Bedfordshire Regiment.Jackson, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) H. K., C.B., D.S.O.Jacob, Colonel (temporary Major-General)C. W., C.B., Indian Army.James, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)C. H. L.James, Colonel W. R. W.Jelf, Major (temporary Brigadier-General)R. G., D.S.O., King's Royal Rifle Corps.Jesse, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)J. L., Army Service Corps.Jeudwine, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) H. S., C.B.Johnson, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)F. E., C.M.G., D.S.O.Joly de Lotbiniere, Lieutenant-Colonel H. G.,D.S.O., Royal Engineers.Jones, Colonel H. B., C.B., Royal Engineers.Jones, Second Lieutenant H. C. F., RoyalArtillery.Jones, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)L.Julian, Colonel O. R. A., C.M.G.Karslake, Major H., D.S.O., Royal Artillery.Kavanagh, Major-General C. T. McM.,C.V.O., C.B., D.S.O.Keary, Major-General H. D'TL, C.B., D.S.O.,Indian Army.Keir, Major-General (temporary Lieutenant-General) J. L., K.C.B.Kemp, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) G. C., Royal Engineers.Kennedy, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) A. A., C.M.G., 3rd Hussars.Kenrick, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) G. E. R., D.S.O., Royal WestSurrey Regiment.Kincaid-Smith, Lieutenant-Colonel K. J.,D.S.O., Royal Artillery.King, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)M. H., West Riding Regiment, TerritorialForce.Kinloch, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Sir D. A., Bt., C.B., M.V.O.,retired pay.Kirke, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel W. M. St.G., Royal Artillery.Knox, Major H. H. S., NorthamptonshireRegiment.Lambton, Major-General Hon. W., C.V.O.,C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O.Landon, Major-General H. J. S., C.B.Lanyon, Major O. M., Royal Artillery.Lascelles, Captain Hon. E. C., Rifle Brigade,Special Reserve.Laurie, Captain P. R., 2nd Dragoons.

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Law, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)W. H. P., Army Service Corps.Lea, Captain E. I., Eoyal Warwickshire Regiment,Territorial Force.Leader, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)H. P., C.B.Lee, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) E.P., C.B., Royal Engineers.Legge, Major S. F., Royal Fusiliers, SpecialReserve (Major, Reserve of Officers).I<egge> Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)W. K., Essex Regiment.Leggett, Major E. H. G., D.S.O., RoyalArtillery.Leslie, Major W. S., 31st Punjabis.Levita, Temporary Captain C. E.Lewer, Major L. W., Royal Artillery.Lewin, Major E. O., Royal Artillery.Lewin, Major H. F. E., Royal Artillery.Liddell, Captain C. G., D.S.O., LeicestershireRegiment.Lindsell, Captain W. G., Royal Artillery.Lister, Major F. H., Royal Artillery.Little, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)W. B., Durham Light Infantry,Territorial Force.Livesay, Captain R. O'H., D.S.O., Royal. West Surrey Regiment.Livingstone, Lieutenant-Colonel H. A. A.,C.M.G., Royal Engineers.Livingstone-Learmonth, Major J. E. C.,D.S.O., Royal Artillery.Loch, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) E. D., Lord, C.M.G., M.V.O.,D'.S.O., Grenadier Guards.Logan, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)F. D., Royal Artillery.Long, Colonel A., D.S.O.Long, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) B.,Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire LightInfantry, Territorial Force.Longden, Captain (temporary Major) E. W.,York and Lancaster Regiment, TerritorialForce.Longley, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) J. R.Longmore, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) J. C. G., D.S.O., ArmyService Corps.Longridge, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel J. A.,43rd Erinpura Regiment.Lowe, Major S. J., D.S.O., Royal Fusiliers.Lowther, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) H. C., C.V.O., C.M.G., D.S.O.,Scots Guards.Lucas, Captain C. C., Royal Artillery.Luck, Temporary Major C. M., RoyalEngineers.Ludlow, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) E. R. 0., C.B.Luker, Major R., Lancashire Fusiliers.Lumsden, Captain W. V., Argyll and SutherlandHighlanders.Lynden-Bell, Colonel (temporary Major-General) A. L., C.B., C.M.G.Lyon, Major C. H., North Staffordshire Regiment.Lyon, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) F., D.S.O., Royal Artillery.Macalpine-Leny, Major R. L., 16th Lancers.Macan, Colonel T. T., retired pay.MacCarthy, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) M. J., C.M.G., RoyalArtillery.McClintock, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) W. K.McColl, Captain (local Captain in Army)J. T., Australian Commonwealth MilitaryForces.McCombie, Second Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain in Army) H., Worcestershire Regiment,Territorial Force.McCracken, Major-General F. W. N., C.B.,D.S.O.Macdonald, Major A. G., Royal BerkshireRegiment.Macdonogh, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) G. M. W., C.B.MacFarlan, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) F. A.Macfie, Major W. C., Royal Engineers.McLeod, Captain D. K., Corps of Guides.McLeod, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) W. K.Macnaghten, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel E. B.,D.S.O., Royal Field Artillery.McNamara, Major A. E., Royal West SurreyRegiment.Macready, Major-General (temporary Lieutenant-General) Sir C. F. N., K.C.B.,K.C.M.G.Macready, Lieutenant G. N., Roya.l Engineers.Macready, Captain J., D.S.O., BedfordshireRegiment.Madocks, Lieutenant-Colonel W. R. N., RoyalArtillery.Magniac, Major C. L., Royal Engineers.Maitland, Captain C. A. S., Gordon Highlanders.Maitland, Captain G. R., 14th Lancers.Maitland Makgill Crichton, Major H. C.,Royal Scots Fusiliers.Mangles, Major R. H., D.S.O., Royal WestSurrey Regiment.Marindin, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) A. H., Royal Highlanders.Marshall, Lieutenant-Colonel H. J. M., RoyalEngineers.Martelli, Major H. de C., Royal Artillery.Martin, Major G. H., King's Royal RifleCorps.Martyn, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) A., Royal West Kent Regiment.Mason MacFarlane, Captain F. N., RoyalArtillery.Matheson, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) T. G., ColdstreamGuards.Maughan, Major F. G., Durham Light Infantry.Maunsell, Brevet Colonel G. W., retired pay.Maurice, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) F. B., C.B., Nottinghamshire andDerbyshire Regiment.Maxse, Major-General F. I., C.V.O., C.B.,D.S.O.Maxwell, Captain G. A. P., M.V.O., RoyalEngineers.Maxwell, Major-General (temporary Lieu- tenant-General) Sir R. C., K.C.B.May, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)R. S., Royal Fusiliers.Maynard, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel (tern,porary Brigadier-General) C. C. M., D.S.O.,Devonshire Regiment.Mellor, Major J. G. S., Reserve of Officers.Mercer, Major-General H. F., C.B.Mildmay, Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryMajor in Army) F. B., TerritorialForce Reserve.Miller, Major W., Middlesex Regiment.Milne, Major-General G. F., C.B., D.S.O.


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Moir, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)A. J. G., Royal Scots.Monro, Lieutenant - General (temporaryGeneral) Sir C. C., K.C.B.Montagu, Lieutenant F. J. O., Eeserve ofOfficers.Montagu Douglas Scott, Lieutenant-ColonelLord H. A., D.S.O., London Regiment(Captain, Reserve of Officers).Montagu - Stuart - Wortley, Major - GeneralHon. E. J., C.B., C.M.G., M.V.O., D.S.O.Montgomery, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) A. A., Royal Artillery.Montgomery, Lieutenant-Colonel H. M. de F.,Royal Artillery.Moore, Major F. H., Royal Berkshire Regiment.Moore, Major H. T. G., D.S.O., Royal Engineers.Moore, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)J., C.B., F.R.C.V.S.Morland, Major-General (temporary Lieutenant-General) T. L. H., K.C.B., D.S.O.Morton, Lieutenant D. J. F., Royal Artillery.Mostyn-Owen, Captain R. A., Rifle Brigade.Mott, Captain S. A., Reserve of Officers.Moulton-Barrett, Colonel E. A., C.M.G., retiredpay.Muirhead, Captain J. A., 1st Lancers.Mullens, Colonel (temporary Major-General)R. L.Murray, Major B. E., Shropshire LightInfantry.Musgrave, Major H., D.S.O., Royal Engineers.Muspratt, Colonel F. C., Indian Army.Muspratt, Captain S. F., 12th Cavalry.Muspratt, Major V. E., 30th Lancers.Needham, Major H., Gloucestershire Regiment.Newington, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)H. A. H., London Regiment.Newman, Major C. R., Royal Artillery.Newnham, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Cblonel) C. C., 6th Cavalry.Newnham, Captain L. A., Middlesex Regiment.Nicholl, Captain H. I., Reserve of Officers.Nicholson, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) G. H.Nicholson, Major 0. H. If?, D.S.O., WestYorkshire Regiment.Nicholson, Major W. N., Suffolk Regiment.Norie, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) C. E. de M., D.S.O., 2nd GurkhaRifles.Nugent, Colonel (temporary Major-General)O.S.W., D.S.O.,A.D.C.Nunn, Major T. H. C., D.S.O., Royal WestKent Regiment.O'Connor, Temporary Captain M.Ogg, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)W.M., Royal Artillery.Olive, Captain T. B., 3rd Hussars.Onslow, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)W. H.,C.B.Orde, Captain J. B., Royal Artillery.Orr, Captain E. A. B., Royal Berkshire Regiment.Osborne, Captain R. H., 20th Hussars.Oxley, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)R. S.Packe, Major E. C., Royal Fusiliers.Page, Captain C. A. S., Middlesex Regiment.Page, Lieutenant H. J., Royal Field Artillery,Special Reserve.Paget, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)W. L. H., C.B., C.M.G., M.V.O.Paget, Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel C. W.,Royal Engineers.Paget, Captain A. E. S. L., M.V.O., llthHussars.Paige, Captain D., Royal Artillery.Pakenham, Major G. de la P. B., D.S.O..Border Regiment.Palmer, Captain A. E. G., Yorkshire Regiment.Parsons, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) H. D. E., C.:S., C.M.G., ArmyOrdnance Department.Parsons, Captain C., Reserve of Officers.Partridge, Temporary Major S. G., StationeryServices.Pearce Serocold, Brevet Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) E., King's Royal RifleCorps.Perceval, Major-General E. M., C.B., D.S.O.Pereira, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) C. E., Coldstream Guards.Peters, Major J. W. P., Reserve of Officers.Philips, Major (temporary Brigader-Geiieral)L. F., D.S.O., King's Royal Rifle Corps.Phillips, Lieutenant L. G., WorcestershireRegiment.Phipps-Hornby, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) E. JT., V.C., C.B.Pickering, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) C. J., West Riding Regiment.Pike, Colonel W. W., D.S.O., F.R.C.S.I.Pilcher, Major-General T. D., C.B.Pirie, Major-General C. P. W., Indian Army.Plomer, Brevet Colonel W. H. P., Reserve ofOfficers.Plumer, Lieutenant - General (temporaryGeneral) Sir H. C. O., K.C.B.Ponsonby, Lieutenant - Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) J., C.M.G., D.S.O.,Coldstream Guards.Porter, Major C. L., East Kent Regiment.Pratt, Major A. G., Essex Regiment.Price-Davies, Major L. A. E., V.C., D.S.O.,King's Royal Rifle Corps.Protheroe-Smith, Major H. B., Reserve ofOfficers.Prowse, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) C. B., Somerset LightInfantry.Pulteney, Major-General (temporary Lieutenant-General) W. P., K.C.B., D.S.O.Pyle, Temporary Second Lieutenant P. F.,Postal Section, Royal Engineers, SpecialReserve.Pym, Second Lieutenant A. C. M., 16thLancers, Special Reserve.Rainsford-Hannay, Major J., Royal WestSurrey Regiment.Ramsay, Major H. A., Royal Artillery.Randolph, Honorary Lieutenant - ColonelA. F., late 3rd Battalion, Suffolk Regiment(Major, Reserve of Officers).Ransome, Captain A. L., Dorsetshire Regiment.Rattray, Captain L. C., King's Royal RifleCorps, Special Reserve.Ravenshaw, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) H. S. L., C.M.G.,Connaught Rangers.Rawlins, Major S. W. H., D.S.O., RoyalArtillery.Rawlinson, Major-General (temporary Lieutenant-General) Sir H. S., Bt., K.C.B.,C.V.O.

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Raymond, Captain E. D., 30th Lancers.Reddie, Major (temporary Brigadier-General)A.J.,D.S.O., South Wales Borderers.Reed, Captain H. R. B., 39th Garhwal Rifles.Renny, Major L. F., D.ri.O., Royal DublinFusiliers.Reynolds, Temporary Captain L. W., C.I.E.Rice, Major-General S. R., C.B.Rich, Honorary Major C. E. F., Captain,Lincolnshire Regiment, Special ReserveCaptain, Reserve of Officers).Riddell-Webster, Captain T. S., D.S.O., ScottishRifles.Ridgeway, Captain D. G., 3rd Gurkha Rifles.Robarts, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) G.,Northamptonshire Yeomanry.Robertson, Second Lieutenant B. H., RoyalEngineers.Robertson, Captain D. E., llth Lancers.Robertson, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) P. R., C.M.G., ScottishRifles.Robertson, Lieutenant-General Sir W. R.,K.C.B., K.C.V.O., D.S.O.Robinson, Captain D. G., 46th Punjabis.Robinson, Major P. G., Royal Field Artillery.Robinson, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) S. W., Royal Artillery. Rogers, Major H. S., Reserve of Officers.Rogers, Major H. S., Shropshire LightInfantry.Rolls, Captain S.P. A., Dorsetshire Regiment.Romer, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) C. F., C.B., Royal DublinFusiliers.Roney Dougal, Captain A. R., Royal Artillery.Rose, Lieutenant-Colonel H., Reserve of Officers.Ross, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)C., D.S.O., Reserve of Officers.Ross, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-GeneralW. C., C.B., retired pay.Ross-Johnson, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) C. M., C.M.G., D.S.O.,Royal Artillery.Rotton, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) J. G., Royal Artillery.Roy, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)J. W. G.Russell, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) Hon. A. V. F., M.V.O.,GrenadierGuards.Russell. Major 'temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) F. D., 1st Lancers.Ruttledge, Captain T. G., Connaught Rangers.Ryan, Colonel C. M., D.S.O.Ryan, Captain F. T., Royal Artillery.Ryan, Captain R. S., Royal Artillery.Sackville-West, Lieutenant-Colonel Hon.C. J., C.M.G., King's Royal Rifle Corps.St. John, Major E. F., Royal Artillery.Salmon, Lieutenant F. J., Temporary StaffLieutenant.Sandilands, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) H. G., C.B.Sargent, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)H. N., C.B., D.S.O.Scafe, Major W. E., Devonshire Regiment.Scholfield, Lieutenant-Colonel G. P., Royal Engineers.Schreiber, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) A. L., D.S.O., A.D.C.Schuster, Major L. R., Liverpool RegimentScobell, Major S. J. P., Norfolk Regiment.Scott, Colonel (temporary Major-General)A. B., C.B., D.S.O.Scott, Captain H. L., 1st Gurkha Rifles.Scott, Major J. C., Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.Scrase-Dickins, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) S. W.Seccombe, Colonel A. K., D.S.O.Seely, Lieutenant-Colonel and HonoraryColonel (temporary Brigadier-General inArmy) Rt. Hon. J. E. B., D.S.O., HampshireYeomanry.Sergison-Brooke, Major B. N., D.S.O., GrenadierGuards.Seymour, Major W. W./Rifle Brigade.Shea, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) J. S. M., C.B., D.S.O., 35thHorse.Shekleton, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) H. P., C.B.Sheppard, Captain E., 19th Hussars.Sherbrooke, Major N. H. C., Royal Artillery.Sherlock, Major D. J. C. E., Royal Artillery.Shield, Lieutenant C. R., Highland LightInfantry, Special Reserve.Shipley, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) C. T.Shirley, Captain S. R., 54th Sikhs.Shoubridge, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel T. H.,D.S.O., Northumberland Fusiliers.Shute, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)C. D.Simpson, Captain E. H., Liverpool Regiment,Special Reserve.Simpson, Captain J. G., Cameron Highlanders.Smith, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)W. D., C.B.Smith, Colonel W. H. U., D.S.O., Army OrdnanceDepartment.Snow, Captain H. W., Reserve of Officers.Snow, Major-General (oemporary Lieutenant-General) T. D'O., K.C.B.Spencer, Captain F. E., Royal Artillery.Spencer, Major J. A. W., Rifle Brigade.Spencer, Captain Hon. V. A., King's OwnScottish Borderers, Special Reserve.Spiers, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) E. L.,llth Hussars.Stacpoole, Captain G. W. R., D.S.O., Reserveof Officers.Stanhope, Major J. R., Earl, Royal West KentRegiment, Territorial Force (Captain, Reserveof Officers).Stanton, Major H. A. S., Royal Scots.Stapleton-Bretherton, Major F. B. J., lateLancashire Hussars Yeomanry (Captain,Reserve of Officers).Ste≤, Major (temporary Brigadier-General)J. McC., Coldstream Guards.Steevens, Lieutenant D. J., Royal Field Artillery.Stenhouse, Major H. W., Royal West SurreyRegiment.Stephens, Captain G. E. B., Reserve ofOfficers.Stevenson-Reece, Second Lieutenant G. M.,2nd Dragoons, Special Reserve.Stewart, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) A. F., Middlesex Regiment.Stewart, Lieutenant-Colonel J. A., ArmyOrdnance Department.Stewart, Major P. A. V., D.S.O., King's OwnScottish Borderers.Stirling, Major Sir G. M. H., Bt., D.S.O.,Essex Regiment.

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Stokes, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)A., C.B., D.S.O.Stopford, Colonel temporary Brigadier-General) L. A. M.Stopford, Captain M. G. N., Rifle Brigade.Street, Major H., Devonshire Regiment.Strickland, Brevet Colonel temporary Brigadier-General) E. P., C.M.G., D.S.O., ManchesterRegiment.Stuart, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel A. G., 40thPathans.Stuart, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General)A. M., C.B.Sullivan, Major G. A., Oxfordshire andBuckinghamshire Light nfantry.Surtees, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) H. C., C.B., M.V.O., D.S.O.,retired pay.Swettenham, Major W. A. W., Royal Artillery.Sydenham, Major., Royal WarwickshireRegiment, Territorial Force.T'ancred, Lieutenant-Colonel temporaryBrigadier-General) T. A., C.M.G., RoyalArtillery.Tandy, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) E. N., Royal Artillery.Taylor, Major and Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel C. N., Territorial Force Reserve.Taylor, Lieutenant-Colonel E. F., C.B., rmyService Corps.Teacher, Major N. McD., Royal Scots Fusiliers'.Teck, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel H.S.H.Prince Alexander A. F. W. A. G., of,G.C.B., G.C.V.O., .S.O., 2nd LifeGuards.Teesdale, Captain F. R., 25th Cavalry.Tempest, Major R. S., cots Guards.Terry, Major R. ,J. A., M.V.O., D.S.O.,Royal Sussex Regiment (killed).Thesiger, Brevet Colonel (temporary Major-General) G. H., C.B.\ C.M.G., ifleBrigade, A.D.C. (killed)Thompson, Major E. G., Reserve of Officers.Thompson, olonel H. N., D.S.O., M.B.Thomson, Colonel A. G., C.B.Thorne, Major A. F. A. N., renadier Guards.Thornton, Major L. H., Rifle Brigade, SpecialReserve (Captain, etired).Thorp, Major H. W. B., Yorkshire Light Infantry.Thorpe, Major G., D.S.O., rgyll andSutherland Highlanders.Thuillier, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-eneral) H. F., Royal Engineers.Thurlow, Major E. G. L., D.S.O., SomersetLight nfantry.T'hwaites, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) W., Royal Artillery.Tidswell, Captain E. S. W., D.S.O., LeicestershireRegiment.Tinley, Colonel . . ., C.B., Indian Army.Tompkins, Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel(temporary Major in rmy) A. C., late 7thBattalion, Royal Fusiliers).Tompson, Major R. H. D., D.S.O., RoyalArtillery.Torr, Captain W. W. T., West YorkshireRegiment.Tower, Captain B. . ., Royal Fusiliers.Townshend, Captain F. H. E., Royal En-Engineers.Trench, Captain . e P., Royal Artillery.Trenchard, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) H. M., .B., D.S.O., RoyalScots Fusiliers, A.D.C.Trevor, Major H. E., D.S.O., Yorkshire ightInfantry.Trousdale, Captain R. C., D.S.O., Reserve of Officers.Troutbeck, Second Lieutenant J. M., LondonRegiment.Tufton, Major Hon. J. S. R., Royal SussexRegiment, Special Reserve.Tulloch, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) J. . ., C.B., Royal Engineers.Tulloch, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) J. B. G., orkshire Light Infantry.Turner, Lieutenant-Colonel F. C., NorthumberlandFusiliers.Turner, Lieutenant-Colonel H. H. F., 2ndLancers.Tuson, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) H. D., Duke of Cornwall'sLight nfantry.Twiss, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)F. A., M.V.O., Royal Artillery.Twiss, Captain W. L. O., 9th Gurkha Rifles.Tyrrell, Captain A. C. L., 25th avalry.Tyrrell, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)G. E., D.S.O., Royal Artillery.T'yrwhitt, Major F. St. J., WorcestershireRegiment,Van Straubenzee, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) C. C., Royal Artillery.van traubenzee, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) C. H. C.Vaughan, Colonel temporarv Major-General)J., C.B., D.S.O.Vaughan, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) L. R., D.S.O., 7th Gurkha Rifles.Vicary, Captain E. S., 16th Cavalry.Viccars, Captain (temporary Major) J. E.,Leicestershire Regiment, Territorial orce.Vivian, Major V., M.V.O., Grenadier Guards.Wace, Major E. G., Royal ngineers.Waghorn, Lieutenant-Colonel W. D., RoyalEngineers.Walcot, Captain B , .S.O., Royal Engineers.Walker, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel G., RoyalEngineers.Walker, Captain J. D. G., D.S.O., Reserve of Officers.Walker, Major . ., Royal Engineers.Walker, Colonel (temporary Major-General)W. G., V.C., C.B., ndian Army.Wallace, Major A. W. B., Durham LightInfantry.Wallerstein, Colonel F. ., retired pay.Wardrop, Lieiitenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) A. E., Royal Artillery.Ware, Temporary Major F.Waterfield, Major B. C., retired, Indian Army.Watson, Major C. F., D.S.O., Royal WestSurrey Regiment.Watts, Colonel temporary Major-General)H. E., C.B., C.M.G., retired pay.Watts, Major B. A. G., Royal AustralianGarrison Artillery.Webber, Brevet Major N. W., Royal Engineers.Weber, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)W. H. F., Royal Artillery.Weekes, Lieutenant-Colonel H. W., RoyalEngineers.Were, Major H. H. Reserve of Officers.Weston, Major J. L., Army Service Corps.Wethered, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel H. L., Army Ordnance Department.Wethered, Major J. ., Gloucestershire Regiment.

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Whigham, Colonel (temporary Major-General)R.D., C.B., D.S.O.Whinney, Major H. F., Eoyal Fusiliers.White, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel W. A.,Connaught Rangers.White, Honorary Brig'adier-General W. .,C.B., retired pay.White, Major W. N., Army Service Corps.White-Thomson, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) H. D., C.B.,D.S.O., Royal Artillery.Whitehead, Captain J., 1st Brahmans.Wigram, Major K., 2nd Gurkha Rifles.Wilkinson, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) M. G., M.V.O., retired pay.Wilkinson, Major-General P. S., C.B., C.M.G.Williams, Colonel (temporary Major-eneral)H. B.,C.B., D.S.O.Williams, Lieutenant-Colonel S. F., RoyalEngineers.Wilson, Captain A. H. M., 12th Cavalry.Wilson, Lieutenant C. M., Wiltshire Regiment,Territorial Force.Wilson, Captain D. D., 17th Cavalry.Wilson, Major - eneral (temporary Lieutenant-General) Sir H. F. M., K.C.B.Wilson, Major - General temporary Lieutenant-General) Sir H. H., K.C.B. D.S.O.Wilson, Colonel J. B., M.D.Wilson, Major S. H., C.M.G., Royal Engineers.Windsor dive, Major G., oldstream Guards.Wing, Major-General F. D. V., C.B. (killed).Wingfield, Brevet Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) Hon. M. A., Rifle Brigade.Wingfield, Major W. J. R., Reserve of Officers.Wingfield-Stratford, Honorary Brigadier-General C. V., retired pay.Winterbotham, Major H. St. J. L., RoyalEngineers.Wintour, Colonel (temporary Major-General)F.,C.B.Wood, Lieutenant-Colonel C. B., retired pay.Wood, Major D., ifle Brigade.Wood, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier- General) P. R., C.M.G., RoyalIrish Fusiliers.Wordsworth, Captain (temporary Major)R. J., Nottinghamshire and DerbyshireRegiment (Territorial Force).Wray, Colonel (Territorial Force) (temporaryBrigadier-General in Army) J. C., M.V.O.Major, Reserve of Officers).Wynne, Major H. E. S., Royal Artillery.Wynter, Major H. W., D.S.O., RoyalArtillery.Yates, Captain C. M., M.V.O., LiverpoolRegiment.

INTELLIGENCE CORPS.Bell, Temporary Second Lieutenant C. W.Best, Temporary Lieutenant S. P.Cameron, Temporary Captain C. A.D'Egville, Temporary Lieutenant A. H.Gemmell, Temporary Lieutenant K. T.Hall, Temporary Captain M. A.Leigh-Smith, emporary Lieutenant P.Lloyd, Temporary Lieutenant H. A.McClure, Temporary Lieutenant I. H.McEwen, Temporary Lieutenant "W. L.Onslow, Temporary Lieutenant . W. A.,Earl of.Sherring, Temporary Lieutenant W. M.Smith, Temporary Captain C. .Tremellen, Temporary Second LieutenantK. W.Vigors, Temporary Lieutenant A. C. .Wallinger, Temporary Major J. A.

ROYAL FLYING CORPS.Acland, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)W. H. D., Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry)Adamson, Lieutenant (temporary Captain inArmy) W. C., Special Reserve.Andrews, Second Lieutenant J. O., RoyalScots.Ashmore, Lieutenant-Colonel E. B., M.V.O.,Royal Artillery.Babington, Second Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) P., Hampshire Regiment TerritorialForce).Baldwin, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)J. E. A., 8th Hussars.Baring, Lieutenant Hon. M., Special Reserve.Barrington-Kennett, Captain V. ., pecialReserve.Barratt, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)A. S., Royal Artillery.Becke, Brevet Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) J. H. W., Nottinghamshire andDerbyshire Regiment.Bell-Irving, Captain M. McB., SpecialReserve.Birch, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)W. C. K., Yorkshire Regiment.Blackburn, Captain H., pecial Reserve.Board, Major A. G., South Wales Borderers.Boyle, Captain temporary Major) Hon. J. D.,Rifle Brigade.Bradley, Captain C. R. S., 4th Cavalry,Indian Army.Brancker, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel W. S.,Royal Artillery.Brock, Captain H. e ., Royal WarwickshireRegiment.Burke, Brevet Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) . J., D.S.O., Royal Irish Regiment.Bush, Second Lieutenant E., Special Reserve.Capel, Second Lieutenant A. J., SomersetLight Infantry.Cemlyn-Jones, Lieutenant J., Royal WelshFusiliers (Territorial Force).Charlton, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) L. E. O., D.S.O., Lancashire Fusiliers.Christie, Captain A., Royal Artillery.Cleaver, Temporary Captain F. H.Cooper, Second Lieutenant H. A. (SpecialReserve).Darley, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) C.C., Royal Artillery.Dawes, Captain (temporary Major) G. W. P.,Royal Berkshire Regiment,de avilaad, Captain H., Special Reserve.Douglas, Lieutenant W. S., Royal Field Artillery,Special Reserve.Dowding, Captain (temporary Major) H. C.T., Royal Artillery.Evans, Temporary Lieutenant A. J., SpecialList.Festing, Major F. L., Northumberland Fusiliers.Filley, Lieutenant O. D., Special Reserve.Gilbert, Second Lieutenant E. M., EssexRegiment, Special Reserve.Glanville, Captain H. F., West India REGIMENT.Glen, Second Lieutenant D. A., ManchesterRegiment.

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Gossage, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) E.L., Royal Artillery.Gower, Captain E. L. M. L., Special Reserve.Greenwood, Temporary Second LieutenantB. P., Special List.Grenfell, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) E.O., Royal Artillery.Grey-Edwards, Temporary Second LieutenantH. B. R., Royal Artillery.Hearson, Captain J. G., Royal Engineers.Hellyer, Lieutenant (temporary Captain inArmy) F. E., Hampshire Regiment (TerritorialForce).Higgins, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) . . A., D.S.O.,Royal Artillery.Horsfall, Temporary Captain E. D.Hyde, Temporary Second Lieutenant E. L.Insall, Temporary Second Lieutenant A. J.Jackson, Captain J. ., onnaught Rangers,Special Reserve.James, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) B. T.,Royal Engineers (killed).Kinnear, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)J. L., Liverpool REGIMENT.Lawrence, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)G. A. K., D.S.O., Royal Artillery.Lewis, Captain (temporary Major) D. S.,D.S.O., Royal Engineers,Long, Second Lieutenant S. H., DurhamLight Infantry.Longcroft, Brevet Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) C. A. H., Welsh Regiment.Longstaff, Major R., Royal Field Artillery.Loraine, Captain R., Special Reserve.Lubbock, Temporary Lieutenant Hon. E. .P., Army Service Corps.Ludlow-Hewitt, Captain (temporary Major)E. R., Royal Irish ifles.Marshall, Captain A., D.S.O., 28th Cavalry,Indian Army.Medlicott, Temporary Second LieutenantH. W.Mills, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) G. D.,Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment.Mitchell, Captain W. G. S., Highland LightInfantry.Mitchell, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)E. H., Royal Artillery.Moore-Brabazon, Captain . . C., SpecialReserve.Nicholl, Lieutenant (temporary Captain inArmy) H. R., Special Reserve.Parker, Temporary Lieutenant A. H. (LieutenantPunjab Volunteer Rifles).Peck, Temporary Second Lieutenant R. H.,Dorset Regiment.Pike, Lieutenant temporary Captain inArmy) R. M., Special Reserve.Pinney, Second Lieutenant J. C. . ., RoyalFusiliers.Playfair, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)P. H. L., Royal Artillery.Popham, Major G. L., Royal Artillery.Porter, Captain G. T., Royal Artillery.Powell, Captain (temporary Lieutenant inArmy) E. W., Unattached List TerritorialForce).Powell, Temporary Lieutenant F. J.Ramsay, Quartermaster and onorary Lieutenant(temporary Captain) J.Read, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) W. .,1st Dragoon Guards.Rees, Captain L. W. B., Royal Artillery.Reynolds, Brevet Major . R. P., Royal Engineers.Rumbold, Second Lieutenant R. S., SomersetLight Infantry.Russell, Temporary Lieutenant J. C., RoyalEngineers [second Lieutenant, Royal Engineers(Territorial Force)].Ryan, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) C. E.rRoyal ield Artillery.Salmond, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) W. G. H., Royal Artillery.Salmond, Brevet Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) J. M., D.S.O., Royal ancasterRegiment.Saunders, Temporary Lieutenant R. A., RoyalField Artillery Territorial Force).Scholefield, Second Lieutenant E. R. C., LancashireFusiliers.Shephard, Captain (temporary Major) G. S.,Royal Fusiliers.Shield, Temporary Second Lieutenant H. S.Simpson, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)F. W. H., Royal Garrison Artillery.Simpson, Second Lieutenant H. R. D.,. 6tbDragoons.Sison, Temporary Lieutenant H. M., ArmyService Corps.Smith, Captain . V., Special Reserve.Somervail, Lieutenant A., King's Own ScottishBorderers Territorial Force).Spratt, Captain N. C., Special Reserve.Steel, Lieutenant J. V., Royal arrisonArtillery.Symington, Second Lieutenant, D.A.C.,Special Reserve.Thomson, Second Lieutenant- (temporary Captain)A. A. B., Royal Warwickshire Regiment.Vagg, Second Lieutenant H. R., SomersetLight Infantry.Vaucour, Temporary Second Lieutenant A. M.,.Royal Field Artillery.Verney, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) R.H., rmy Service Corps.Webb-Bowen, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) T. I., edfordshire Regiment.Woodhouse, Second Lieutenant J. W., SpecialReserve.Yule, Second Lieutenant L. W., Special Reserve.Angell, No. 297 Acting Serjeant-Major J. P.Armstrong, No. 160 Serjeant A. W.Armstrong, No. 1983 Serjeant A.Beer, No. 555 Serjeant A. A. J.Bethell, No. 348 Serjeant H. E.Brown, No. 812 Flight Serjeant G.phapman, No. 728 Corporal G. S.Elstow, No. 1164 1st Class Air Mechanic W.Hawley, No. 1025 Corporal A.Hunter, No. 208 Acting Serjeant-Major A.Ibbott, o. 86 Flight-Serjeant W. C.James, No. 152 Flight-Serjeant F.Keegan, No. 246 Acting Serjeant-Major M.Kelly, No. 272 Flight-Serjeant E. J. P.Knight, No. 1053 Corporal E. . .Noble, No. 1443 Flight-Serjeant T. C.Randle, No. 1629 Serjeant A.Smith, No. 144 Serjeant W.Veitch, No. 635 1st Class Air Mechanic P. M.Woods, No. 248 Acting Serjeant-Major H.

1ST LIFE GUARDS.Stanley, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) on. A. F., D.S.O.Barry, Major L. E., Reserve of Officers.

2ND LIFE GUARDS.Penn, Captain F.Peel, No. 2464 Corporal of Horse J. E.Doyle, No. 2593 Corporal of Horse W.

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ROYAL HORSE GUARDS.Tweedmouth, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel temporaryLieutenant-Colonel) D. C. Lord,C.M.G., M.V.O., D.S.O.Londonderry, Major . S. H., Marquis of, M.V.O. Philipps, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)Hon. C. E. A. killed).

1ST DRAGOON GUARDS.Bell-Smyth, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) J. A.Wickham, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) . .Turner, Major A. M.Cheape, Captain (temporary Major) G. R. H.Woolley, No. 4940 Farrier Quartermaster-Serjeant J.

2ND DRAGOON GUARDS.Lawson, Lieutenant-Colonel A.Harman, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) A. E. W.Pinching, Major M. . C.Tapp, Lieutenant (temporary Captain inArmy) W. H., Special Reserve.Kingstone, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) J. J.Misa, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)V. H.Hire, No. 5461 Quartermaster-Serjeant E. A.Parker, No. 3461 Lance-erjeant L.Langley, No. 5844 Lance-Corporal A.

3RD DRAGOON GUARDS.Smith-ingham, Lieutenant-Colonel 0. B. B.,D.S.O.Weir, Major (temporary Brigadier-eneral)G. A., D.S.O.Mason, Major P. G., D.S.O.,Brennand, Captain C. W., Special Reserve.Holroyd-Smith, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)C. E. R., Reserve of officers.Grimshaw, Lieutenant H. A.Katinakis, Lieutenant F. B.Worthington, Captain . K., Special Reserve.Greer, Second Lieutenant J. K., Irish Guards,Special. Reserve.Vincent, Second Lieutenant A. B. P. L.Donald, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantJ.Crane, No. 4062 Squadron Serjeant-MajorW.Lee, No. 2431 Private T. C.

4TH DRAGOON GUARDS.Gallaher, Captain A.McGillycuddy, Captain R. K.Aylmer, Captain J. W.Boosey, Second Lieutenant R. G.O'Donnell, Second Lieutenant M.Dunham, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantF. A.Simmons, No. 867 Farrier Serjeant-Major E.Young, No. 10105 Acting Serjeant A. G.Hill, No. 6238 Lance-orporal E.Clark, No. 10417 Acting Lance-Corporal E.Lock, No. 9578 Private W.Steer, No. 3430 Private A. W.

5TH DRAGOON GUARDS.Martin, Lieutenant E. S. .Levinson, Second Lieutenant L. F.Felgate, No. 6321 Private W. G.Laidlaw, No. 7467 Private R.

6TH DRAGOON GUARDS.Hunter, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)K. S.Creighton, Second Lieutenant A. F.Gibson, Second Lieutenant K. L.Bannister, No. 4073 Private A. F.Ramsey, No. 4012 Private E.7TH DRAGOON UARDS.Mellor, Lieutenant J. S.

1ST (ROYAL) DRAGOONS.McNeile, Lieutenant-Colonel H. D.Hard wick, Major P. E.Chapman, Captain A. H. D. (killed).Hodgson, Captain W. T.Waterhouse, Captain A. W.Wilson-Fitzgerald, Captain F. W.Berryman, emporary Second Lieutenant W.O.Wingate, Second Lieutenant A. W., SpecialReserve.Butler, No. 2054 Corporal T.Proctor, No. 7110 Corporal B.Allsebrook, No. 6254 Corporal F. J.Durnin, No. 317 Lance-Corporal C.McCann, o. 52 Private P.Shaw, No. 3604 Private R.

2ND DRAGOONS.Long, Major W., D.S.O.Lawrence, Captain W. E., Reserve of Officers.Crabbe, Lieutenant J. G.McWhannel, No. 4548 Squadron Serjeant-Major J.Milligan, No. 2523 Private J.

3RD HUSSARS.Hodgson, No. 3518 Squadron Quartermaster-Serjeant F. S.

4TH Hussars.Evans, Captain H. K. D.Ainslie, Temporary Second Lieutenant C. B.Sowerby, Second Lieutenant F. D., SpecialReserve.Beadsmore, No-. 3718 Regimental Quartermaster-Serjeant E.Baron, No. 4798 Squadron Serjeant-MajorJ. H.Dudley, No. 4821 Squadron Serjeant-MajorB. W.Alexander, No. 4462 Serjeant J.Sloane, No. 10268 Lanoe-Corporal E.Underwood, No. 8777 Lance-Corporal F.Bearman, No. 15824 Private R.Buckler, No. 4780 Private W.Jack, No. 8142 Private .

5TH LANCERS.McTaggart, Temporary Lieutenant-ColonelM. F., Gordon ighlanders (TerritorialForce) (Major, 5th Lancers).Robinson, Captain B. W.Vallance, Captain V. de V. M.Carr, Second Lieutenant A. W.Nugent, Second Lieutenant A. C.Mobey, No. 5428 Regimental Serjeant-MajorA.Snowdon, No. 5928 Farrier-erjeant .Hepworth, No. 3653 Corporal H. G.Ryan, No. 2680 Corporal M. G.O'Toole, No. 422 Private J.

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6TH DRAGOONS.Biggadike, No. 4884 Lance-Corporal R.

7TH HUSSARS.Rankin, Major (temporaryColonel) C. H., D.S.O.

9TH Lancers.Sadleir-Jackson, Major L. W. de1 V., C.M.G.,D.S.O.Diggle, Captain L. W.Graham, Captain A. C. D".Reynolds, Captain G. F.Greene, Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel W. R.,County of London Yeomanry.Corbett, Temporary Second Lieutenant P. .Letts, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantW. A.

10TH HUSSARS.Crichton, Lieutenant-Colonel C. W. H.,D.S.O.Roddick, Major A., Essex Yeomanry (killed).Airlie, Lieutenant D. L. G. W., Earl ofAlexander, Lieutenant G., Special Reserve.

11TH HUSSARS.Drake, Lieutenant F. V.Barr, No. 4418 Acting-Serjeant T.Dew, No. 9215 Corporal A.Skipper, No. 8562 Lance-Corporal H. J.Christie, No. 7442 Lance-Corporal W.Knight, No. 5461 Private S.Walland, No. 5762 Private J.

12TH LANCERS.Charrington, Captain H. V. S.Brown, Lieutenant G. M., Special Reserve.Wernher, Lieutenant H. A.Knop, Quartermaster and Honorary CaptainH. B.Blyth, No. 4148 Regimental Quartermaster-Serjeant C. J.Swell, No. 5044 Squadron uartermaster-SerjeantA. E.Taylor, No. 379 Serjeant F. G.Bates, No. 2668 Private A. .Donnelly, No. 1397 Private J.

14TH HUSSARS.Joicey, Major Hon. H. E.Hill, No. 498 Regimental Serjeant-Major F.

15TH HUSSARS.Pilkington, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) F. C., D.S.O.Arnott, Captain J.Wheeler, Captain J. B.Curtis, emporary Lieutenant P. P., 14thReserve Regiment of Cavalry (Adjutant,Westmorland nd Cumberland Yeomanry).Maclaine of Lochbuie, Temporary MajorK. D. L., Service attalion, MiddlesexRegiment (Captain, 15th Hussars, SpecialReserve).Ellicock. No. 720 Regimental Serjeant-MajorJ.Holmes, No. 4823 Corporal D. T.Gent, No. 2504 Private F.Primmer, No. 21446 Private W.

16TH LANCERS.Loyd, Lieutenant R. L.Hornyold, Temporary SecondR. G.LieutenantMacBrayne, Temporary Second Lieutenant(temporary Lieutenant) J. O.Clark, No. 5578 Lance-Corporal J. W.Taylor, o. 283 Private G. E.

17TH LANCERS.Legard, Lieutenant-Colonel D'A.Black, Lieutenant . .Clark, No. 5981 Lance-Corporal W.

18TH HUSSARS.Burnett, Lieutenant-Colonel C. .MacLachlan, Captain A. C., Reserve of Officers.Lane, Second Lieutenant J. A, B.Meredith, Second Lieutenant G. W. L.Parsons, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantW. H.Snowball, No. 6429 Serjeant R.Seeker, No. 2918 Acting Serjeant R.Conner, No. 1392 Private J.

19TH HUSSARS.Parsons, Major A. W., D.S.O.Francis, Captain J. C. W.Osborne, Captain G.Platt, Captain H. E. A.Davidson, Lieutenant E. G.Tremayne, Lieutenant C. H.Bird, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantR. E.Johnson, No. 4411 Regimental Serjeant-Major T.Crewdson, No. 4964 uartermaster-erjeantJ. T.Farmer, No. 7864 Serjeant A. A.Guy, No. 1314 Saddler Quartermaster-erjeantJ. M.Burchett, No. 8716 Lance-Corporal J.Hart, No. 8470 Corporal G. R. G.Marshall, No. 4220 Trumpeter A.

20TH HUSSARS.Richardson, Major M. E.Barne, Captain S.Hall, Lieutenant W. D'A.Austin, No. 3931 Regimental Serjeant-MajorT.Witherington, No. 5309 Regimental Serjeant-Major W. O.A.ddis, No. 4118 Regimental Quartermaster-Serjeant J. T.Poutney, No. 1918 Corporal R.21ST Lancers.Wright, No. 2289 Lance-Corporal (temporarySerjeant) J.


9TH RESERVE CAVALRY.Fry, No. 23330 Quartermaster-Serjeaut W.

11TH RESERVE CAVALRY.Lord, No. 4961 Private J. J.

14TH RESERVE CAVALRY.Hodge, Temporary Lieutenant R. B. de B.Grant, Temporary Second Lieutenant J. M.

NORTH IRISH HORSE.Cole, Major J. H. M. Viscount.

SOUTH IRISH HORSE.Hamilton-Stubber, Major R.Watt, Captain A. H. (Captain, Retired Pay).Spittal, o. 417 Lance-Serjeant J


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Taylor, No. 476 Serjeant C. L.Airey, No. 811 Private Acting Quartermaster-Serjeant) R. C.

KING EDWARD'S HORSE.Cradock, Lieutenant-Colonel M., C.B.Dick, Major M. F.Murray, Major Hon. A. C.Bennett, No. 55 Serjeant . .

YORKSHIRE HUSSARS.Eley, Temporary Major W. G. (Major, Reserve of Officers).Lawson, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) SirV., Bt.

LEICESTERSHIRE YEOMANRY.Martin, Major W. F. (killed).Ricardo, Major W. F. (Major, Reserve of Officers).Johnson, Lieutenant W. S. F.Crowley, Quartermaster and Honorary CaptainJ. (Riding Master and Honorary Lieutenant,Reserve of Officers).Swain, No. 062 quadron Serjeant-MajorH. A.

NORTH SOMERSET YEOMANRY.Glyn, Lieutenant-Colonel G. C., D.S.O.Lubbock, Major G.Matthews, Major H. B.Spencer, Major H. G.Garton, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)J. A.Applegate, Second Lieutenant . .Corrie, Second Lieutenant O. C. K.O'Callaghan, Second Lieutenant C. T., 1stDragoons.Britten, No. 290 Corporal H.Buxton, No. 890 Private E. J.

LANARKSHIRE YEOMANRY.Macfarlane, Captain (temporary Major) W.Jackson, Lieutenant D. F.NORTHUMBERLAND YEOMANRY.Rea, Lieutenant temporary Captain) J. G. G.Laing, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)C. M.Pigg, No. 824 Lance-Corporal E.

WESTMORLAND AND CUMBERLAND YEOMANRY.Lowther, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)C. W.Burns-indow, Second Lieutenant M. H. J.

OXFORDSHIRE HUSSARS.Nicholl, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)C. R. I.Muirhead, Second Lieutenant A. J.Hunt, No. 1555 Lance-erjeant C. H.

SURREY YEOMANRY.Bell, Lieutenant E.Hardy, No. 171 Squadron Serjeant-Major H.Phillips, No. 1428 Farrier-Serjeant J.Packer, No. 1044 Serjeant 0. C.

ESSEX YEOMANRY.Buxton, Major A.Ruggles-Brise, Captain E. A.Thomson, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)R. A.Howard, No. 174 Squadron Serjeant-MajorW. C.Frost, No. 780 Serjeant A.Wardill, No. 624 Serjeant H. R.Schwier, No. 1110 Corporal W. A. V.Smy, No. 1555 Lance-Corporal F.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE YEOMANRY.Litchfield, Second Lieutenant F.White, No. 566 Regimental uartermaster-Serjeant W. R.Allen, No. 283 Squadron Quartermaster-SerjeantW. R. P.

SCOTTISH HORSE.Leonard, No. 2222 Serjeant J.

ROYAL ARTILLERY.Cunningham, Major H. T., attached ArmyOrdnance Department.Fairtlough, Captain E. V. H., attached RoyalEngineers.Forsyth, Lieutenant . S., Trench MortarBattery.Marsh, Lieutenant S. G. B., Trench HowitzerBattery.Powell, Major R. M., Corps Signals.Ubsdell, Captain T. R., Reserve f OfficersDivisional Ammunition Column.Walters, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) H. de L., Reserve of Officers, DivisionalAmmunition Column.Ward, Lieutenant-Colonel F. H., retired pay,attached Railway Transport.Burt, No. 28936 Serjeant (Acting Serjeant-Major) (Artillery Clerk) W. G.Hartgrove, No. 2374 Serjeant-Major (ArtilleryClerk) T. A.Macintosh, No. 15053 Quartermaster-Serjeant J(Acting Serjeant-Major) J. T. ,Garwood, No. 91554 Quartermaster-Serjeant/^(Acting Serjeant-Major) (Artillery Clerk)E. H.Rosamund, No. 3277 Serjeant (Acting CompanySerjeant-Major) (Artillery Clerk)J. B.Thomas, No. 50711 Corporal J.Bartlett, No. 10201 Gunner . M.

ROYAL HORSE ARTILLERY.Askwith, Lieutenant-Colone! H. F.Barstow, Captain W. A. T.Brooke, Captain A. F.Budworth, Lieutenant - Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) C. E. D., M.V.O.Carrington, Captain R. H.Clibborn, Captain C. J. H.Dale, Lieutenant E. C. B.Duke, Captain B. L.Evelegh, Lieutenant E. D.Forma.n, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) A. B., D.S.O.Grosvenor, Captain on. R. E. (killed).Jelf, Major W. W., D.S.O.Kay, Lieutenant-Colonel W. H.Keyworth, Lieutenant-Colonel R. G.Lamont, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) J. W. F.Lascelles, Major R. H.Lyons, Lieutenant R. C.McConnel, Captain M. H.Macllwaine, Lieutenant A. H.McNaughton, Lieutenant F. L.Mann, Lieutenant E. H.Mostyn, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)J. C. M.

Page 16

Murray, Lieutenant temporary Captain)P. H.Myburgh, Lieutenant P. S.Rouse, Lieutenant-Colonel H., .S.O.Schreiber, Lieutenant O. R.Seligmaii, Lieutenant-Colonel H. S.Skinner, Major E. .Staveley, Lieutenant R., D.S.O.Tudor, Lieutenant-Colonel H. H.Van Straubenzee, Captain A. W.Wallace, Captain J. T.Walrond, Lieutenant V.Walsh, Captain R. H.Walwyn, Captain C. L. T.Wardrop, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-eneral) A. E.Watson, Temporary Second-Lieutenant F. R.Bell, No. 39687 Bombardier . R.Bromb'y, No. 36920 Corporal C. M.Campbell, No. 9905 Serjeant J.Cook, No. 8551 Serjeant L.Cook, No. 82685 Fitter G. W.Daniels, No. 37753 Corporal T.Gooch, o. 13535 Farrier Quartermaster-Serjeant(acting Battery Serjeant-Major)W. H.Goodchild, No. 63128 Gunner G. G.Herbert, No. 36386 Serjeant (acting BatteryQuartermaster-Serjeant) F. W.Hutchinson, No. 16740 Serjeant J.Parker, No. 9706 Gunner D. C.Phillips, No. 35257 "Serjeant W. J.Rands, No. 28137 Serjeant R. J.Sams, No. 34322 Gunner W. L.Seabrook, No. 6077 Serjeant E.Smith, No. 41823 itter A. M.Trusler, No. 68377 Gunner H. W.Venning, No. 37737 Gunner H. G.Wills, o. 37966 Bombardier R. R.

ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY.Adams, Major R. J.Alexander, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) E. W., V.C., C.M.G.Alford, Second Lieutenant S. E., Special Reserve.Allardyce, Major J. G. B. Allen, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutant)J. T.Anderson, Second Lieutenant A.Anne, Captain H. O. C.Antrobus, Lieutenant R. H.Archdale, Captain A. S.Arthur, Major H. B. C.Arthur, Second Lieutenant J. S.Atkinson, Captain S.Attwood, Captain E. . C., Special Reserve.Banks, Second Lieutenant W. J.Barkham, Lieutenant E. G.Bateman, Lieutenant B. M. B. (died ofwounds).Bates, Captain C. R., Reserve of Officers.Baxter, Lieutenant R. T.Bayne-Jardine, Captain C. W.Bell, Captain (temporary Major) W. C. H.,Reserve of Officers.Bentley, Temporary Second LieutenantJ. L. B.Berkley, Major, J., Reserve of Officers.Bingham, Temporary Lieutenant R. H.Blane, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) C. F., retired pay.Blois, Major . .Bolton, Lieutenant J. R. N. (died of wounds).Booth, Lieutenant L. E.Bowen, Captain . E. S.Bower, Major C. E. S.Boyce, Captain C. E.Bridge, Captain C. E. D.Bridgeman, Captain Hon. H. G. O.Brookes, Lieutenant W. H.Brousson, Major F.Browell, Lieutenant-Colonel W. B.Browning, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) L.Browning-Paterson, Lieutenant N. A.Buchanan-Dunlop, Major C. N., D.S.O.(killed).Bucknill, Major L. M. died of wounds).Bulteel, Lieutenant S. D.Burkinshaw, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)F. W.Burne, Major E. R.Burrard, Captain G., D.S.O.Burridge, Temporary Second Lieutenant G. B.Buxton, Lieutenant C. E. V., S.pecial Reserve.Cannan, emporary Captain H. J.Carey, Brevet Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) G. G. S.Carey, Major H. E.Carlyori, Major T.Game, Lieutenant E. F.Carrigan, Temporary Second LieutenantR. W.Carter, Brevet Colonel A. H., retired pay.Cartwright, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) G. N., D.S.O.Cavenag'h, Lieutenant . F.Chilton, Lieutenant T. C.Clark, Major W.E., D.S.O.Clarke, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)H. C. S., D.S.O.Clarke, Second Lieutenant J. A.Clayton, Second Lieutenant J. E.Clery, Lieutenant N. C.Coates, Lieutenant-Colonel R. C., D.S.O.C'ockell, Temporary Captain C. L.Coker, Captain L. A.Coles, Lieutenant A. G.Cook, Temporary Captain A. E. (Lieutenant,Territorial Force Reserve).Copeland, Lieutenant R. R.Corbett, Second Lieutenant R. W.Cossart, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) A. R. B.Cotton, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)A. S., D.S.O.Cowie, emporary Lieutenant G. R.Crofton, Major M.Cudmore, Temporary Second LieutenantM. M.Cunningham, Captain A. G.Cushen, Captain (temporary Major) E. ..Special Reserve.Cutbush, Lieutenant H.Dane, Captain J. A., Special Reserve Lieutenant,retired pay).Davson, Lieutenant-Colonel H. M.Deacon, Lieutenant H. W.de Berry, Lieutenant-Colonel P. P. E.de Burgh, Lieutenant H. G.Delaforce, Lieutenant-Colonel E. F.Dewey, Second Lieutenant H. G.Dodgson, Captain R. C.Drennan, Lieutenant J. S.Dresser, Major H. B., Special Reserve.Duffin, Temporary Lieutenant C. G.Du Port, Major O. C., Reserve of Officers.Durward, Second Lieutenant . .Dyson, Major L. M., Reserve of Officers.Eden, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)W. R., D.S.O.Elam, Major H. W. T.Ellis, Lieuterant (temporary Captain) H. S.

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Ellison, Second Lieutenant W. R., Special Reserve(died of wounds).Elton, Lieutenant Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) F. A. G. Y.English, Colonel C. E., Reserve of Officers.Evans, Lieu tenant-Colonel C.Evans, Lieutenant-Colonel W., .S.O.Evelegh, Second Lieutenant E. D.Fairbank, Captain H. N.Fardell, Lieutenant F. .Farrer, Lieutenant H. W. F. B.Ferguson, Captain P. H.Fetherston, Second Lieutenant temporaryCaptain) H. B.Fisher, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) D.FitzGerald, Major . . F.Fitzmaurice, Lieutenant-Colonel R.Fletcher, Temporary Captain T. R.Forestier-alker, Second Lieutenant C. F.Forsyth, Major J. A. C.Forwood, Major Sir D. B., Bt., Reserve of Officers.Fox, Temporary Lieutenant A.Franey, Second Lieutenant J. S.Gardner, Temporary Captain A. T. G.Gatehouse, Lieutenant R. P.Geary, Major J. .Geldard, Captain C.Gosling, Captain (temporary Major) .S. F.,Reserve of Officers.Govan, Temporary Second Lieutenant L. B.Gover, Major C. R.Graham, Lieutenant S. D.Oranet, Captain G. E. A.Grant, Second Lieutenant I. A. W.JGrrant uttie, Captain H. F.Crreen, Captain W. W.Hall, Captain (temporary Major) E. C.Hall, Lieutenant-Colonel E. F.Hall, Lieutenant H. R.Hamilton, Major H. A.Hammick, Captain R. T.Hannani, Lieutenant S. P., Special Reserve.Harding-ewman, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) E., D.S.O.Harrison, Major J. M. R.Hawkes, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) C. St. L. G.Hawksley, Major J. P. .Heather, Major V. J.Hext, Lieutenant F. J.Hill, Major C. R.Boggart, Lieutenant J. W.Hollwey, Lieutenant John B.Hood, Temporary Major E. T. F. (Captain(temporary Major), Lincolnshire Yeomanry)Hornby, Lieutenant A. H.Housden, Lieutenant temporary Captain)E. jr. T.Hutchinson, Lieutenant C. R. M.Hutchison, Captain H. O.Ibbitson, Second Lieutenant A.Ironside, Lieutenant W. S.Jackson, Lieutenant C. R.Johnson, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel R. M.Jones, Major W. A. F.Kay, Lieutenant-Colonel W. H.K'ay-STiuttleworth, Temporary Second LieutenantHon. L.TJ.Keane, Captain Sir J., Bt., Reserve of Officers.Keay, Lieutenant J. T.King, Temporary Second Lieutenant C. S.Kirwan, Lieutenant-Colonel B. R.IKiteley, Second Lieutenant A.BKnolles, Captain R. M.Laing, Temporary Second Lieutenant W.Lawrence, emporary Lieutenant S. .Lawton, Lieutenant P. N. A. C.Lead, Second Lieutenant W.Leech, Major A. G.Lee-Warner, Captain H. G., D.S.O.Liddell, Temporary Second Lieutenant G. M.Lockyer, Temporary Second LieutenantC. E. W.Lutyens, Lieutenant . .Lyon, Major C. D. G.Maasdorp, Temporary Lieutenant N.McBride, Lieutenant J.McDonald, Second Lieutenant A.McGowan, Major T.Mackey, Major H. J. A., .V.O., D.S.O.McLean, Major C. W. W., D.S.O.Maples, Lieutenant (temporary Captain), J. C.Maskell, Lieutenant W. C.Mason, Temporary Second Lieutenant J. W.Massy, Captain C. W.Maturin, Major R. G., D.S.O.Maxwell, Captain E. B.Maxwell, Lieutenant J. L.Meade, Captain G. W.Menzies, Temporary Second LieutenantJ. McK.Miller, Major G. R.Mortimore, Major C. A.Muir, Temporary Second Lieutenant H. J.Munro, Temporary Second Lieutenant J. S. G.Murray, Major W. A.Musgrave, Major A. D.Nash, Lieutenant A. F.Newcome, Major H. W., D.S.O.Nicholson, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) G.H. W., D.S.O.Nisbet, Second Lieutenant R.Noakes, Captain S. M.Nottidge, Lieutenant E.Nugee, Lieutenant G. T.Odium, Lieutenant W. J., Special Reserve.Oldfield, Lieutenant-Colonel L. C. L., D.S.O.Ormsby, Temporary Lieutenant G. V.Orr-Ewing, Lieutenant M. R.Palmer, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)E. A.Palmer, Captain R. L.Parrington, Major J. W.Parry, Lieutenant-Colonel C. F. P.Patterson, Temporary Second Lieutenant N. J.Paynter, Major W. P.Pearse, Temporary Second Lieutenant H. .Peck, Lieutenant C. H.Peel, Captain D. R.Perreau, Lieutenant-Colonel A. M.Phillips, Captain M. A. (killed).Pile, Captain F. A.Plummer, Lieutenant-Colonel E. W.Poston, Major W. J. L.Powell, Major R. ff.Prance, Major R. C.Price, Captain J. T.Pringle, emporary Major V. E. (HonoraryMajor, retired Special Reserve).Purey Gust, Captain . B.Quiller-Couch, Lieutenant B. B., SpecialReserve.Raikes, Major L. T.Ramsden, Major-R. E.Rashleigh, Captain R. N.Ravenhill, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) F. T., C.M.G.Rendel, Captain R. M.Reynolds, Major ., .C.

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Richardson, Captain G. C.Rickards, Captain G. A.Eiddell, Major J. B., .S.O.Riecke, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)A. F. M.Roberts, Temporary Second Lieutenant C. Q.(killed).Robertson, Major C. C., Reserve of Officers.Robinson, Major . .Robinson, Second Lieutenant W. -P. A.Roney Dougal, Captain A. R.Rugge-Price, Lieutenant-Colonel C. F.Russell, Second Lieutenant A. C.Russell, Captain (temporary Major) Hon.B. J., D.S.O., Reserve of Officers.Sadler, Major H. K.Sandeman, Captain T. .Scarlett, Major Hon. H. R.Scott, Major C. W.Sedgwick, Major F. R., Reserve of Officers.Sharp, Lieutenant-Colonel F. L., C.M.G.Shaw, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) .de V.Sherlock, Captain E., Special Reserve.Shier, Lieutenant P. F.Short, Lieutenant-Colonel W. A.Simpson, Brevet Colonel C. N., retired pay.Simpson, Major H. C.Smith, emporary Second Lieutenant W. H.Smyth, Lieutenant-Colonel G. A.Spedding, Lieutenant-Colonel E. W., C.M.G.Spencer-Smith, Major D. C.Spiller, Major D. W. L.Spragge, Lieutenant F. B. B.Stanley, Captain Hon. O. H., Reserve of Officers.Staveley, Major A. G.Stevenson, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) E. ., D.S.O.Stirling, Brevet Colonel J. W., retired pay.Stirling, Captain W. A. (Adjutant, erritorialForce).Stockley, Lieutenant-Colonel A. U.Strudwick, Second Lieutenant S. ., pecialReserve.Studdert, Lieutenant R. H.Studdy, Temporary Captain H. E. M.Swinton, Second Lieutenant E., Special Reserve(died of wounds).Syme, emporary Lieutenant G. A.Tabor, Lieutenant A. R.Taylor, Major B. W.Taylor, Captain V. A. H.Thellusson, Major Hon. H. E.Theobald, Major A. C. L.Thompson, Lieutenant R. L.Thompson, Major W., Special Reserve.Thorburn, Captain J. F. P.Timson, emporary Second Lieutenant S. D.Tovey, Major G. S.Townsend, Lieutenant W.Turnbull, Major .Tweedie, Major D. K., D.S.O.Tyler, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) J. A.Usborne, Temporary Captain A. J.Van Grutten, Temporary Second LieutenantW. N. C.Venning, Lieutenant A. N.Vyvyan, Temporary Second Lieutenant . .Walker, Captain C. E.Walker, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) J. R.Wallinger, Major . A.Walter, Major B.Wark, Lieutenant A. J.Warren, Major W. R.Watson, Lieutenant . .Wedderburn-Maxwell, Lieutenant J.West, Major F. G.Whatton, Lieutenant S. M. de .White, Major A. K. G.Whitefoord, Lieutenant P. G.Willis, Lieutenant-Colonel E. H.Wilson, Captain E. W. G.Worsley, Captain H. G.Wynne, Lieutenant M. O. M. killed).Avery, No. 65248 Gunner H. L.Baker, No. 75229 Gunner E. V.Bailey, No. 2579 Corporal E. A.Barnes, No. 32658 Bombardier W. J.Barnett, No. 50653 Gunner Acting Bombardier) H. H.Barton, No. 63877 Serjeant L.Beckett, No. 59861 Gunner .Beckett, No. 35047 Bombardier G. W. H.Belcher, No. 9995 Battery Serjeant-Major .Blackmoor, No. 54895 Corporal C. J. /Bloomfield, No. 60502 Corporal L.Bond, No. 7302 Bombardier A. E.Brackley, No. 56678 Bombardier E.Briggs, No. 18369 Battery Serjeant-Major W. C.Brittor, No. 71631 Acting Bombardier J. J.Bromley, No. 27631 attery Serjeant-Major A. H.Broom, No. 7944 Acting Serjeant-Major E.Budd, No. 1202 Battery Serjeant-Major J. H. (killed)Bull, No. 89580 Acting Bombardier G.Burrows, No. 61085 Bombardier T.Byrne, No. 32091 Serjeant W. J.Caffrey, No. 2098 Corporal J.Callaghan, No. 45400 Bombardier C.Campbell, No. 12006 Battery Serjeant-Major D. A.Carter, No. 14884 Acting Bombardier H.,-Ammunition Column.Comiell, No. 43643 Corporal J. F.Cook, No. 30937 Corporal.Coy, No. 72127 river E.Croghan, No. 69997 Bombardier W.Crowlie, No. 94805 Bombardier C. H.Curtis, No. 31919 Serjeant A.Daniels, No. 51006 Bombardier H. H.Davidson, No. 7556 Gunner E. V.Davis, No. 65228 Bombardier G. A.Davis, No. 14394 Driver J. T.Davies, No. 64302 Gunner T.Dawson, No. 2815 Acting Regimental!Serjeant-Major .Dick, No. 29703 Serjeant R. M.Dillon, No. 61411 Corporal F.Dipnall, No. 93883 Corporal C. V.Dobney, No. 33623 Battery Serjeant-Major H..Douglas, No. 69P19 river . A.Duncanson, No. 44709 Gunner G. W.Dungey, No. 13561 Staff Serjeant-Farrier C.Dunn, No. 58655 Gunner G. H.Ede, No. 9733 Corporal W. A.Edwards, No. 27594 ombardier A.Emmett, No. 910 Serjeant W. R.Farr, No. 12715 Battery Serjeant-Major .Fenn, No. 14685 Serjeant J.Fields JNo. 27625, Acting-Corporal F.Fisher, No. 57031 Corporal G. P.Fitch, No. 49537 Battery Serjeant-Major W. G.Flowers No. 88720 Regimental Serjeant-Major A.Foster, No. 38053 Serjeant L. B.

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Franklin, No. 1297 Battery Serjeant-MajorS. G.Gardner, No. 65623 Serjeant A.Geeson, No. 67233 Serjeant J. P. (killed).Gibbs, No. 83971 Bombardier (Acting Corporal)T. W.Gillham, o. 0167 Corporal E., IntelligencePolice.Godden, No. 23990 Acting Bombardier F. W.Grant, No. 8882 Battery Serjeant-Major H.Green, No. 73513 Gunner A". J.Groom, o. 41835 Driver G. W.Handyside, No. 11029 Corporal J. R.Harbar, No. 80035 Regimental Serjeant-Major W. R.Hawkes, No. 16263 Acting Bombardier F.Hepple, o. 4910 Driver W.Holland, No. 27859 Gunner J.Hornby, No. 31500 Serjeant-Major B. .Howard, No. 27749 Acting Serjeant W. M.Hunt, No. 57976 Gunner J. A.Hurdj No. 5784 Bombardier Wheeler F. R.Irvine, No. 48131 Gunner J.Jackson, No. 27930 Serjeant P.Jacques, No. 56051 Corporal R.Jeffry No. 56363 Bombardier H.Jennings, o. 9501 Gunner W.-Jenney, No. 27960 Corporal H.Jonas, No. 58843 Driver A. E.Jones, o. 62976 Bombardier C. A.Kelly, No. 96251 Corporal W.Kendall, No. 1962 Serjeant . .King, No. 44595 Corporal F.Lamb, No. 9098 Lance-Corporal I.Lauder, No. 29776 Serjeant J. J.Lefever, No. 14167 Gunner W.Lewis, No. 38033 Serjeant A.Lock, No. 8335 Corporal G. J.Lockwood, No. 28630 Saddler-Corporal (nowLieutenant) L.McCarthy, No. 67110 Gunner C.McGowan, No. 1362 Battery Serjeant-MajorR. H.McNair, N. 78978 Farrier-Serjeant D.Mann, No. 1202 Battery Quartermaster-erjeantJ&.. E.Marchant,-No. 63163 Driver G. F.Martin, No. 38487 Corporal A.Mason, No. 41391 Driver A.Metcalfe, No. 19528 Battery Serjeant-MajorW. C.Mildenhall, No. 33023 Acting Bombardier E.Mitchell, No. 65452 Gunner C.Monk, o. 68897 Driver H.Moore, No. 20579 Battery .Serjeant-Major G.Morley, No. 47497 Serjeant E.Munden, No. 79002 Regimental Serjeant-Major E. J.Myhill, No. 69358 river R. F.Nagle, No. 73568 Gunner T. D.Nicholas, No. 47109 Driver H. W.Nichols, o. 57139 Battery Quartermaster-Serjeant C. E.Nicholson, No. 33311 Bombardier W.Nicholson, No. 33342 Gunner N.Nixon, No. 47564 Bombardier u1.O'Mahoney, o. 6663 Corporal C.Palmer, No. 57488 Gunner P. S.Parker, No. 55556 Bombardier A.Pateman, No. 71376 Driver G.Pearson, No. 94684 Corporal H. T.Pehrose, No. 2735 Battery Serjeant-Major J.Pestell, No. 70205 Gunner F.Pickup. No. 39394 Corporal H.Pope,-No. 57705 Gunner (Acting Bombardier)-A. D.Potter, No. 57172 Serjeant R.Price, No. 31432 Driver W.Pugh, No. 89880 Serjeant G.Pye, No. 66965 Gunner J. T.Rainford, No. 85913 Gunner (Acting Bombardier)T.Rawson, No. 19948 Regimental Serjeant-MajorF.Rawson, No. 51076 Serjeant W.Rees, No. 51552 Corporal .Rix, No. 17091 Gunner J.Roach, No. 39959 Gunner H. E.Rose, No. 30482 Battery uartermaster-SerjeantF. J.Ross, No. 609 Driver J.Ross, No. 24257 Driver R.Rossifcer, o. 34526 Corporal E. G.Russell, No. 49198 Bombardier F. H.Russell, No. 64802 ombardier S. E.Sage, No. 48265 Serjeant A.Saxby, No. 67148 Corporal J. J.Sayer, o. 8735 Serjeant J. F.Seymour, No. 84152 Serjeunt-Major F. C.Shann, No. 5163 Battery Serjeant-Major J.Sinclair, No. 29689 Corporal W. B.Smith, No. 74570 Gunner R. L.Spencer, No. 97680 Gunner F.Spink, No. 12781 Serjeant A. H.Stamp, No. 47742 Corporal A. F.Stocker, No. 51707 Battery Serjeant-Major C^Strachan, No. 93606 Gunner .Stribling, No. 45947 Fitter J.Stubbs, No. 11926 Gunner A.Taylor, No. 55123 Corporal . W. U.Taylor, No. 23016 Gunner.Thomas, No. 88936 Gunner H. J.Thomas, No. 5311 Gunner O. E.Thomas, No. 78870 Acting Bombardier W.Tracey, No. 41929 Corporal F. .Tucker, No. 36682 Gunner E. A. W.Vevers, No. 50497 Regimental Serjeant-MajorJ.Walker, No. 33578 Battery QuartermasterSerjeant P.Ward, No. 53481 Corporal . H.Watts, No. 87933 Regimental Serjeant-MajorA. F.Weinel, No. 1150 Battery Serjeant-MajorE. E.Wellard, No. 58289 Gunner E. H.Whitcombe, No. 12402 Acting Regimental.Serjeant-Major C. H.Wilde, No. 58421 Serjeant O. M.Wilkinson, No. 2670 Serjeant F.Wood, No. 3044 Serjeant J. E.Wood, No. 95747 Corporal F.Woodward, No. 2246 Battery Serjeant-MajorJ.Woolley, No. 56783 Corporal H.Wootton, No. 58025 Serjeant H.Wright, No. 90294 Gunner J. A.Wright, No. 33681 Gunner S.

ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Abbott, Lieutenant C., Northumbrian*Brigade.Anderson, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) K.rNorthumbrian rigade.Armitage, Second Lieutenant G., West RidingBrigade.Aykroyd, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) H. E., West Riding DivisionalAmmunition Column.Aykroyd, Second Lieutenant A. H., West-Riding Brigade.

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Balfour, Lieutenant-Colonel A. M., SouthMidland Brigade (Major, Reserve of Officers)..Barran, Second Lieutenant H. B., West RidingBrigade.Bay ley, Major H., D.S.O., London rigade.Bell, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel),H. S., D.S.O., Northumbrian rigade.Benson, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)R. C., West Riding Brigade.Briggs, Second Lieutenant D. C., West RidingBrigade.Browne, Second Lieutenant J. G. P., WestRiding Brigade..Bullock, Lieutenant-Colonel E. C., South idlandBrigade.Bullock, Major R. L., Territorial Force Reserve1.Butler, Captain temporary Major) B. H.,West Riding Brigade.Caddick, Major C. J., North Midland rigade.-Campbell, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) G., North Midland rigade.C'avill, Second Lieutenant R. J., West RidingBrigade.Chapman, Lieutenant temporary Captain)C. L., Northumbrian Brigade.Chapman, Major R., Northumbrian rigade.Child, Lieutenant-Colonel Sir S. H., Bt.,M.V.O., North Midland Brigade.Clifford, Lieutenant-Colonel C., West RidingBrigade.Clifford, Lieutenant temporary Captain) E. C.Cluff, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)F. W., orthumbrian Divisional AmmunitionColumn.Common, Lieutenant (temporary Major) . A',Northumbrian Brigade.Cooper, Second Lieutenant (temporar)' Lieutenant),E. N. itzG. de R., LondonBrigade.Crompton, Major F. G., North MidlandBrigade.Daniel, Major T. J., South Midland Brigade.de St. Paer, Lieutenant L. E., West RidingBrigade.Drury-Lowe, Major W. D., North MidlandBrigade (Captain, Reserve f Officers).Duncan, Lieutenant-Colonnel M. M., HighlandBrigade.Eddison, Lieutenant J. ., West RidingBrigade.Eley, Lieutenant-Colonel E. H., LondonBrigade.Eton, Major ., ondon Brigade.Field, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)E. H., South Midland rigade.Fleming, Major F., Highland Brigade.Fowler, Major C., South Midland Brigade.Fraser, Captain (temporary Major) H., HighlandBrigade.Gascoyne, Lieutenant . A., Home CountiesBrigade.Gedye, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant),E. ., outh Midland Brigade.folding, Lieutenant W., NorthumbrianBrigade.Gordon, Major . ., D.S.O., LondonBrigade.-Gordon, Lieutenant A. McD., West RidingBrigade.Griffin, Second Lieutenant C., Home CountiesBrigade.Hanson, emporary Major H. E., NorthumbrianBrigade (Lieutenant-Colonel, retiredTerritorial Force).Haynes, Second Lieutenant W. B., WestRiding Divisional Ammunition olumn.Helps, Second Lieutenant G., West RidingBrigade.Hinton, Captain (temporary Major' J. H.,North Midland Brigade.Hirst, Lieutenant-Colonel E. A., West RidingBrigade.Howarth, Second Lieutenant G. B., WestRiding Brigade.Howson, Lieutenant (temporary Major) W.,West Riding Brigade.Hudson, Lieutenant E. C., West iding Brigade.Hutchinson, Lieutenant W. H. H., NorthumbrianBrigade.Kent, Major J. orth Midland Brigade.Kindell, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)F. P., London Brigade.Lawson, Second Lieutenant E. A. C., WestRiding Brigade.Leach, Lieutenant-Colonel R. P., North MidlandDivisional Ammunition Column(Major, retired pay).Leveson-Gower, Lieutenant-Colonel C. C.,North Midland Brigade (Major, etired,Indian Army).Lewthwaite, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) C. G., North Midland Brigade.Lord, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)A., West Riding Brigade.Lovegrove, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)J., West Riding Brigade Quartermasterand Honorary Captain, retired pay).Lowther, Second Lieutenant temporary Lieutenant)H., Highland Brigade.Lucey, Major W. F., West Ridins: rigade.Lupton, Second Lieutenant L. M., West RidingBrigade.Macfajrlane, Lieutenant-Colonel P. C., HighlandBrigade.McLean, .Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)J. ., Northumbrian Brigade.Massy, Lieutenant-Colonel E. C., London Brigade(Lieuteant-C'olonel, Royal Field Artillery).Middleton, Major F., West Riding rigade.Morgan, Lieutenant A. C. 0., North MidlandBrigade.Morris, Lieutenant C., orth Midland Bri-.e.Moss-Blundell, Lieutenant-Colonel F. B.,Northumbrian Brigade.Nickalls, Captain (temporary Major) C. P.,South Midland Brigade.Nickols, Second Lieutenant N. F., West RidingBrigade.Osborn, Captain (temporary Major) E. .,West Riding Brigade (Major, retired, TerritorialForce).Peck, Surgeon-Major E. G., est Riding Brigade.Pellereau, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)J. C. E., Royal Field Artillery (Adjutant,West Riding Brigade).Petrie, Captain (temporary Major) P. C.,West iding Brigade.Pickering, Captain (temporary Major) E. W.,West Riding Brigade.Pleydell-Bouverie, Lieutenant-Colonel Hon.S., Home- Counties Brigade.Pollard, Captain (temporary Major) C. A.,London Brigade.Read, Captain temporary .Major) J. J., LowlandBrigade.Robertson, Lieutenant-Colonel C. McL.,Highland Divisional Ammunition Column.

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Robinson, Lieutenant S. H., outh MidlandBrigade.Ryan, Lieutenant W. O., South Midland Brigade.Shaw, Captain . M., West Riding Brigade.Smith, Captain (temporary Major) D. K.,Home Counties rigade.Stephenson, Temporary Lieutenant-ColonelH. K., West Riding Brigade.Stringer, Lieutenant G. V., North MidlandBrigade.Taylor, Major G. H., outh idland Brigade.Thompson, Major J. C. G., Home CountiesBrigade.Todd, Captain temporary Major) C. W.South Midland Brigade.Turner, Second Lieutenant W. H., est idingBrigade.West, Major (temporary Lieutenant-ColonelF. C. B., South Midland rigade.Whitaker, Second Lieutenant V., West RidingBrigade.Whitley, Lieutenant-Colonel E. N., WestRiding Brigade.Willock, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)D. C., ighland Brigade.Wrottesley, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)F. J., North Midland rigade.Yeaman, Captain (temporary Major) K. S.,Northumbrian Brigade.Askin, No. 70 Bombardier T. S., WestRiding Brigade.Bellamy, No. 1435 Serjeant T. E., NorthMidland Brigade.Bestwick, No. 295 Battery Quartermaster-Serjeant G., North idland Brigade.Bowcock, No. 341 Bombardier F., North MidlandBrigade.C'annel, o. 149 Gunner W. B., Northumbrian(County of Durham) (Howitzer)Brigade.Cavanagh, o. 1 Battery Serjeant-Major W.,West Riding Divisional AmmunitionColumn.Clarke, o. 619 Bombardier G. Cu WestRiding Brigade.Clarkson, No. 290 Corporal F. R., estRiding Divisional Ammunition Column.Connor, No. 1 Corporal R., North MidlandBrigade.Dobson, No. 848 Bombardier O. H., NorthMidland Brigade.Dunn, o. 58 Bombardier E. W., North MidlandBrigade.Dunn, No. 10 Bombardier F., North idlandBrigade.Fisher, No. 481 Driver H., West Riding DivisionalAmmunition olumn.Griffith, No. 1227 Driver E. W., West RidingBrigade.Griffiths, No. 1758 Gunner F., West RidingBrigade.Heveningham, No. 1386 Gunner L. J., WestRiding rigade.Hill, No. 391 Serjeant G. P., NorthumbrianBrigade.Horsfall, No. 63 Serjeant ., est RidingBrigade.Hurst, No. 1448 Gunner L., West RidingBrigade.Jefferson, No. 30 ombardier H., NorthumbrianBrigade.Jones. No. 1351 Serjeant A., North MidlandBrigade.King, No. 777 Bombardier P., West Riding;Brigade.Lee, No. 857 ombardier C., West Riding.Brigade.Lee Foot, No. 1646 Driver (Acting Bombardier)E. C., South Midland Brigade.Locket, No. 245 Gunner H., North idland.Brigade.McCann, No. 91819 Serjeant-Major W. J.,Northumbrian Brigade.McGhee, No. 604 Serjeant J., Highland-Howitzer Brigade,MacVean, No. 50 uartermaster-SerjeantA. B., West Riding Brigade.Martin, No. 93468 Battery Serjeant-MajorT. B., Northumbrian (County of Durham);Brigade.Mason, No. 945 Corporal A. ., orth MidlandBrigade.Mee, No. 1165 Corporal B., North Midland.Brigade. øMillar, o. 3 Battery Serjeant-Major J. W.,.Northumbrian Brigade.Mortimer, No. 139 Serjeant L., West Riding.Brigade.Nelson, No. 1661 Gunner H., Northumbrian.Brigade.Painter, No. 79 Acting Bombardier L., WestRiding Divisional Ammunition Column.Pearson, No. 029 Driver W. M., NorthumbrianBrigade.Powell, No. 1611 Gunner W. F., South idlandBrigade.Reed. No. 1265 Acting Bombardier J., Northumbrian(County of urham) Brigade.Rhodes, No. 778 Bombardier R., West Riding-Brigade.Roberts, No. 12 Serjeant E., West Riding-Brigade.Robinson, No. 872 Bombardier A., North idlandBrigade.Rogers, No. 1438 Bombardier W., North MidlandBrigade.Rush, No. 30 Serjeant T. H. (killed), West-Riding Brigade.Rushworth, No. 846 Gunner A. B.Scott, o. 95 Serjeant A.Shires, No. 866 Bombardier W., West Riding!Brigade.Sidley, No. 52 ombardier H., North MidlandBrigade.Simmons, No. 1563 Gunner T. E., North MidlandBrigade.Singleton, No. 832 Gunner E., West Riding-Brigade.Smith, No. 1043 Gunner H., North Midland'.Brigade.Stephen, No. 353 .Serjeant J., Highland Brigade.Stewart, No. 95 Serjeant J., Northumbrian-Brigade.Stokes, No. 54 ombardier ., North Midland'Brigade.Stott, No. 1034 Gunner S. E., West Riding-Brigade.Taylor, o. 863 Gunner S., North Midland"Brigade.Thomas, No. 766 Driver A., NorthumbrianBrigade.looley, No. 1371 Gunner H. A , North Mid--land Brigade.Vickery, No. 889 Bombardier T. W., North-Midland Brigade.Waldron, No. 202 Bombardier L., North.Midland Brigade.


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Webb, No. 1250 Serjeant W., est idingBrigade.White, No. 779 Gunner S., West RidingBrigade.Whiting, No. 568-unner . A. (killed), LondonBrigade.Whitfield; No. 549 Gunner E.Whitworth, No. 1361 Acting ombardier C.,West Riding Brigade.Wilkinson, No. 851 Bombardier B.Windle, No. 611 Gunner H., West RidingBrigade.Winzar, No. 2838 Battery Serjeant-MajorA. J., outh Midland Brigade.Wise, No. 812 Corporal A., West Riding-Brigade.Woods, No. 62 Wheeler E., South MidlandHowitzer Brigade.Woolliscroft, No. 1002 Acting ombardier W.,West Riding Brigade.

ROYAL GARRISON ARTILLERY.Adams, Captain H. R.Aitken, Captain N. W.Alexander, Major W. D.Andrewes, Major F. E.Arundel, Temporary Lieutenant P. D.Ashby, Captain H. D.Barne, Major W. B. G.Bateman, Lieutenant-Colonel B. M.Beattie, Lieutenant A. J.Becher, Captain L. B. .Benson, Lieutenant-Colonel R. P.Bicknell, Temporary Lieutenant C. R.Bland, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) W. St. C.Brake, Lieutenant-Colonel . E. J., C.B.,D.S.O.Buckland, Lieutenant A. W. T.Buckle, Lieutenant-Colonel C. R., .S.O.Burney, Lieutenant-Colonel P. de S., C.B.,Reserve of Officers.Byrne, Captain J. .Cameron, Captain C. P. G.Campbell, Major C. A. H.Carson, Captain R.Chamberlain, Second Lieutenant N. G.,London Brigade (Territorial Force).Chambers, Captain C. C.Cherry, Captain A. H. M.Churcher, Lieutenant G. M.Cobbe, Major I. S.Colbeok, Major B. B.Collingwood, Major C. W.Cope, Second Lieutenant C. F.Crawford, Major . .Cream, Captain R. T. C.Creswell, Major E. F.Curteis, Captain (temporary Major) C. . .,Reserve of Officers.Dance, Lieutenant H. B.Davidson, Captain C. G. F.Davies, Second Lieutenant J. R.Dick, Temporaly Second Lieutenant H. P.Dowell, Colonel G. .Dreyer, Major J. T.Duncan, Captain W. B.Dymott, Lieutenant K. G.Ewan-Smith, Lieutenant C. M.Evans, Lieutenant E. G.Eyden, Temporary Second Lieutenant H.Fane, Captain O. E.Fraser, Lieutenant-Colonel L, D.Fry, Captain W. H.Galloway, Major L., :S.O.Oillett, Major C. R.Goldney, Captain H. W.Goodman, Lieutenant E. W.Goulden, emporary Second Lieutenant C. H.Greig, Captain A. D.Gubbins, Lieutenant M. N. T.Gunn, Captain H. B. L. G.Haig, Major A. G.Hamilton-Jones, Lieutenant K. M-., pecialReserve.Hand, Temporary Captain W. C.Harrison, Lieutenant E. G. W. W.Hawkins, Lieutenant J. C. B.Haymes, Major R. L., D.S.O.Heaslop, Captain A. C.Henderson, Second Lieutenant A. M.Hire, Lieutenant D. A. H.Hood, Temporary Second Lieutenant H. R.Hutchinson, Lieutenant-Colonel F. P.Johnston, Captain J. H.Jones, Second-Lieutenant C. W..Jones, Major J. H. H.Kirkpatrick, Major A. R. Y.Knapp, Lieutenant-Colonel K. K.Knight, Captain J. H.Layard, Captain C. P. J.Leefe, Captain J. B.Leeson, Captain L. K.Leslie, Lieutenant W. A. A.Lewis, Captain . H.Logan, Lieutenant-Colonel D. F. H.Loring, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel W.Macalpine-Leny, Major W. M., D.S.O.Mackintosh, Captain W. A. O. C.Marshall, Lieutenant-Colonel T. E.Mascall, Captain M. E.Metcalfe, Major F. H.Miles, Captain E.Molesworth, Major H. E.Moores, Lieutenant B. S. K. G.Murley, Second Lieutenant . A.Napier, Lieutenant-Colonel W. J.Noott, Major C. C.Owen, Major C. H. W.Pellew, Captain V. H. L.Penrose, Lieutenant C. Q. L.Poole, Major H. R.Pratt, Captain E. R.Pym, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) J. A.Reid, Captain F. H. (killed).Ridout, Major . . H.Rowan-Robinson, Major H.'Sainsbury, Temporary Lieutenant G.Sandford, Captain . A.Sargent, Second Lieutenant J. E.Scott, Lieutenant-Colonel A. F. S.Shaw, Second Lieutenant R. J.Smith, Captain H. W. T'.Stanbrough, Major L. K.Stewart, Second Lieutenant A. B.Sturges, Captain C. H. M., D.S.O.Swayne, Major O. R., D.S.O.Taylor, Lieutenant-Colonel C. S.Tod, Captain C. D.Tomaeson, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)J. F. H., Reserve of Officers.Toppin, Captain S. M.Traill, Major H. E. O'B.Treatt, Lieutenant j[temporary Captain)B. D. C.Vander Kiste, Major F. W.Way, Captain J.Webb, Major A. H.Whitaker, Temporary Second Lieutenant O,(killed),Wighton, Major-E.Wilkinson, Major A. C., "D.S.O.

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Williams, emporary Second Lieutenant J.Wortley, Second Lieutenant H. A. S., SpecialReserve.Bell, No. 33815 Trumpeter W.Braham-; No. 28902 Corporal B. F.Bridle, No. 2370 Serjeant W.Chadwick, No. 33087 Bombardier C.Cook, No. 1523 attery Serjeant-Major P. GDartnell, No. 30520-Corporal E. C.Davis, No. 34235 Corporal W. J.Dixon, No. 2261 Serjeant J.Downing, No. 770 Bombardier J.Fenn, No. 6034 Serjeant W. W.Gumbs, No. 19299 Corporal A. A.Gutteridge, No. 31421 ombardier-W. J.Hall, No. 34447 Gunner A. J.Halliwell, No. 43387 Corporal F. B.Hartley, No. 6345 Serjeant (Acting BatteryQuartermaster-Serjeant) G. F.Holman, o. 2975 Corporal P. H.Howes, No. 34873 Corporal H. P.Jones, No. 27258 Serjeant H. D.Knightsbridge, No. 32290 Bombardier R. E.Lawrence, No. 9508 Serjeant J.McCarthy, No. 23328 Gunner C.Mead, No. 2616 Battery Quartermaster-Serjeant J. .Meadows, No. 23512 Gunner F. C.Moser, No. 17160 Corporal C. W. L.Murphy, No. 2403 Gunner R.Newman, No. 27217 Corporal F. W.Owen, No. 27671 Serjeant T. H. died ofwounds).Parton, No. 32700 Bombardier A. E. (killed).Petit, No. 41276 Gunner .Rees, No. 23542 Battery Serjeant-Major F. J.Sands, No. 15248 Serjeant E. S.Sharp, o. 31297 Gunner E. W.Simmons, No. 56799 Bombardier H. C. (deceased).Stewart, o. 830 Gunner A.Taylor, No. 5898 Acting Bombardier A. V.Thoresby, No. 12367 ombardier F.Walker, No. 8375 Regimental Quartermaster-Serjeant (Acting Serjeant-Major) ArtilleryClerk P. J.Warmington, No. 20869 Gunner H.Webb, No. 27339 Battery Serjeant-MajorA. W.Westbrcok, No. 29091 Gunner J. M.Whitehorn, No. 30332 Corporal W. H. T.Wilson, No. 28744 Gunner J. (killed).Timberlake, No. 25163 Serjeant .

ROYAL GARRISON ARTILLERY (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Chappie, Temporary Major F. J. (Captain,North Midland (Staffordshire) R.G.A.Low, Captain S., London .G.A.Royle, Lieutenant G. T. F., South Midland(Warwickshire) R.G.A.Hill, Second Lieutenant B. P., Northumbrian(North Riding R.G.A.Hartley, No. 311 Battery Serjeant-Major H.,West Riding R.G.A.Grindall, No. 403 Bombardier H., South Midland(Warwickshire) R.G.A.TJtley, No. 331 Bombardier G., West RidingR.G.A.

HONOURABLE ARTILLERY COMPANY.Collins, Second Lieutenant temporary Captain)D. G.Lankester, Temporary Captain E. A.Maule, Second Lieutenant temporary Captain)H. P. G.Morphy, Second Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) F. P.Osmond, Second Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) C. F.Stone, Second Lieutenant temporary Captain)W. A.Hammond, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) E. W. .Balme, Second Lieutenant J. N.McArthur, Second Lieutenant L. W.Mayhew, uartermaster and Honorary LieutenantG. H.Caddick, No'. 368 Regimental uartermaster-Serjeant F. A.Huddart, No. 108 Company Serjeant-Major(Acting Regimental Serjeant-Major)A. G. S.Hills,-No. 1265 Serjeant H. E.Merriman, No. 893 Lance-Serjeant W. H. R.Pickering, No. 1970 Serjeant R. N. C.Thompson, No. 1424 Private J.Clare, No. 1144 Private D. (killed).Spanier, No.-760 Private E. J.Sprunt, No. 510 Private E. L. (killed).

ROYAL ENGINEERS.Adams, Lieutenant C. C.Adams, Lieutenant E. S. R., Special Reserve.Anderson, Temporary Lieutenant J. E.Aston, Captain C. J.Balcombe, Temporary Lieutenant C. P. L.Barlerin, Temporary Second Lieutenant A.Barry, Temporary Lieutenant A. H.Batchelor, Temporary Captain W. M.Bateman, Captain H. H.Batho, Lieutenant J. (died of wounds).Bell, Temporary Second Lieutenant F. (NewArmies).Bennett, Second Lieutenant R. (SpecialReserve).Betty, Major P. K., D.S.O.Biddulph, Major H.Bindley, Temporary Lieutenant H. D.Bourdillon, Lieutenant J. I. F.Brandon, Major O. G.Bremner, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) A. G.Brims, Temporary Lieutenant R. W.Brisco, emporary Second Lieutenant R. B.Brooks, Lieutenant A. C.Brough, Major A., D.S.O.Brown, Captain A. H.Brown, Major G. A. P.Browne, Major C. M., D.S.O.Browne, Major F. M., D.S.O. (died ofwounds).Buckingham, Captain W. E.Byrde, Temporary Second Lieutenant E. W.Campbell, Captain A.Cardew, Captain . .Cardew, Lieutenant R. W.Carey, Captain W. L. de M.Carlisle, Temporary Lieutenant . H.Carnduff, Lieutenant K. MacL.Cassels, Temporary Lieutenant G. R. (NewArmies).Cave-Brown-Cave, Temporary Second LieutenantN. F.Chase, Captain . .Cloutman, Temporary Lieutenant W. R.(killed).Comport, Temporary Captain G. H. Captain. Territorial Force Reserve).

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Cooper, Temporary Second Lieutenant W.Cowan, Major S. H.Craster, Major J. E. E.Crewdson, Temporary Lieutenant E.Crompton, Temporary Lieutenant (tilled).Crookshank, Major S- D'A.Cropper, emporary Lieutenant C. H. (NewArmies).Cunningham, Major A. B.Currie, emporary Lieutenant C. A.Danford, Major B. W. Y.Daniels, Temporary Lieutenant E. C.Darlington, Captain A. J.Da vies, Temporary Lieutenant R. H.Dawson, Captain E. . .Delphin, Temporary Captain L.Dobbs, Brevet Major G. E. B.Doherty-Holwell, Captain R. V., D.S.O.Douie,"Captain F. McC., D.S.O.Drennan, Temporary Captain J. . SpecialReserve, Postal Section).Eady, Lieutenant H. G.Edmonds, Temporary Lieutenant C. H. W.Edmonds, Colonel J. B., C.B.Elgood, Temporary Lieutenant W. N.Euler, Lieutenant W. E.Evans, Major W. H.Finnimore, Lieutenant D. K.Fleming, Major J. G.Forbes, Temporary Lieutenant F. R. (killed).Gale, Colonel H. R.Gardner, emporary Second Lieutenant W.Garforth, Captain W.Gaskell, Captain H. S.Gattens, emporary Second Lieutenant C.Gilchrist, Temporary Captain H. G. (Lieutenant,temporary Captain TerritorialForce).Goldney, Major G. F. B., D.S.O.Gordon, Lieutenant A. W.Graeme, Captain J. A.Grange, Temporary Captain G. . (Captain,Territorial Force).Grange, Temporary Captain T. H.Grant, Lieutenant-Colonel P. G.Grasett, Captain A. E.Green, Lieutenant D. H. (Special Reserve).Greenwood, Lieutenant H. G.Griffiths, Major J. N. (King Edward's Horse,Special Reserve).Grundy, Lieutenant F. (Special Reserve).Hall, Lieutenant G. . Special Reserve).Hamblin, Lieutenant W. E.Hamilton, Lieutenant H. W. R.Hammonds, Lieutenant D. H. (SpecialReserve).Hance, Temporary Captain (Army) . M.(Second Lieutenant Indian Army Reserve of Officers).Hart, Temporary Second Lieutenant G.Hart, Lieutenant L. V. (Reserve of Officers).Harvey, Lieutenant-Colonel . ., D.S.O.Hearn, Major G. R.Heath, Captain J. T.Hibbert, Temporary Second Lieutenant .Hickling, Temporary Captain H. C. B.Higginson, Temporary Captain F. F.Higgs, Lieutenant H. (Special Reserve).Hildebrand, Brevet Lieutenant - ColonelA. B. R., .S.O.Hill, Captain R. C. R.Hill, Lieutenant F. G. (Special Reserve).Hill, Temporary Lieutenant L. C.HfEchcock, Lieutenant G. E. W. (SpecialReserve).Hogg, Major C C. .Homer, Temporary Lieutenant E. E. F.Howard, Major (temporary Lieutenant-'Colonel) F. G., M.V.O., D.S.O. (killed).Howorth, Lieutenant B. (Special Reserve).Hugh-Jones, Temporary Lieutenant E. B.Hunter, Major (Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) C. G. W., D.S.O.Hunter, Lieutenant N. D. R.Hutson, Lieutenant . . .Hyland, Captait: F. G.lies, Major F. A.Jameson, Temporary Second LieutenantC. F. .Jenks, Temporary Second Lieutenant A. R. C.Jones, Major D. C.Joseph, Lieutenant . .Kay, Temporary Second Lieutenant C. M.Kaye-Parry, Lieutenant E. (Special Reserve).Kellner, Temporary Major P. T. R.Kelly, Captain E. H.Kelsall, Major T. E.Kennedy, Lieutenant C. S. C.Kenyon, Colonel E. R. (Retired Pay).Kerrich, Lieutenant W. A. FitzG.Kiggell, Lieutenant J.Kirby, Lieutenant S. W.Kisch, Captain F. .Knox, Major G. S.Labey, Temporary Second Lieutenant G. T.Laing, Temporary Second Lieutenant D. E,Lambert, Temporary Lieutenant G.Lefroy, Captain H. P. T.Legh, Captain F. B.Leslie, Lieutenant-Colonel G. A. J.Lewis, Major H. L.Liddell, olonel W. A.Lightfoot, Temporary Lieutenant (Array) B.Ling, Captain C. G.Livens, Second Lieutenant W. H. (SpecialReserve).Lowson, Lieutenant N. C. (Special Reserve).Lubbock, Major G.Luby, Lieutenant M.McCarraher, Temporary Second LieutenantA. J. (Postal Section, Special Reserve).McKelvie, Temporary Second Lieutenant(Army) D.Mackesy, Captain P. J.MacLean, Lieutenant L. J.McNeile, Captain . .Mallins, Lieutenant J. W. D.Manning, Temporary Second Lieutenant R. C.Mansergh, Lieutenant G. E.Massie, Temporary Lieutenant I. W.Merchant, Second Lieutenant F. .Mildred, Major S.Miller, Temporary Lieutenant W. M.Momber, Captain E. M. F.Monro, Major J. D.Moore, Temporary Captain E. (LieutenantSpecial Reserve).Morshead, Lieutenant L. T.Morshead, Temporary Lieutenant O. F.Mount, Captain A. H. L.Mulvany, Lieutenant C. F.Murdoch, Temporary Captain J. D. (CaptainTerritorial Force).Neame, Captain P., V.C.Noble, Captain N. D.Olver, emporary Captain G. T. W.Ormsby, Temporary Lieutenant J. F.Osborne, Captain E. ., .S.O.Osborne, Major G. F. F.Owen, Major S. L.Parkinson, Second Lieutenant R. F.Peake1, Lieutenant E. R. L.

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Penney, Lieutenant T. M. M.Playfair, Lieutenant . S. O.Podmore, Temporary Lieutenant A.Pollard-Lowsley, Major H. de L., C.I.E.Pope, Temporary Second Lieutenant (Army)W. A.Preedy, Captain F.Kawlings) Lieutenant P. T. (Special Reserve).Richard, Captain J. H.Richardson, Temporary Captain . C. (LieutenantSpecial Reserve).Richardson, Temporary Lieutenant A. G.Robinson, Captain A. V. T.Salmon, Temporary Second Lieutenant M. W.Sandys, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)E. S., D.S.O.Sayer, Captain A. P.Scott, Captain A. H.Seabrooke, Lieutenant F. H. (Special Reserve).Semple, Lieutenant H. S.Sheldon, Lieutenant C. D. (Special Reserve).Shelley, Lieutenant-Colonel B. A. G.Shennan, emporary Second Lieutenant W. D.Sim, Captain G. E. H.Simon, Captain V. H.Singer, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)C. W., D.S.O.Smith, Lieutenant-Colonel G. E., .M.G.Smyth, Captain G. B. F., D.S.O.Sopwith, Captain G. E.Spackman, Captain P. .Springfield, Major D. O. (Special Reserve).Stack, Major G. H.Stafford, Lieutenant J. .Stevenson, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) A. G.; D.S.O.Stewart, Captain D. acl.Stokes, Lieutenant R. S. G.Stone, Lieutenant J. S. W.Stratton, Temporary Captain . J. M.Strong, Lieutenant C. V.Swinburne, Captain T. A. S.Tabor, Temporary Lieutenant E. M.Talbot, Temporary Lieutenant (Army) J. W.Taylor, Temporary Second Lieutenant A. J.Thomas, Captain H. C.Thompson, Major F. V.Tomlin, Captain J. L.Traill, Major W. S.Tulloch, Temporary Second-Lieutenant E.Turner, Captain A. G., .S.O.Turner, Captain R. A.Vickers, Temporary Second Lieutenant S. C.Walker, emporary Lieutenant F. G. C. (NewArmies).Walton, Major C.Warnock, Temporary Second Lieutenant(Army) J.Watson, Captain J.Wellesley, Captain E. V. C. W.Whishaw, Lieutenant W. B.Whitehead, Temporary Lieutenant H. C.Wickham, Captain J. C.Wilbraham, Captain B. H.Williams, Brevet Major G. C., D.S.O.Williams, emporary Second Lieutenant R. A.Williams, Temporary Second LieutenantR. B.Williamson, Temporary Second Lieutenant H.Williamson, Temporary Lieutenant . .Willis, Lieutenant J. C.Wilson, Lieutenant-Colonel C. S., C.B.Wilson, Temporary Major N,, D.S.O.Wilson, Second Lieutenant D. M., South MidlandDivisional ngineers, .E., TerritorialForce.Winterbotham, Major H. St. J. L.Wise, Lieutenant A. V. D.Withington, Lieutenant R. L.Woolner, Lieutenant C. G.Wright, Temporary .Second Lieutenant C. S..(Second Lieutenant, Territorial Force).Wyatt, Captain F. J. C.Wynne, Captain O. E.Yates, Captain A. St. J.Yates, Temporary Second Lieutenant R.Yuill, emporary Lieutenant H. H.Dale, Quartermaster and Honorary Captain.W. H.Ashford, uartermaster and Honorary LieutenantF. H.Cutting, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantF.Evans, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantW. R.Reid, Quartermaster nd Honorary LieutenantW.Stoyle, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantW.Adams, o. 44165 Serjeant H.Aston, No. 17833 Acting Corporal W. O.Austen, No. 2552 Lance-orporal (Acting--Serjeant) H.Banger, No. 12900 Quartermaster-Serjeant(acting uperintending1 Clerk) J. H. A.Barr, No. 34921 Sapper J.Barry, No. 25018 Pioneer J.Bartlett, No. 23825 Pioneer W. C.Batty, No. 11881 Quartermaster-Serjeant(acting uperintending Clerk) G. H.Bayliss, No. 23812 Pioneer H.Beaton, No. 49855 Sapper .Bellinger, No. 29302 Company Serjeant-Major A. J. Bevan, No. 20549 Sapper R. -Blewitt, No. 27196 Sapper E.Bond, No. 23934 Lance-Corporal A. C.Boocock, No. 2904 Sapper A.Bowes, No. 23834 Corporal R. G.Brown, No. 40159 Acting Serjeant . .Brown, No. 23107 Serjeant G. E.Brown, No. 79760 Serjeant R.Brierly, No. 13342 apper L.Bultitude, No. 11911 Acting Serjeant W. HBunce,No. 82781- Sapper R.Burrage, No. 620 Engineer Clerk Quartermaster-Serjeant C. H. D.Busby, No. 4913 apper G. S.Bussell, No. 1219 Serjeant (acting CompanyQuartermaster-Serjeant) W. J.Cartwright, No. 10526 Second Corporal F.Cashman, No. 41022 Acting ø Second CorporalJ. A.Chambers, No. 3696 Engineer StorekeeperQuartermaster-Serjeant R. H.Chare, No. 244368 Lances-Corporal A. E.Christie, No. 107342 Serjeant T.Clark, o. 7588 Serjeant H. W.Clark, No. 82069 Acting Corporal W.Comins, No. 27821 Serjeant .Cook, No. 82706 Sapper J. H.Cosgrove, No. 70020 Serjeant R.Coveney, No. 17661 apper A.Craig, No. 23441 Serjeant F.Grout, No. 17988 Serjeant W.Currie, No. 41188 Serjeant D. D.Curtis, No. 54500 Company Serjeant-Major H.Cusack, No. 28804 ngineer Clerk Quartermaster-Serjeant J. A.Darling, No. 20198 Sapper C.Davis, No. 6119 Acting Serjeant S. J.Davis, No. 63537 Sapper J.Dawson, No. 86218 Serjeant A.

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Day, No. 17852 Corporal E. .Devonshire, No. 16646 Sapper D. J.Doe, No. 4049 Pioneer A. G.Dowling, No. 3566 Serjeant E.Drummond, No. 14974 Sapper R. .Duane, No. 19697 Sapper J. J.Edington, No. 5757 Engineer Clerk Quartermaster-Serjeant J.Evans, No. 23287 Pioneer J. O.Eyre, No. 16432 Sapper A. H.Farnham, No. 650 Quartermaster-Serjeant S.Farquhar, No. 27506 Serjeant R. S.Fagager, No. 27593 Serjeant F. W.Fear, No. 20921 Lance-Corporal E.Fearn, No. 49451 Acting Corporal .Firth, No. 9179 Sapper W.Fiske, No. 15620 Serjeant H. B.Fletcher, No. 27323 apper . T.Floranoe, No. 12231 Serjeant F. M.Forbes, No. 54748 Serjeant P. H.Franklin, No. 585 Quartermaster-SerjeantH. B. J.Fryer, No. 6539 Corporal F.Fuzzens, No. 24549 apper F. I.Gallagher, No. 2615 Company Serjeant-MajorH.Garbett, No. 18280 Sapper .Gardner, No. 29389 Serjeant W.Gibson, No. 3215 Serjeant-Engineer-Clerkand raughtsman R. C.Gill, No. 25725 Company Serjeant-MajorL. P.Grainger, No. 6595 apper G.Grandy, No. 2780 Engineer Clerk Quartermaster-Serjeant C. F.Grant, No. 2280 Sapper A. J. E.Grayston, No. 86451 Serjeant J.Grice, No. 13051 Corporal H. J.Groom, No. 23300 Sapper T.Groome, No. 13266 Sapper L.Hamby, No. 48560 Second Corporal W..Hammer, No. 56279 Corporal E. H. J.Hampson, No. 18786 apper .Hanks, No. 43810 Corporal J. L. 'Hard, No. 470 Company Serjeant-Major J. F.Hardy, No. 25540 Pioneer J. C.Harris, No. 11343 Lance-Corporal E. B.Hartley, No. 9501 Lance-Corporal E.Hatton, No. 16526 Sapper V. L.Heath, No. 17220, Second Corporal F. C.Heath, No. 95876 Sapper A. J.Henderson, No. 14331 Sapper C.Higgins, o. 23315 Serjeant H. S.Hill, No. 13355 Serjeant C. R.Hines, No. 7766 Corporal W. R.Hodson, No. 17154 Acting Second CorporalG. V.Hogg, No. 10217 Staff-Serjeant ActingSuperintending Clerk) G. E.Hunt, No. 11912 Sapper A.Hunt No. 23502 Sapper .Hunter, No. 27116 Acting Lance-Corporal H.Hunting,' No. 27821 Corporal W. G.Hutchison, No. 19663 Serjeant J. G.Hutchinson, No. 20152 Serjeant D. S.Hes, No. 7551 Second Corporal T.Isaac, No. 194 Superintending Clerk W. R. V.Jackson, No. 7788 Acting SuperintendingClerk M. 'Jakeman, No. 107372 Sapper F. J., formerlyNo. 911 Private F. J. Jakeman, RoyalLancaster Regiment.Jeffery, No. 60790 Driver W. T.Johnson, No. 31399 Quartermaster-SerjeantJohnson, No. 26963 Sapper A. E.Joiner, o. 26263 Sapper W. S.Jones, No. 27312 Acting Lance-Corporal F. V.Jones, No. 8402 apper W. E.Jordan, No. 11733 Quartermaster-SerjeantJ. W. "Judge, No. 12803 Corporal (Acting Serjeant)E. W.Keeley, No. 27478 Company Serjeant-MajorFrederick.Keir, No. 13396 Acting Company Quartermaster-Serjeant J.Kemley, o. 22361 Sapper J.Kenning, No. 59059 Sapper S. J.Kenward, No>. 12766 Corporal T. . E.Kesterton, No. 1607 Serjeant John William.Kiff, No..70179 Sapper B.Kneebone, o. 55078 Serjeant J.Knibbs, No. 28184 Corporal A. E.Knott, No. 3039 Engineer Clerk uartermaster-Serjeant W.Lack, No. 22938 Acting Corporal R. W.Lane, No. 7513 ompany Quartermaster-SerjeantG.Leach, No. 15394 Acting Serjeant W.Leath, No. 2982 Serjeant T.LeCluse, No. 11820 Acting Serjeant E.Leigh, No. 10415 Corporal G.Liddell, No. 19548 Sapper (Acting Lance-Corporal)R.Lilliecrapp, No. 2876 ompany Serjeant-Major A.Lister, No. 22059 Sapper F. H.Locke, No. 16525 Sapper A. .Lomas, No. 74447 Lance-Corporal G. E.Longstaff, No. 102511 Sapper T. (killed).McBryde, No. 27222 Lance-Corporal H.McOaffery, No. 76017 Sapper E.McDermott, No. 107416 Sapper D.McDickens, No. 86485 Serjeant T.McLaughhn, o. 24050 Acting Corporal H. M.McMasters, No. 41161 Lance Corporal A. J.Mann, o. 3189 Corporal F. P.Marshall, No. 21711 Acting Lance-CorporalF. D.Matheson, No. 9573 Acting Serjeant A. W.Mee, No. 6281 Sapper G.Mepham, No. 2868 Company Serjeant-MajorC.Milne, No. 14707 Second Corporal C. H.Mitchell, No. 25059 Pioneer .Mitchell, No. 86181 Sapper J.Moffat, No. 8658 Acting Serjeant R.Montgomerie, No. 0104 Corporal F. J. D.Montgomery, No. 4222 Sapper W.Moore, No. 27239 Sapper B. .Murphy, No. 29572 Engineer Clerk Quartermaster-Serjeant T.Murphy, No. 86558 Acting Corporal W.Murrell, No. 17882 Lance-Corporal W. E. H.Neal, No. 50001 Corporal W.Nettle, No. 66948 Sapper W.Nicol, No. 17719 Acting Company Serjeant-Major W. A.Nixon, No. 29648 Superintending Clerk R. H.Nunn, No. 1658 Sapper F.Nyland, No. 24895 Corporal M.O'Mara, No. 2521 Superintending Clerk T. N.Palmer, No. 17739 Corporal W. K.Parish, No. 79972 Lance-Corporal J.Parker, No. 4543 Company Serjeant-MajorA. J.Patmore, No. 24623 Sapper C. J.Payne, No.- 2471 Farrier Serjeant E. ..Peacock, No. 20714 Sapper H.

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Peck, No. 1286 Second Corporal S.Pettit, No. 86246 Serjeant J.Petty, No. 51009 Serjeant J. M.Phillips, No. 1272 Sapper E.Pittock, No. 22329 Second Corporal S. E.Popperwell, No. 4223 uartermaster-Serjeant(Acting Superintending Clerk) W. W.Porters, No. 27506 uperintending Clerk A. G.Preece, No. 22721 Sapper F. M.Prescott, No. 2374 ompany Serjeant-MajorW. G.Pridden, No. 16157 Corporal G.Radford, No. 17556 Acting Corporal R.Head, No. 34898 Sapper A.Reade, No. 23994 Sapper A.Reddin, No, 19956 ngineer Clerk Serjeant J.Reeve, No. 23157 Lance-Corporal W. 'Reid, No. 20651 ngineer Ledger KeeperSecond Corporal A.Rhymes, No. 94747 Sapper E. W.Richards, o. 603 Acting RegimentalSerjeant-Major E.Rodwell, No. 4529 Company Serjeant-MajorG. II.Rowe, No. 12479 Corporal G.Rowell, No. 19953 Lance-Corporal R. W.Rule, No. 21074 Sapper (Acting Second Corporal)R.Russell, No. 50323 Serjeant J. .Samuel, No. 27013 Second Corporal E. J.Scholes, No. 25736 Sapper G.Sewter, No. 7674 Private E. V.Shave, No. 20051 Lance-Corporal H. S.Scivier, No. 11274 Acting Lance-Corporal C.Shefford, No. 41898 Acting Serjeant G. F.Skinner, No. 17425 Corporal J.Skinner, No. 14482 Corporal H. H.Skinner, No. 16718 Sapper W.Small. No. 8033 Company Serjeant-Major P.Smeeth, No. 1873 Serjeant J.Smith, No. 7827 uartermaster-Serjeant J. P.Serjeant S. G.Smith,'No. 17049 Serjeant J.Smith, No. 0568 Acting Serjeant J. A.Smith, No. 29618 M. C. Corporal E. U.Snow, No. 2022 Engineer lerk Quartermaster-Serjeant A.Soutar, No. 53146 Sapper C.Stanley, No. 11711 Serjeant .Stooke, No. 1759 Serjeant E. N.Street, No. 1601CTtJorporal W.Stuart, No. 566 Serjeant W.Sweeney, No. 2702 Troop Serjeant-Major M.Smetten, No. 42131 Sapper J.Symes, No. 70307 Second Corporal W. J.Symington, No. 6853 Acting Company Serjeant-Major J. W.Tattershall, No. 29557 Sapper A.Taylor, No. 8711 Corporal C. A.Tedman, No. 32753 Sapper J. T.Terris, No. 16989 Acting Serjeant A.Thompson, o. 2510 Serjeant F.Tombs, No. 15835 Sapper "T. R.Tuft, No. 27652 Serjeant F. A.Turner, No. 28646 Engineer Clerk Quartermaster-Serjeant F.Waldron, No. 54601 Serjeant E.Walker, No. 2798 Company Serjeant-Major F.Wallace, No. 40691 Sapper . .Warren, No. 24172 Lance-Corporal (actingSecond Corporal) J.Watson, No. 23313 Corporal A.Weeks, No. 10344 Serjeant W. S.Wells, No. 7151 Corporal T. G.Whale, o. 0973 Sapper E. H.Whittle, No. 23818 Sapper I. H.Whyte, No. 27309 Sapper W. J. .Wilde, No. 14384 Corporal A. C.Williamson, No. 10258 Acting Corporal H.Wilson, o. 23546 Sapper W.Winckles, No. 22594 Sapper W.Wintie, No. 86173 Sapper J. H.Woodford, No. 22348 Sapper C. K.Woodgate, No. 21804 Lance-Corporal W. R.Woodward, No. 6665 Serjeant F. T.Worfolk, No. 72444 Sapper B. T.Worley, No. 5081 Second Corporal (Acting-Corporal) F. J.Young, No. 22576 Serjeant F. A. C.Young, No. 17846 Serjeant V. L.Young,'No. 16237, Acting Second Corporal E.Special Reserve.Warren, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel, Army) P. (Postal ection).Forestier-Walker, Major R. S., Royal Monmouthshire.Lidbury, Major D. J. Postal Section).Goodwin, Lieutenant J. A.Moreton, Captain P. C. R., Royal onmouthshire.Barnes, Lieutenant R. J. (Postal Section).Anderson, No. 27467 Serjeant-Major F. W.(Postal Section).Sargent, No. 27484 Quartermaster-SerjeantR. I. (Postal ection).Collins, No. 27460 Serjeant J. J. (PostalSection).Fitzmorris, No. 4146 Serjeant ., Royal Monmouthshire.Guy, No. SR/382 Company Serjeant-Major J.,Royal onmouthshire.Peto, No. 27456 Company Serjeant-Major E.(Postal Service).Williams, o. SR/21648 Company Serjeant-Major C., Royal Anglesea.Russell, No. 2107 Serjeant ., Royal Monmouthshire.Walters, No. 5826 Serjeant T., Royal Monmouthshire.

ROYAL ENGINEERS, TERRITORIAL FORCE.Alexander, Captain temporary Major) SirIt. C. W., Bt., London Regiment; Captain,London Divisional ignal Co.).Allan, Captain (temporary Major) J. G.,Highland Divisional Engineers.Arrowsmith-Brown, Captain (temporaryMajor) J. A., South Midland ivisionalSignal Company.Barron, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)W. P., Highland ivisional Engineers.Beaman, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)E. R. H., ome ounties DivisionalEngineers.Biggs, Captain G. T., Glamorgan FortressEngineers.Birch, Lieutenant (temporary Major) A. G.,London Divisional ngineers.Bisset, Second Lieutenant (temporary Major)W., Highland Divisional ngineers.Bliss, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)T. S., Wessex Divisional ngineers.Blogg, Lieutenant (temporary Major) E. B.,D.S.O., London Divisional ngineers.Bruce, Temporary Captain (Lieutenant, temporaryCaptain London ivisional ignalCompany) W. F.Bryan,- Captain (temporary Major) C. C.",Home Counties ivisional Engineers.Burnup, Captain (temporary Major) E. C.,Northumbrian ivisional ngineers.

Page 28

Burrell, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)C. I., orthumbrian ivisionalEngineers.Cadman, Temporary Second ' LieutenantC. T., Motor Cyclist ection, SpecialReserve.Campbell, Major H. La T., West LancashireDivisional ngineers.Chasey, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)L. C., Wessex Divisional ngineers.Clark, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)G. W., Lowland DivisionalEngineers.Coussmaker, Captain L. J., North MidlandDivisional Engineers.Da vies, Captain H., Hampshire Fortress Engineers.Dawson, Lieutenant temporary Captain) J.,Wiltshire Fortress Engineers.Dutton, Major R. B., Weppex ivisionalEngineers.Eberle, Captain (temporary Major) G. S.J. F., South Midland ivisional Engineers.Edwards, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)H. W., Royal arwickshire Regiment andNorthumbrian Divisional Signal Company.Fry, Major P. ., eesex Divisional Engineers.Gamage, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)C. M., ondon Divisional Engineers.Gardner, Temporary Major J. S., North MidlandDivisional Engineers.Glegg, Lieutenant R., Highland DivisionalEngineers killed).Halsall, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)L. A., Welsh Divisional ngineers.Harbutt, Lieutenant N. C., Wessex DivisionalEngineers.Hardman, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) W. H., North Midland DivisionalEngineers.Harvey, Captain S. L., Wessex DivisionalEngineers.Hatton, Major C., North Midland DivisionalEngineers.Herbert, Lieutenant D. L., Home CountiesDivisional Engineers.Hobson, Second Lieutenant A. F. (temporaryMajor) West Riding ivisional ingineers.Hybart, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)F. R., Glamorgan Fortress ngineers.Jackson, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)F. W., West Lancashire ivisionalEngineers.Jones, Captain O. G. D., Adjutant WestRiding Divisional ngineers.Jordan, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)L. T., North Midland ivisionalEngineers.Joseph, Major R. H., London DivisionalEngineers.Keeling,.,..Second Lieutenant O. H., EastAnglian Divisional ngineers.Kenney, Brevet Colonel A. H., C.M.G.,D.S.O.. retired pay, London ivisionalEngineers.Kerr, Temporary Major J. C. M., Major, ScottishSignal Company.Knapp, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)G. E. C., Wiltshire ortress Engineers.Lewis, Captain (temporary Major) E. A.,North Midland Divisional ignal Company.Love, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)S. G., London ivisional ngineers.Mackenzie, Lieutenant (temporary Captain^1R. H., London Divisional ngineers.MacNeill, Second Lieutenant A. G., Highland'Divisional Engineers.McQueen, Captain J. A., Adjutant NorthumbrianDivisional Engineers.Maurice, Second Lieutenant S., Wessex DivisionalEngineers (died of ounds).Middleton, Lieutenant (temporary Major) W.,West Riding Divisional ngineers.Miller, Captain J. B., City of Aberdeen.Fortress Engineers.Mitchell, Captain temporary Major) R.,,Highland Divisional Engineers.Morland, Second Lieutenant temporary Lieutenant)D. M. T., London Divisional Engineers.Narracott, Second Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) 3?. W., Loncfen Divisional Engineers.Pitt, Lieutenant . B., Wessex DivisionalEngineers.Pollard, Major G. C., D.S.O., NorthumbrianDivisional Engineers.Rhodes, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)H., West Riding Divisional Engineers.Robertson, Captain (temporary Major) .,,Highland Divisional Signal Company.Russell, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant),J., Highland Divisional Engineers-Sanford, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)'G. C., Wessex Divisional Engineers..Saunders, Captain (temporary Major) . .,Home Counties Divisional Signal Company.Sherwin, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)C. E., Hampshire Fortress Engineers.Staple ton - Bretherton, Second Lieutenant(temporary Captain) V. F., West Lancashire-Divisional Engineers.Stowell, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)'W. R., Northumbrian Divisional Engineers.Sutherland, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)1D., Seaforth Highlanders, and Highland.Divisional ignal Company.Tonks, Major S. W., North Midland DivisionalEngineers (killed).Tripp, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)W. H. S., Northumbrian ivisionalEngineers.Vigers, Temporary Lieutenant A. W. (SecondLieutenant, London ignal Company.Walker, Temporary 'Captain G. K.-(Second Lieutenant (temporary ieu--tenant), Northumbrian Divisional Engineers).Ward, Temporary Lieutenant W. A. . K.,,(Second Lieutenant, London Signal Company)(died of wounds).Watson, Lieutenant G. F., Cheshire Field'Company.Watson, Second Lieutenant G. F., Welsh ivisionalEngineers.Welchman, Lieutenant "(temporary Captain)-P. E., North Midland ivisional .Engineers.Wilson, Major F., East Anglian Divisional'.Engineers.Wilson, Captain C. S., Wiltshire Fortress-Engineers.Armstrong, No. 4 Serjeant J., Welsh ivisionalEngineers.Baber, No. 359 Second Corporal W. H.,.Home*Counties ivisional ngineers.Bailey, No. 822 Second Corporal V. W.^.Hampshire Fortress Engineers.


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Blimey Steve! You deserve a Mention for that lot!! :D

Chris C

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Page 29

Bailey, No. 1603 Sapper W. J., HampshireFortress Engineers.Bellinger, No. 152 Sapper S. C. E., WiltshireFortress Engineers.Bramall, o. 845 Pioneer L., London DivisionalSignal Company.Butler, No. 1121 Serjeant A. J., ome CountiesDivisional Signal Company.Caie, No. 388 Corporal H. D., HighlandDivisional Engineers.Campbell, No. 30291 Motor Cyclist CorporalT. G., essex Divisional Signal Company.Chambers, No. 1359 Corporal W. B., WestHiding ivisional Engineers.Charleson, No. 595 Lance-Corporal W. T.,Highland Divisional ngineers.Child, No. 94 Serjeant G. H. Wessex DivisionalEngineers.Convery, No. 246 apper J., NorthumbrianDivisional Engineers.Cunningham, No. 9371 Acting Serjeant .,Highland Divisional Engineers.Eaton, No. 110 Second Corporal G. H., WiltshireFortress Engineers.Edwards, No. 101 Serjeant A. W., WiltshireFortress ngineers.Fincham, No. 1681 Sapper H., Home CountiesDivisional Engineers.Forsyth, o. 808 Sapper A., Highland DivisionalEngineers.Francis, No. 6 Serjeant G. H., essex ivisionalEngineers.Freeman, No. 2301 Sapper W. N. H., LondonDivisional Signal ompany.-Gale, No. 210 Lance-Cbrporal J. S. R., WiltshireFortress Engineers.Green, No'. 824 Serjeant W., NorthumbrianDivisional Engineers.Harding, No. 960 Sapper A., South MidlandDivisional Engineers..Harper, o. 338 Second Corporal J., HighlandDivisional Engineers.Heaton, No. 6752 Serjeant ., West LancashireDivisional Engineers.Higson, No. 523 Acting Corporal W. N.,Welsh Divisional Engineers.Hopper, No. 802 Corporal J., NorthumbrianDivisional ngineers.Horsfield, No. 1024 Lance-Corporal A.,Northumbrian Divisional ngineers.Hughes, No. 11 Acting Lance-Corporal E.,Welsh Divisional Engineers.Hurst, No. 90 Serjeant B. H. D., Wessex DivisionalEngineers.Iliffe, No. 088 Second Corporal H. R., LondonDivisional Signal Company.Jarvis, No. 905 Corporal F. C., Wessex DivisionalEngineers.Jones, No. 608 Corporal J. W., London ivisionalEngineers.Jones, No. 331 Sapper G. W., Welsh DivisionalEngineers.Leaver, o. 2408 Sapper W. H. H., LondonDivisional Signal Company.Leggatt, No. 6 ompany uartermaster-SerjeantE. J., Home Counties Divisional Engineers.Lightfoot, No. 5235 Corporal J. M., WestLancashire Divisional Engineers.Lowrie, No. 1128 Lance-orporal ., NorthumbrianDivisional Engineers.Marchant, No. 720 Serjeant A. G., WessexDivisional Engineers.JMarchant, No. 191 Serjeant T. J., WessexDivisional ngineers.Martin, No. 522 Corporal J., Welsh DivisionalEngineers.Minnis, No. 634 Serjeant A., West RidingDivisional Engineers.Mogg, No. 858 Serjeant A. G., Wessex ivisionalEngineers.Morris, No. 6401 Serjeant W., West LancashireDivisional ngineers.Nixey, No. 459 Lance-Corporal J., WessexDivisional Engineers.Oakford, o. 56 Second Corporal J., WiltshireFortress Engineers.O'Sullivan, No. 704 Lance-orporal C., LondonDivisional Engineers.Pheasey, No. 21 Company Serjeant-Major .,West Riding Divisional Engineers.Philpot, No. 1549 Second Corporal H., HomeCounties Divisional Engineers.Puncher, No. 3065 Second Corporal P., WessexDivisional Signal Company.Pursey, No. 813 Serjeant H. J., Wessex DivisionalEngineers.Quigley, No. 63 Company Serjeant-Major T.,Welsh Divisional ngineers.Rankin, No. 180 Corporal (Acting Serjeant)G., Lowland Divisional ngineers.Roach, No. 3002 Corporal W., Wessex DivisionalEngineers.Rodda, No. 2 ompany Serjeant-Major H. C.,Wiltshire Fortress Engineers.Ryan, No. 3061 Field inesman SerjeantJ. F., Wessex Divisional Signal Company.Sansom, No. 3127 Field inesman Second CorporalW. S., Wessex Divisional SignalCompany.Sawyer, No. 190 ompany Serjeant-MajorE. J.Sims, No. 508 Sapper H. S., Welsh DivisionalEngineers.Shorland, No. 144 Sapper H. J., WiltshireFortress Engineers.Shaw, No. 1434 Serjeant S., West RidingDivisional Engineers.Slade, No. 118 Serjeant W. J., London DivisionalSignal Company.Smith, No. 32 Company Serjeant-Major W.G., London Divisional Signal Company.Sparrow, No. 41 Serjeant F. ., Home CountiesDivisional Engineers.Stone, No. 1079 Serjeant A. E., London ivisionalEngineers.Sullivan, No. 1192 Sapper J. B., Home CountiesSignal Company.Sutherland, No. 51 Serjeant W. G. L., HighlandDivisional Engineers.Swinbank, No. 563 Sapper G. B., Welsh DivisionalEngineers.Thorpe, No. 052 Sapper W. F., London DivisionalEngineers.Tully, No. 926 Sapper A., Home ountiesDivisional Engineers.Walker, No. 336 Serjeant W. C., HighlandDivisional ngineers.Western, No. 3033 Company Serjeant-MajorJ. W., Wessex Divisional Signal ompany,pany.Whittle, No. 5 Serjeant W., Wessex DivisionalEngineers.Wilson, No. 6723 Sapper R., Wessex DivisionalSignal Company.Winkle, No. 588 Sapper H., orth idlandDivisional Engineers.

GRENADIER GUARDS.Pereira, Lieutenant-Colonel G. ., C.M.G.,D.S.O. (Reserve of Officers).

Page 30

Corkran, Lieutenant - Colonel temporaryBrigadier-General) C.'E., C.M.G.Trotter, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel G. F., M.V.O., D.S.O., Reserveof Officers.Champion de Crespigny. Major C. .Greville, Captain C. H.Hughes, Captain J. S.Mitchell, Lieutenant C. (Adjutant) Captain,Northumberland Fusiliers).Wakeman, Second Lieutenant E. O. B,.,Special Reserve (killed).Teece, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantJ.Golding, No. 14771 Serjeant W.Carpenter, No. 12822 Private S.Laming, No. 14248 Lance-Corporal G.Rhodes, No. 16989 Private G.Roache, No. 18503 Private G. (killed).Waterman, No. 8177 Private W.Seymour, , Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) Lord H. C.Corry, Lieutenant A. V. L.Craigie, Lieutenant tJ. C.Cuninghame, Lieutenant A. K. S.Clive, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)H. A.Knatchbull-Hugessen, .Second &eutenantM. A., .Special Reserve.Sandeman, Second Lieutenant H. G. W.,Special Reserve5.Acraman, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantW. E.Gudgin, No. 9855 ompany Serjeant-Major R.Jones, No. 16167 Lance-iSerjeant (acting Serjeant)F.Thomas, No. 14801 Lance-Sergeant J.Godfrey, No. 12347 Private W.Nelmes, No. 14296 Private E.Smith, No. 13473 Private P.Murphy, No. 12434 Private P.Walker, Captain C. F. A.Gunnis, Lieutenant G. G.Ayres-Ritchie, Second Lieutenant A. T.,Special Reserve.Dickson, No. 11900 Serjeant R.Nuttall, No. 11091 Lance-Serjeant H.Cooke, No. 16644 Private G.Cronin, No. 11492 Private D.Latta, No, 1372 Lance-Corporal W.¯Aubrey-Fletcher, Captain H. L., M.V.O.Morrison, Captain . ., Reserve of Officers.Penn, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)E. F., Special Reserve (killed).Matthews, No. 12430 Lance-Corporal W.Miller, No. 13872 Corporal .Painter, No. 14498 Lance-Corporal H.Hartley, No. 20768 Lance-Corporal M.Robinson, No. 20219 Lance-Corporal J. W.

COLDSTREAM GUARDS.Ewings, o. 65 Quartermaster-Serjeant.(temporary 1st Class Staff Serjeant-Major)G. W.Egerton, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) A. (killed).Agar-Robartes, Lieutenant temporary ap-tain), Hon. T. C. R., Special Reserve.Darell, Captain G. M.Browne, Lieutenant on. . H. D. (killed).Digby, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) Hon.E. K.Ri]ey, Lieutenant C. . M.Smith, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)*M. B., D.S.O.Style, Second Lieutenant O. ., SpecialReserve.Barkham, No. 358 Serjeant-Major W. H.Prosser, No. 1394 ompany Serjeant-MajorT. J.Blackett, No. 11722 Lance-Serjeant R. W.Eccles, No. 12137 Private .Jones, No. 8705 Private W.Robbins, No. 12845 Private W. E.Macgregor, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) P. A., D.S.O.Bentinck, Captain H. D.Lloyd, Lieutenant temporary Captain) H. C.Verelst, Lieutenant (temporary Captain).H. W.Gibbs, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) L. M.Taylor, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)>S. G. F. killed).Finch, No. 8333 Serjeant G. S.Gough, No. 8173 Serjeant A. F.Slade, No. 6730 Lance-Corporal H. W.Webb, No. 8455 Lance-Corporal C.Carnell, No. 10570 Lance'-Corporal J. F.Marshall, No. 6702 Private P. H.Molyneux, No. 5111 Private G.Campbell, Major (temporary Lietitenant-Colonel) J. V., D.S.O.Gunston, Captain C. ., Special Reserve.Lawrence, Captain P. R. B.Cubitt, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) . ..Smith, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) A. F.Wynne-Finch, Lieutenant J. C.Hambro, Second Lieutenant R. O., Special Reserve.Hope, Second Lieutenant A. O. J.MoDonagh, No. 7724 Serjeant J. T.Purnell, No. 3753 Serjeant C. H.Rabjohns, No. 243 Serjeant C. W.Cockram, No. 7235 Private G.Richardson, No. 9077 Private C.Richardson, No. 7348 Private J. T.Richmond, No. 8160 Private W. J.Edwards, Captain G. J.Wilson, No. 6657 Serjeant C.

SCOTS GUARDS,Immsden, Temporary Lieutenant J. G.<2?ook, No. 2510 Quartermaster-Serjeant(Acting Serjeant-Major) J.Shaw, No. 3173 Quartermaster-Serjeant (ActingSerjeant-Major) H. G.Godman, Major . H., D.S.O. (Reserve of Officers).Mackenzie, Captain Sir V. A. F., Bt.,M.V.O.Guthbert, Captain J. H., D.S.O. (Reserve of"Officers).Orr-JEwing, Major . ., D.S.O.Thorpe, Captain J. S. (Reserve of OfficersX-(Major, Notts (Sherwood angers) Yeomanry)Bartholomew, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) C.Hammersley, Lieutenant H. C. (Special Reserve)Norman, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) L^(Special Reserve),Thompson, Lieutenant A. J. (Special Reserve)Cutler, No. 931 Serjeant-Major E. T.

Page 31

Crouch, No. 1718 Serjeant (Acting Serjeant-Major) . ., attached Headquarters, 1stArmy.Hayward, No. 1082 Company Serjeant-Major(Drill Serjeant), H. W.Brownlow, No. 6115 Serjeant T. P.Bait,. No. 8061 Serjeant W. E.Clarke, No. 6014 Serjeant C. W.Harris, No. 7095 Lanoe-Serjeant (ActingSerjeant) .Low, No. .9300 Private R.McCulloch, No. 10218 Private W.Mayer, No. 11001 Private . B.Schweitzer, No. 10758 Private G.Cator, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)A. . .,D.S.O.Bagot-Chester, Captain G. J. M. (Reserve of;' Officers).Warner, Captain E. C. .Wynne Finch, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)W. H.Arkwright, Second Lieutenant temporaryLieutenant) E. F. W. (Special Reserve).Clarke, Second Lieutenant E. S. SpecialReserve).Warde, Second Lieutenant R. E. (SpecialReserve).Ross, uartermaster nd Honorary LieutenantT.Bold, No. 8386 Serjeant W.Lindores, No. 7027 Serjeant J. .Sheridan, No. 8906 Serjeant J. P.Smart, No. 9036 Serjeant P.Taylor, No. 7265 Corporal A. L.Lmgley, No. 11179 Lance-Serjeant S. T.Austin, No. 8183 Private G. H.Litster, No. 6608 Lance-Corporal (ActingLance'-Serjeant) J.Stewart, No. 8640 Private J.

IRISH GUARDS.Madden, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) G. H. C. Reserve of Officers) (diedof wounds).Gore-Langton, Captain M. V. (killed).Antrobus, Lieutenant P. H. (Special Reserve).Fitzgerald, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)J. S. N.O'Brien, Lieutenant Hon. H. B. (SpecialReserve).Pusch, Lieutenant F. L. (Special Reserve).Hickie, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantH.Halligan, No. 574 Orderly oom Quartermaster-Serjeant J. T.Fawcett, No. 4166 Serjeant J.Kenny, No. 112 Serjeant .Keown, No. 2807 Serjeant F. J.Cahill, No. 918 Drill Serjeant T.Butler, Lieutenant-Colonel Hon. L. J. P.Alexander, Captain (temporary Major) Hon.H. R. L. G.

WELSH GUARDS.Murray-Threipland, Lieutenant-Colonel W.Dene, Captain H.Williams, Captain R./D.S.O.Williams-Bulkeley, Captain R. C. W.^Lewis, Lieutenant R. W.Woods, No. 1874 Superintending Clerk C. E.(late Scots Guards).Cossey, No. 16 ompany Serjeant-Major D.Bland, No. 2 Drill-Serjeant W.Gough, No. 420 Lance-orporal J.Phillips, No. 143 Lance-Serjeant F.Jones, No. 82 Private M.


ROYAL SCOTS.Hall, Captain'G. E.Wingate, Major G. H. F.Farquharson, Captain L. S. (killed).Lumsden, Major A. F.Stanley-Murray, Captain . .Brown, Lieutenant C. Wilson, Royal ScotsFusiliers, Special Reserve.Scott, Lieutenant . D., Special Reserve.Thomson, Second Lieutenant D. C.Passelow, No. 6353 Serjeant .Groat, No. 9741 Corporal J.Carty, No. 10823 Private D.Millar, No. 10734 Lance-orporal D. R.Robertson, No. 10241 Lance-Corporal P.Sivier, No. 10866 Private W.Smith, No. 9157 Private L.Grant, Captain J. C. H., Special Reserve.Perry, Captain . . H.Stewart, Captain N. S. (killed).Blackwood, Captain R. C., Special Reserve.Lamond, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) J..(Adjutant, South Staffordshire REGIMENT,.Territorial Force).WhittaSer, Temporary Second LieutenantC. B., Service attalion.Carleton, No. 6821 Regimental Quartermaster-Serjeant J. A.O'Hara, No. 7643 Serjeant P.Martin, No. 3278 Private D.Crackanthorpe, Captain O. M., Special ReserveNye, Capt'ain R. R., Special Reserve.Smith, No. 2138 Lance-Corporal J.ROYAL SCOTS (TERRITORIAL FORCE) *Trelawny, Temporary Captain J. F. F.Brook, Lieutenant-Colonel A., V.D. (killed)..Gemmill, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) W., D.S.O.Martin, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)James, ighland ight Infantry(Territorial Force).Jamieson, Second Lieutenant A. G. A.Ritchie, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)R. A. D.Thomson, No. 371 Acting Regimental Serjeant-Major A.Smith, No. 5205 Company Serjeant-Major A..McDougall, No. 7271 ipe Major J. M.Richardson, No. 7510 Corporal J.Cairney, No. 1001 Private D.Btair, Lieutenant-Colonel A. S.Blair, Captain P. A.Ferguson, Captain J.Stewart, Second Lieutenant C. F.Gibson, No. 98 Company Serjeant-Major R.Gibb, No. 2342 Corporal . .ROYAL SCOTS (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Dundas, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel;) R. C.McCloughin, Captain (temporary Major).K. R., 14th Sikhs (killed).Campbell, Temporary Major R. W.Errington, Captain L. (Adjutant).

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Lammie, Temporary Lieutenant G.Morey, Temporary Lieutenant A. W.Briggs, No. 6720 Lance-Corporal J.Lamond, No. 13237 Private D.Leitch, No. 16684 Private J.Lindsay, No. 3173 Private W.Loch, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)G. G.Hutton, Temporary Major J. H.Faithfull, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)G. F. H., 26th Baluchistan Infantry.Sanderson, Temporary Lieutenant H. E.Stewart, Temporary Second Lieutenant R. B.Forrest, No. 14792 Corporal J.McKeown, No. 13015 Lance-orporal P.Flannigan, No. 16054 Private C.Fraser, No. 13027 Private J.Paterson, No. 2297 Private W.Renton, No. 13521 Private A.Rodon, No. 13440 Private K.Maclear, Lieutenant-Colonel H., D.S.O., EastLancashire Regiment.Raymond, Captain temporary Major)E. H. B., Reserve of Officers.Buchanan, Captain K. G. (Adjutant).Christie, emporary Lieutenant R. J. M.Xinton, Temporary Second Lieutenant A.

ROYAL WEST URREY REGIMENT.Olliver, Lieutenant G. K.Barrett, No. 2326 Serjeant-Major C. .Wilkins, Lieutenant-Colonel H. St. C.Wallis, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantG. H.Heath, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)M. G..Tell, Lieutenant-Colonel B. T., D.S.O.(died of wounds).Bottomley, Major H. R. (died of wounds).Kirkpatrick, Major H. F., East Kent Regiment,Special Reserve..'Slacke, Major . C., East Kent Regiment,Special Reserve (killed).Watson, Major C. F., D.S.O.Browne, Captain J. A. L. (killed).Fuller, Captain W. B. (killed).Haddon-Smith, Captain W. B. (killed).Xongbourne, Captain F. C., D.S.O.Maddock, Temporary Second Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) R. H.Philpot, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)R. H.Furze, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)E. K. B.Ross, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) . .Chapman, Second Lieutenant T. V.Hiller, Second Lieutenant A. M., SpecialReserve killed).McCabe, Second Lieutenant A. (killed).Musson, Second Lieutenant J. H. killed).Jones, Temporary Second Lieutenant C. T.Sparkes, No. 8096 Company Serjeant-Major E.Cox, No. 9326 Company Quartermaster-SerjeantE.Morris, No. 8448 Serjeant G.Aldridge, No. 8398 Private E.Barrett, No. 8136 Private F.Beazleigh, No. 47 Private E.Clarke, No. 5691 Private G.Cleaver, No. 7252 Private F.Dalton, No. 3894 Private W. L.Hardy, No. 4034 Private T. (killed).Kilby, No. 949 Private A.Shreeves, o. 416 Private T.Williamson, No. 620 Private A.ROYAL WEST SURREY REGIMENT TERRITORIAL FORCE).Perkins, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)W. J.ROYAL WEST SURREY REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Warden, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) H. F.Cannon, Temporary Lieutenant H. C.Pike, Temporary Lieutenant A. J.Baker, No. 6/10771 Private S.Glasgow, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) W. J. T., Reserve of Officers.Deane, No. G/1678 Corporal R.Lofting, emporary Lieutenant F. C. J.

EAST KENT REGIMENT.Anderson, Captain D. K.Nicholas, Lieutenant W. L. J., Special Reserve.Cattley, Captain C. F.Homan, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)R. W. (died of wounds).Clouting, Temporary Second Lieutenant C. E.Dangerfield, Temporary Second Lieutenant P.Davies, Second Lieutenant . E.Ferguson, Temporary Second Lieutenant D. G.Wren, No. 6635 Corporal W. H.Duff, No. 5995 Drummer W. G.Gunn, No. 9313 Private A. E.Worthington, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) C. A.Archer-Houblon, Captain H. L., SpecialReserve.Jackson, Captain J. V. R.Morgan, Lieutenant H. de R.Williams, emporary Second LieutenantW. T.Andrews, No. 7051 Company Serjeant-MajorA. W.Martin, No. 8357 Company Serjeant-MajorH. J.Ferry, No. 6652 Private T. H. killed).EAST KENT REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Davidson, Captain C. . G.Page, No. 7763 Acting Company Serjeant-Major F. H.Peattie, No. 6470 Serjeant .Neville, No. 269 Lance-Serjeant H. W.Bray, No. 614 Lance-Corporal G. V.Wall, No. 60 Lance-Corporal W. J.Forrest, No. 4412 Private A. H. (killed).Linstead, No. 364 Private W.Seath, No. 148 Private S.Setterfield, No. 347 Private A. V.Elmslie, Lieutenant-Colonel W. F., retiredpay-

ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALION).Pullman, Temporary Major A. H.Vaughan, Temporary Second Lieutenant J.Buzzard, No. 1838 Lance-Corporal J.

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ROYAL LANCASTER REGIMENT.Beaumont, Lieutenant G. R. R.Jackson, Major (temporary Brigadier-General) T. D., M.V.O., D.S.O.Somerville, Captain W. A. T. B., D.S.O.Packard, Captain J. E. E.Leach, Second Lieutenant R. C., Reserve of Officers.Wilson, Quartermaster and Honorary MajorG.Lelliot, No. 807? Company Serjeant-Major F.C. (killed).Lindsay, No. 8527 Serjeant H.Lichfield, No. 3506 Lance-orporal W.Randerson, No. 6094 Private F.Morris, Lieutenant-Colonel E. M.Shone, Second Lieutenant E. C.Connell, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantM.Weatherhead, Second Lieutenant A., SpecialReserve.ROYAL LANCASTER REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE) .Hewitt, Second Lieutenant temporary Lieutenant)E. H.Taylor, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)G. F.Wolfendale, Second Lieutenant W. A.

NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS.Yatman, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBriagdier-General) C., .S.O.Herbert, Major W. N.Sandilands, Major H. R.Sloper, Captain G. O.Scrutton, Second Lieutenant H. U.Dorman-Smith, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)E. E.Thorneycroft, No. 9234 Company Serjeant-Major M. G.Bracey, No. 2019 Company uartermaster-SerjeantH. J.Carlin, No. 2140 Corporal W. P.Connor, No. 512 Private J.Salier, Captain E. L.Freeman, Lieutenant C. R.Watson, Second Lieutenant W.Allan, uartermaster and Honorary CaptainW. M.Pickering, No. 9902 Serjeant J.NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS (TERRITORIALFORCE).Foster, Lieutenant-Colonel A. J.Gibson, Captain (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) B. D.Robb, Captain W.Bell, Lieutenant H. H.Gibson, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)C. O. P.Varvill, Second Lieutenant W. W., NorthumbrianDivisional Royal Engineers.Rewcastle, No. 707 Company Serjeant-MajorR.Amos, No. 1125 Serjeant .Cornish, No. 938 Serjeant N.Flanagan, No. 654 Serjeant P.Clarence, No. 1030 Corporal D.Newton, No. 1684 Private H.CColes, Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel BrevetColonel, retired pay) A. H., C.M.G.,D.S.O.Luhrs, Captain (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) H.Irwin, Captain A.Hill, Captain D.North, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) N. M.Svms, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)F. N.Tweedy, Captain I. .Ellis, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)R.Keen, Second Lieutenant temporary Lieutenant)W.Swan, Second Lieutenant J. H.Holloway, Quartermaster and onorary LieutenantR. J.Offord, No. 4475 Regimental Serjeant-MajorW. J.Allen, No. 258 Company Serjeant-Major J.(killed).Dawson, No. 2552 Lance-Corporal R.Moat, o. 1914 Private A.Spain, Lieutenant-Colonel G. R. B.Hedley, Major J. R.A thill. Captain F. R. I., NorthumberlandFusiliers.Barrett, Captain L. A., Northumberland usiliers.Temperley, Captain E.Fawcus, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)E. .Ramsay, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)N. B.Clayton, Second Lieutenant temporary Lieutant)F. C.Benson, No. 2143 Acting Company Serjeant-Major H. L.France, No. 1972 Serjeant J.Bell, No. 1823 Private R. R.McWilliams, No. 1911 Private R.Jackson, Captain (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) G. S.Liddell, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)H.Merivale, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) V.Smail, Captain H. R.Ball, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)G. F.Cowen, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)F. B.Elliott, No. 149 Company Serjeant-MajorJ. T.Appleby, No. 61 Serjeant R. B.Moffatt, No. 1878 Serjeant W.Richardson, No. 1261 Serjeant J.Renwick, No. 86 Serjeant G.NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS SERVICEBATTALIONS).Thomas, Lieutenant-Colonel H. St. G., IndianArmy.Westmacott, Temporary Major G. P.Ghenevix-T'rench, Captain J. F., Northumberland"FusiliersGallatly, Temporary Captain H. R.Hill, Temporary Second Lieutenant R. M.Shann, Temporary Lieutenant E. W.Oliver, Temporary Second Lieutenant R.Harris, No. 13598 Private G. W.Dotchin, No. 7307 Private G. E. (dead).

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Keeling, No'. 6370 Private S. T.McVay, No. 11555 Private S.

ROYAL WARWICKSHIRE REGIMENT.Davidson, Captain P. V. (Adjutant, RoyalWarwickshire Regiment, Territorial Force).Forster, Major (temporary Lieutenant Colonel) G. N. B.Richards, Captain C. E. M.Strevens, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) .Bretherton, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)J. T.Jackson, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)A. H. K.Besant, Lieutenant T. L., Special Reserve.Haskins, Second Lieutenant . W. V.Gilkes, No. 384 Corporal W. G.Dark, No. 7187 Lance-Corporal J.Brownfield, Captain R. J., Special Reserve(killed).Brindley, Captain P. S., Special Reserve.Maunsell, Lieutenant H. S. (died of wounds).Pennington, Lieutenant J. killed).Richardson, Lieutenant R. F. (died ofwounds).Chavasse, Lieutenant C. C. H. retired pay).Dibben, Second Lieutenant W. L.Elderton, Lieutenant F. R., Special Reserve(killed).Forbes, Temporary Second Lieutenant A.Hodgkinson, Lieutenant A., pecial Reserve.Stehn, Lieutenant A. E., Special Reserve.Hyde, Quartermaster and onorary Lientenant W. N.Webb, No. 4361 Serjeant W.Crisp, No. 4811 Lance-orporal . W.Hartley, No. 1283 Private A.Tattem, No. 1253 Private A.Twynham, No. 2416 Private J.Underwood, No. 840 Bandsman F.Weston, Lieutenant J. S. T., Special Reserve(killed).Keller, Second Lieutenant R. L., Special Reserve.ROYAL WARWICKSHIRE REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE).Carter, Captain (temporary Major) P. H.Groom, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)H. L. R. J.Williams, No. 43 Serjeant G. H.Haynes, No. 2510 Corporal C./rtineau, Lieutenant-Colonel E.Wethered, Lieutenant-Colonel F. O.Astbury, Lieutenant R. H.Lowe, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)R. C.Harvey, No. 1083 Serjeant S.Higgs, No. 338 Serjeant W.Hanbury, Lieutenant-Colonel and HonoraryColonel L. H.Elton, Lieutenant-Colonel A. G. G.Knox, Major J. M.Hancocks, No. 2682 Lance-Corporal P. W.Innes, Lieutenant-Colonel E. A.Caddick, Captain (temporary Major) A. A.Townsend, Captain temporary Major) J. N.Arnell, Temporary Captain G. W.Davies, Temporary Captain .Adams, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)R.Docker, Second Lieutenant temporary Lieutenant)P.Nicholls, No. 2533 Serjeant A.ROYAL WARWICKSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Thain, Temporary Second Lieutenant J. S.

ROYAL FUSILIERS.Rayner, Major W. B. F., Adjutant, TheLondon Regiment Territorial Force).Stevens, Major G. A., Adjutant, DurhamLight Infantry (Territorial orce).Dunnington-Jefferson, Captain (temporaryMajor) J. A.Maude, Captain C. G.Clancy, No. 15338 Serjeant M. J.; C.I.D.,Scotland Yard (attached IntelligenceCorps).Frost, No. 15344 Serjeant-Major C. H.,C.I.D., Scotland Yard attached IntelligenceCorps).Hughes, No. 18489 Quartermaster-Serjeant B.(Intelligence Section, General Headquarters)Price, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)B. G., D.S.O.Tyndall, Captain W. H.Bell, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) M. .Brewster, Lieutenant K. W., Special Reserve.Sword, No. 13117 Serjeant J.Chillcott, o. 5717 Lance-Corporal C. W.Cannon, No. 15472 Private A. W.Rush, No. 10825 Private D.T'ovey, No. 16041 Private L.Roberts, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) . C.Baker, Major E. M.Barton, Captain P. G.Gostling, Captain B. W. W.Sykes, Captain . H., D.S.O., Special Reserve.Ball, Second Lieutenant J.French, Second Lieutenant J. .Persse, Lieutenant H. W., Special Reserve.Dockrill, No. 5411 Regimental Serjeant-MajorH. F. D.Sargeant. No. 12371 Company Serjeant-MajorA.Brereton, No. 12582 Serjeant W.Lace, No. 148 Private A.Sweny, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryLieutenant-Colonel) W. F.Lathom-Browne, Captain H.Palairet, Major C. . .Hicks, Second Lieutenant F. A.Cross, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantF. C.Harris, No. 6838 Company Serjeant-MajorW. S.Jetten, No. 13259 Corporal S.Lamm, No. 10896 Corporal J.Harrington, No. 7443 Private J.Knight, No. 9853 Private E. J.McGee, No. 2413 Private G.de la Perelle, Captain J. N., Special Reserve.ROYAL FUSILIERS (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Darnell, Temporary Captain . G, (Lieutenant,Reserve of Officers).Allen, Lieutenant A. S.Hanna, Temporary Second Lieutenant D. W.Estill, Captain D. E., Royal Fusiliers.

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Cazalet, Temporary Lieutenant G. L.Covington, No. 11894 Company Serjeant-Major H. E.Howse, No. 889 ompauj' Quartermaster-Serjeant R.Peverill, No. 2430 Private W.Carr, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)C. C., Reserve of Officers.Fox, No. L/12073 Corporal .

LIVERPOOL REGIMENT.Jones, Major R. C. R., Adjutant, Special Reserve.Steavenson, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) C. J.Potter, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)H. C.Goff, Captain C. E.Fleming, Captain N.Hope, Lieutenant J. P., Special Reserve.Hutchison, Lieutenant W. M., pecial Reserve.Phipps, Lieutenant C. J.Fulton, Second Lieutenant C. F. V.McErvel, Second Lieutenant J. H.Roberts, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)F. J., Special Reserve.Lonergan, No. 8687 Lance-Serjeant J. (dead).Chambers, No. 8787 Lance-orp ral J.Duddle, No. 26292 Private J.Hanby, No. 11276 Private H. L.Harrington, No. 8035 Private H. (killed).Allen, Lieutenant-Colonel J. W.Beall, Major E. M., D.S.O.LIVERPOOL REGIMENT (TERRITORIAL FORCE).McMaster, Lieutenant-Colonel and HonoraryColonel J. M.Evans, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) W. L.Burnett, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantW.Benbow, No. 1432 Acting Serjeant G. PHoy, No. 2778 Acting Lance-Corporal K. F.Davison, Lieutenant-Colonel .Harrison, Major (temporary Lieuoenant-Colonel) E. J.Blackledge, Second Lieutenant temporaryLieutenant) G. G.Goulding, Quartermaster and Honorary CaptainE. S.Downes, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)H. L.Evans, Lieutenant temporarv Maior) F. S.,D.S.O. "Hunt, Lieutenant (temporary Major) J. W. B.Lederer, Lieutenant (temporarv Captain)P. G. A. "Nott, Second Lieutenant (temporary LieutenantC. (killed).Thin, Captain (temporary Lieutenant43olonel)E. G.Cunningham, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)R. D.Wall, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)L. . 'Stubbs, Second Lieutenant E. W.Mackay, No. 475 Quartermaster-Serjeant W.Rathbone, No. 2657 Serjeant W.Ward, No. 2382 Serjeant E. P.Tomkinson, No. 572 Lance-Corporal J. M.Berry, No. 2801 Private T. G.Darrock, No. 3885 Private J. .LIVERPOOL REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Bailey, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)V. T., Liverpool Regiment.Gray, Temporary Second Lieutenant A. . B.Haskayne, No. 12807 Corporal A.Murray, No. 12637 Corporal H.Spilling, No. 9256 Corporal C.Cook, No. 13894 Lance-Corporal J.Kempson, No. 9312 Private L. .Nicholson, Lieutenant-Colonel L. St. C.(Reserve of Officers).

NORFOLK REGIMENT.Done, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)H. R., 0.8.9.Oldman, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) R. D. F., D.S.O.Stone, Captain P. V. P.Wall, Captain . ., Special Reserve.Kerr, Lieutenant H. R., Special Reserve.NORFOLK REGIMENT SERVICE BATTALIONS).Atkinson, Major J. C., Norfolk Regiment.Walter, emporary Major F. E. (Captain,Reserve of Officers).Otter, Captain R., Norfolk REGIMENT.Buckland, Temporary Lieutenant T. A.(killed).Franklin, Temporary Second Lieutenant H. VSymonds,No. 15792 Serjeant F. G.Newton, No. 9288 Private W.Briggs, Brevet Colonel F. C., retired pay.Coe, No. 3/10134 Company Serjeant-Major .

LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT.de Hoghton, Captain V., Adjutant, LincolnshireRegiment (Territorial Force).Teall, Captain G. H., Adjutant, LiverpoolRegiment (Territorial Force).Johnston, Major R. H., D.S.O.Boys, Captain E. . de C.Toynbee, Captain R. L., retired pay.Crosby, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) R. .Hopper, Lieutenant (temporary Captain}J. W. G.Hutchinson, Lieutenant (temporary Captain}C.Pearson, Temporary Second Lieutenant R. O.Masters, Quartermaster and onorary LieutenantF. W.Davies, No. 6466 Serjeant H. E.Ryman, No. 7419 Serjeant A.Ellerby, No. 12525 Lauce-Corporal J. W.Blount, No. 13902 Private E.Bowler, No. 3917 Private F. A.Cox, Lieutenant-Colonel S. FitzG.Lloyd, Captain E. P.Thruston, Captain B. J.Senior, No. 6195 Acting Serjeant J.Barringer, No. 8382 Corporal J.Sharpe, o. 8166 Private (Acting Corporal)O. T. Horry, No. 8687 Lance-Corporal T. E.


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LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE).Barrell, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) G. J.Cooper, Major O.Bellamy, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)H. M.Harrick, No. 2793 Regimental Serjeant-MajorW. O.Bliss, No. 1011, Serjeant W.Sandall, Lieutenant-Colonel T. E.Robinson, Captain (temporary Major) H. .(killed).King, No. 1848 Acting Quartermaster-Serjeant F.Smith, No. 1805 Lance-orporal H. W.LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALION).Forrest, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) J., retired pay.Graham, Temporary Captain J. A.Fowler, No. 7/12136 Lance-Corporal F.Short, No. 7/11390 Private J. E.

DEVONSHIRE REGIMENT.Vicary, Second Lieutenant J., GloucestershireRegiment.Luxmore, Major N.Radcliffe, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) J. F., D.S.O.Maton, Captain L. E. L.Gotto, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) . .Downing, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantS.Thole, Serjeant-Major E. F.Whittey, No. 9607 Serjeant A. E.Cousins, No. 7265 Private R. J.Cartwright, Captain . .Eardley-Wilmot, Captain H. (BrigadeMachine-Gun Officer).Imbert-Terry, Captain C. . M.Palmer, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantG.Ward, No. 6971 Company Serjeant-MajorC. H. G.Berry, No. 9213 Lance-Corporal A. G.Handford, No. 12940 Private R.Hill, Major R. F. W.DEVONSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICE ATTALIONS).Grant, Lieutenant-Colonel A. G. W., WestAfrican Regiment (killed).Broadbridge, Temporary Captain M. O.Gwynn, Temporary Captain K. D. H., .S.O.Kekewich, Captain A. St. J. M., DevonshireRegiment (Adjutant).Goldsmith, emporary Second LieutenantSt. B.T'rott, Temporary Second Lieutenant F. W.Northam, No. 10034 Serjeant R.Haymes, No. 10079 Drummer W.Storey, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)H. I., Devonshire Regiment.Hodgson, Temporary Second LieutenantW. N.Smyth, Temporary Second Lieutenant R. H.Brown, No. 12498 Serjeant A. G.Bugler, No. 12792 Private A. D.Moody, No. 11458 Private L. W.

SUFFOLK REGIMENT.Wallace, Lieutenant-Colonel W. B.Wood, Lieutenant 0. I. killed).Packard, Second Lieutenant T.Pye, No. 6244 Regimental Quartermaster-Serjeant F. W.Turner, Captain C. H., Reserve of Officers(killed).Wynn, Lieutenant T. .Pickard-Cambridge, Second Lieutenant T. D.Bailey, No. 4448 Private J.McNamee, o. /9316 Private P.Dealtry, Captain C. M. E., Special Reserve.Brooke, Captain C. B., pecial Reserve.SUFFOLK REGIMENT (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Parry, Captain R. .Frere, Second Lieutenant J. G., Suffolk Regiment.Milburn, Second Lieutenant temporary Lieutenant)L. E.Ennion, No. 2056 Acting Serjeant J. R.SUFFOLK REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Crooke, Lieutenant-Colonel C. D. P.Gadd, Captain H. R., Suffolk Regiment.Henty, Captain G. H. (Lieutenant Reserve of Officers).Thomas, Temporary Captain T. M. C.Deighton, Temporary Lieutenant G. .Bright, Temporary Second Lieutenant L. L.Brown, No. 9301 Serjeant J.Catchpole, emporary Captain A. H., SecondLieutenant, Special Reserve.Hodgson, No. 9738 Lance-Serjeant J.Long, No. 14047 Private C.

SOMERSET LIGHT INFANTRY.Currie, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)R. A. M. (Commandant, Cadet School,General eadquarters).Lane, Lieutenant H.Fleming, Captain G.Sutton, Captain W. M.Harington, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)A. J.Armstrong, Temporary Second LieutenantH. L.Neville, Second Lieutenant G. H.Paul, No. 4812 Serjeant-Major E.Wilson, No. 4552 Company Serjeant-MajorJ. A.Bond, No. 8874 Serjeant (Acting ompanySerjeant-Major) A. H.Hopkins, No. 6480 Lance-Corporal J.Greenwood, No. 495 Private J.Hayes, No. 8949 Bugler R. S.Whittle, No. 8689 Private C.Gould, Lieutenant C. A., Special Reserve.Peard, Lieutenant J. C. N., Special Reserve.SOMERSET LIGHT INFANTRY (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Rawljng, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel C. G., C.I.E., Somerset LightInfantry.Bellew, Captain . ., Somerset Light Infantry.Thatcher, Temporary Second Lieutenant C.Thome, No. 041 ompany Serjeant-Major G.Williams, No. 7395 Serjeant E.

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Mitchell, emporary Second LieutenantB. E. F.Howard, Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel L. C.Ritchie, Major . F., Somerset LightInfantry.Hatt, Temporary Lieutenant A. B.Brodie-Innes, emporary Second LieutenantI. S.

WEST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT.Price, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)G. D.HoBson, Temporarjr Second Lieutenant(temporary Lieutenant) . G.Lang Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)G. G.Spencer, Major A. A. W.Armitage, Captain F. A. W.Palmes, Lieutenant J. P., Special Reserve.Stewart, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)K. E. S.Trafford-Rawson, Lieutenant J. H. E.Butler, uartermaster and Honorary LieutenantE. G.Booth, No. 7846 Serjeant J. W.Tyson, No. 172 Lance-Corporal J. H.Wilson, No. 3/8771 Lance-Corporal A.Gospel, No. 3/9621 Private F.Blackburn, Captain J. C.Lowry, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)A. E. E.Worsley, Captain F. P., Reserve of Officers.Howard, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)E.Kenyon, No. 4798 Regimental Serjeant-Major A.Thornhill, No. 4624 Regimental Quartermaster-Serjeant H.Self, No. 8878 Serjeant A.Andrews, No. 9063 Corporal A.Stewart, No. 8929 Lance-Corporal E.Holmes, No. 8164 Private S.WEST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE).Wood, Lieutenant-Colonel C. E.Wilkinson, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) S. J., West Yorkshire Regiment.Sower by, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) G.Williamson, Captain P. G.Hastings, No. 16 Serjeant R. T.Sim, No. 163 Serjeant J T.Abbott, No. 2233 Private . E.Wade, Lieutenant-Colonel H. O.Clough, Captain (temporary Major) R.Muller, Captain J.Sandeman, Captain G. R., Border Regiment(Adjutant).Hill, Quartermaster nd onorary CaptainW. H.Woodhead, No. 1809 Company Quartermaster-Serjeant C. H.Beldon, No. 1260 Serjeant E.Riley, No. 2336 Serjeant B. M.Servant, No. 2183 Serjeant W.Speight, No. 2221 Serjeant H. C.Bradley, No. 3539 Corporal E.Hewlett, o. 85 Lance-Cbrporal T. E.Hodgson, No. 1418 Private G. H.Kirk, Lieutenant-Colonel A. .Bousfield, Major H. D.Redmayne, Captain J. B.Stockwell, Captain G. E. St. C.Glazebrook, Lieutenant A. R.Powell, No. 371 Company Serjeant-MajorE. E.Dalby, o. 2937 Lance-Serjeant R. A.Chaplin, No. 2032 Lance-Serjeant A.Cooper, No. 1512 Private J. W.Geldard, No. 135 Private W. E.Alexander, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) J. W.Hudson, Major R. A.Brooke, Captain W. H.Lupton, Second Lieutenant temporary Lieutenant)H. R.Rigby, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)A. G.Wilkinson, Second Lieutenant E. F.Archer, No. 2063 Corporal H.Baines, No. 2528 Corporal G. B.Smith, No. 2137 Corporal S.Brooke, No. 1960 Private P.Townend, No. 67 Private F.WEST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS) .TJmfreville, Captain (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) H. K., D.S.O., Reserve of Officers.Busher, Temporary Lieutenant C. J.McLoriman, No. 12970 Serjeant J.

EAST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT.Clarke, Lieutenant-Colonel J. L. J.Cart de Lafontaine, Captain A. E. C.Brown, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)M.Willis, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)G.Huntriss, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)C. J.Horrocks, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantJ. (dead).Grieve, No. 404 Company Quartermaster-SerjeantP.Powell, No. 4625 Serjeant A.Nolan, No. 8024 Corporal J.Slack, No. 10091 Lance-Corporal T.McCarthy, No. 8568 Private A.Berthon, Major C. P.Gatrell, Second Lieutenant R. J. H., SpecialReserve.EAST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE).Easton, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) C.Holtby, Captain E.Westrope, Lieutenant H. A.Train, No. 2063 Lance-Serjeant J. W.Yeaman, No. 2146 Lance-Corporal S.Russell, No. 1545 Private F.EAST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Jenkins, Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel N. F.,Captain, Border Regiment, Special Reserve.Cockin, Temporary Captain . .Ashley, No. 13210 Corporal A. E.Way, Lieutenant-Colonel B. I., North StaffordshireRegiment, Special Reserve.Richardson, Temporary Lieutenant W. B.(Adjutant),Hill, Temporary Lieutenant L. E.

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BEDFORDSHIRE REGIMENT.Griffith, Lieutenanfc-Colonel C. R. J., C.M.G.,D.S.O.Courtenay, Captain .Whittemore, Lieutenant F.Bartlett, No. 5710 Regimental Quartermaster-Serjeant W. .Stubbings, No. 3/6670 Serjeant F.Spicer, No. 14922 Corporal E. B.Baldwin, No. 4077 Acting Corporal J.Thorpe- Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel E. I. de S.Monteith, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) J. C. (killed).Onslow, Major C. C., C.M.G.Foss, Captain C. C., V.C., D.S.O.George, Temporary Second Lieutenant W. H.Oldfield, emporary Second Lieutenant R. J.Stephenson, Temporary Second LieutenantK. L. killed).White, Second Lieutenant W., Royal WestSurrey Regiment, Special Reserve.Aldridge, No. 6299 Company Serjeant-MajorA.Eustace, No. 7925 Serjeant .Grant, No. 6891 Serjeant G. E.Pepper, No. 9544 Serjeant E.BEDFORDSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Fountain, No. 15400 Serjeant A.

LEICESTERSHIRE REGIMENT.Brown, Captain H. B., D.S.O.Morrison, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)C. E.Smith, No. 8445 Serjeant G.Smith, No. 5788 Lance-Serjeant H.Hewitt, No. 8326 Lance-Corporal J.Simmonds, No. 8320 Lance-orporal G.Lovell, No. 9130 Private G.Brock, Major A. W. S., D.S.O.Latham, Captain .Lewis, Major F., D.S.O.Romilly, Captain F. H., D.S.O. (killed).Sutherland, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) D. W.Brodie, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantH. C.Raynor, No. 9290 Serjeant A. E.Plumb, No. 12125 Lance-Corporal F. .Mclntyre, Captain A. S., Special Reserve.Salmon, Lieutenant N. G., Special Reserve.LEICESTERSHIRE REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE) .Martin, Lieutenant-Colonel R. E.Jarvis, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) W. B.Newill, Captain temporary Major) B. F.Emmerson, Second Lieutenant J.Alexander, No. 2660 Private . .Lowe, No. 2455 Private A. E.Jones, Lieutenant-Colonel C. H.Toller, Major W. S. N.Bromfield, Major W. T., Leicestershire Regiment.Griffiths, Captain J. L.Langdale, Temporary Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) E. G. (killed).Moore, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)A. G. de A.Wollaston, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)C. H. F.Fisher, No. 2086 Lance-Corporal W.

ROYAL IRISH REGIMENT.Lloyd, Major (temporarv Lieutenant-Colonel)E. C.Caldecott, Captain A. .Taylor, Captain T. E. H.Fox, Quartermaster and Honorary Major J. J.St. Leger, Major . E.Gordon-Ralph, Captain P. J. G.Mockler, Captain F. G. R.Mahony, Quartermaster nd Honorary LieutenantT.Croke, No. 6906 Company Quartermaster-SerjeantT.McGuire, No. 9206 Company Quartermaster-Serjeant J.Eagar, No. 9444 Serjeant E.McDermott, No. 8795 Serjeant-Drummer J.

YORKSHIRE REGIMENT.Burbury, Captain B. T. (Adjutant, WestRiding Regiment (Territorial orce)).Grant-Dalton, Captain S. (Adjutant, YorkshireRegiment (Territorial Force)).Alexander, Lieutenant-Colonel W. L. (killed).Leatham, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) B. H., D.S.O. (killed).Stansfeld, Major T. W., D.S.O.Forsyth, Captain (temporary Major) C. G.Raley, Captain W. H. G., Special Reserve(killed).Palmer, Captain A. E. G.Wright, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)N. ., pecial Reserve (died of wounds).Forster, Lieutenant P. A., Special Reserve.Gray, Lieutenant W., Special Reserve.Hadow, Lieutenant G. F. (killed).Pyman, Lieutenant F. ., Special Reserve.Sheay, Second Lieutenant W. (died ofwounds).Lloyd-Jones, emporary Second Lieutenant J.Pickard, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantE.Whifclock, No. 9697 Serjeant F.Norfolk, No. 9494 Corporal F.Irving, o. 810 Lance-Corporal A. E.Beck, No. 6617 Private E. (died of wounds).Champion, No. 0332 Private C.Gray, No. 8241 Private E.Skelton, No. 8216 Private E.Nicholson, No. 442 Private J. W.YORKSHIRE REGIMENT (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Bell, Lieutenant-Colonel M. H. L.Charlton, Captain B. H.Maughan, Captain J.Hutchinson, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)T. H.McLaren, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)D.Rowlandson, Temporary Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) T. S.Sproxton, emporary Second Lieutenant(temporary Lieutenant) C.Welsh, Second Lieutenant temporary Lieutenant)A. R.Denman, No. 5192 Regimental Serjeant-MajorP. D.Bainbridge, No. 2386 Company Serjeant-MajorJ. S.Banks, No. 2056 Serjeant T.Dent, No. 2186 Serjeant E.Gray, No. 456 Serjeant R. J.

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Mortimer, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) J.Scott, Captain G. J.Brown, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) H.,D.S.O.Woodcock, Lieutenant F.Thompson, Second Lieutenant E. M.Thompson, Second Lieutenant G.Radley, No. 4004 Regimental Serjeant-MajorW.Brammall, No. 1714 Company Serjeant-Major J.Forster, No. 1898 Serjeant .Potter, No. 549 Serjeant H. E.YORKSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Fife, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)R. D'A., Reserve of Officers.Croft, Temporary Lieutenant R. W. S.Gray, No. 13696 Serjeant E.Hollingworth, Temporary Lieutenant A.(Adjutant).

LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS.Helps, Lieutenant R. P. A.Griffin, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)C. J., D.S.O.Spooner, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) A. H., D.S.O.Blencowe, Captain A. J. W.Martin, Lieutenant G. C. .Greaves, Second Lieutenant J., SpecialReserve.Hawkins, Lieutenant V. F. S.Bowes, Quartermaster and onorary Major W.Martin, No. 6233 Company Serjeant-Major E.James, No. 3276 Private E.Keating, No. 3945 Private W.Warren, No. 2568 Private J. W.Wade, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)T. S. H., Lancashire Fusililers.Thomas, Temporary Captain A. H.

ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS.McConaghey, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) M. E.Bolton, Captain A. C.Utterson-Kelso, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)J. E.Whigham, Major J. C.Taylor, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)R. . .G.ascoigne, Second Lieutenant W. E. S.Dawson, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)W. B., Special Reserve.Gawler, Lieu'tenant D. R., Royal Scots SpecialReserve.Thomson, Second Lieutenant S. J. K., SpecialReserve (died of ounds).MacLean, No. 8567 Regimental Quartermaster-Serjeant W. L.Morrison, No. 764 Serjeant W. R.Paynter, No. 6451 Company Serjeant-MajorC. E.Smith, No. 6047 Lance-Corporal T.King, No. 11391 Private W.Manning, No. 7917 Private M.Timlin, o. 0030 Private J.Townsend, No. 12450 Private A. C.Pollard, Lieutenant-Colonel temporaryBrigadier-General) J. H. W.Horn, Captain R. V. G.Kennedy, Lieutenant temporary Captain)G. R. T.Critchley-Salmonson, Captain D. G. C.Buchanan, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)M. B.Godfrey, Temporary Second Lieutenant S. C.Robinson, Second Lieutenant A. E. (killed).Sweet, Temporary Second Lieutenant J. . L.(killed).Spence, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantA.Phillips, No. 9822 Serjeant T. F.Hayton, No. 8785 Serjeant T.Skidmore, No. 9032 -Serjeant W.Shand, o.' 363 Corporal W.Carroll, No. 11026 Corporal A.Inglis, No. 9522 Private J.Jackson, o. 8160 Private W.Jones, No. 9604 Private J. (killed).Madden, No. 17726 Private Acting Lance-Corporal) P.ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Northey, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) H. H., Royal Scots Fusiliers.Turnbull, Captain temporary Major) G. O.,26th Punjabis.Begg, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) G. D.,Reserve of Officers.Brodie, Captain J., Royal Scots Fusiliers.Purves, Lieutenant temporary Captain)G. G. de B., Reserve of Officers.Galloway, Temporary Lieutenant . C.Bentley, No. 8861 Company .Serjeant-Major J.Williams, No. 7795 Company uartermaster-Serjeant J.Wilson, No. 7041 Serjeant J.Slinn, No. 15328 Private J.Henning, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) C. M. S., Reserve of Officers.Baker, Temporary Captain A. W.Nesbitt, Temporary Captain J. W.McGavin, emporary Second LieutenantC. McK.Willstrop, No. 7512 Serjeant G. T.

CHESHIRE REGIMENT.Sproule, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantJ. C.Andrews, Lieutenant temporary Captain)C. R.Freeman, Captain N.Maxwell, Captain E. C.Villiers Stuart, Captain P. G.CHESHIRE REGIMENT (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Groves, Lieutenant-Colonel J. E. G.Bengough, Captain L., Cheshire Regiment.Boardman, No. 1247 Lance-orporal J. A.Flynn, No. 1803 Private C.Hawksford, No. 1872 Private A. H."Hayes, o. 048 Private S.Bennett, No. 1295 Private J.Mather, No. 1073 Private T. (killed).Wood, o. 1517 Private A.CHESHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALION).John, emporary Second Lieutenant S. S.

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ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS.Berners, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) R. A.Dickson, Major G. F. H., Reserve of Officers.Coles, Captain H. S., Special Reserve.Cottrell, Lieutenant temporary Captain) J.Kearsley, Captain E. R., D.S.O.Stockwell, Major C. I., D.S.O.Walmsley, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) A.Evans, Lieutenant J. M. J. Adjutant).Jones-Bateman, Captain F., Special Reserve.Barton, Temporary Second Lieutenant G. S.Gainbier-Parry, Second Lieutenant R.Ormrod, Second Lieutenant R. . .Savage, Second Lieutenant J. B. (killed).Bluck, No. 6118 Regimental Serjeant-Major .Hannon, No. 8413 Company Serjeant-MajorT.Hannon, No. 8143 Company Serjeant-Major.Dickens, No. 6332 Serjeant C.Povey, No. 11630 Serjeant H.Watts, No. 5846 Serjeant F. (killed).Bown, No. 5757 Lance-Corporal A.Evers, No. 6345 Private F.Illesley, No. 18630 Private G.Melia, No. 6075 Private A.White, No. 19294 Private .Stephens, No. 9456 Serjeant J.Owen, Major C.' S., D.S.O.Cuthbert, Captain J.Stanway, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)W. H.Moody, Temporary Second Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) P.Yates, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantH.Davies, No. 5890 Regimental Serjeant-MajorT.Fox, No. 6831 Company Serjeant-MajorW. H.Bale, No. 9339 Lance-Corporal W.Owen, Second Lieutenant J. P., pecial Reserve.ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS (TERRITORIALFORCE).Richards, Second Lieutenant R.

SOUTH WALES BORDERERS.Lawrence, Major F. G., D.S.O. CadetSchool, General Headquarters).Gwynn, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)R. S.Steward, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)C. K.Potts, Second Lieutenant . .Shirley, No. 5616 Regimental Serjeant-MajorJ.Wiltshire, No. 10685 Regimental uartermaster-Serjeant F.Franklin, No. 9239 Company Serjeant-MajorH.Lewis, No. 8547 Private W.SOUTH WALES BORDERERS (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Newberry, No. 5/13884 Private P. T.Evans, Temporary Second Lieutenant S.

KING'S OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS.Wilkinson, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) W. T., D.S.O.Coke, Major E. S. D'E., C.M.G.Hilton, Brevet Major G.ChSallinor, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)J. M., Special Reserve.KING'S OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS (SERVICEBATTALIONS) .Maclean, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) H. D. N., D.S.O., King's OwnScottish Borderers.Hosley, Major W. J. S., King's Own ScottishBorderers killed).Sparling, Captain (temporary Major) N. C.,54th Sikhs (killed).Campbell, Captain A. C., King's Own ScottishBorderers.Keith, Temporary Captain J. S., uartermasterand Honorary Lieutenant.Hills, Temporary Captain R. P.Devrey, No. 2764 Serjeant-Major J.Denham, No. 5917 Company Serjeant-MajorJ.Laurie, No. 877 ompany-Sergeant-Major J.(killed).Mackenzie, No. 14851 Serjeant (Pipe-Major)R. died of wounds).Scott, No. 7988 Acting Company Quartermaster-Serjeant W. M.McKenzie, No. 12919 Lance-Corporal H.Verner, Lieutenant-Colonel G. de W., etiredpay (died of wounds).Glenny, Temporary Major T. A.Dennis, Temporary Captain . F. B. (Lieutenant,retired pay).Seafield-Grant, Temporary Lieutenant J.Newbigging, emporary Second LieutenantT. K.Cooper, No. 8062 Regimental Serjeant-MajorC.Hargreaves, No. 13384 Private S.Sellar, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)T. B., Reserve of Officers.Hannay, Captain (temporary Major) G. M.,Reserve f Officers.Herbertson, Temporary Second LieutenantW. G. (killed).Thursby-Pelham, emporary Second LieutenantC. K.Bould, No. 14397 Private J.

SCOTTISH RIFLES.O'Connor, Captain R. N.Chaplin, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) J. ., .S.O.Lee, Major H. H.Moncrieff Wright, Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) D. G.Gray, Lieutenant M. N., Special Reserve(died of wounds).Rooke, Lieutenant C. D. W. killed).Wood, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantG.Johnstone, No. 9941 Lance-orporal A.Andrews, No. 10919 Private A. E.Carter-Campbell, Major (temporary Brigadier-General) G. T. C., D.S.O.Sandilands, Major (temporary Lieuteriant-Colonel) . C.Smith, Major H. C. H.

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Stirling, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)C. R. H.Brecken, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)E.Robertson, Second Lieutenant . E., SpecialReserve.Phillips, No. 9847 Serjeant G. W.Robb, Second Lieutenant A. G., pecial Reserve.SCOTTISH RIFLES (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Croft, Major W. D., cottish Rifles.Kennedy, Captain (temporary Major) A. A.Grierson, Second Lieutenant temporary Captain)J. M.Gray, Second Lieutenant G.Graham, Captain (temporary Major) A. G.Lusk, Captain J.Gray, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)D. L.Hay, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) J. C. E.Brown, No. 2454 Private J. R.Craig, No. 1544 Private J.Hannah, No. 260 Private W.Williamson, No. 2511 Private J.SCOTTISH RIFLES (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Townshend, Captain (temporary Major) A. F.,Reserve of Officers.Gardiner, Temporary Captain P. W.Mackenzie, Temporary Captain H. P. (killed).Hutcheson, Temporary Captain A. G.Langrish, Quartermaster nd onorary LieutenantW.Henderson, No. 7609 Company Serjeant-MajorW.Yates, No. 516 Company Serjeant-Major E.McCreadie, No. 8660 Serjeant J.Walsham, No. 1699 Serjeant J .Ussher, Lieutenant-Colonel A. V., retired pay.Duncan, Temporary Captain . . (killed).Grant, Temporary Captain J. C.Callen, Temporary Lieutenant J. A.Paton, emporary Second Lieutenant L. C.

ROYAL INNISKILLING FUSILIERS.Wilding, Lieutenant<?olonel C. A., C.M.G.Crawford, Major J. N.Hewitt, Captain C. C.Moore, Lieutenant E. E. J.Morgan, Second Lieutenant J. J. L. (died ofwounds).Lumsden, uartermaster and Honorary LieutenantR.Maguire1, No. 4974 Regimental Serjeant-MajorT.Clarke, No. 10034 Serjeant (Acting Quartermaster-Serjeant) J. L.Duttou, No. 591 Corporal J. A.Murphy, No. 8683 Lance-Corporal G.Hutchinson, No. 10253 Private .Jones, No. 8743 Private D.Patterson, No. 8322 Private S.Crawford, Captain K. H., pecial Reserve.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE REGIMENT.Rawson, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) R. I.Breul, Captain F. A., Reserve of Officers.Hilton-Green, Captain . F. L. (DivisionalCyclist Company).Johnson, Captain V. N.Lyne, Lieutenant L. W. . DivisionalCyclist Company).Pagan, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)A. W.Duncan, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) D.Thurlow, No. 9317 Corporal A. W.Beasley, Major R. L.Nisbet, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) F. C.Vicary, Captain A. C.Gardner, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)C.E.Grazebrook, Lieutenant R. .Smith, No. 7159 Serjeant W.Moreman, No. 9256 Lance-Corporal C. F. J.Rice, No. 857 Private H. C.Waddy, Lieutenant B. H., Special Reserve.GLOUCESTERSHIRE REGIMENT (TERRITORIAL. FORCE) .Davenport, Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel S.Giiterbock, Captain P. G. J.Newth, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)A. L.W.Wookey, Lieutenant E. E.Stephens, No. 2558 Lance-Corporal T.Vezey, No. 3292 Lance-orporal .Collett, Lieutenant-Colonel J. H.Waller, Captain (temporary Major) N. H.Conder, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)E.Finch, No. 392 Serjeant F.Watkins, No. 741 Serjeant J. W.McFarlane, Second Lieutenant (temporaryMajor) E.Hartog, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)D. H.Jones, No. 3148 Private C.

WORCESTERSHIRE REGIMENT.Davidge, Major G. M. C.Johnston, Captain A. .Pearson, No. 4567 Quartermaster-Serjeant(temporary 1st Class Staff Serjeant-Major)E.Grogan, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) G. W. St. G.Fitzjohn, Major .Monk, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) J. M.Lawrence, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)E. L. G.Phillips, Lieutenant L. G.Pratt, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)A.Grover, No. 6430 Serjeant-Major G.Ash, No. 11686 Serjeant H. W. 'Beniams, No. 11788 Corporal H.Lamb ton, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryLieutenant-Colonel) G. C., D.S.O.Armitage, Brevet Major C. L., D.S.O.Wainman, Brevet Major P. S. G., SpecialReserve (killed).Ralston, Lieutenant temporary Captain)C. H. (Adjutant).Bennett, Temporary Second Lieutenant E. P.Hart, Lieutenant C. J., Special Reserve.Prosser, Temporary Second Lieutenant A. E.Wilmot, Second Lieutenant T. N.

Page 42

Airey, No. 11708 Serjeant J. A.Wells, No. 11341 Corporal A. V.Walker, No. 12620 Corporal H.Westwood, No. 11795 Corporal T. E.Buckler, Captain E. W., Special Reserve(killed).Stephenson-Featherstonhaugh, Captain A. J.,Special Reserve.Gabb, Captain S. A.Maifcland, Captain J. P. S., Reserve f Officers.Whitty, Quartermaster and Honorary MajorA.Macdonald, No. 5775 Company Serjeant-Major S.Copson, No. 10138 Serjeant J. W.Roberts, No. 5833 Corporal W. J.Taylor, No. 21618 Lance-Corporal J. R.Temple, Captain R. D., Special Reserve.WORCESTERSHIRE REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE) . Harman, Lieutenant-Colonel A. R.Tomkinson, Captain F. M.Humphries, Second Lieutenant J. .Birkett, No. 99 Serjeant L. W.Bow, No. 199 Serjeant J.Peake, Lieutenant-Colonel W. .How, Major F. A. W.Pawsey, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)C. R.Plaistowe, Second Lieutenant A.Ward, No. 2237 (2) Company Serjeant-MajorW. E.Wheeler, No. 421(4) Lance-Corporal W. H.

EAST LANCASHIRE REGIMENT.Hopkinson, Captain E. C.MacMullen, Captain H. T.Parks, Lieutenant J. .Salt, Lieutenant W. A., Special Reserve.Burgess, No. 5656 Acting RegimentalSerjeant-Major J.Page, No. 9261 Company Quartermaster-Serjeant G.Puttick, No. 10011 Serjeant A.Bolton, No. 5461 Private E.Lambert, Lieutenant-Colonel T. Hill, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)G. E. M.Boothby, Lieutenant . .Fitch, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)M. C., Reserve of Officers.Shaw, uartermaster and Honorary LieutenantJ.Duckworth, No. 6187 Serjeant-Major F.Organ, No. 8645 Serjeant F.Wallington, No. 7612 Acting Corporal W.Burns, No. 0349 Private F. (killed).Richards, Captain P. E. M., Special Reserve.

EAST SURREY REGIMENT.Tew, Lieutenant-Colonel H. S.Brown, No. 6092 Serjeant G. F.Montague-ates, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) F. S.Bayliss, Captain H. V. (Adjutant).Gurdon, Captain J.Garrett, Second Lieutenant H. F. B.Mead, Lieutenant C. killed).Percy, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantH. J.Coomber, No. 9719 Serjeant .Wootten, No. 9119 Serjeant S.Lyon, No. 7141 Lance-Corporal G.Barker, No. 10090 Private W.Milan, No. 9933 Private H.Norman, Captain A. E., Special Reserve(died of ounds).EAST SURREY REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Baldwin, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) R. H., East Surrey Regiment.Wilson, Major A. H., Reserve of Officers.Nicolls, Captain E. H. J., East Surrey Regiment.Findlay, emporary Lieutenant J. L.Hewart, Temporary Lieutenant J. S.Marshall, Temporary Lieutenant R. .Hanscombe, No. 828 Lance-Serjeant B.Rule, No. 756 Lance-Corporal W. J.Saunders, o. 10406 Lance-Corporal A.Wood, No. 426 Private A.Powell, Captain (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) H. G., D.S.O., Reserve of Officers.Thome, Temporary Lieutenant .Conquest, No. G/5384 Serjeant P.O'Connor, Temporary Captain D. P.

DUKE OF CORNWALL'S LIGHT INFANTRY.Dobbin, Major H. T.Rendall, Major F. H. S. Adjutant, WestRiding Regiment (Territorial Force)).Buckley, Captain W. P., D.S.O.Norton, Captain (temporary Major), C. B.,Reserve of Officers.LLoyd, Lieutenant H. C. C.Phillipps, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)R.Taylor, emporary Second Lieutenant B. M.Price, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantW. .Symons, No. 7751 Serjeant J. H.Blacker, No. 5020 Serjeant R.Price, Brevet ieutenanf-Colonel (temporaryLieutenant-Colonel) H. F.Dene, Major A. P.Crawley-oevey, Captain M.Jenkins, Second Lieutenant R. C.Mulock, Lieutenant E. E.Ostler, o. 156 Company Quartermaster-Serjeant A.Going, No. 8261 Serjeant T.Moore, No. 6061 Serjeant C.Peters, No. 8021 Lance-Corporal W. R.Harvey, No. 5635 Lance-Corporal F.Aguilar, No. 9275 Private F. E.Walker, No. 20215 Private J. Lowry, Captain M. Baker, Lieutenant A. F. DUKE OF CORNWALL'S LIGHT INFANTRY(SERVICE BATTALION).Swainson, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) J. L., Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry.


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Andrew Hesketh


Do you sleep?

Another fantastic bit of work on the LG. Thanks very much for sharing it.

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Page 43

Barrington-Ward,R. McG.Temporary Lieutenant

WEST RIDING REGIMENT.Bray, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)R. N.Cox, Captain M. N.Ince, Captain C. W. G.Hart, Lieutenant temporary Captain) C. L.,Special Reserve.Walsh, Second Lieutenant P., Special Reserve.Ellam, Quartermaster and Honorary Major A.Scurry, No. 9438 Company Serjeant-Major C. R.WEST RIDING REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE) .Sugden, Captain (temporary Major) R. E.Andrews, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)M. P. (killed).Sykes, Captain E. E.Innes, Second Lieutenant F. A.Pratt, Second Lieutenant T. .McNulty, No. 601 Company Serjeant-MajorA.Wilson, No. 2346 Serjeant J.Dow, o.2492 Lance-Corporal D.Wood, No. 1234 Lance-Corporal C.Holt, No. 2108 Private . .Shelley, No. 2400 Private J.Stead, No. 2716 Private L.Norton, Captain (temporary Major) G. P.Golding, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)H. C.Sykes, Temporary Lieutenant K.McLintock, Second Lieutenant A.Holland, No. 1795 Lance-Corporal T. J.Firth, No. 2858 Private H.Kay, No. 3291 Private E.Nowell, No. 2934 Private G.Wilkinson, No. 2222 Private T.Bateman, Captain (temporary Major) C. M.Chaffers, Captain N. B.Clarkson, Captain A. B.Marriner, Captain S. F., West Riding Regiment(Adjutant).Law, Lieutenant M. C. M.Buckley, No. 2879 Regimental Serjeant-MajorO.Bury, No. 2308 Corporal J.Calvert, No. 2480 Corporal H.Limmer, No. 2165 Corporal T. W.Brook, No. 3375 Private T.Snowden, No. 3128 Private R.Harris, Lieutenant L. G. R.Brierley, Second Lieutenant J.Smeath, No. 929 Serjeant-Major H.Hinchcliffe, No. 603 Serjeant N.Pearson, No. 2222 Serjeant A.Gaynor, No. 1502 Lance-Serjeant W.Batley, No. 426 Lanoe-Corporal H.Taylor, No. 1019 Lance-Corporal .Mallinson, No. 2010 Private H.Shaw, No. 48 Private L.WEST RIDING REGIMENT SERVICE BATTALIONS). Hayden, Lieutenant-Colonel F. A., D.S.O.,Reserve of Officers.Miller, Captain A. E., West Riding Regiment.McColl, Temporary Lieutenant . .de Pinto, Temporary Lieutenant L. H.Bolland, Temporary Lieutenant L. G. S.

BORDER REGIMENT.Trower, Temporary Captain R. G.Moffat, Lieutenant-Colonel . S. W. (killed).Blackwood, Captain A. P.Kerr, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) W.Sutcliffe, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)A. W., Special Reserve.Burmann, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) R. M. (Adjutant).Chads, Captain H. F.Goodman, emporary Second LieutenantR. M. (killed).Horsley, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)J., Special Reserve.Luscombe, Second Lieutenant V. H., SpecialReserve.Rawlinson, Second Lieutenant R., Special Reserve(killed).Mitchell, uartermaster and Honorary LieutenantF. W.Parkinson, No. 9444 Serjeant T. E.Dowden, No. 9037 Lance-Corporal G.Corkish, No. 9392 Lance-Corporal W. H.Gilmour, No. 6041 Corporal P.Graham, No. 4023, Lance-Corporal W.Philpot, No. 245 Private A.James, Lieutenant S. H. H.BORDER REGIMENT (TERRITORIAL ORCE).Milburn, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) T. A.Blair, Captain R. C. R., .S.O.Cowburn, Captain A. B.MacDonald, Captain T. W-, Border Regiment.Maclagan, Second Lieutenant P. W.Gregg, No. 354 Corporal J.Norman, No. 1952 Lance-Corporal . W.Johnston, No. 1625 Private J.Mossop, No. 1194 Lance-Corporal C. (died ofwounds).BORDER REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALION).Norrington, emporary Lieutenant-ColonelR. L.Tailford, Second Lieutenant J. W., BorderRegiment.White, emporary Second Lieutenant J. C.Cr-agg, No. 7/5338 Serjeant J.O'Maley, No. /17728 Private R.

ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT.Green, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) E.W.B.,D.S.O.Bond, Major C. E., D.S.O. (attached Cadet-School, eneral Headquarters).Willett, Major F. W. B.Cameron, Major J. S.Villiers, Major E. ., .S.O.Blakeney, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)H. E. H.Hobbs, Second Lieutenant E. .Jarvis, No. 8382 Private H. (killed).Ramsbotham, Lieutenant G. B., Special Reserve(killed).ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE).Fazan, Captain E. A. C.Plews, Quartermaster and Honorary Lieutenant H.

Page 44

ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Osborn, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) W. L., Royal Sussex Regiment.Birkett, Captain (temporary Major) . M.,Royal Sussex Regiment.Woodhams, Temporary Captain G.Sutton, Temporary Lieutenant E. G.Nutley, No. 254 Company Serjeant-Major A.Jones, No. 4746 Serjeant .Glasgow, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) A. E., Royal Sussex Regiment.FitzHugh, Temporary Captain V. M.Meade, Temporary Captain H. W.Lott, emporary Lieutenant H. C.Godwin, Temporary Lieutenant E. T. H.

HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT.Ward, Second Lieutenant E. (attachedMachine Gun School).Wyld, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)J. W. F.Dale, Temporary Second Lieutenant F. J.Goodford, Second Lieutenant C. J. H.Harding, Second Lieutenant H. G.Hume, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) H. N.May, .Second Lieutenant H. W. M., SpecialReserve.Stevens, Second Lieutenant A. E. (died ofwounds).Lee, No. 3/4335 Serjeant S.Paice, No. 8130 Serjeant J. J.Wheeler, No. 8504 Company Quartermaster-Serjeant H. L.Rodocanachi, Second Lieutenant T. E., SpecialReserve.Smith, Second Lieutenant M. T., Special Reserve.

SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT.Naylor, Captain R. F. B.Ovens, Lieutenant-Colonel R. M., C.M.G.Duckworth, Major R.Green, Captain C. H.Limbery, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)C. R.MacGeorge, Lieutenant temporary Captain)H. W. (killed).Bell, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)E.Lee, Second Lieutenant A. W.Bradbury, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantS.Snape, No. 4875 Regimental Serjeant-Major J.Jordon, No. 9853 Serjeant . .Thome, No. 8237 Serjeant F.Wilcox, No. 8939 Acting Serjeant A.Wright, No. 8112 Serjeant J.Clarke, No. 6596 Serjeant F.Rankin, No. 7334 Serjeant R.Shepherd, No. 770 Corporal G.Vincent, No. 9314 Corporal W.Chatwin, No. 10501 Corporal E.Williams, o. 7403 Corporal J.Monger, No. 10410 Lanoe-Corporal H.Turner, No. 8981 Lance-Corporal F.Cooper, No. 15299 Private G.Cooper, No. 8958 Private H.McHale, No. 0609 Private J.Milner, No. 8500 Private C.Neville, No. 7511 Bandsman W.Price, No. 158 Private W.Winchester, No. 8549 Drummer E.Davidson, Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) C. S., C.B.Boyd-Moss, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel L. B.Routledge, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel P. C. L.(killed).Morgan, MajorR. W.de Hamel, Lieutenant ., pecial Reserve.Carter, Second Lieutenant W. H.Hind, Second Lieutenant C. R., pecial Reserve.Williams, Second Lieutenant D. M.Wilkes, No. 6062 Serjeant T.Green, No. 6285 Private J.Taylor, Second Lieutenant B. R.Gibson, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)R. B., Special Reserve.Macfie, Second Lieutenant C. W., Special Reserve(killed).SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT(TERRITORIAL FORCE).Raymer, Temporary Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) R. R.Burnett Major W.Lister, Captain C.Hawkes, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)H.Waterhouse, Lieutenant-Colonel T. F.Mander, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)H. V.Smith, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)G. H.SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALION).Going, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)G. N., Reserve of Officers.Bird, No. 8/13211 Serjeant H. S.Baker, o. 8/13641 Lance-Corporal D.

DORSETSHIRE REGIMENT.Algeo, Captain W. B. Adjutant, CambridgeshireRegiment).Rolls, Captain S. P. A.Agelasto, Second Lieutenant A.Kestall-Cornish, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) R. V.Mansel-leydell, Second Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) H. G. M.Alderman, Quartermaster and onorary LieutenantW.Bray, No. 9610 Serjeant W. J.Smith, No. 8074 Serjeant A. E.Janaway, No. 8040 Lance-Serjeant A. E.Haggett, No. 9822 Acting Corporal W. J.Whitaker, Lieutenant C. P., Special Reserve.Bessell, Second Lieutenant J., Special Reserve.Lewis, Second Lieutenant N. J., SpecialReserve.Turner, Second Lieutenant M. ., Special'.Reserve.DORSETSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALION).Rowley, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) C. A., D.S.O., Reserve of Officers.Broad, emporary Lieutenant A. E.MacMullen, No. 12428 Company Serjeant-Major J. A. W.

Page 45

SOUTH LANCASHIRE REGIMENT.Gasson, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) C. J.Muhlig, Lieutenant J.Cotton, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) H. T.Bagley, Captain F. A. (died of wounds).Gates, Second Lieutenant A. W., SpecialReserve.Poundall, Temporary Second LieutenantW. A. L.Strickland, emporary Second LieutenantJ. E. T.Thompson, Temporary Second Liuetenant(temporary Lieutenant) C.Rushworth, No. 2173 Corporal S.Roden, No. 7713 Lance-Corporal C.Curran, N. 10275 Private H.Humphries, No. 2098 Private H.Tubrity, No. 10644 Private P.SOUTH LANCASHIRE REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE).Fairclough, Lieutenant-Colonel B.Crosfield, Major G. R.Fairclough, Captain Egerton.Barnish, Second Lieutenant F. J.Frith, Second Lieutenant J. S.Quint, Second Lieutenant S. T.Ingram, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantG. H.Creamer, No. 2095 Serjeant . .Widd, No. 2515 Serjeant T.Vale, No. 2328 Corporal J. A.Clark, No. 2175 Private.Harding, No. 2149 Private G.Pilkington, Lieutenant-Colonel L. E.Dickinson, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) J.H.Hammill, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)L.Doolan, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantE. ,Clarke, No. 2514 Private . H.Lynn, No. 2240 Private J. E. (died ofwounds).

THE WELSH REGIMENT.Dickinson, Captain D. P.Holley, No. 921 Acting Serjeant-Major A. E.Toke, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)R. T.Owen, Lieutenant! (temporary Captain) W.Monk, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) G. P.deB.Bryan, Lieutenant temporary Captain) E. W.Holt, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantA.Gallop, o1. 160 Company Serjeant-Major E.Hewett, Lieutenant W. G.Cripps, LieutenantB. U. S.Dunn, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) B. M.Hampton, No. 4683 Regimental Serjeant-Major C. S.

ROYAL HIGHLANDERS.Chalmer, Captain F. G.Fortune, Brevet Major V. M.Evans, Major L. P., D.S.O.Green, Major W.Millar, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) J.Wanliss, Lieutenant A.Fowler, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantW.Brown, No. 1242 Acting Serjeant JohnMcMillan, No. 852 Corporal J.Morison, No. 3/3620 Private W.Scully, No. 3/3211 Private J.Valentine, No. 3/2725 Private J.Buchan, Second Lieutenant J. I., D.S.O.Park, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) . E.,D.S.O.McMicking, Lieutenant N.Sutherland, Captain A. H. C.Anderson, Quartermaster and HonoraryLieutenant J.Large, No. 2169 Serjeant Drummer (LocalSerjeant-Major) H. R. (employed with MilitaryMounted Police).Rodman, No. 776 Lance-Corporal A.Telford, No. 1246 Private (Local Serjeant) H.(employed with ilitary Mounted Police).Gunn, Second Lieutenant M. S., Special Reserve.Macfarlane, Lieutenant R., Special Reserve.ROYAL HIGHLANDERS (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Mclntyre, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)R. W.Stevenson, Second Lieutenant temporaryLieutenant) T.Charles, No. 9507 Regimental Serjeant-MajorW.McNab, Captain J. B.Grant, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)G. A.Kitson, Second Lieutenant F. N. E.Hall, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantA.Keen, No. 2406 Lance-Corporal W.Redford, No. 1629 Private A.Smart, No. 2607 Private D.Alexander, Captain (temporary Major) W.Durie, Captain J. A., Royal Highlanders.Innes, Captain .Ellis, Lieutenant R. B.Wrathall, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)W. P.Gibbs, No. 1928 Corporal W.Deane, No. 2092 Lance-Corporal F. W.Macdonald, o. 126 Piper A.Allen, Lieutenant-Colonel (local Colonel inArmy) H. M., D.S.O.Beveridge, Captain D.Fullerton-Carnegie, Second LieutenantG. D. H.Thomson, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)E. D. H.Lumsden, No. 125 Serjeant J.Dry lie, No. 2288 Lance-Corporal W.Halley, No. 2485 Lance-Corporal W.Birrell, No. 86445 Private (Acting Lance-Corporal)D. (killed).ROYAL HIGHLANDERS (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Sempill, Honorary Colonel J. Lord, ighlandDivisional Transport and Supply Column,Army Service Corps (Captain, etired ay).Collins, Captain (temporary Major) J. G., Reserveof Officers.Duke, Temporary Captain R. N.

Page 46

Ewing, Captain J. L. S., Royal Highlanders.McClure, Temporary Captain G. B.Forrester, Temporary Second Lieutenant P. H.(died of wounds).Fairhurst, o. 3265 Private A.Lloyd, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)T. O., Reserve of Officers.Tuke, Temporary Captain C. S. (killed).Stewart, Captain (temporary Major) J., Reserveof Officers.Wilson, Temporary Lieutenant E. R.Henderson, No. S/6323 Serjeant .Boak, No. S/7977 Private G.Brown, No. S/4295 Lance-Corporal A.I/edlie, No. /4294 Lance-Corporal R.

OXFORDSHIRE AND BUCKINGHAMSHIRE LIGHTINFANTRY.Ballard, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) J. A.Bartlett, Captain A. J. N. (Adjutant, Oxfordshireand Buckinghamshire Light Infantry)(Territorial orce).Eden, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryLieutenant-Colonel) A. J. F.Higg'ins, Major C. G.Owen, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) R. M.Whitefeld, Lieutenant E. H.Field, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)G.Jacob, Temporary Lieutenant V. V., ServiceBattalion.Benford, No. 9234 Acting Serjeant H.Johnson, No. 249 Lance-Corporal W.Walter, No. 11960 Private T. R.Fowke, Lieutenant C. A. F., pecial Reserve.OXFORDSHIRE AND BUCKINGHAMSHIRE LIGHTINFANTRY TERRITORIAL FORCE).Ovey, Major R. L.Pickford, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) .Rose, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)G. K.Shurvell, No. 426 Serjeant A. J.Cook, No. 1733 Corporal A.Reid, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) N. S.Brown, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)A. D. B.Reeves, No. 1930 Lance-Corporal . .Tipping, No. 1432 Private F.OXFORDSHIRE AND BUCKINGHAMSHIRE LIGHTINFANTRY (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Cobb, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)C. H.Webb, Captain (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) W. F. R., 22nd Punjabis.Barwell, Temporary Captain N. F.Paget, Captain B. C. T., Oxfordshire andBuckinghamshire Light Infantry.Birch, Temporary Lieutenant W. R.Cupper, emporary Second Lieutenant H. J.Lee, Temporary Second Lieutenant L. S.Godfrey, o. 0889 Serjeant F.Hill, No. 10908 Serjeant C. A.Lockwood, No. 17844 Private H. W.White, Lieutenant-Colonel E. D.

ESSEX REGIMENT.Maitland, Captain A. E, Machine GunOfficer).Irwin, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)N. M. S.Spooner, Lieutenant W. P., Special Reserve.Couzens, No. 8592 Serjeant J. (killed).Couzens, No. 474 Serjeant W. R.Baudains, No. 9858 Lance-Corporal F. J.Gooch, No. 9910 Lance-Corporal F. J.Moss, No. 8682 Lance-Corporal C.Thompson, No. 8961 Lance-Corporal .Bion, Second Lieutenant K. N., Nottinghamshireand Derbyshire Regiment.Steel, Lieutenant F., Special Reserve.ESSEX REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Lewes, Major (temporary Lieutenant-ColonelC. G., Essex Regiment.Copeman, Major H. C., Reserve of Officers.Sievers, Temporary Captain N. .Spooner, Captain C. C., Essex Regiment.Brown, Temporary Lieutenant C. R.Short, o. 9009 Acting Lance-Serjeant E. W.Chilvers, No. 12440 Lance-Corporal E. J.(killed).Western, Temporary Captain F.Halsley, No. 15054 Private C. W.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE AND DERBYSHIRE REGIMENT.Collin, Captain E. N. . Adjutant, Nottinghamshireand Derbyshire Regiment (TerritorialForce)).Morley, Major . t. H.Foster, Captain R. T. (attached The LondonRegiment (Territorial Force)).Sherbrooke, Captain R. L.Chambers, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)C.Miller, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) A. T.Coman, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantF. . W.Morton, No. 7049 Serjeant-Major H.Sutton, No. 10113 Corporal F.Hobbs, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)C. J. W.Tower, Captain R. B.i Gleave, Lieutenant H. ., pecial Reserve.Walsh, Lieutenant G. P., Special Reserve(killed).Carter, Second Lieutenant H.Edwards, Second Lieutenant A. S.Palmer, Second Lieutenant R. (died ofwounds).Sephton, No. 6410 Company Serjeant-MajorJ.Allingham, No. 9782 Acting ompanyQuartermaster-Serjeant W.Kirk, No. 6729 Serjeant T. B.Johnson, No. 7321 Lance-Serjeant F.Messom, No. 9903 Corporal F..Mortimer, No. 6885 Lance-Corporal .Samson, No. 11340 Lance-Corporal W.Whibberley, No. 12165 Private C.Curtis, No. 1947 Private J. H.Street, Captain E. R., D.S.O., SpecialReserve.NOTTINGHAMSHIRE AND DERBYSHIREREGIMENT TERRITORIAL FORCE).Lewis, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)G. A.Wragg, Captain F. W.Jones, No. 1221 Serjeant A. L.

Page 47

Goodman, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) G. D.Robinson, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)V. O.Jackman, No. 508 Acting RegimentalSerjeant-Major H. H.Hamer, No. 939 Private J. E.Birkin, Lieutenant-Colonel C. W.Hind, Captain (temporary Major) L. A.Gotch, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)R. M.Walton, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)H. H.Warren, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)J. C.Webster, Second Lieutenant N. E.Herod, No. 247 Company Serjeant-MajorJ. W.Cooke, No. 1791 Corporal G.Mills, No. 1366 Serjeant R.Banks, No. 2382 Private E.Fowler, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)G. H. (killed).Becher, Captain (temporary Major) J. P.,D.S.O.Ashwell, Lieutenant (temporary Major) A. L.Hacking, Second Lieutenant temporary Lieutenant)A.James, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)E. C. A.Vann, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)B. W.Gates, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)J. S. C.Phillipson, No. 8 Serjeant A.Templeman, No. 1508 Corporal J. T.Grantham, No. 2255 Private E.Holland, No. 2060 Private F.NOTTINGHAMSHIRE AND DERBYSHIRE REGIMENT(SERVICE BATTALION) .Banbury, Lieutenant-Colonel W. E., IndianArmy.Meads, Temporary Lieutenant J. A.Wyld, No. 14996 Corporal C. G.Johnston, No. 17375 Lance-Corporal E. H.Hollingsworth, No. 12556 Private A.Morgan, No. 14796 Private E.

LOYAL NORTH LANCASHIRE REGIMENT.Sanderson, Lieutenant-Colonel W. D.Carter, Major A. J., D.S.O. (killed).Allen, Captain J. F. (killed).Colley, Captain A. W.Prince, Captain A. L. killed).Lucey, Captain S. T.Garden, Captain D. H., East Kent Regiment,Special Reserve.Haymen, Lieutenant E. W. P., East KentRegiment.Thompson, No. 5115 ompany Serjeant-Major.Cockerell, No. 6964 Serjeant J. J.Cully, No. 9136 Serjeant E.Durkin, No. 7849 Serjeant-Drummer J.Hardman, No. 1652 Serjeant J.Roberts, No. 855 Serjeant H. R.Whittaker, No. 7927 Serjeant C. W.Mossford, No. 3411 Acting Serjeant F.Burge, 9501 Lance-Serjeant F.Rigby, 10461 Lance-Corporal G.Jones, 8612 Lance-Corporal J.Nicholls, 9939 Lance-Corporal C. S.Puttrell, 8877 Lance-Corporal C. .Finlinson, 8143 Private J.McDermott, 6203 Private J.Henderson, Captain V. L., pecial Reserve.LOYAL NORTH LANCASHIRE REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE).Lindsay, Second Lieutenant H.Parker, Second Lieutenant .Hesketh, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) G.Potter, Captain (temporary Major) . K.Read, Captain P. A. O.Chronnell, Second Lieutenant H.Parker, No. 430 Company Serjeant-Major W.Ball, No. 415 Serjeant J. T.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE REGIMENT.Dobbin, Major (tempoiary Lieutenant-Colonel) L. G. W.Royston-Pigott, Major G. A.Bentley, Captain G. M. (died of wounds).Buckle, Captain C. G.Jervois,Lieutenant (temporary Captain) W. J.Pitcher, Lieutenant H. F.Hofman, uartermaster and HonoraryLieutenant A.Tebbutt, No. 9824 Private B.Mo watt, Major . R. J.Haldane, Captain (temporary Major) L. A.Latham, Captain S. G., Special Reserve.Parker, Lieutenant O. K.Rushton, Lieutenant E. B. L.Mayes, Quartermaster nd onorary LieutenantR.Lee, No. 5875 Serjeant-Major G.Drage, No. 8140 Company Serjeant-Major A.Foster, No. 8771 Serjeant A.Clarke, No. 5760 Lance-Corporal.Mullerhausen, No. 12641 Private A. G.NORTHAMPTONSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Alston, Major E. A. B., NorthamptonshireRegiment.Butler, Temporary Captain F. W.Pickering, Lieutenant temporary Captain)A. C., Northamptonshire Regiment.Colver, No. 3/11010 Acting ompany Quartermaster-Serjeant G.Ripley, Honorary Colonel G. E. (late 4th attalion).Beacham, Second Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) R. W., West Yorkshire REGIMENT.

ROYAL BERKSHIRE REGIMENT.Sharpe, Captain A. G. M.Bird, Captain temporary Major) L. W.Allfrey, Captain E. M.Frizell, Captain C. W.Radford, Captain . C., D.S.O. (killed).Woods, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) J. H.Jerwood, Temporary Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) E. L.Ward, Lieutenant D. E., Special Reserve.Colbourne, Second Lieutenant E. K., SpecialReserve (died of wounds).Crutch, o. 5503 Serjeant H. 'Harris, No. 9480 Serjeant J.Gurney, No. 7585 Lance-Corporal B. .Combley, No. 9792 Private P. W.Sparrow, No. 8777 Private W.

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Hunt, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)G. P. S.Sawyer, Captain G. H.Paine, Temporary Second Lieutenant G. G.Russell, Temporary Second Lieutenant B.West, Lieutenant N.Lickman, Quartermaster and Honorary CaptainH. S.Vockins, No. 6323 Serjeant Acting CompanySerjeant-Major) F.Pearce, No. 8037 Serjeant F.ROYAL BERKSHIRE REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE).Pearce-Serocold, Brevet Colonel C.Battcock, Captain G. A.Ghallenor, Lieutenant O. B.Gathorne-Hardy, Second Lieutenant temporaryLieutenant) G. M.Hanney, No. 6493 Company Serjeant-Major(Acting Serjeant-Major) W. C.Collyer, No. 899 Corporal H. G.ROYAL BERKSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Pollard, Temporary Lieutenant R. T.(killed).Histead, No. 10563 Lance-Corporal A.Perris, No. 10286 Private L. W.ROYAL BERKSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Dowell, Lieutenant-Colonel A. J. W.Hewetson, Temporary Captain W. P.Thomas, No. 12487 Serjeant G. H.Tosetti, Temporary Captain D.Lawrence, Temporary Second Lieutenant . .

ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT.Johnstone, Captain B. (Adjutant, Royal arwickshire"Regiment (Territorial Force)).Robinson, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel temporaryBrigadier-General) P. M., C.M.G.Buchanan Dunlop, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) H. D., D.S.O.Norman, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) E. .Rogers, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantH. G.-White, Major R. L.Hissey, No. 68 Private J.Newell, No. 10370 Private H,Lewis, Captain S. H., Special Reserve.ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Venables, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) E. F., Reserve of Officers.Beeching, Temporary Major H. C. W.Francis, Temporary Captain A. B. C.Wingfield-Stratford, Captain G. E., RoyalWest Kent Regiment.Carre, Temporary Second Lieutenant M. H.Mills, uartermaster and Honorary LieutenantE.Allen, No. 557 Serjeant-Major G.Mitchell, o. 105 Serjeant A.Tutt, No. 318 Corporal G.Baker, No. 492 Lance-Corporal E.Norburn, o. 770 Lance-Corporal W. E.Linge, No. 518 Private J.Perrin, No. 869 Private A.Prior, Brevet-Colonel A. W., retired pay.McKenzie, Temporary Lieutenant B.Tillie, emporary Lieutenant W. K.Don, Temporary Second Lieutenant V. G.Scarratt, No. 2871 Private .

KING'S OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY.Barker, Major E. F. W.Agg, Major . . G.Jervois, Captain J. A. (Adjutant).Mallinson, Major H., D.S.O.Brasier, uartermaster nd Honorary CaptainJ. C.Knight, No. 6224 Regimental QuartermasterSerjeant H. J.Setterfield, No. 8393 Lance-Serjeant (ActingCompany Serjeant-Major) F. G.Hill, o. 626 Corporal R.Withycombe, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) W. ., .M.G.Buckle, Captain C. S., Reserve of Officers.Day, Captain M. F.King, Captain C. . .Oxspring, Lieutenant R., Special Reserve.Bentham, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantA. E.Holding, No. 6758 Corporal A.KING'S OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT NFANTRY(TERRITORIAL FORCE).Haslegrave, Lieutenant-Colonel H. J.Moorhouse, Major H.Chadwick, Captain A. C. (killed).Creswi¯¯k, Llieutenan/t (temporary Captain)W. B.Kaye, Captain H. S., Yorkshire Light Infantry.Taylor, Captain L. M.Stafford, No. 221 Quartermaster-Serjeant H.Grice, No. 53 Company Serjeant-Major J.Jones, No. 53 Company Serjeant-Major W.McKay, No. 423 Company Serjeant-MajorF. W.Pollard, No. 2408 Company Serjeant-Major E.Shippam, No. 2599 Serjeant S. P.Pearson, No. 2511 Lance-Corporal E.Chappel, No. 2436 Private T.Punyer, No. 2469 Private A.Smith, No. 2275 Private J.Moxon, Lieutenant-Colonel . .Bradley, Major C. G.Mackenzie, Captain T. G.Sullivan, Captain G. K., Yorkshire ightInfantry (Adjutant).Clayton-Smith, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) H. . .Suthers, No. 54 Company Serjeant-Major R.Hall, No. 2945 Private G.Parr, No. 2670 Private A.KING'S OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY(SERVICE BATTALIONS).Shearwood, Temporary Quartermaster andHonorary Lieutenant T.Else, Temporary Lieutenant F.Evans, No. 12965 Serjeant J. T.Lawton, No. 16164 Private L.Lynch, Captain (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) C. W. D., Reserve of Officers.

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Butler, Captain C. K., Yorkshire LightInfantry.Greenwood, Temporary Captain H.Richardson, Temporary Lieutenant A. N.Yeo, Temporary Lieutenant H. E.Nott, Temporary Second Lieutenant E. R.Dale, Temporary Captain A. M.Meade, emporary Second Lieutenant A. de C.

SHROPSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY.Luard, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)E. B., D.S.O.Bryans, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) .Marriott, Lieutenant R. H.Skirving, No. 6597 Regimental Serjeant-Major J.Blud, No. 527 Serjeant J.Coton, No. 10106 Private J. T.Hyson, No. 8566 Private W. A.Bailey, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)J. H.Hallowes, Lieutenant J. W.Steer, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)H. E.Turner, Temporary Second Lieutenant H. K.Hirst, o. 9483 Serjeant G.Fletcher, No. 9377 Serjeant T.Jones, No. 9571 Corporal F. W.Meredith, No. 9305 Lance-Corporal W. A.(killed).Cowles, No. 6061 Private A. E.Openshaw, No. 5822 Private W.SHROPSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY (SERVICEBATTALION) .Cowper, No. 11376 Lance-Serjeant C. F.Morris, No. 0617 Lance-Corporal G.King, No. 11495 Lance-Corporal A.Crawshaw, No. 16044 Private J.Lloyd, No. 6446 Private R.Lloyd, No. 11128 Private R.

MIDDLESEX REGIMENT.Blackwood, No. 4756 Acting Staff Serjeant-Major W.Rowley, Lieutenant-Colonel F. G. M., C.M.G.Ash, Major W. C. C.Warneford, Captain H. W. B.Paul, Lieutenant H. W. M.Hare, Temporary Second Lieutenant B. U.,Service attalion (killed).Henry, Temporary Second Lieutenant J. L.Hill, Temporary Second Lieutenant A. D.Bolton, No. 7210 Lance-Corporal J.Levett, No. 8830 Private C.Rough, o. 14482 Private W. S.Ramsay, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) F. W.Bicknell, Major H. P. F.Young, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) R. J.Wiemers, Quartermaster and onorary LieutenantH. A.Fane, No. 12007 Company Serjeant-MajorF. J.Shearstone, o. 4113 Acting RegimentalSerjeant-Major J.Green, No. 9367 Serjeant C. A.Court, No. 190 Private J. L.Neale, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)G. H. (killed).DGordon, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)A. D.Defries, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)F.Reddick, No. 5289 Acting RegimentalSerjeant-Major J. W. G. (killed).Everingham, No. 11356 Serjeant J.Ifold, No. 10932 Lance-Corporal J. M.Medway, No. 13420 Lance-Corporal T.Browne, No. 7971 Private A.Bridgman, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) G. A.Greenway, Major C. D. K., Reserve of Officers.Gilks, Temporary Second Lieutenant H. L.Hallowes, Temporary .Second LieutenantR. P.,V.C.Lepper, Second Lieutenant H. M.Potter, Captain H. W. M., pecial Reserve.Law, No. 13378 Serjeant C. (died of wounds).Wilkins, No. 10255 Acting Serjeant T.Remnant, No. 8821 Serjeant E. P.Chappell, No. 14433 Acting Corporal M.(killed).Simmons, No. 1541 Lance-Corporal W.Tandy, No. 12432 Lance-Corporal . R.Matthews, No. 662 Private J. E. (killed).MIDDLESEX REGIMENT TERRITORIAL FORCE.)King, Lieutenant-Colonel E. J.Bower, Captain G. A. H.Gillett, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) S. H.Ashby, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)C.Groser, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)A. G.Tait, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)G. B.Clarke, No. 898 Serjeant C. A.King, No. 730 Serjeant E. J.Reynolds, No. 1474 Lance-Serjeant C. F.Gregory, Major E. D. W.Chipp, Captain T. F.Woodbridge, Captain (temporary Major) A. H.Mills, No. 1540 Corporal .MIDDLESEX REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Ingle, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)W. D., Middlesex Regiment.Peploe, Temporary Captain H.Anderson, Temporary Second Lieutenant G. B.Leach, Temporary Second Lieutenant . O.Brown, No. 68 Serjeant A.Hagley, No. 233 Private H.Glover, Colonel R. F. B., .S.O., retired pay,Reserve Battalion, Royal Fusiliers.Scarborough, Captain M. C., iddlesex Regiment.Methuen, Temporary Lieutenant L. H.Pigache, Temporary Second Lieutenant G.Scott, Temporary Second Lieutenant E. C.

KING'S ROYAL RIFLE CORPS.Oppenheim, Captain A. C., D.S.O.Porter, Captain H. C. M.Shafto, Captain E. .Pearson, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)E. A., Special Reserve.Fane-de alis, Second Lieutenant E. W.Armytage, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) G. A.Denison, Captain E. B.Ferrand, Captain S. H.

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Page 50

Reid, Second Lieutenant T. ., Special Reserve.Dent, Second Lieutenant A. E.Goodwin, Temporary Second Lieutenant . A.S.Hall, Temporary Second Lieutenant L. E.Stafford, Second Lieutenant temporary Lieutenant)R. S. H., Special Reserve.Floater, No. 848 Company Serjeant-MajorG. H.Robinson, No. 7387 Lanoe-Cbrporal L.Smith, No. R/10944 Lance-Corporal H. V.Alderson, No. 5954 Private L.Bryant, No. 10946 Private E. R.Teahan, No.6/1322 Private G.Todd, No. 7259 Private J. H.Pearce Serocold, Brevet Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) E.Warre, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel H. C.,D.S.O.Heseltine, Major J. E. N.Currie, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)P. J. R.Upton, Captain Hon. E. E. M. J. (killed).Bullen, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)R. E.Nash, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)L. C. (died of wounds).Symington, Second Lieutenant A. W.Little, No. R/439 Lance-Cbrporal A.Bostock, No. 8583 Lance-Corporal L.Long, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)W. J.Bircham, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) H. F. W., D.S.O.Maclachlan, Major A. F. C., D.S.O.Nicholson, Captain H. B., Reserve of Officers.Brocklehurst, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)A. H.Macdonald-Moreton, Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) N. C. H. (killed).O'Rorke, Second Lieutenant D. C.Watkins, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantA. C.Sands, No. 7862 Serjeant E. Meerut .SignalCompany), attached.Wheeler, No. 9317 Lance-Corporal W. L.Curtis, o. 9699 Lance-Corporal W. J.Nolan, No. 9393 Private J.Widdrington, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) B. F.Majendie, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) . J.Oxley, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) G. S.Watson, Major H. W. M.Morton, Second Lieutenant D.Poole, Second Lieutenant J. S.Wells, No. 8483 Company Serjeant-Major G.Gray, No. 7125 Serjeant V. H.Medhurst, No. 8473 Acting Serjeant T.Wilson, o. 8410 Corporal R.Brooks, No. 7130 Lance-Corporal W.Walker, No. 6900 Lance-Corporal H. W.Bowen, No. 9567 Private H.Heath, No. 10375 Private E.Keats, No. 160 Private G.Kitchen, No. 9514 Private E.KING'S ROYAL RIFLE CORPS (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Rennie, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)G. A. P., .S.O., Kings Royal Rifle Corps,de Sales La Terriere, Captain H. M. B., King'sRoyal ifle Corps.Wormald, Temporary Captain J.Houghton, No. 9422 Acting Serjeant G.Spears, No. 6903 Acting Serjeant G.Mead, No. A/478 Private A. H.Green, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)H. C. R., King's Royal Rifle Corps.Seymour, Major C. . N., King's Royal Rifle1Corps.Benson, Temporary Captain E. W.Christie, Temporary Captain J.Exell, Temporary Captain N. J. (died ofwounds).Mallalue, Temporary Captain .Dansey, Temporary Lieutenant F. G.Lacey, Temporary Second Lieutenant C. D.Kent, No. A/2051 Company Serjeant-Major J.Warren, No. R/5294 Serjeant E. F.Mitchell, No. R/2333 Lance-Corporal H.Knight, No. R/9891 Private E.Rickards, o. /1629 Private R.Smart, No. R/7127 Private G. E.Blacklock, Temporary Major C. A.Bell, Temporary Lieutenant R. de H. M.Allgood, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) W. H. L., Reserve of Officers.Drysdale, Temporary Second Lieutenant I. S.White, Temporary Lieutenant C. D.

WILTSHIRE REGIMENT.Knubley, Lieutenant temporary Captain) R.L., Special Reserve.Ogilvie, Temporary Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) S. S.George, Lieutenant G. E., Special Reserve.Barker-Mill, emporary Lieutenant J. H. V. 'Gregory, Second Lieutenant F. S., SpecialReserve.Feel, emporary Lieutenant E. T.Snelgar, Temporary Second Lieutenant J. T.Staples, No. 852 Lance-Corporal J. G.Dobson, No. 5333 Private C. H.Voyle, No. 797 Private W.Gillson, Major R. M. T.Makin, Major E. L., D.S.O.Legg, Second Lieutenant temporary Lieutenant)P. P.Sargeaunt, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)W. T., Special Reserve.Clark, Second Lieutenant J. H., SpecialReserve (killed).Hodgins, Second Lieutenant C. F. B. (killed).Samut, Temporary Lieutenant A. J.Schultz, Temporary Second Lieutenant L. E.(killed).Hounsell, No. 8332 Serjeant J.Williams, No. 8568 Corporal R. H.Collins, No. 7545 Lance-Corporal W. U.Ong, No. 10818 Private E.Stevens; No. 10582 Private E. J.Jones, Second Lieutenant J. G. C.? SpecialReserve.WILTSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALION).Trueman, emporary Lieutenant J. K. W.

MANCHESTER REGIMENT.Tewbigging, Brevet Lieutenant - ColonelW. P. E., D.S.O.

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Hitchins, Lieutenant-Colonel W. H. E.(killed).Ewen, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) G. T.,Special Reserve.Henderson, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)G. S.Shipster, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)W. N.Yeates, No. 4811 Serjeant (Acting Serjeant-Major) C.Worcester, No. 1138 Lance-Corporal J. H.Gwyther, Captain J. R., Special Reserve.Albrecht, Lieutenant V. A.Close-Brooks, Lieutenant (temporary Captain),Special Reserve. øHarrison, No. 968 ompany Serjeant-MajorJ.Thornycroft, Major C. M., Special Reserve.Gwyther, Captain . ., Special Reserve.Findlater, Second Lieutenant L., SpecialReserve.MANCHESTER REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALION).Harrison, Brevet Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) E. G., C.B., D.S.O.,retired pay.Ross, No. 4306 Serjeant C.Logan, No. 3913 Private P.

NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT.Conway, Major A. S.Pickering, Second Lieutenant H. C'., SpecialReserve (killed).Kirkland, No. 7449 Private T.Allen, Captain H. I.Fox, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)C. A. N., Special Reserve.Chew, Lieutenant G. D., Special Reserve.Jepson, Second Lieutenant Sidney, pecialReserve.NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT.(TERRITORIAL FORCE).Knight, Lieutenant - Colonel (HonoraryColonel) J. H.Campbell, Temporary Lieutenant A. J.Hand, No. 2635 Corporal J.Stone, No. 2601 Lance-Corporal J.Emony, o. 240 Private H.Ryles, No. 2181 Private W.Ratcliff, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) R. F.Bostock, Lieutenant H. T.NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT SERVICEBATTALION) .Wynne, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)R. F., Reserve of Officers.

YORK AND LANCASTER REGIMENT.Salmond, Major H. A. B.Bayley, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) G. E., D.S.O.Shaw, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) T. K.,Special Reserve.Buckley, Captain E., Special Reserve.Burge, Lieutenant . G.Bates, Second Lieutenant B. A., SpecialReserve.Sharpe, Second Lieutenant H.Sherriff, Second Lieutenant F. G.Cutts, No. 8936 Serjeant J.Clemson, Lieutenant - olonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) W. F., D.S.O.Cole-Hamilton, Captain H. A. W.Philby, Captain H. P., D.S.O.Wood, Captain R. P.Houston, Lieutenant F. N.Reid, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) J. A.Moore, Lieutenant E. H., Special Reserve.Aithwaite, No. 5963 Company SerjeantMajor M. J.Spink, No. 7459 ompany Serjeant-Major R.Gray, No. 7137 Serjeant J.Cameron, Captain A. C., Special Reserve.Forster, Captain (Honorary Major) J. E.,Special Reserve (killed).YORK AND ANCASTER REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE).Barber, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)H. G.Marsh, Captain J. L. (killed).Williams, Captain R. M., York and ancasterRegiment (Adjutant).Johnson, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)P. .Brooke, Second Lieutenant S.Tozer, Second Lieutenant (temporary. Lieutenant)W.Duggan, Quartermaster and Honorary MajorM. J.Deakin, No. 1647 uartermaster-SerjeantM. H.Skelton, No. 255 Serjeant P.Barlow, No. 144 Lance-Corporal J.Brown, No. 2206 Lance-Corporal C.Crow, No. 1484 Private R.Parkinson, Major T. W., York and LancasterRegiment (Adjutant).Johnson, Captain E. D. B.Monier-Williams, Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) C. V.Hess, Second Lieutenant temporary Lieutenant)J. M. L.Southern, Second Lieutenant V. G.Bellamy, No. 1101 Serjeant T. F.Carpenter, No. 848 Corporal A. L.Ford, No. 632 Lance-Corporal E.Brook, No. 2701 Private E.Fearn, No. 2295 Private A. B.Petty, No. 2286 Private H.Warriner, No. 1540 Private F.Wilde, No. 2317 Private J.YORK AND LANCASTER REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS) .Byass, Brevet-Colonel H. N., retired pay.Armstrong, Captain (temporary Major)W. McG., Reserve of Officers.Gilbert, emporary Captain H.Taylor, Captain (temporary Major) C. H.rretired pay.Binns, No. 0/17741 Private C. W.

DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY.Jeffreys, Major J. W.Green, Lieutenant C. H.Beadon, Second Lieutenant H. D., SpecialReserve.Goring-Jones, Lieutenant-Colonel M. D.Godsal, Captain W. H.Layng, Lieutenant T. M., 10th Jats.

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Briggs, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) L. S.Sopwith, Lieutenant G., pecial Reserve.Wiehe, Lieutenant G. I.Cartwright, Second Lieutenant J. D. (killed).Storey, Temporary Second Lieutenant K.Watson, No. 6402 Serjeant-Major J.Pickering, No. 11532 Serjeant H.Temple, No. 10497 Serjeant T.Fairbairn, No. 8317 Corporal T.Riley, No. 11602 Corporal W. (killed).Pratt, No. 11429 Corporal N.Hunton, o. 9235 Lance-Corporal T.Hudson, No. 7991 Private H.McGurk, No. 12635 Private J.Tynan, No. 8670 Private J.DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY (TERRITORIALFORCE).Spence, Lieutenant-Colonel G. O.Gloag, Lieutenant temporary Captain) V. F.Wilson, Captain H. R.Wood, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) .,D.S.O.Moscrop, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) W. N. J.Brown, No. 1312 Serjeant N. E.Wilkes, No. 2274 Serjeant J.Cant, No. 2762 Lance-Corporal T.Bezant, o. 417 Private E. A.Clark, No. 1370 Private W.Flitcroft, No. 3263 Private W. F.Gill, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)W. P.Heslop, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)T. B.Vaux, Lieutenant-Colonel E., D.S.O.Cars well-Hunt, Second Lieutenant temporaryMajor) W. D.Tweddle, No. 2612 Corporal J.Turnbull, Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel J.Bradford, Captain T. A.Ritson, Captain J. A. S.Johnson, Lieutenant .Stokoe, No. 1875 Lance-Corporal T.Henderson, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) A.Hebron, Captain A. F.Dryden, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)E.Abraham, Second Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) E. A.Carr, No. 2486 Lance-Corporal J. W.DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Wyllie, Captain W. T., Durham Light Infantry.Pumphrey, emporary Lieutenant C. E.Cherry, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantJ. P.Laverick, No. 12398 Lance-Corporal W.Anderson, No. 13430 Private D.Taylor, o. 2417 Private J. W.White, Temporary Captain G.Stringfellow, Temporary Lieutenant . .Handy, No. 13742 Serjeant E.Babbage, Temporary Captain A. E.Brass, No. 14565 Acting Serjeant P.Lauder, No. 14398 Private A.Laing, No. 19215 Private T.

HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY.Hill, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) E. R.Stewart, Captain W. P.Cowan, Lieutenant J. R.Murray-Lyon, Captain . .Stevens, Quartermaster and Honorary CaptainA.Maloy, No. 10902 Bugler P.Wolfe-urray, Lieutenant-Colonel A. A.,C.B.Hooper, Captain C. W. (killed).Wallace, Captain . J. (Adjutant).Crossley, Second Lieutenant B. (Special Reserve)(killed).Whitson, Lieutenant H. W. (killed).McCulloch, Second Lieutenant H.Medley, Second Lieutenant . A. (SpecialReserve).Taylor, Quartermaster and Honorary CaptainJ. E.Hauxwell, No. 688 Company Quartermaster-Serjeant (Acting Serjeant-Major) A.Dearie, No. 9963 Serjeant R.Higgins, No. 7311 Private P.Marchant, No. 9948 Private J.Tyler, Lieutenant . A. F., Special Reserve.HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY (TERRITORIALFORCE).Murray, Lieutenant-Colonel C. C., C.M.G.Bock, Major H. . .Acklom, Captain S., Highland Light Infantry(Adjutant).Todd, Captain W. M.Wing'ate, Captain G.Glen, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)J. K. T.Clark, uartermaster and Honorary LieutenantA. W.Hay, No. 2169 Lance-Serjeant J. M.Reid, o. 2306 Lance-Corporal R. C.Brown, No. 2402 Private A. J.Burton, No. 2266 Private . M.HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Grahame, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) J. C., D.S.O., Highland LightInfantry.Stuart, Captain temporary Major) H. C.,D.S.O., Reserve of Officers.Whitehead, Captain (temporary Major) C. H.T., 56th Rifles (killed).de Berry, Captain H. G. N., Reserve of Officers.Reid, Temporary Captain J. (killed).McKinlay, Temporary Second LieutenantJ. A.Liddiard, No. 10614 Serjeant E. J.Liddiard, No. 11612 Serjeant F. L.Fergusson, Lieutenant-Colonel H. C., Argylland Sutherland Highlanders, Special Reserve.Andrews, Major C. E., Reserve of Officers.Ronald, Captain (temporary Major) . J.,D.S.O., Reserve of Officers.Forbes, Captain (temporary Major) R. F.,Highland ight Infantry.Nasmith, Temporary Captain R. (Adjutant).

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Lyle, Temporary Captain O.McSorley, No. 22000 Serjeant-Major F. W.Eves, No. 8542 Company Serjeant-Major E.Cumming, No. 19619 Serjeant J.Milroy, No. 19907 Serjeant J.Irvine, o. 254 Private W.Wilson, No. 19610 Private R.Purvis, Brevet Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) J. H., Reserve of Officers.Torrance, Temporary Captain P. W.Laird, Temporary Second Lieutenant G. S.MacNeil, Temporary Second Lieutenant . H.Watson, Temporary Second Lieutenant D. G.McNicol, No. 18973 Corporal A.

SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS.Doig, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)C. P.Forsyth, Captain F. R. G.Fowler, Captain Sir J. E., Bt. (Adjutant,Seaforth ighlanders, Territorial Force)(killed).Thornhill, Major J. E. (Adjutant, The LondonRegiment, Territorial Force).Anderson, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) I.Lindsay, Second Lieutenant D.Macrae, Quartermaster and onorary LieutenantJ.Barry, No. 412 Private W.Graham, No. 10058 Private D.Vandeleur, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) R. S., C.M.G.Alison, Captain G. N.Anderson, Captain F.Hopkinson, Captain J. O.Houldsworth, Second Lieutenant H. W.Macculloch, Second Lieutenant S. H.Rawstorne, Second Lieutenant . .Dunton, No. 5719 Serjeant-Major A. N.Sutherland, No. 9390 Serjeant (ActingSerjeant (Acting Serjeant-Major) A.Stewart, No. 8099 Acting Corporal R.Rigby, Captain F. J. (Special Reserve).SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS TERRITORIALFORCE).Fraser, Second Lieutenant (temporary- Lieutenant)L.Lawrence, No. 3486 Drummer E. F.SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS SERVICEBATTALIONS).Gaisford, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) W. T., eaforth Highlanders(killed).Fraser, Captain F. W. I. V., Seaforth Highlanders.Henderson, Temporary Captain W. T.McLeod, Quartermaster and onorary Lieutenant(temporary Captain) K. K., SeaforthHighlanders.Green, emporary Lieutenant G. H. W.Allan, Temporary Quartermaster and HonoraryLieutenant J.Taylor, o. 10702 Serjeant J.Cropper, No. 5117 Lance-Corporal T.Niccols, No. 7539 Private .Wallace, No. 1966 Private H.Thomson, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) N. A., eaforth Highlanders."Strang, Temporary Captain D. W. P.Fergusson, Temporary Lieutenant E. K. O.Fraser, No. 9294 Acting Company Serjeant-Major A. H.Eaglesham, o. 2626, Acting Serjeant M.Edwards, No. 2783 Acting Serjeant F.O'Donnell, No. 633 Acting Lance-Serjeant J.Fetherstonhaugh, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) T., Reserve of Officers.Allen, Temporary Captain H. T. (died ofwounds).Sharp, emporary Captain S. F.Anderson, No. 9185 Company Serjeant-MajorT.Henderson, No. 4423 Corporal D.Barnicle, No. 5691 Corporal C.Isbister, No. 7307 Private J. (died of ounds).Paterson, No. 1459 Private C.

GORDON HIGHLANDERS.Brown, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)P. W.Fraser, Captain Hon. W.Morrison, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)W.Davidson, Second Lieutenant A. R.Horsley, emporary Second Lieutenant O.Thorn, Temporary Second Lieutenant A.M.MacLennan, Quartermaster and HonoraryCaptain J. W.Cowe, No. 3/6779 Private .Everet, No. 9765 Private J. (killed).Gordon, Lieutenant-Colonel A. F., C.M.G.,D.S.O.Stansfeld, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) J. R. E., D.S.O. (died f wounds).Ross, Captain H. A., D.S.O.Carr, Captain L. (Adjutant).Mactavish, Captain ., Special Reserve.Gordon, Lieutenant G. H., Special Reserve.Scoones, Temporary Second Lieutenant T. C.Mackie, Quartermaster and Honorary CaptainJ.Gordon, No. 462 Company Serjeant-Major L.Lawrence, No. 6401 Company Serjeant-MajorT.Macdonald, No. 9845 Company Serjeant-Major J.Blacker, No. 9832 Corporal .Keys, No. 9354 Lance-Corporal H.Gilchrist, No. 9431 Private W.Kelly, No. 10600 Private E.Lawson, No. 9878 Private W.Munro, No. 8699 Piper H.Nimmo, No. S. 8111 Private D.Smith, No. 6868 Private G.Dinwiddie, Captain M., Special Reserve.Monteith, Captain G. M., Special Reserve.GORDON HIGHLANDERS TERRITORIAL FORCE).Lyon, Captain (temporary Major) A.Down, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)N. C. S.Bain, Second Lieutenant F. W.Geddes, emporary Second Lieutenant G. P.,Service Battalion.Waddell, Second Lieutenant D. .Allardyce, No. 2029 Serjeant A. (killed).Forrest, No. 51 Serjeant W.McLean, No. 155 Private D.

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McDonald, Captain (temporary Major) S.Low, Lieutenant temporary Captain) J. L.Jack, Second Lieutenant M. M.Marr, Quartermaster and onorary LieutenantJ.Dickie, No. 2275 Serjeant CTaylor,No. 838 Serjeant J. S.Stuart, o. 2350 Corporal J.Macqueen, Temporary Lieutenant - ColonelJ. E. (killed).Newson, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)W. H.Petrie-Hay, Second Lieutenant temporaryLieutenant) A. G.Henderson, Second Lieutenant T. A.Scott, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)J.Forbes, No. 10528 Company Serjeant-Major J.Alexander, No. ]306 Serjeant E.Archibald, No. 1588 Serjeant A.Chree, No. 801 Private J.Elder, No. 11060 Private J.Morrison, No. 1093 Private W.Stuart, No. 1230 Private J.Bower, Lieutenant-Colonel G. H.Bruce, Major R.Ross, Second Lieutenant temporary Lieutenant)R.Kennington, Quartermaster and HonoraryLieutenant A. J.Donald, No. 613 Private A.Lees, No. 537 Private A.Reid, No. 614 Private G. A.GORDON HIGHLANDERS (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Wright, Brevet Colonel ., D.S.O., RetiredPay.Cumine, Captain (temporary Major) G. J. G.,Reserve of Officers.MacLeod, Captain (temporary Major) D.,D.S.O., Reserve of Officers.Adamson, Temporary Captain J. E., D.S.O.Bovey, Temporary Lieutenant Q. . D.Maxwell, Captain W. G., Gordon Highlanders.Burney, Temporary Lieutenant G. . died ofwounds.Drummond, Quartermaster and HonoraryLieutenant W.Marquis, No. /3160 Serjeant E.Gray, No. S/1793 Lance-Serjeant R. G.Sellar, No. S/2084 Corporal .McLean, No. S/5743 Lance-Corporal A.Mooney, No. S/1945 Private D.Scott, Brevet olonel W. A., C.B., RetiredPay.Gordon, Temporary Major E. H. H.MacGregor, Captain temporary Major) W.W., Reserve of Officers.MacWhirter, Temporary Captain T.Wallace, Temporary "Lieutenant-Colonel H. R.Longman, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)H. K., Reserve of Officers.Boyd, Temporary Second Lieutenant P. B.Gordon, emporary Second Lieutenant F. W.Husband, Temporary Second Lieutenant J. S.Robertson, Temporary Second LieutenantL. G.Wood, Temporary Second Lieutenant . B.Rodger, No. 3/7202 Company Serjeant-MajorJ.Young, No. S/5658 Company Serjeant-MajorJ.Young, No. S/5350 Serjeant A. J.

CAMERON HIGHLANDERS.Dudgeon, Captain R. M. (Adjutant, RoyalScots, Territorial Force).Cobban, No. 6819 Private J.Graeme, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) L. .Pringle, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) J.Fraser, Second Lieutenant Andrew.Mclntyre, Second Lieutenant E.Pollock, No. 11301 Serjeant D.McLachlan, Lieutenant-Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) J. D.McCall, Captain R. L.Lampson, Captain A. C.Fraser, Second Lieutenant Alexander.Fraser, No. 4346 Regimental Serjeant-MajorE.Draper, No. 3642 Company Serjeant-Major G.Fraser, No. 7237 ompany Serjeant-MajorG. S.Patton-Bethune, Captain C. L., Special Reserve.Campbell, Captain C. C. K., Special Reserve.Martin, Second Lieutenant N., pecial Reserve.Mills, Lieutenant C. M., Special Reserve.CAMERON IGHLANDERS TERRITORIAL FORCE).Fraser, Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel A.(killed).Duff, Major . B., Cameron Highlanders(Adjutant).Campbell, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) J.MacPherson, Second Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) J. D.McErlich, Temporary Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) R.Laughton, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) . .Roemmele, Second Lieutenant M.Lockie, Quartermaster and Honorary Major J.Ross, o. 402 Company Serjeant-Major W.(killed).Jenkins, No. 2224 Corporal W. F.McPherson, No. 1268 Corporal D.Reid, No. 1722 Lance-Corporal A.Macpherson, o. 1767 Private W.CAMERON HIGHLANDERS (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Cameron of Lochiel, Lieutenant-Colonel D. W.,Special Reserve.Archdall, Major N. J. M., Special Reserve.Brown, Captain and Brevet Major temporaryMajor) H. R.Drew, Captain J. S., Cameron Highlanders(Adjutant).Macdonald, Temporary Lieutenant J.Cameron, Quartermaster nd Honorary LieutenantD.Drever, No. 10631 Serjeant C. M.Gilchrist, No. 10316 Lance-Corporal J.(killed).Muir, No. 14502 Private D. H.Paterson, No. 11828 Private G.Robertson, No. 14525 Private G. M.Christison, Temporary Lieutenant A. F. P.Rowan, Temporary Lieutenant H. B.Watson, Temporary Second Lieutenant D. C.H.Wilson, Temporary Second Lieutenant J.

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Clapperton, No. 12861 Serjeant .Porter, No. 6077 Serjeant J.Sandilands, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) J. W., .S.O., Cameron Highlanders.Stuart, Temporary Lieutenant W. G. S.Anderson, emporary Second LieutenantR. R.Adam, No. 12321 Company Serjeant-Major D.

ROYAL IRISH RIFLES.Merriman, Major A. D. N.Newport, Captain C. J.Workman, Lieutenant F., Special Reserve.Panter, Second Lieutenant G. W.Edwards, uartermaster and Honorary LieutenantG. W.Wakefield, Lieutenant C. J.Eales, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)C. H. H., Indian Army.Kertland, Lieutenant E. B., Royal Irish Fusiliers,Special Reserve.O'Lone, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)R. J. (killed).Coleman, No. 8078 Acting Serjeant J.Quinn, No. 9285 Serjeant .Humpson, No. 9114 Corporal P.Harbinson, No. 5740 Lance-Corporal S.Lorimer, No. 066 Lance-Corporal D.Morley, No. 7332 Lance-Corporal C.Thompson, No. 9759 Lance-Corporal J.Lynskey, No. 7428 Private J.Mitchell, Ho. 4184 Private T. J.

ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS.Kentish, Major R. J.Burrowes, Lieutenant-Colonel A. R., C.M.G.Hill, Captain G. V. W.Penn, Captain P.Gough, Lieutenant G. F.Low, Lieutenant .Reeve, No. 7574 Company Serjeant-Major G.Pass, No. 8603 Bandsman E.Dobbs, Major R. C.Holmes, Major H. B.Orpen-Palmer, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) . . HMcCarthy O'Leary, Captain H. W. D.Cockburn, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)G. . G.Colhoun, Captain W. A., Special Reserve.Carroll, No. 7991 Company Serjeant-Major J.Dempsey, No. 8175 Serjeant C.McLoughlin, No. 9812 Private F.Welsh, No. 970 Private J.Brennan, Second Lieutenant R., SpecialReserve.Workman. Lieutenant ., Royal Irish Rifles,Special Reserve.

CONNAUGHT RANGERS.Deacon, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)H. R. G.Callaghan, Captain G. F.D'Arcy, Captain R., pecial Reserve.Foster, Captain T. F. V.Badham, Lieutenant L. C.Gorman, uartermaster and Honorary LieutenantJ. T.Whelan, No. 9122 Lance-Corporal (ActingCorporal) J.Brady, No. 10315 Private R.Kavanagh, Captain J. J., Special Reserve.Lyons, Second Lieutenant H. H.

ARGYLL AND SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS.Scott, Major J. C.Henderson, Lieutenant-Colonel H. L.Kirk, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel H. B.Neilson, Major W. G., D.S.O.Mackay, Captain J.Neill, Second Lieutenant J.Rome, Second Lieutenant S. G.Heatly, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantJ.Gilmour, No. 7374 Regimental Serjeant-MajorJames.Kerr, No. 10384 Serjeant Thomas.Gore, Lieutenant-Colonel R. C.Kennedy, Major J.Purves, Captain H. e B.Aitken, Lieutenant (temporary Captain^J. C. (killed).Buchanan, Lieutenant E. P.Walker, No. 5849 Serjeant-Major F. R.Ogilvie, No. 8148 Corporal J.Kennedy, No. 75, Acting Corporal R.Lynch, No. 8117 Lance-Corporal E.Bolton, Captain I. F. C.Lyle, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) P. Y.Erskine, Second Lieutenant T. B. temporaryCaptain (died of wounds).Sotheby, Second Lieutenant L. F. S. (killed).ARGYLL AND SUTHERLAND(TERRITORIAL FORCE).Carlyle, No. 162 iper W.Jones, Captain J. F.Scott, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) J. LI..,D.S.O.Stein, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) A.Butchart, Temporary Lieutenant S. F.Smith, No. 835 ompany Serjeant-Major G.Heddleston, No. 2025 Private A.Fraser-Campbell, Second Lieutenant (temporrary Lieutenant) A.Christie, Major G. J., D.S.O., temporary halfpay.Wright, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)W. G.Kirsop, Lieutenant temporary Captain}P. A.Dunbar, Second Lieutenant D. J.Crawford, No. 2341 Acting Corporal G.Barlas, No. 2075 Private W.Towie, No. 1746 Private T.Watson, No. 2838 Private H.ARGYLL AND SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS(SERVICE ATTALIONS).Mackenzie, Lieutenant-Colonel A. F., M.V.O,Muir, Major G. W.Beith, Temporary Captain J. H.Campbell, Captain W. G. (Adjutant).Macpherson, Major R. N.Cavendish, Temporary Captain R. V. C.

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Colville, Temporary Lieutenant N. R.Bunnett, No. 7179 Serjeant-Major H. T.Smith, No. 1461 Serjeant J.Debavsy, No. 7965 Lance-Corporal W.McNeill, Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel M.,D.S.O.Campbell, Temporary Major A. J.Bennett, Captain N. C.Cameron, emporary Second LieutenantJ. F. C.Davidson, Temporary Second Lieutenant C. R.Campbell, No. 5093 Serjeant M.McGovern, No. 3709 Private T.LEINSTER REGIMENT.Scott, Captain G-. B., Adjutant, The LondonRegiment (Territorial Force).Wakefield, Major H. G. R. (Cadet School,General Headquarters).Jones, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)B. J.Wildblood, Major E. H.McCormick, Second Lieutenant H.McEnroy, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) P.Otway, Lieutenant . F.Pemberton, Lieutenant A. J. M.Snelling, Lieutenant C. G.Brown, No. 7408 ompany Serjeant-Major H.Kennedy, No. 5246 Company Serjeant-MajorP.Mahon, o. 219 Company Serjeant-Major P.Kenny, No. 3677 Private J.Daly, Captain L. D.Murphy, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)A. D.Poole, Second Lieutenant T. H.Squire, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantH. O.Boyer, No. 7705 Company erieant-Major R.McNally, No. 7719 Corporal P.Locke, No. 8328 Private G.

ROYAL MUNSTER FUSILIERS.Cuffe, Major J. A. F.Filgate, Captain T. W. (died of wounds).Horsfall; Temporary Second LieutenantA. M. (presumed dead).Ingham, Captain J. P. M., D.S.O.O'Brien, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) J.Price, Second Lieutenant T. (missing).Jones, No. 6727 Regimental QuartermasterSerjeant R.Harte, No. 3497 Serjeant P.O'Donoghue, No. 5459 Serjeant A.Kavanagh, No. 5954 Corporal J.Barry, No. 10142 Private C.

ROYAL DUBLIN FUSILIERS.Tredennick, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) J. P.Carew, Captain R. J. H.Leahy, Captain T. J.Maclear, Captain B. (killed).Tarleton, Lieutenant G. W. B.Treacher, Lieutenant F.Ingoldby, Temporary Second Lieutenant R. H:Shanks, Second Lieutenant W. J.Brennan, No. 5610 Lance-Corporal T.Hayden, No. 9470 Private P.

RIFLE RIGADE.Buller, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)H. C., D.S.O.Lindsay, Major . .Micklem, Captain (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) J.Sladen, Captain (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) G. C.Webber, No. 6120 Farrier Quartermaster-Serjeant W.Seymour, Major W. W.Downes, Captain O. C., D.S.O.Morris, Captain T. H. P.Railston, Captain H. G. M., D.S.O.Gibbs, Second Lieutenant B. (killed).Birkbeck, Second Lieutenant R. I. V.Jackson, Second Lieutenant G. L.Scrase, No. 9879 Company Serjeant-MajorA.Bade, No. 4931 Serjeant F. G.Brooks, No. 3630 Corporal J. W.Wood, o. 7377 Private H.Nugent, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)F. H.Brand, Captain on. R.Chichester-Constable, Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) R. C. J.Roe, Captain F. E. ., Special Reserve.Gray, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)W. E.Alldridge, uartermaster and Honorary CaptainJ. H.Pionchon, No. 9992 Serjeant (Acting uartermaster-Serjeant) C. G. P.Bull, No. Z/154 Serjeant H. R.Garner, No. 2502 Corporal C. R.Pinnock, No. 2787 Corporal L.Davy, No. 4204 Private T.Meade Waldo, Major E. R.Pigot, Captain (temporary Major) R.Boscawen, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) TheHonourable M. T.Morgan-Grenville, Captain Hon. T. G. B.Skeggs, Lieutenant R. O.Cox, No. 1454 Company Serjeant-Major T.Vine, No. 815 Company Serjeant-Major W.Hearn, No. 2911 Serjeant W. H.Mash, No. 461 Serjeant W. J.Wright, No. 711 Serjeant F. W.Heritage, No. 3668 Acting Corporal J. W.Harrington, Major J., D.S.O.Wollaston, Major F. H. A.Collins, Captain R. L. H.Costobadie, Second Lieutenant H. C.Worthing, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantH. E.Jackson, No. 3808 Acting Serjeant W. J.Crowe, No. 3129 Acting Corporal H. C.Meads, No. 3264 Acting Corporal A.Hopkins, No. Z/1596 Private J.Vincent, No. 4607 Private H.Boyle, Lieutenant C. N. C. (attached SpecialReserve).Henderson, Second Lieutenant J. G. M.Ramsay-Fairfax-Lucy, Second LieutenantH. M.Haig, Major R., D.S.O.Law, Lieutenant H. (died of wounds).

If only they didn't make me work during the day.....

Heading towards the last lap.


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RIFLE BRIGADE (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Heriot-Maitland, Lieutenant-Colonel . D.,D.S.O.Rosa, Major H. D. (Reserve of Officers).Lawson, Temporary Second Lieutenant R. H.Norbury, Temporary Captain C. G.Freer, No. S/4409 Private F. R.Cavendish, Captain A. L. C.Woodroffe, Temporary Captain L., Captain,Unattached ist, Territorial Force.Sheepshanks, Temporary Captain A. C.,D.S.O.Gorell-Barnes, emporary Lieutenant C. R.Tickers, No. S/7379 Serjeant C.Davis, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)G. J., Indian Army.d'Erlanger, Temporary Lieutenant R. F. E. R.Goodey, No. 25 Company Serjeant-Major G.Peacock, No. S/334 Serjeant J. R.Smith, No. B.2398 Corporal J.Bennett, No. S.7768 Private W.Gilbey, Temporary Captain G. H.Cope, Temporary Lieutenant M. L.

ARMY CYCLIST CORPS.Gracie, Captain A. B., NorthumberlandFusiliers (Territorial Force) (NorthumbrianDivision yclist Company).Tucker, Temporary Second Lieutenant M.Chubb, Temporary Second Lieutenant R. N.Watson, Second Lieutenant W., HighlandDivision Cyclist Company.Bumstead, No. 3409 Company Serjeant-MajorF.Parish, No. 1085 Company Serjeant-Major J.Barrs, No. 15 Serjeant H. R.Rawlings, No. 5659 Serjeant C. H.Ray, o. 149 Company Serjeant-Major R.Rogers, No. 5751 Lance-Serjeant S.Southcott, No. 375 Lance-Corporal F.Worsdell, No. 1309 Corporal A.Glayton, No. 248 Private G. .Walden, No. 1304 Private A.ARMY CYCLIST CORPS (TERRITORIAL FORCE) .Hankin, Temporary Lieutenant J. H. I., ArmyCyclist Corps (Captain, untingdonshireCyclist Battalion).Gunn, Second Lieutenant K. G. H. R., LondonDivision Cyclist Company.Truscott, Second Lieutenant F. G., Suffolk REGIMENT(London Division Cyclist Company).Richards, No. 2729 Serjeant T. A.Wood, o. 1352 Corporal H. P., South MidlandDivisional Cyclist Company.

MONMOUTHSHIRE REGIMENT.Evans, Lieutenant (temporary Captain), . L.Hepburn, Captain W. C., D.S.O.Martin, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantR. .Crump, No. 669 Serjeant J. W. (killed).Shaw, No. 1570 Private W.Cuthbertson, Lieutenant-Colonel E. B.,C.M.G., M.V.O.Pennymore1, Captain (Honorary Major) P. .JBowen, Captain (temporary Major) A. J. H.D.S.O.Comely, Second Lieutenant temporary Captain)C.Sale, Quartermaster and Honorary Major A.Granger, No. 177 ompany Serjeant-MajorJ. S.Leek, No. 2226 Private F.Bridge, Temporary Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) W. S.Steel, Temporary Major O. W. D.Jones, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) J. M.Fry, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantA. A.Allen, No. 1145 .Serjeant W.Pritchard, No. 2278 Serjeant W. T.Wyatt, No. 2173 Private J.

CAMBRIDGESHIRE REGIMENT.Saint, Captain (temporary Major) E. T.Butlin, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)Sir H. G. T., Bt.Clayton, Captain . .Gill, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)K. C.Shaw, Second Lieutenant temporary Lieutenant)W.Hopkinson, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) E. H.Platt-Higgins, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) F. M.Death, No. 1671 Corporal J. B.Lambert, No. 2166 Lance-Corporal R.Allen, No. 1141 Private G.Painter, o. 125? Private P.

THE LONDON REGIMENT.Mercer, Lieutenant-Colonel E. G.Smith, Major D. V.Glover, Captain (temporary Major) R. B. G.Bond, No. 299 ompany Serjeant-Major G.Cave, No. 1940 Acting Corporal S.Munro, No. 2089 Corporal A.Stacey, Captain (temporary Major) G. A.Inglis, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) L. H.R.Moon, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) F. J.T.Jepson, Second Lieutenant . G.Smith, No. 935 Serjeant A.Reynolds, No. 1447 Private W.Stufford, No. 1523 Private J.Samuel, Major F. D.Agius, Captain A. L. B.Hammerton, Temporary Lieutenant . W.Cooper, No. 1717 Company Serjeant-Major D.Whitaker, No. 1695 Private W. H.Burnett, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) L. T.Clark, Captain (temporary Major) W. G.,D.S.O.Pyper, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)J. R.Bates, Major temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)A. S., D.S.O.Somers-Smith, Captain J. R.Trevelyan, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)C. W.Dodds, Second Lieutenant A. K.Russell, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)R.Mamby, No. 8488 Serjeant-Major B. K.

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Mildren, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) W. F.Whitehead, emporary Major W.Hughes, Captain W.Powell, Captain G. N. F.Hughes, Captain E. W.Kush, No. 151 Serjeant C.Faux, Lieutenant-Colonel and HonoraryColonel E.Casson, Captain W. killed).Green, Captain C. J. S.Laurie, Captain A. D.Koberts, Second Lieutenant H. O. . (died ofwounds).Harvey, Lieutenant-Colonel J., D.S.O.Thomas, Second Lieutenant temporary Lieutenant)A. S.Lawrence, Second Lieutenant O. J. (killed).Moon, Second Lieutenant B. O. (died ofwounds).Peel, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)H.Heather, No. 1473 Serjeant W. A. G.Tapsfield, No. 212 Serjeant C. E. killed).Clark, No. 1298 Private W. G. H.Dickins, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)V.W. F. 'Andrews, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)J. C.Lindsey-Renton, Captain . H.Murray, Second Lieutenant K. B.Dunlop, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)J. Jx.Lewis, Lieutenant - Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) F. G., C.M.G.Kimber, Captain E. G., D.S.O.Holland, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)H.Malby, Second Lieut3nant R. G. (killed).Lock, No. 9405 Regimental Serjeant-Major A.Davis, o. 51 Company Serjeant-Major J. R.Low, Captain C. J., D.S.O.Syer, Second Lieutenant temporary Captain)H. L.Mackie, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)N. L. (died f ounds).Snell, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)I. E.Webb, Quartermaster and onorary CaptainW.E.McLagan, No. 1311 Serjeant R.Kemble, Temporary Captain temporaryMajor) H. H.Chalmers, Lieutenant R. (died of wounds).Oliver, No. 1501 Private G.Beadle, No. 1863 Private C. W.Tyrwhitt, Major N. B.Baber, Lieutenant temporary Captain) J. B.Bradley, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)S. G. L.Harding, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)P. E.Savill, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) . .Masson, No. 26 Company Serjeant-MajorH. M.Maas, No. 181 Serjeant A.Wingfield, o. 2390 Private A. M.Godding, Lieutenant-Colonel J.Evans, Captain (temporary Major) . E.Chandler, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)E. A. B.Wright, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)H. C.Withers, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)H. D.Garnham, i\o. 1069 Serjeant G. T.Barnes, No. 2918 Lance-Corporal . .Parry, No. 2433 Private B.Hamilton, Captain A. P., Royal West SurreyRegiment Adjutant).Mann, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)H. LT.Trinder, Captain J. R.Rich, Lieutenant J. H. B.Ashby, Second Lieutenant C. E.Crome, No. 85 Acting Regimental Serjeant-Major T. J.Shelton, No. 3026 Corporal F. J.Westmorland, emporary Lieutenant-ColonelP. T., D.S.O., Lincolnshire Regiment, TerritorialForce.Haskins, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)S. C.de Meza, Lieutenant temporary Captain) J.Whitby, Temporary Lieutenant (temporaryCaptain) J. H.Parker, o. 1168 Serjeant W. G. J.Gates, No. 1199, Serjeant W. C.Hubback, Temporary Lieutenant-ColonelA. B.Matthews, Temporary Major W. H.Escombe, Lieutenant temporary Captain)W.M.L., D.S.O.Thome, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) F.Williams, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) G.Dyer, Lieutenant W. F.Young, Second Lieutenant A. E. (killed).Carrington, No. 2887 Private E.Corby, Second Lieutenant temporary Captain)8S.F.Hutchence, Captain A.Roberts, Second Lieutenant C. H. H.Gilkes, Second Lieutenant M. H.Persse, Second Lieutenant S. H.Taylor, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)N. A.Burrow, No 168 Company Serjeant-MajorW. .Salmon, No. 3061 Private R. S. (killed).Taylor, No. 1657 Private T. A.Previte, Lieutenant-Colonel E. J.Woolley, Captain E. J.Baswitz, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)A.Belshaw, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)T. S.Spencer, No. 002 Serjeant P. J.Porter, No. 1549 Lance-Serjeant W. S.Gosling, No. 1181 Corporal . .Starkey, No. 960 Lance-Corporal S. (killed).Lipscombe, No. 918 Private G.Newman, Major T. G. W.Streatfield, Captain (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) H. S. J.Fearon, Captain A. T.Clinton, Lieutenant L. S.Entwistle, Lieutenant F.Wood, Lieutenant K. E. died of wounds).Barkworth, Temporary Second LieutenantR. C.

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Green, No. 453 Quartermaster-Serjeant A.Doran, No. 24oo jfrivate E. J.Galloway, No. 1486 Private M. G. (killed).Simpson, Lieutenant-Colonel W. G.Figg, Second Lieutenant temporary Captain)D. W., D.S.O.Harley, Captain J. T.Millner, Captain G. E.Carr, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)E. N.Hallett, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)H. I. P.Morrison, Lieutenant W. H. S. (killed).Davies, Second Lieutenant temporary Lieutenant)C. G.Mobberley, Second Lieutenant L. W.Newcomb, No. 2185 Lance-Serjeant F. H.(died of wounds).Guest, No. 1155 Private P. A.Ostle, Lieutenant temporary Captain)H. K. E.Simmons, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)F. K., M.V.O.Tyer, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)A. A., M.V.O.Willis, No. 155 Serjeant C. K.Strode, No. 1946 Private J.Wallis, No. 1796 Private A. S.

HERTFORDSHIRE REGIMENT.Clerk, Captain A. G.Milburn, Second Lieutenant temporary Lieutenant)B.Oliphant, Second Lieutenant K.Young, No. 3292 Regimental Serjeant-MajorF.Evans, No. 2170 Lance-Corporal R.Callow, No. 1125 Corporal G.Dunn, No. 2130 Private G. A.Stevens, No. 2656 Private R.

MOTOR MACHINE GUN SERVICE.Hall, Temporary Major C. H. T. B.Tate, Temporary Major A. W. Captain RoyalHighlanders, Special Reserve).Le Rossignol, Temporary Captain A. S.Barclay, Temporary Lieutenant E. C. (killed).Bennett, Temporary Lieutenant E. W.Campbell, Temporary Lieutenant G.Honywood, Temporary Lieutenant W. W.Westrop, Temporary Lieutenant S. A.Anderson, Temporary Second LieutenantC. . .Herd, No. 76 Acting Battery Serjeant-MajorD. W.Taylor, No. 611 Acting Battery Serjeant-Major P. D.Jones, No. 217 Acting Battery Quartermaster-Serjeant E.Adair, o. 14 Serjeant B.Miller, No. M.I.08579 Acting Serjeant A.

ARMY SERVICE CORPS.Allen, Temporary Captain C. G. (CaptainHome Counties Divisional Train, erritorialForce).Bagley, Temporary Major T. W. A. (dead).Baring-Gould, Temporary Captain E. S.Barnes, Captain (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) F. P.Barren, Temporary Major C. A. (Major, SouthMidland Divisional Supply Column, TerritorialForce).Berger, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)A.Bicket, Temporary Major W. N.Blarney, Major . H.Bradbury, Temporary Lieutenant S.Branch, Temporary Captain C. D,Brewer, emporary Lieutenant J. L. P. F.Caldwell, Temporary Major M. A.Cochrane, emporary Major C. W. (Major,Highland Divisional Supply Column, TerritorialForce).Coulson, Lieutenant-Colonel J.Crawley, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) R. P., M.V.O.Crispin, Temporary Major E. H. (Captain(temporary Major), London ivisional upplyColumn, Territorial Force).Crossby, Lieutenant W. E.Day, Temporary Lieutenant . R. J.Day, Temporary Major R. W.Dickson, Temporary Lieutenant W. E. (SecondLieutenant, London Divisional Train, TerritorialForce).Duffus, Lieutenant-Colonel F. F.Dugmore, Temporary Major C. P. W. F. R.(Captain, Reserve of Officers).Egleston, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)T. B. M., Special Reserve.Fasken, Captain (temporary Major) J. E.Fitzwilliams, Lieutenant-Colonel E. C. .Frederick, Second Lieutenant (temporaryLieutenant) B. C.Godfray, Captain temporary Major) J. C. L.Grant, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)A., Special Reserve.Green, Temporary Lieutenant C. L. (SecondLieutenant, Home Counties ivisionalTrain, Territorial Force).Hanbury, Temporary Captain G. H. B.Hart, Captain temporary Major) C. H.Hesse, Temporary Captain J. H. B.Hewett, Temporary Second Lieutenant D. S.Hunt, Temporary Captain R. V.Hutchinson, Major T. M.Huth, emporary Captain H. E. S.Ingram, Temporary Lieutenant L.Jackson, Temporary Captain F. W.Jecks, Temporary Captain E.Johnson, Lieutenant-Colonel T. P.Kelsall, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)H. A.Kennedy, Temporary Major D. S.King, Temporary Captain J. R.Kitson, Temporary Major H. V. (Major, WestRiding Divisional upply Column, TerritorialForce).Knothe, Second Lieutenant (temporary Major)H., pecial Reserve.Laing, Temporary Captain T. E.Leland, Major F. W. G.Lloyd, emporary Captain A. E.Lyne-Stephens, Temporary Honorary LieutenantS.McBride, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)S. G.McCracken, Second Lieutenant (temporaryMajor) . de C., Special Reserve.Macdermot, Temporary Major F. C. J.Mead, Temporary Captain S. C.Mears, Lieutenant-Colonel E. L.Mitchell, Temporary Lieutenant A. G.Moody, Temporary Captain J. F.Murphy, Temporary Major J. J.O'Kell, Temporary Captain J. C.Peebles, Temporary Major H. W. (Captain,Reserve of Officers).

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Pennington, Temporary Major H. S. W. 1Peterson, Major G. L.Plews, Temporary Second Lieutenant R. H. C.Prusfc, Temporary Captain R. B.Rawson, Temporary Captain . H.Roberts, Major A. H. (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel, South Midland Divisional rain,Territorial Force).Rowe. Temporary Captain W. H. C.Saunders, Temporary Major . . F.Savage, Major G. T.Smales, Temporary Captain L.Smith, Temporary Captain I. C. .Spafford, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)P. L.Spurrier, Temporary Major G. S.Squirl, Temporary Lieutenant A. W.Starbuck-Williams, Temporary LieutenantR. A.Stewart, Temporary Major A. L.Stokes, Temporary Lieutenant H. J. D.Stubbs, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) J. B.Tayler, Temporary Major H. P. B.Thomas, emporary Lieutenant R. H.Tuppen, Temporary Lieutenant H. R.Turnbull, Lieutenant temporary Captain) D.Unwin, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) E. S.Wansbrough, emporary Major T. P.Wilson, Temporary Captain F. D.Woods, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)B. J. G.Wright, Temporary, Major E. T. L.Beaumont, uartermaster nd HonoraryCaptain H. G. (retired pay).Boulter, Quartermaster and HonoraryLieutenant E. C.Caddy, Quartermaster and Honorary Major J.Donnelly, uartermaster and Honorary MajorJ. J. G.Hickson, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantJ. W.Hoare, Third Class Inspector of MechanicalTransport and Honorary Lieutenant H. G.Hutchinson, Quartermaster and HonoraryLieutenant J. L.Knight, uartermaster and Honorary LieutenantS.Moore, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantJ.Notley, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantA. E.Spain, Quartermaster nd Honorary LieutenantT. G.Way, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantF.White, uartermaster and Honorary LieutenantW. J.Abbey, No. T/4/037568 Serjeant E. L.Ahern, No. T/21561 Acting Farrier Staff-SerjeantT.Airey, No. S/31496 Acting Corporal T. H.Allen, No. SS/46 Serjeant A.Allen, No. S/25603 Corporal S.Andrews, o. S/1674 Acting Company Serjeant-Major H.Archer, No. MS/509 Mechanist Staff SerjeantW. H.Arlett, No. T/13675 Farrier Quartermaster-Serjeant A.Arthur, No. /16634 taff-Serjeant A.Ashworth, No. M/38609 Corporal G.Aspden, No. S/18699 Staff uartermaster-SerjeantC. R.Aston, No. S/29580 Acting Serjeant S. F.Badcock, No. /13238 1st Class Staff Serjeant-Major B. W.Bailey, No. M2/019287 Corporal W. J.Bange, No. M2/045694 Serjeant J.Barry, No. S/13233 1st Class Staff Serjeant-Major D.Bartholomew, No. S/18013 Staff-SerjeantW. A. B.Bassett, No. S/18211 Serjeant A. C.Beckingham, No. M/2304? Acting CompanySerjeant-Major R. A.Beer, o. T/20930 Wheeler-Serjeant R. J.Bell, No. MS/254 Private C. D.Bennett, No. S/1970 echanist Serjeant-Major P.Bennett, No. S/16576 Serjeant A.Bird, No. T/14669 Staff Serjeant-Major W. A.Blowers, No. T/20424 Wheeler Staff-SerjeantB. C.Boakes, No. /16066 Serjeant W.Booth, No. M/21107 Mechanist Serjeant-MajorA. C.Bradburn, o. /16813 Mechanist Serjeant-Major J.Brake, No. R/16159 Company Serjeant-MajorW. .Bricknell, No. M2/074184 Corporal P. J.Bristow, No. T/4/038758 Driver E.Brown, o. S/21730 Acting Lance-CorporalS.W.Browne, No. S4/038588 Serjeant V. E.Buckle, o. M/20451 Mechanist Serjeant-Major W.Budd, No. S/27063 Corporal E. V.Calder, o. S/6611 Lance-Corporal D.Carter, No. T'/13091 Farrier Quartermaster-Serjeant A.Cabhery, No. T/19972 Serjeant R. S.Chadwick, No. DM2/075182 Private R.Chandler, No. S/16099 Staff Serjeant F. V.Chatterton, No. M2/050213 Private J.Cheveralls, No. T/16500 Farrier Staff. SerjeantJ.Clegg, No. SS/6557 Staff uartermaster-SerjeantH. E.Coles, No. Ml/07192 Acting Mechanist StaffSerjeant W. E.Coplin, No. S/20039 Staff Serjeant F. J.Costello, No. S/29348 Acting Serjeant F. J. .Crook, No. MS/4010 Acting Staff Serjeant W.Crosby, No. S/21006 Serjeant F.Crutchley, No. TS/1137 Driver Wheeler T.Cullen, No. S/12919 1st Class Staff Serjeant-Major J.Cuthbert, No. R/34756 Acting Farrier Quartermaster-Serjeant O.Daborn, No. T/4/038767 Serjeant A. J.Davies, No. T/12911 Farrier Quartermaster-Serjeant G.Death, No. S/19274 Staff-Serjeant R. A.Desmond, No. M2/074191 Corporal . R.Devlin, No. S/19487 Serjeant W.Digby, No. S/18051 Staff Serjeant-Major W.Donoghue, No. S/24485 Acting Corporal W.Doole, No. T12157 7 Corporal W.Down, No. M2/020249 Acting Corporal R. J.Dyas, No. S/22254 Serjeant W. F.Eagleton, No. S/11422 Staff Serjeant-MajorE. O.Edwards, No. T/22112 Acting ompany Quartermaster-Serjeant T.England, No. Ml/08702 Acting CompanyQuartermaster-Serjeant A. E.Fitzpatrick, No. S/19782 Staff Serjeant C. R.Fitzwater, No. T/14591 Staff Serjeant-MajorW. G.Fletcher, No. S/16565 Serjeant . .Flood, No. S/19308 Staff Serjeant A. W.

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Flood, No. M/25212 Acting ompany uartermaster-Serjeant T. F.Franks, No. T/15887 Farrier Staff-Serjeant J.Freeman, No. /19088 Company Serjeant-Major W.Gale, No. M/23114 Acting Company Serjeant-Major J. T. B.Galpin, No. M2/033587 Staff Serjeant A. W.Gifford, No. T/13042 addler Quartermaster-Serjeant J. I.Goff, No. MS/2384 Mechanist Serjeant-MajorC. F.Gooding, No. S/19408 Staff Serjeant (ActingStaff Serjeant-Major) W. R. A.Gray, o. /28623 Acting Company Serjeant-Major F. J.Grimwood, No. S/14401 Staff Serjeant-MajorA. C.Guilfoyle, No. M/26884 Serjeant J.Guy, No. R/1314 Saddler Serjeant J. M.Hackett, No. S/18296 Staff Quartermaster-Serjeant T. G.Hamilton, No. M/36074 Acting MechanistSerjeant-Major W. H.Harold, No. S/15287 Staff Serjeant-Major J.Harrison, No. S/17867 Staff Serjeant-MajorG.Harvey, No. S/18254 Staff Serjeant P.Harvey, No. M/36062 Acting Serjeant J.Hatfield, No. T/15067 Acting Staff Serjeant-Major G. H.Hayward, No. S/16728 Staff Serjeant-MajorR. E.Heathcote, No. S/29365 Acting Serjeant J. S.Hedges, No. S/25807 Acting Serjeant J. E.Hellier, No. T/15188 taff Serjeant-Major S.Henry, No. M/38614 Private H. T.Hewett, No. S/14402 Staff Serjeant-Major A.Hewitt, No. S/26673 Corporal G. A.Hewlett, No. S/15959 Acting Staff Serjeant-Major C. C.Hickie, No. T/15089 Staff Serjeant-MajorE CHingle, No. S/27209 Corporal . N.Hipperson, No. S/20773 Staff Serjeant W. A.Hobson, No. S/19066 Staff Serjeant .Hopkins, No. S/19008 Acting Serjeant-MajorW. E.Hopkins, No. S/22247 Acting taff Serjeant-Major C. W.Horsfield, No. SS/484 Corporal F.Hughes, No. S/26096 Corporal . T.Hulme, No. SS/456 Company Quartermaster-Serjeant T. E.Hume, No. S/31007 Acting Serjeant R.Humphries, No. T/13563 Staff Serjeant-Major H. E.Hushar, No. /18157 Company Quartermaster-Serjeant W. S.Hutchings, No. T/11481 Company Serjeant-Major F. W. C.Huxtable, No. SS/436 Serjeant W. A.Ingleton, No. T/23978 river Wheeler E. A.Ives, No. S/22157 Staff Serjeant W. H. M.Izzard, No. T/13040 Farrier Quartermaster-Serjeant S. W.Jackson, No. M/24619 Mechanist Serjeant-Major .James, No. S/27208 Acting Serjeant W.Johnson, No. S/2/10698 Staff Serjeant F. T.Johnstone, No. M/22794 Mechanist Serjeant-Major L. C.Jones, No. M2/046593 echanist Serjeant-Major T. W.Jones, No. SS/5275 Corporal F.Justice, No. S/27095 Acting Sorieant H. S.Kennaway, No. SS/6596 Serjeant R. J.King, No. S/27057 Corporal . .King, No. S/33835 Private C. J.Knight, No. S/20850 Staff Serjeant H. J.Knights, No. /25401 Acting Serjeant W. J.Lane, No. S/12654 1st Class Staff Serjeant-Major F. E.Lane, No. T/14349 Staff Serjeant-Major J. G.Lambert, No. S/3/023798 Company uartermaster-Serjeant A.Livesey, No. SS/1300 Acting Staff QuarUrmaster-Serjeant .Locke, No. S/13377 Staff Serjeant-Major W.Lord, No. M2/076174 Company uartermaster-Serjeant W.Lowen, No. S/26584 Corporal C. E.Lowne, No. M/28431 Lance-Corporal G.McCrory, No. S/22250 Serjeant J.McDonald, No. T/430 Corporal R.Mayes, No. Tl/SR/509 1st Class Staff Serjeant-Major J. H.McDonald, No. l/08436 Private R.Mackie, No. S/31002 Acting Corporal T.Martin, No. S/22092 Serjeant J.Mayl, No. M/20958 Acting Company Serjeant-Major P. W.Meehan, No. T/14357 addler Staff SerjeantW.Metcalfe, No. M/20738 Company Serjeant-Major M.Miles, o. 2/SR/01268 Farrier Quartermaster-Serjeant H.Miller, No. SS/489 Corporal T.Mitchell, No. M2/022062 Acting CorporalJ. B.Morgan, No. S/29350 Acting Lance-CorporalW. A.Moriarty, No. S/29713 Acting Lance-CorporalD.Musgrave, No. 2/076068 Mechanist StaffSerjeant-Major A.Newberry, No. S/26579 Corporal H. P.Newbon, No. GMT/3094 Acting SerjeantE. A.Nicholas, No. T/21229 Acting ompany Serjeant-Major J.Nicholls, No. T747059259 Driver R. J.Nickless, No. 2/019301 Private H.Nye, No. T/19223 Wheeler Corporal F.Oram, No. SS/5257 Corporal W. F.Oxley, No. S/29226 Corporal R. A.Packman, No. M/21084 Acting echanistSerjeant-Major E.Padfield, No. SS/5254 Serjeant F. H.Parker, No. MS/2919 ompany Quartermaster-Serjeant E.Parry, No. S/19716 Staff Serjeant D.Payne, No. 1/2/12980 Corporal W. G.Payne, No. SS/716 Acting Lance-CorporalS. F.Peake, No. /22120 Serjeant A. H.Pedder, No. T/13587 Company Serjeant-Major C. G.Phillips, o. /19463 Company Quartermaster-Serjeant H. F.Pollock, No. S/18630 Staff uartermaster-Serjeant(acting Serjeant-Major) T.Pratt, No. S/29891 Private A. L.Preston, No. M2/020354 Private R.Price, No. S/21925 Serjeant F. W.Price, No. /32434 Acting Lance-CorporalW. L. M.Prince, No. M2/076180 Corporal E.Prince-ox, o. S/19572 Serjeant C.Pullen, No. T/4/038608 Farrier Staff SerjeantJ. W.Quafrier, No. /12587 Staff Serjeant-MajorC. E.

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Ragan, No. T/14929 Acting Serjeant W.Reakes, No. T/22040 Serjeant H.Record, No. S/12723 Staff Serjeant-Major,1st lass, E.Redknap, No. T/20185 Serjeant E. W.Reynolds, No. S/19448 Serjeant A. R.Reynolds, No. M/24952 Lance-Corporal G. A.Ricketts, No. MI/07101 Serjeant C. .Ridgeon, No. T/19771 Serjeant A.Ridout, No. T/20178 Acting CompanySerjeant-Major . W.Robinson, No. T/19815 Acting Company Serjeant-Major C.Rogers, No. T/13719 ompany Serjeant-Major E.Rouse, No. S/1.S.R./1026 Staff Serjeant-Major A. W.Rowden, No. S/25276 Serjeant P.Rowe, No. S/18394 Serjeant F.Rowe, No. /22784 Serjeant W. J.Rudd, No. M/18233 Acting MechanistSerjeant-Major A.Saunders, No. /25008 Lance-Serjeant C. J.Saunders, No. C.M.T./2724 Staff SerjeantJ. C.Scott, No. /14585 Company Serjeant-MajorP.Searle, No. T/4/045309 Acting CompanySerjeant-Major W. J.Sharp, No. M/22181 Mechanist Serjeant-Major F.Sharp, No. M/27525 Acting echanistSerjeant-Major G. H.Sharp, No. S/18133 Staff QuartermasterSerjeant W.Sharp, No. S/19490 Staff Serjeant S. F.Sharpe, No. MS/4109 Private (Acting StaffSerjeant) H.Simpson, No. T/14646 Company QuartermasterSerjeant R. H.Skipper, No. T/11533 Staff Serjeant-MajorJ. T.Slade, No. S/19571 Staff Serjeant ActingSerjeant-Major) F.Smith, No. S/14329 Staff Serjeant-MajorW. F.Smith, No. /31981 Lance-Cbrporal F. D.Soggee, No. S/18433 Staff Serjeant V. C.Stock, No. /15504 1st Class Staff Serjeant-Major S. P.Stroud, No. S/13364 1st Class Staff Serjeant-Major W. J.Sweet, No. M/22879 Acting MechanistSerjeant-Major A. G.Sweetman, No. T2/SR/01401 CompanySerjeant-Major C.Tacey, No. S/18229 Staff Serjeant-MajorT. A.Thompson, No. T/14900 Acting CompanySerjeant-Major J.Timoney, No. T1/22807 Acting Company Serjeant-Major A. J.Tovell, No. S/22454 Serjeant H.Treweek, No. M2/031767 Staff Serjeant J. L.Trowbridge, No. T/18479 Corporal E.Tucker, No. S/18047 Staff Serjeant-MajorA. E.Venes, No. SS/5264 Acting Corporal R.Vickers, No. MS/3923 Private L. T.Walker, No. MS/1705 Company Serjeant-Major W. C.Wall, No. T/30979 Driver J.Walter, No. S/21600 Serjeant G. T.Ward, No. MS/1166 Mechanist Staff gerjeaatP "FTWard, No. SS/6546 Serjeant W.Ward, No. S/20043 Acting Serjeant H. S.Watcham, No. MS/458 Mechanist Serjeant-Major J.Willis, No. S/29804 Acting QuartermasterSerjeant C. L.Wills, No. /22719 Mechanist Serjeant-Major A. P.Wilson, No. M/22460 Mechanist Serjeant-Major W.Wood, No. T/50 Farrier Staff Serjeant H.Wright, No. T/11084 Acting Serjeant J. T.Wyatt, No. T/14640 Farrier Serjeant B.Yates, No. T/9223 Staff Serjeant-Major A. J.Yates, No. M/25517 Acting MechanistSerjeant-Major L. W.ARMY ERVICE CORPS (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Blyth, Lieutenant-Colonel C. F. T., ondonDivisional Train.Chambers, Lieutenant-Colonel J. C., WestRiding Divisional rain.Henderson, Lieutenant-Colonel H. D., HighlandDivisional Train.Pinkney, Lieutenant-Colonel E. W. R., NorthumbrianDivisional Train.Crispin, Captain temporary Major) E. H.,47th (London) Divisional Supply Column(temporary Major, rmy Service Corps).Dowling, Major T., Northumbrian DivisionalTrain.Galbraith, Major . C., London DivisionalTrain.Ke'arns, MajorR. A. E. H., London DivisionalTrain temporary Major, Army ServiceCorps).Nicol-Smith, Major A. G., Highland ivisionalTrain.Pemberton, Captain (temporary Major) R. T.,North Midland Divisional rain.Whitcombe, Major R. H., junr., South MidlandDivisional Train.Allen, emporary Captain C. G., Home CountiesDivisional Train (temporary Captain,Army Service orps).Milner, Lieutenant (temporary Captain) J,,West Riding Divisional Train.Bustard, No. T/137 Staff Serjeant-Major E.,Northumbrian Divisional Train.Cooper, No. T/1499 Serjeant W. J., NorthumbrianDivisional Train.Grint, No. /951 Staff Serjeant L. A., LondonDivisional Train.Long, No. S/1636 Staff Serjeant J. ., WestRiding Divisional Train.McDonald, No. T/430 Corporal R., NorthumbrianDivisional Train.Pilgrim, No. T/781 Company Serjeant-MajorF., ondon ivisional Train.Ross, No. T/1010 Company Serjeant-MajorG. W., Northumbrian ivisional Train.Thompson, No. S/879 Serjeant B., WestRiding Divisional Train.Wood, No. T/50 Farrier-Staff Serjeant H.,Northumbrian Divisional Train.ARMY SERVICE CORPS (ATTACHED ROYALARMY MEDICAL ORPS).Shephard, Temporary Lieutenant J. W.Cooper, Temporary Captain J.Cochrane, No. M/28985 Serjeant D.Summerscale, No. MS/3522 Serjeant A.Sumner, o. MS/3112 Serjeant J.Watkins:, No. M2/055186 Acting SerjeantF. W. W.Rogers, o. 2/073656 Corporal H. B.

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McLay, No. T/2/018122 Driver W.Bees, No. /2/14611 Driver D.Rhodes, No. Ml/06775 Private F.

ARMY MEDICAL SERVICE. GENERAL HEADQUARTERS STAFF, &c.Macpherson, Surgeon-eneral . G., C.B.,C.M.G., M.B., K.H.P.O'Donnell, Surgeon-General T. J., D.S.O.O'Keefe, urgeon-General M. W., C.B., M.D.Porter, Surgeon-General R., M.B.Treherne, urgeon-General F. H., C.M.G.,F.R.C.S. Edin.Woodhouse, Surgeon-General T. P., .B.Barefoot, Colonel G. H., C.M.G.Beevor, Temporary Colonel W. C., C.M.G.,M.B., erritorial Force (Lieutenant-Colonel,retired pay).Browne, Colonel E. G.Burtchaell, olonel C. H., C.M.G., M.B.Cree, Colonel G., C.M.G.Firth, Colonel R. H., F.R.C.S.Holt, Colonel M. P. C., C.B., D.S.O.Hunter, Colonel G. D., D.S.O.Kirkpatrick, Colonel R., C.M.G., M.D.MacDonald, Colonel S., M.B.MacLeod, olonel R. L. R., M.B.Nichol, Colonel C. E., D.S.O., M.B.O'Callaghan, Colonel D. M.Rawnsley, Colonel G. T.Russell, Colonel J. J., M.B.Scott, Colonel B. H.Skinner, olonel B. M., M.V.O.Starr, Colonel W. H.Thurston, Colonel H. C., C.M.G.Tyacke, Lieutenant - Colonel (temporaryColonel) N., M.B., R.A.M.C.Whaite, Colonel T. du B., .B.Young, Colonel C. A.Birrell, Lieutenant-Colonel E. T. F., C.M.G.,M.B., R.A.M.C.Brakenridge, Lieutenant-Colonel F. J.,R.A.M.C.Chopping, Lieutenant-Colonel A., R.A.M.C.Cummins, Lieutenant-Colonel S. L., C.M.G.,M.D., R.A.M.C.Douglas, Lieutenant-Colonel H. E. M., V.C.,D.S.O., R.A.M.C.Lloyd, Lieutenant-Colonel L. N., D.S.O.,R.A.M.C.Morgan, Lieutenant-Colonel C. K., M.B.,R.A.M.C.Penny, Lieutenant-Colonel F. S., M.B.,R.A.lf.C.Roch, Lieutenant-Colonel H. S., R.A.M.C.Sloan, Lieutenant-Colonel J. M., D.S.O.,M.B., R.A.M.C.Browne, Major C. G., D.S.O., R.A.M.C.Burke, Major B. B., R.A.M.C.Conway, Major J. M. H., F.R.C.S.I.,R.A.M.C.Davidson, Major P., D.S.O., .B., R.A.M.C.Easton, Major P. G., R.A.M.C.Fleming, Major C. C., D.S.O., M.B. Reserveof Officers).<Hartigan, Major J. A., M.B., R.A.M.C.Harty, Major T. E., .A.M.C.Henderson,'Major P. H., M.B., R.A.M.C.Hildreth, Major H. C., F.R.C.S. din.,R.A.M.C.Richmond, Major J. D., M.D., R.A.M.C.Ritchie, Major M. B. H., M.B., .A.M.C.Smallman, Major A. B., M.D., R.A.M.C.Woodley, Major R. N., R.A.M.C.Beckton, Captain J. J. H., R.A.M.C.Gale, Captain R., D.S.O., M.B., .A.M.C.Howell, Captain F. D. G., R.A.M.C.MacArthur, Captain W. P., M.D.,F.R.C.P.I., R.A.M.C.Scott, Captain J. W. L., M.B., R.A.M.C.

ARMY MEDICAL SERVICE.CONSULTANTS.Dawson, Temporary Colonel Sir B. E.,K.C.V.O., M.D. Captain, London GeneralHospital, R.A.M.C., Territorial Force).Gray, Temporary olonel H. Mel. W., M.D.,F.R.C.S. Edin. (Major, Scottish GeneralHospital, R.A.M.C., erritorial Force).Lister, Temporary Colonel W. T., M.B.,F.R.C.S.Thomson, emporary olonel H. A., M.D.,F.R.C.S. (Captain, Scottish General Hospital,Royal Army Medical orps, TerritorialForce).Wallace, Temporary Colonel C. S.

ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS.Addams Williams, Lieutenant-Colonel L.Brbgden ,Lieutenant-Colonel J. E.Clarke, Lieutenant-Colonel T. H. M., C.M.G.,D.S.O., M.B.Clements, Lieutenant-Colonel R. W., M.B.Crawford,'Lieutenant-Colonel V. J., D.S.O.English, Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel T. C.,M.B., F.R.C.S. (Captain London GeneralHospital, Royal rmy edical Corps, TerritorialForce).Goddard, Lieutenant-Colonel G. H.Hinge, Lieutenant - olonel (temporaryColonel) H. A.Hooper, Lieutenant-Colonel A. W., D.S.O.Hudleston, Lieutenant-Colonel W. E.Inkson, Lieutenant-Colonel E. T., V.C.Kiddle, Lieutenant-Colonel F., M.B.Langstaff, Lieutenant-Colonel J. W.Leake, Lieutenant-Colonel J. W.McMunn, Lieutenant-Colonel J. R.Mainprise, Lieutenant-Colonel C. W.Marriott, Lieutenant-Colonel E. W. P. V.Martin, Lieutenant-Colonel H. .Moore, Lieutenant-Colonel G.A., M.D.Nicker son, Lieutenant-Colonel W. H. S.,V.C., M.B.Norman, Lieutenant-Colonel H. H., M.B.Rattray, Lieutenant-Colonel . acG., M.B.Silver, Lieutenant-Colonel J. P., M.B.Smith, Lieutenant-Colonel and Brevet olonelF., D.S.O.Watson, Lieutenant-Colonel A. A. (SpecialReserve) (Lieutenant-Colonel, Royal ArmyMedical Corps, Territorial Force).Wroughton, Lieutenant-Colonel . O. B.Ainsworth, Major. R. B.Anthonisz, Major E.G.Black, Major R. B., M.B., Reserve of Officers.Brown, Major G. H. J., M.B.Campbell, Major J. H., M.B.Doig, Major . A. C.Fitzgerald, Major FitzG. G.Gibson, Major A. W.Gowlland, Temporary Major . ., M.B.Hanafin, Major P. J.Harding, Major D. L., F.R.C.S.I.Harding, Major H., M.B.Irvine, Major A. E. S.L'Estrange, Major E. F. Q.Lewis, Major R. P.Lewis, Major . E., M.B.Low, Major N

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McEntire, Major J. T., M.B.Meaden, Major A. A.Meadows, Major S. M. W.Mitchell, Major A. H. McN.Pascoe, Major J. S.Purser, Major L. M., M.B,Rahilly, Major J. M. B., M.B.Riach, Major W., M.D.Ritchie, Major . ., M.B.Roberts, Major F. E.Ryan, Major E.Sampson, Major F. C1., M.B.Shea, Major . ., M.B.Sinclair, Major M., M.B.Smyth, Major R. S., M.D.Stewart, Major H., M.B.Storrs, Major R.Thompson, Major R. J. C.Turnbull, Major J. A.Turner, Major C. .Waters, Major W. J.West, Major J. W., M.B.White, Major R. K.Wiley, Major W., .B.Adams, Captain J., M.B. (Special Reserve).Allan, Captain J. E., M.B. (Special Reserve).Andrews, Temporary Captain J. A., M.B.Atkins, Captain R. R. G., M.B. SpecialReserve).Baird, Captain J. H., M.B. (Special Reserve).Ballingall, Captain D. . ., M.B.Barry, Temporary Captain J. H.Bazett, Captain H. C., M.B., F.R.C.S.(Special Reserve).Beaman, Captain W. K.Beam, Captain F. A., M.B. (Special Reserve).Beddows, Captain E. C.Bell, Temporary Captain D., M.B.Bell, Captain W. . ., D.S.O., M.B.Black, Captain J. E., M.B. (Special Reserve).Bourdillon, Temporary Captain L. G.Boyd, Captain J. E. M.Bridges, Captain A. B. H.Bullock, Temporary Captain A. E. (killed).Campbell, Captain W. K., M.B. (SpecialReserve).Carrington, emporary Captain E. W., M.B.(killed).Charles, Temporary Captain R., F.R.C.S.I.Compton, Captain A. G. W. (Special Reserve).Cree, Temporary Captain R. .^ M.B.Dale, Captain A. R. (Special Reserve).Danks, Temporary Captain W. S., M.D.Deane, Captain E. C. (killed).De La Cour, Captain G., M.B.Dew, Temporary Captain J. W., M.B.Dickson, Captain R. M., M.B.Dill, Captain M. G., M.D.Donaldson, emporary Captain M., M.B.,F.R.C.S.Dockrill, Captain J. S., M.B. (SpecialReserve).Dowse, Captain J. C. A., M.B. (SpecialReserve).Elliott, Captain A. ., M.B.Elliot, Captain E. J., M.B.Elvery, Captain P., G.M.Chiles-Evans, Captain D. ., .B. (SpecialReserve) (Captain, Welsh Field Ambulance,Royal Army Medical Corps, erritorialForce).Ewing, Captain A. J., M.B. (Special Reserve).Ferguson, Temporary Captain G. D., M.B.Ferguson, Temporary Captain P., M.B.,F.R.C.S.Flood; Captain F. ., .B. (Special Reserve).Foot, Temporary Captain W., M.B.Forgan, Captain R., M.B. Special Reserve).Fotheringham, Captain W., M.B. (SpecialReserve).Friedlander, Captain H. R. (SpecialReserve).Gaunt, Captain J. K., M.B.Gilc'hrist, Captain A. J., .B. SpecialReserve).Gillespie, Temporary Captain J. M., M.B.Gompertz, Temporary Captain R. H. C., M.B.Graham, Captain T. O., M.D., F.R.C.S.I.(Special Reserve).Grant, Temporary Captain G. L. (killed).Gray, Captain J. W., M.B. (Special Reserve).Greenlees, Temporary Captain J. R. C.,D.S.O., M.B.Griffin, Temporary Captain E. H., M.D.Grogan, Captain J. B.Goldsmith, Captain B. (Special Reserve).Gurney-Dixon, Temporary Captain S.Hairsine, Captain O. (Special Reserve).Hamilton, Temporary Captain C. S. P.,D.S.O.Hampson, Captain T., M.B. Reserve of Officers).Hampton, Temporary Captain F. A., M.B.Harbison, Captain H. .-, .B. (SpecialReserve).Harkness, Captain J. W. P., M.B. (SpecialReserve).Hemphill, Captain R., M.B.Heslop, Captain A. H., M.B.Houston, Captain J. W., M.B.Hughes, Captain B., M.B., F.R.C.S., WestRiding Field Ambulance, Royal Army MedicalCorps, erritorial Force.Jardine, Temporary Captain E. B.Jebb, Captain A. C., M.B. (Special Reserve).Jones, Temporary Captain H. J. R.Jones, Captain K. W., D.S.O., M.D. SpecialReserve) (Captain, East Lancashire FieldAmbulance, Royal Army Medical orps,Territorial Force).Kelsey-Fry, Temporary Captain W.Kennon, Temporary Captain ., M.D.Kerr, Captain F. R., D.S.O., M.B. (SpecialReserve).King, Captain D. R., M.B. Special Reserve).Knowles, Temporary Captain H. R., M.B.Laird, Temporary Captain . A., M.B.Large, Captain S. D.Lawder, Temporary Captain T. A., M.B.Lothian, Captain . V., M.B.MacKenzie, Temporary Captain E. F. W.,M.B.McCarthy, Captain W. H. L., .D. (SpecialReserve).McCullagh, Captain W. McK. H., M.B.(Special Reserve).McCormack, Captain C. McN., M.B. (SpecialReserve).McCurdie, Captain J. ., M.B. (SpecialReserve).McDonald, Temporary Captain S. F., M.B.Mackie, Captain ., M.B. (Special Reserve).McLaggan, Temporary Captain J. M., M.B.MacLean, emporary Captain I. C., M.D.MacLeod, Temporary Captain J. A., M.B.McLeod, emporary Captain J.'W., M.B.McNee, Captain J. W., M.B. (SpecialReserve).McNicol, emporary Captain J. H., M.B.McQueen, Captain C.McVicker, Temporary Captain D., .B.Magner, Captain J. J., M.B. (SpecialReserve).

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Marr, Captain D. M., M.B. Special Reserve).Martin, Temporary Captain E. K., F.R.C.S.Menzies, Captain A. J. ., .S.O., M.B.Millar, Temporary Captain G., M.B.Miller, Captain S., M.B. (Special Reserve).Miller, Captain T. MacK. (Special Reserve).Mitchell, Captain J. P., M.D. SpecialReserve).Mitchell, Captain T. J., M.B.Monteith, Captain H. G., D.S.O.Mullaly, Captain G. T., M.B., F.R.C.S.(Special Reserve).Mumford, Temporary Captain W. G., M.B.,F.R.C.S.Nash-Wortham, Temporary Captain F. L.,F.R.C.S.Edin.Neligan, Temporary Captain G. E., M.B.,F.R.C.S.Newman, Captain . . U., M.B.Nicol, Captain C. M., M.B.O'Connor, Captain A. P.^M.B.O'Driscoll, Captain . A. (Special Reserve).O'Keeffe, Captain J. J., M.B.O'Neill, Captain E. M., M.B.O'Reilly, Temporary Captain C. J. R. P.O'Reilly, Temporary Captain C. J., M.D.O'Riordan, Captain W. H.O'Sullivan, Captain K. L. (Special Reserve).Ozanne, Captain R. C., M.B. (SpecialReserve).Parker, Temporary Captain T. E., M.B.Parkinson, Captain G. S.Parnis, Temporary Captain H. W., M.D.Perry, Captain H. M. J.Petit, Captain G.Peto, Temporary Captain M., M.B.Phillips, Captain E., M.B.Purchase, emporary Captain W. B.Quinlan, Captain W. T. (Special Reserve).Ramsbottom, Captain A., M.D. (Special Reserve)(Captain, East Lancashire FieldAmbulance, Royal rmy Medical Corps,Territorial Force).Rankine, Temporary Captain G., M.B.Rhodes, emporary Captain E. L. N.Richards, Temporary Captain O., D.S.O.,M.D., F.R.C.S.Roberts, Temporary Captain J. E. H., M.B.,F.R.C.S.Roberts, Temporary Captain R. E.Robertson, Temporary Captain Robert Charles,M.B.Robinson, Captain E., .B. (Special Reserve).Ronn, Temporary Captain H. A., M.B.Russell, Captain A. W., .B. (Special Reserve).Russell, Captain E. U.Russell, Temporary Captain W. A., M.B.Sampson, Captain P., D.S.O.Sherlock, Captain H. B. (Special Reserve).Smales, Captain W. C.Smith, Captain Herbert (Special Reserve).Smith, Temporary Captain J. ., .B.Smith, Temporary Captain P.Smith, Captain S. H.Somerville, Temporary Captain . .Sparks, Captain C. W. (Special Reserve).Spence, Temporary Captain D. B.Stephen, emporary Captain D. J. S., M.D.Stevenson, Captain G. H., M.B. (SpecialReserve).Stewart, Temporary Captain James S., M.B.Stiell, Temporary Captain .Sutton, Captain E. A.Tate, Captain R. G. H., M.D.ETaylor, Captain M. R., M.B. Special Reserve).Thornton, Temporary Captain F. R., M.B.Tobias, Captain W. O., .B. Special Reserve).Turner, Captain F. T.Tyrrell, Captain W., M.B. (Reserve of Officers).Walker, Captain T., M.B. (Special Reserve).Walker, Temporary Captain . ., M.B.Wallace, Captain Q. V. B., M.D. (SpecialReserve).Walshe, Captain S. J. A. H., .S.O., M.B.(Special Reserve).Ward, Captain H. K., M.B. (Special Reserve).Ward, Captain J. H., M.B. (Special Reserve).Wells, Captain A. G.Weston, Temporary Captain . W., M.B.Williamson, Captain M. J., M.B.Wilson, Temporary Captain I. S., M.D.,F.R.C.S.Wolf, Temporary Captain C. G. L., M.D.Worthington, Captain F., .B.Wright, Captain A. R., M.B.Wylie, Captain T. W., M.B. (Special Reserve).Young, emporary Captain R. F., M.B.Alexander, Temporary Lieutenant D. C., M.B.Barnes, emporary Lieutenant J. E., M.B.Bernays, Temporary Lieutenant C. M.Boag, emporary Lieutenant J. H., M.B.Boldero, Temporary Lieutenant H. E. A.Boyd, emporary Lieutenant C. A., M.D.Brown, A. E., late Temporary Lieutenant.Browne, emporary Lieutenant B. S., M.B.Cagney, P., late Temporary Lieutenant.Caton-helmerdine, Temporary Lieutenant J.Costobadie, H. P. F.R.C.S.Edin., late TemporaryLieutenant.David, Temporary Lieutenant W. E., M.B.Douglas, Temporary Lieutenant C. G., M.D.Dunbar, Temporary Lieutenant J., M.B.Dunn, Temporary Lieutenant J. C., M.D.Dunne, B. V., M.B., late temporary Lieutenant.Driberg, emporary Lieutenant J. D.Fothergill, Temporary Lieutenant R. H.,M.B.Godding, emporary Lieutenant H. C.Harley-Mason, R. J., late temporary Lieutenant.Hughes, emporary Lieu tenant R. A., M.D.James, P. W., M.D., late temporary Lieutenant.Kenny, Temporary Lieutenant C. A.Kirkland, Temporary Lieutenant J. T., .B.MacKenzie, Temporary Lieutenant M..Maginness, Temporary Lieutenant O. G.McGillycuddy, Temporary Lieutenant R. H.Meagher, Temporary Lieutenant T., .B.Menzies, Temporary Lieutenant A. F., M.D.(Lieutenant, Canadian Army MedicalCorps). Roberts, Temporary Lieutenant C. S. L.Roche, Temporary Lieutenant . R.Rowell, Temporary Lieutenant H. A.Saunders, Temporary Lieutenant L. D.Smallhorn, Temporary Lieutenant C. A.Smith, A. C. S., late temporary Lieutenant.Steven, Temporary Lieutenant J. F., M.B.Stewart, Temporary Lieutenant . .Strain, Temporary Lieutenant T., M.D.Tribe, Temporary Lieutenant R. H.Walker, emporary Lieutenant H. B., M.B.Watson, Temporary Lieutenant D. G., M.B.(died of ounds).Watson, Temporary Lieutenant W. N., M.B.

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Whigham, Temporary Lieutenant J. R. M.Whitton, Temporary Lieutenant N. S., M.B.Williams, Temporary Lieutenant G. S., M.D.(Lieutenant, Canadian Army MedicalCorps).Wood, J. B., M.B., ate temporary Lieutenant.Wright, Temporary Lieutenant A. F., M.B.Glover, uartermaster and Honorary Major H.W.Short, Quartermaster and Honorary Major J.B.Benson, Quartermaster and Honorary CaptainG. A., Reserve of Officers.Buckley, uartermaster and Honorary CaptainE. J.Barnard, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantA. P.Birch, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantE.Conway, uartermaster nd Honorary LieutenantT. D.Cooper, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantC. H.Davis, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantF.Figg, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantC. A.Giddings, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantW. H.Green, uartermastei and Honorary LieutenantR. H.Jackson, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantJ.O'Hara, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantE.Saunders, Quartermaster nd Honorary LieutenantE. V.Senior, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantE. H.Taylor, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantW. A.Angell, No. 10665 Serjeant-Major H. J.Blair, No. 17843 Quartermaster-Serjeant R. C.Boxshall, No. 13338 Serjeant-Major H. S.Brown, No. 10076 Acting Serjeant-MajorW. H.Cantrell, No. 13027 Serjeant-Major J. B.Chudleigh, No. 10573 Serjeant-Major W. H.Davis, No. 8417 Acting Serjeant-Major J.Goodread, No. 15670 Serjeant-Major F. W.Jones, No. 11565 Serjeant-Major J. .Merchant, No. 10073 Serjeant-Major W.Muirhead, No. 14705 Serjeant-Major W. A.Williams, No. 9947 Acting Serjeant-Major C.Prince, No. 15288 Quartermaster SerjeantW. C.Bell, No. 18415 Quartermaster-Serjeant A.Crawley, No. 18445 uartermaster-SerjeantJ. E.Ellis, No. 18678 Quartermaster-Serjeant L. S.Gawthorne, No. 16053 Quartermaster-SerjeantS. M.Halford, No. 12519 Quartermaster-SerjeantR. .Leggett, No. 18216 Quartermaster-SerjeantR. G.Parr, No. 18718 Quartermaster-erjeantW. H.Prewett, No. 11527 Quartermaster-SerjeantT. C.Rouse, No. 18645 uartermaster-SerjeantC. E.Sparks, No. 13187 Quartermaster-Serjeant F.Sproule, No. 7633 Quartermaster-Serjeant R.Stokes, No. 15843 Quartermaster-Serjeant W.Thomas, No. 14359 Quartermaster-SerjeantJ. G.Abbott, No. 18973 Staff Serjeant- . J.Alexander, No. 12986 Staff Serjeant E.Beckett, No. 17794 Staff Serjeant W. A.Benham, No. 14072 Staff Serjeant R. R.Bilbee, No. 18226 Staff Serjeant L. V.Boddy, No. 764 Staff Serjeant R.Bull, No. 19595 Staff Serjeant C. E.Collins, No. 7696 Staff Serjeant S.Connor, No. 11392 Staff Serjeant E.Clenshaw, No. 17844 Staff Serjeant W. A.Cragg, No. 17870 Staff Serjeant E.Delamare, No. 12264 Staff Serjeant . .Eves, No. 1905 Staff Serjeant J. G.French, No. 8137 Staff Serjeant T.Gibbs, No. 6325 Staff Serjeant A. F.Hampson, No. 2147 Staff Serjeant W. C.Herbert, No. 1097 taff Serjeant R.Higgins, No. 17427 Staff Serjeant L.Hutchings, No. 18333 Staff Serjeant M. W.Hyde, No. 19747 Staff Serjeant C. H.Lawson, No. 16442 Staff Serjeant .Lythgoe, No. 19558 Staff Serjeant T.Mayes, No. 19732 Staff Serjeant H.Money, No. 951 Serjeant (Acting Staff Serjeant)F. J. R.Savegar, No. 19933 Staff Serjeant W. C.Stovold, No. 18737 Staff Serjeant W. T.Symes, No. 30923 Staff Serjeant C. B.Young, No. 12676 Staff Serjeant E. A.Botten, No. 5235 Serjeant G. H.Brown, No. 7151 Serjeant J. T.Burdett, No. 7742 Corporal (Acting Serjeant)G.Clark, No. 19419 Serjeant W. G. W.Coleman, No. 2221 Serjeant G.Collins, No. 7345 Corporal (Acting Serjeant)W. J.Cooper, No. 46289 Serjeant J.Cripps, No. 2245 Serjeant A. G.Douglas, o. 18545 Serjeant J.Dugmore, No. 1914 Serjeant E.Dunn, No. 15389 Serjeant G.Emerson, No. 19039 Serjeant J. T.Fawden, No. 30754 Serjeant H. E.Fenton, No. 3545 Serjeant J.Grigg, No. 40035 Serjeant C. K.Harding, No. 4357 Serjeant T. H.Hardy, No. 17379 Serjeant E.Hastings, No. 20478 Serjeant J. W. (SpecialReserve).Horn, No. 10634 Serjeant F.Howitt, No. 18312 Serjeant J.Julyan, o. 8019 Serjeant J. G.Langley, No. 37869 Serjeant H.Lucas, No. 12344 Serjeant F. H.McClay, No. 1808 Serjeant W. J.Makeham, No. 39276 Serjeant J. P.Oliver, No. 0007 Serjeant G.Perkins, No. 19126 Serjeant F. H.Purvis, No. 13059 Corporal Acting Serjeant)J. B.Selden, No. 1764 Serjeant H. W.Smith, No. 18799 Corporal (Acting Serjeant)V.Stoney, No. 39253 Serjeant J. A.Suckling, No. 46285 Serjeant E.Taylor, o. 405 Serjeant E. F.Weare, No. 34 Serjeant F. C.Ahearn, No. 12691 Corporal W.Atkinson, No. 12796 Corporal R.Bird, No. 5739 Corporal H. P.Bradford, No. 8221 Private (Acting Corporal)G.W.Doyle, No. 1862 Corporal G. A.

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Ely, No. 12047 Corporal H. A.Hewitt, No. 5964 Corporal J. A.Marrable, No. 1270 Corporal F. G.Platford, No. 19937 Corporal G. T.Pullen, No. 1999 Private (Acting Corporal) A.Roberts, No. 4919 Private (Acting Corporal)T.Sage, No. 6125 Corporal A. J.Stirk, o. 2167 Corporal A. J.Strachan, No. 42825 Corporal W.Twidell, No. 35693 Corporal . .Walton, No. 12781 Corporal W.Avery, No. 20013 Lance-Corporal A.Banyard, No. 088 Private (Act-ing Lance-Corporal) C. A. )Clapton, No. 13654 Private (Acting auce-Corporal) F.Andrews, No. 7533 Private V. H.Bailey, No. 387 Private F.Baxter, o. 6658 Private F. J.Best, No. 11044 Private F.Bowsher, No. 45522 Private E. W.Biggins, No. 19971 Priva'te E. J.Bray, No. 58310 Private J. E.Brooks, No. 35727 Private C. J.Brooke, No. 30417 Private T. H.Brown, No. 39894 Private G.Browne, No. 889 Private W. O.Buddy, No. 49333 Private R.Bush, No. 5701 Private F. G.Capes, o. 523 Private F.Carleton, No. 18021 Private J.Cathrine, No. 6534 Private R. W.Coles, o. 257 Private R. J.Cotterell, No. 3699 Private G. H.Craib, No. 6552 Private W.Dew, o. 2769 Private E.Dodsworth, No. 1339 Private H.Dunlop, No. 13311 Private G.Falkner, No. 949 Private G.Foreman, No. 34625 Private T.Gray, No. 45591 Private .Hackett, No. 1390 Private T.Harding, No. 1491 Private G.Hardingham, No 51058 PrivateM.Harris, No. 7898 Private W. R.Henry, No. 20620 Private W.Herrick, No. 443 Private W. T.Heywood, No. 8035 Private C. E.Higham, No. 19027 Private J.Hughes, o. 2433 Private C. A. T.Hughes, No. 1379 Private W.Kearney, No. 7639 Private H.Kelly, No. 730 Private T.Laws, No. 6296 Private R.Leakey, No. 7539 Private F.Lewis, No. 46205 Private J.Ludlow, No. 20340 Private J.Marchaiit, No. 1925 Private .Marklew, No. 8333 Private W. H.Marsh, No. 19402 Private G.Masters, No. 45453 Private J.Meades, No. 4131 Private R. G.Mercer, No. 1371 Private G.Morris, No. 2025 Private J.New, No. 298 Private R.Nicholson, No. 8303 Private J. W.Ogden, No. 8676 Private M.Orme, No. 6989 Private W.Owen, No. 37162 Private W.Peacock, No. 5220 Private J.Pemberfcon, No. 9266 Private R.Reed, No. 6753 Private J.Richards, No. 4420 Private G. C.Richardson, No. 47213 Private C. M. H.Roberts, No. 51679 Private V. T.Rose, No. 5605 Private A. T.Saunders, No. 45183 Private H.Sturrock, No. 1768 Private R. R.Scandrett, No. 46951 Private H.Shaw, No. 41992 Private H.Smith, No. 48 Private W.Straugeways, No. 20061 Private E.Treglown, No. 9007 Private R.Valentine, o. 45670 Private W.Waller, No. 18472 Private G.Walton, No. 9024 Private E.Whitbread, No. 8368 Private F. G.White, No. 58313 Private S. W.Whitaker, No. 315 Private L.Williamson, No. 7478 Private A. Y.Woolnough, No. 31113 Private F. .Wright, No. 6587 Private C.ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS (TERRITORIALFORCE).Rutherford, Colonel J. V. W.Wight, Colonel E. O. Lieutenant-Colonel, retiredpay).Blandford, Lieutenant-Colonel L. J., M.D.Dewar, Lieutenant-Colonel T. F., M.D.Martin, Major C. J., M.B.Whalley, Major F., M.B., est iding FieldAmbulance.Barling, Lieutenant-Colonel S. G., M.B.,F.R.C.S., South idland Field Ambulance.Benson, Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel W. A.,Northumbrian ield Ambulance.Clay ten, Lieutenant-Colonel W. K., YorkshireMounted Brigade ield mbulance.Collinson, Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel H.,M.B., F.R.C.S., West Riding ield Ambulance.Demetriadi, Temporary Lieutenant-ColonelL. P., M.D., F.R.C.S. din., est RidingCasualty Clearing Station.Hawthorn, Lieutenant-Colonel F., M.D.,Northumbrian Field Ambulance.Howkins, Lieutenant-Colonel C. H., SouthMidland Field Ambulance.Lloyd - Williams, Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel E., ondon Field Ambulance.Mackenzie, Temporary Major (temporaryLieutenant-Colonel) . . G., M.D., HomeCounties Field Ambulance.Milne-Thomson, Lieutenant-Colonel A.,Wessex Field Ambulance.O'Connor, Lieutenant-Colonel W. M., M.D.,London ield mbulance.Pickard, Lieutenant-Colonel R., M.D., WessexField Ambulance.Ranson, Lieutenant-Colonel W., F.R.C.S.Edin., Northumbrian Field Ambulance(Captain, Royal rmy Medical Corps,Special Reserve).1 Sharp, Lieutenant-Colonel A. D., West RidingField Ambulance.Soltau, Lieutenant-Colonel A. B., M.D.,Wessex Field mbulance.Ward, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)J., Home Counties Field mbulance.Watson, Captain, Territorial Force Reserve,C. G., F.R.C.S. (temporary onorary Lieutenant-Colonel, Royal Army MedicalCorps).Young, Lieutenant-Colonel ., M.D., SouthMidland Field Ambulance.Armstrong, Major W. B., M.B.Bird, emporary Major J. W., D.S.O.,London Field Ambulance.Brown, Major J. P., M.B.

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Burkitt, Temporary Major J. C. S., M.D.,North Midland Field mbulance.de Legh, Major H. L., M.D.Don, Major A., M.B., F.R.C.S. Edin., HighlandCasualty Clearing Station.Ducat, Major A. D., M.B.Frankau, Captain temporary Major) C. H. S.,M.B., F.R.C.S., London Casualty ClearingStation.Hammerton, Major G. H. L., YorkshireMounted Brigade Field mbulance.Kay, Major T., M.B.Kidd, Major A. E., M.B., Highland FieldAmbulance.Mackay, Major W. B., M.D.Montgomery-Smith, Major E. C., ondonField Ambulance.Peyton, Temporary Major T. H., M.D., HomeCounties Field mbulance.Puddicombe, Major T. P., Weesex FieldAmbulance.Roe, Major W. F.Rogers, Major J. S. Y., M.B.Sproat, Captain (temporary Major) H. B.,M.D., West iding Field Ambulance.Stoddart, Surgeon-Major A. R., M.B., WestYorkshire Regiment, Territorial Force.Stocker, Surgeon-Major E. G., Wessex DivisionalEngineers, Royal Engineers, TerritorialForce.Anderson, Captain J. W., .B.Barton, Captain M. H.Bates, Captain H. T., M.B., West RidingCasualty Clearing ospital.Barton, Captain M. H.Bennett, Captain F. G., North Midland FieldAmbulance.Bowie, Captain J. M., M.D.Branthwaite, Surgeon-Captain R. W., erritorialForce Reserve.Carnwath, Captain T., M.B.Carson, Captain F. S., M.B., ondon SanitaryCompany.Chavasse, Captain N. G., M.B.Clark, Captain S., London ield Ambulance.Cooper, Captain E. A., London Sanitary CompanyCoplans, Captain ., .D., London FieldAmbulance.Craven, Temporary Captain J. W., M.B.,Northumbrian ield Ambulance.Crowley, Captain T. W., M.D., NorthumbrianField Ambulance.Dale, Captain J., M.B.Daukes, Captain S. H., M.B., London SanitaryCompany.Dixon, Captain .B.F.,M.B., London FieldAmbulance.Downie, Captain J., M.B., Yorkshire MountedBrigade Field Ambulance.Draycott, Captain C. N., London SanitaryCompany.Errington, Captain R., M.B., NorthumbrianField Ambulance.Fletcher, Temporary Captain J. H.,R.A.M.C.Golding, Captain J., London anitary Company.Greene, Captain C. W., M.B., F.R.C.S.,Home Counties Field mbulance.Hollis, Captain H. S., M.B., Home CountiesField Ambulance.Hunt, Captain . H., M.B., London CasualtyClearing Station.Johnston, Captain D. M., M.B., Home ountiesField. Ambulance.Keith, Captain W. B., M.B., Home CountiesField mbulance.Lennane, Captain G. Q., F.R.C.S.I., LondonSanitary Company.Lightstone, Captain H.Low, Captain H. B., M.D., NorthumbrianField Ambulance.MacMillan, Captain J., M.B., London FieldAmbulance.Marrack, Temporary Captain J. R., M.B.,R.A.M.C.Melvin, Captain G. S., M.B., Highland FieldAmbulance.Metcalfe, Captain F., M.B., NorthumbrianField Ambulance.Murdoch, Captain J., M.B., .R.C.S.Edin.Nuthall, Captain A. W., F.R.C.S., SouthMidland Casualty Clearing tation.Pitt, Captain W. J. C. B., South MidlandCasualty Clearing Station.Scott, Captain . A. .C., M.B.Smythe, Captain H. J. D., South MidlandField Ambulance.Tatlow, Captain R. E. T., M.D.Vick, Captain R. M., London Jield Ambulance.Watt, Captain J. ., .B., London Field AmbulanceWhite, Captain or.^ London Sanitary Company.Wilkin, Captain H. F., F.R.C.S.Edin.Williamson, Captain G. S., South MidlandField mbulance.Wood, Captain W. L. R.Foster, Lieutenant S. R., M.B., North MidlandField mbulance.Beeton, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantE. H., West Riding Field mbulance.Cohen, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantM., Northumbrian Field mbulance.Harris, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantG. W., Home Counties ield mbulance.Jones, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantE. T., West Riding Field mbulance.Keogh, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantJ., Home Counties Field mbulance.Matthews, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantR. D., West Riding Field mbulance.Maunder, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantJ. H., Wessex Field mbulance.O'Kill, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantH. C., Home Counties Field mbulance.Ross, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantC. T., West Riding Field mbulance.Taylor, Quartermaster and Honorary LieutenantD. P., South Midland asualty ClearingStation.Moxham, No. 1097 Serjeant-Major E. T.,Welsh Field mbulance.Bellairs, No. 1190 Staff Serjeant G. E., LondonSanitary Company.Clough, o. 629 Staff Serjeant J., NorthumbrianField Ambulance.Baker, No. 385 Serjeant E. T., omeCounties Ambulance.Blench, No. 2373 Serjeant H. C., LondonSanitary ompany.Brooks, No. 837 Serjeant W., West RidingField Ambulance.Carroll, No. 282 Serjeant W. G., London FieldAmbulance.Charlton, No. 420 Serjeant W. T., orthumbrianField Ambulance.Cowans, No. 422 Serjeant W. W., NorthumbrianField mbulance.

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Cross, No. 129 Serjeant J. H., Wessex FieldAmbulance.Ellison, No. 559 Serjeant J. E., NorthumbrianField Ambulance.Embleton, No. 222 Serjeant J. W., estRiding Field Ambulance.Gordon, No. 55 Serjeant (Acting StaffSerjeant) J. J., ighland Casualty ClearingStation.Holtum, No. 378 Serjeant A., Home CountiesField mbulance.Lee, No. 69 Serjeant C. E., Welsh FieldAmbulance.Price, No. 169 Serjeant ". T., Wessex FieldAmbulance.Tighe, No. 2015 Serjeant P. W., Wessex FieldAmbulance.Williams, No. 1914 Serjeant M. H. F., WessexField Ambulance.Willmore, No. 44 Serjeant H., South MidlandCasualty Clearing Station.Wright, No. 1029 Serjeant G. W., NorthumbrianField Ambulance.Howell, No. 94 Corporal W. J., Wessex FieldAmbulance.Leadbetter, No. 772 Corporal J. E., ondonSanitary Company.Eigg, No. 144 Acting Corporal S. C., LondonSanitary ompany.Smith, No. 1210 Corporal (Acting Serjeant)P., Highland Field Ambulance.Brook, No. 26 Lance-Corporal D., West EidingField Ambulance.Dolton, o. 3175 Lance-Corporal E. C., HomeCounties Field Ambulance.Eae, No. 1576 Lance-Corporal W., HighlandField Ambulance.Stratton, No. 1664 Lance-Corporal A., LondonSanitary Company.Bailey, No. 239 Private W., West EidingField Ambulance.Bailey, No. 2072 Private W., Home CountiesField Ambulance.Beaton, o. 0 Private G. S., HighlandCasualty Clearing Station.Bodger, No. 1602 Private F. Y., orthumbrianField Ambulance.Cambourne, No. 2398 Private W., HomeCounties Field mbulance.Coleman, No. 2758 Private E., HomeCounties Field Ambulance.Dodd, No. 262 Private H. D., Welsh BorderMounted Brigade Field Ambulance.Duffy, No. 117 Private J. F., West EidingField Ambulance.Eeles, No. 2649 Private S. T., attached 93rdField Ambulance.Goode, No. 1091 Private G. C., South WalesMounted Brigade ield Ambulance.Harvey, No. 136 Private P., West EidingField Ambulance.Holmes, o. 1 Private A. E., YorkshireMounted Brigade Ambulance.Jackson, No. 80 Private F., est EidingCasualty Clearing Station.Middleton, No. 2063 Private D. T. Y.,Wessex ield Ambulance.Osborne, No. 1645 Private H. J., LondonSanitary Company.Eowden, o. 2713 Private E., Home CountiesField Ambulance.Eussell, No. 40 Private N., orkshire MountedBrigade Ambulance.Todd, No. 1626 Private G. E., London FieldAmbulance.Witherstone, No. 1669 Private E. J., SouthWales Mounted Brigade ield Ambulance.Wood, No. 1947 Private E. T., London FieldAmbulance.

NURSING SERVICE.Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military NursingService.Blakeley, Matron Miss . M.Mark, Matron Miss M.Smith, Matron Miss A. B., E.E.C.Barber, Acting Matron iss E.Gheetham, Acting Matron Miss E.G.Denne, Acting Matron Miss E. M.Fox, Acting Matron Miss E. C.Hordley, Acting Matron Miss E. H.Lyde, Acting Matron Miss . M.Mackay, Acting Matron Miss L. E.Minns, Acting Matron Miss E. J.Perkins, Acting atron Miss B. F.Stronach, Acting Matron Miss C. G.Tunley, Acting Matron Miss M. .Walker, Acting Matron Miss A. L.Gardner, Sister Miss J. S. G.McCroery, Sister iss . 'C.Mowat, Sister Miss A. C.Eoscoe, Sister Miss K.Toller, Sister Miss L. M.T.7illiams, Sister Miss M. B.Casswell, Acting Sister Miss M. E.Casswell, Acting ister Miss M. T.Caulfeild, Acting Sister Miss G. H.Eardley, Acting Sister Miss W. E.Esden, Acting Sister Miss A. H.Foley, Acting Sister Miss M. G. C.Hale, Acting ister Miss M.Holmes, Acting Sister Miss K. H. M.Jones, Acting Sister Miss G. M.Long, Acting Sister Miss E. M.Macpherson, Acting Sister Miss J. D. C.Sandbach, Acting Sister Miss C.Smyth, Acting Sister Miss M. H.Stewart, Acting Sister Miss M. E.Thompson, Acting Sister Miss C. V. E.Wilson, Acting Sister Miss A. P.Wood, Acting Sister Miss M.Queen Alexandra's Imperial MilitaryNursing Service Reserve.Baird, Miss A. I.Bailey, Miss A. J.Barwell, Miss M. S.Church, Miss I. E.Cain, Mies M. A.Cameron, Miss C.Custance, Miss G. EDenton, Miss A. B.Evans, issL.Gow, Miss M.Knight, Miss M. D. E.Luard, Miss K. E.Lyons, Miss M. J. L.Macleod, Miss C.Marsh, Miss V. M.Plaskett, Miss M.Starbuck, Miss H. F.Thomson, Miss M. EVernon-Harcourt, Miss M. B.Ward, Miss E.Watkins, Miss E. .Wilson-Jayne, Miss E.Willoughby, Miss E.Australian Nurses working on Queen Alexandra'sMilitary Nursing Service Eeserve.Cheeseman, Miss B. G.Gumming, Miss .

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Hamilton, Miss E. M.Heriot, Miss K. R.Raye, Miss M. A.New Zealand urses orking on Queen Alexandra'sMilitary Nursing Service Reserve.Craig, Miss E. L.Jordan, Miss E. C.

TERRITORIAL FORCE NURSING SERVICE.Atkins, Miss . .Bain, Miss M. D.Charlesworth, Miss A.Davidson, Miss K.Dodd, Miss E.Edwards, iss .Gregory, Miss M. E.Hills, Miss J. E.Hendry, Miss M.Keene, Miss M. G.Kelson, iss . .Kerr, Miss E.Laing, Miss M. C.Laugh ton, Miss D. A.Martin, Miss K. M.Lofthouse, iss A.Murray, Miss J. M.Pear, Miss A.Rice, Miss F. M.Ruck, Miss M. E.Scott, Miss . .Smaill, Miss E. D.Walker, Mrs. M.Watson, Miss A. C.Wharton, Miss M.Williamson, iss M. E.Woodford, Miss I. C.

CIVIL HOSPITAL RESERVE Alexander, Miss M. Birmingham GeneralHospital).Amos, Miss W. II. (London Hospital).Appleton, Miss . . (St. Bartholomew's Hospital).Binnian, Miss A. C. (St. Bartholomew's Hospital).Brakefield, Miss H. L. (St. Bartholomew'sHospital).Brothwell, Miss K. A. The London Hospital).Burrell, Miss S. B. (The London Hospital).Carthew, Miss K. . The London Hospital).Casserley, Miss A. E. (Royal Southern Hospital,Liverpool).Clements, Miss N. G. (The London Hospital).Daly, Miss ñ1. (The ondon Hospital).Duncan, Miss A. (Glasgow Royal Infirmary).Evans, Miss E. J. (King dward VII. Hospital,Cardiff).Ford, Miss B. D. (Westminster Hospital).Gascoigne, iss . . (St. Bartholomew'sHospital).Gow, Miss M. (Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh).Hogarth, iss C. M. (St. Thomas's Hospital).Hopton, Miss M. (Charing Cross Hospital).Jarvis, iss Spital).Latham, Misspital).G. D. (Cheltenham GeneralA. (St. Bartholomew's Hos-K. (St. Bartholomew's Hos-McCrae, MissHospital).Morley, Miss E. H.Phillips, Miss . . (The London Hospital).Walker, Miss J. W. (Kilmarnock Infirmary).Ward, Miss E. St. Bartholomew's Hospital).Weatherstone, Miss A. (Edinburgh Royal Infirmary).Winpenny, Miss L. (Royal Victoria Hospital, Newcastle-on-Tyne).Wolsey, Miss M. (The London Hospital).Scottish Bed Cros¯.Young, Miss K. .British Red Cross Society.Gifford, Lady.Stewart, Temporary Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel E., M.D., Royal Army MedicalCorps.Campbell, Major A. Y. G.Collard, Captain A. S.Dickens, Temporary Honorary Captain inArmy P. C.Duveen, Temporary onorary Captain inArmy E.Rumford, Temporary Honorary Lieutenant inArmy R. K.Pryce-Mitchell, Doctor R.Bayley, H. D.Marshall, No. 1539 Section Officer G. B.Clipperton, C.Maxwell, J. B.Martin, No. 2691 Driver H. T.Innes, Section Leader J.Bailey, Miss A. M.Crowdy, Miss R. E.Densham, Miss E. J. øLaw, Miss F.Whitson, iss M.Winton, Mrs. A. de.Williams, Miss E.

MISCELLANEOUS.Officers attached to .A.M.C.Austen, Captain E. E., London Regiment,Territorial Force.Redstone, uartermaster and Honorary CaptainJ. H. (Reserve of Officers).Kerns, Temporary uartermaster andHonorary Lieutenant in Army G.

MEDICAL SERVICES.Members of he American, Chicago andHarvard Units attached to Nos. 22 and23 General Hospitals, taples,Chancellor, Doctor P. S.Dodd, Doctor W. J.Faulkner, Doctor W. E.Kazanjian, octor V.Neff, Doctor J. M.Parsons, Miss M. G., Matron.Patton, Miss I. M., Matron.Adams, Miss M. K., Sister.

ARMY VETERINARY CORPS.Gibbs, Major H. .Holmes, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) R. H., F.R.C.V.S.Kirby, Major H.McGowan, Major J. A. B.McKenzie, Major K. McL.Mosley, Major H. S.Nimmo, Major J. S.Olver, Major A., F.R.C.V.S.O'Rorke, Major F. C., F.R.C.V.S.Wadley, Major . J.Head, Temporary Major A. S., F.R.C.V.S.,(Captain, Reserve of Officers).Hearne, Captain E.Mattinson, Captain (temporary Major) A. B.F.R.C.V.S. (Special Reserve).

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Makinson, Temporary Captain C. W.Edwards, Lieutenant J. G. T. SpecialReserve).De Vine, Temporary Captain W. B.Fisher, Temporary Quartermaster nd HonoraryLieutenant J.Ives, Temporary Quartermaster and HonoraryLieutenant J. .Mawdsley, Temporary Quartermaster andHonorary Lieutenant W. H.Young, No. 91 Serjeant-Major F. H.Woolley, No. 177 Farrier Staff-Serjeant R.Barrow, No. SR/32 taff Serjeant C. H.(Special Reserve).Carrigan, No. 303 Staff-Serjeant H.Langley, No. 579 taff Serjeant G.Robertson, No. 447 Staff Serjeant J. G.Vane, No. 516 Staff-Serjeant R. .Wellings, No. SR/31 Staff-Serjeant P. J.(Special Reserve).Hay, No. SE/7805 Serjeant . V. D.Knowler, No. SE/886 Serjeant W.Nelson, No. 8E/8060 Serjeant F.Roberts, No. 44 Serjeant C.ARMY VETERINARY CORPS (TERRITORIALF ORCE) .Perry, Major . M., F.R.C.V.S.Abson, Captain (temporary Major) J.,F.R.C.V.S.Hartley, Captain C., .R.C.V.S.Bagshaw, Lieutenant T.Douglas, No. 3 Serjeant D. B., NorthumbrianDivision.Lucas, No. SM/83 Corporal F., South MidlandDivision.Taylor, No. SM/56 Lance-Corporal C., SouthMidland Division.Webb, No. 10 Shoeing Smith A., South MidlandDivision.

REMOUNT SERVICE.Bates, Honorary Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) C. L., D.S.O., NorthumberlandYeomanry.Massy, Brevet Colonel W. G., Retired Pay.Acland, emporary Lieutenant-Colonel A. D.(Lieutenant-Colonel, Territorial Force Reserve).Yardley, Lieutenant-Colonel J. W., RetiredPay.Eadon, Major F. H., Reserve f Officers.Tomblings, Riding Master and HonoraryMajor E. G., retired pay.Cantrell - ubbersty, Temporary Major(Lieutenant, Reserve of Officers) W. P. C.Nash, No. S/2612 Regimental Serjeant-Major F. T.Tyler, No. TS/2627 Squadron Serjeant-MajorM. W.

ARMY CHAPLAINS DEPARTMENT.Anderson, Rev. F. I., M.A., haplain to theForces, 3rd Class.Ashby, Rev. P. O., M.A., Chaplain, 4th Class(Territorial Force).Baines, Rev. C. F., M.A., Chaplain to theForces, 1st Class.Baynham, Rev. J. H., M.A., Chaplain to theForces', 3rd Class.Blackburne, Rev. . W., M.A., Chaplain tothe Forces, 3rd Class.Brook, Rev. T., B.D., LL.D., Chaplain to heForces, 3rd Class.Carey, Rev. D. F., M.A., Chaplain to theForces, 3rd Class.Clayton, Rev. J., Temporary Chaplain to theForces, 4th Class.Conran, Rev. M. . ., Temporary Chaplainto the Forces, 4th Class.Corkey, Rev. D. S., Temporary haplain othe Forces, 4th Class.Cowper, Rev. J. J. M., M.A., Chaplain tothe Forces.Day, Rev. . ., M.A., Chaplain to theForces, 1st Class.Donlevy, Rev. W., Temporary Chaplain to heForces, 4th Class.Drinkwater, Rev. F. H., Temporary Chaplainto the Forces, 4th lass.Findlay, Rev. J. L. O. B., Chaplain to theForces, 3rd Class.Firth, Rev. J., emporary Chaplain to theForces, 4th Class.Fitch, Rev. E. A., Chaplain to the Forces, thClass.Fleming, Rev. H. J., M.A., Chaplain to theForces, 3rd Class.Gilchrist, Rev. A. . G., Temporary Chaplainto the Forces, 4th Class.Goudge, Rev. T. S., B.A., Chaplain o theForces, 3rd Class.Green, Rev. L., Temporary Chaplain to theForces, 4th Class.Griffiths, Rev. H. V., Temporary Chaplain tothe Forces, 4th Class.Grobel, Rev. ., Temporary Chaplain to theForces.Harris, Rev. T., Temporary Chaplain to theForces, 4th Class.Helps, Rev. A. L., Temporary Chaplain to theForces, 4th Class.Hill', Rev. F. A., B.A., Chaplain to the Forces,1st Class.Irwin, Rev. R. J. B., cclesiastical Establishments,Bengal.Jaffray, Rev. W. S., C.M.G., Chaplain to theForces-, 1st Class.Keatinge, Rev. W., C.M.G., Chaplain to theForces, 1st Class.Kelly, Rev. J. D., Temporary Chaplain to theForces, 4th Class.Kinnear, Rev. J. ., M.A., Chaplain to theForces, 4th Class.Knapp, Rev. S. S., Temporary Chaplain to heForces, 4th Class.Lane-Fox, Rev. J., Temporary Chaplain tothe Forces, 4th Class.McCormick, Rev. W. P. G., Temporary Chaplainto the Forces, 4t\ Class.Maclean, Rev. A. M., B.D., Chaplain, 2ndClass (Territorial Force) (Temporary haplainto the" Forces, 4th Class, Army Chaplains'Department,;.Marshall, Rev. H. G., haplain to the Forces,4th Class..Money-Kyrle, Rev. C. L., Temporary Chaplainto the orces, 4th Class.Morgan, Rev. E. M., Chaplain to the Forces,1st Class, retired pay.Morrow, Rev. A. W., Temporary Chaplain tothe Forces, 4th Class.Parker, Rev. H. ., B.A., Chaplain to theForces, 4th Class.Parry-Evans, Rev. J. D. S., Chaplain to theForces, 3rd Clas&.Paterson, Rev. W. R., M.A., Chaplain to theForces, 4th Class.Pelling, Rev. S. B., Temporary Chaplain to theForces, 4th Class.

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Ponsonby, Rev. M. G. J., Temporary Chaplainto the Forces, 4th ClassPringle, Rev. ., Canadian Chaplain.Pyin, Rev. T. W., Temporary Chaplain to theForces, 4th Class.Radford, Rev. C. I., Chaplain to the Forces,3rd Class.Rawlinson, Rev. B. S., emporary Chaplainto the Forces, 4th Class (Assistant PrincipalChaplain and emporary haplain to theForces, 2nd Class).Rodger, Rev. J. M., Temporary Chaplain lothe orces, th Class.Sarchet, Rev. W. H., Temporary Chaplain tothe Forces, 4th Class (Honorary haplain tothe Forces, 3rd Class).Scott, Rev. F. G., Canadian Chaplain.Simms, Rev. J. ., C.M.G., D.D., K.H.C.,Principal Chaplain (Chaplain to the Forces,1st Class).Smethwick, Rev. F. F. S., B.A., Chaplain tothe Forces, 4th ClassSouthwell, ev. anon H. K., M.A., Chaplain,1st Class (Territorial Force).Stack, Rev. J., Temporary haplain to theForces, 4th Class.Standing, Rev. G., Temporary Chaplain to theForces, th Class (United Board).Stewart, Rev. R. A,, Temporary Chaplain tothe Forces, 4th lass.Talbot, Rev. N. S., Temporary Chaplain to theForces, 4th Class.Tattersall, Rev. . ., Temporary Chaplain tothe Forces, 4th Class.Tuckey, Rev. J. G. W., M.A., Chaplain o theForces, 1st Class.Watkins, Rev. O. S., Honorary Chaplain tothe Forces, 2nd lass.Webb-Peploe, Rev. H. M., M,A., Chaplain tothe Forces:, 3~rd Class.Williams, ev. R. C. L., B.A., Chaplain to theForces, 4th Class.Wood, Rev. C. T. T., Chaplain, th lass (TerritorialForce).Yeoman, Rev. A. R., M.A., Chaplain to theForces, 3rd Class.

STAFF FOR ROYAL ENGINEER SERVICES.Bryant, Inspector of Works and onoraryCaptain G. H.

ARMY ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT.Bainbridge, Lieutenant-Colonel N. B., D.S.O.Keddie, Lieutenant-Colonel H. W. G.Oldfield, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) A. R.Paul, 1st Class Inspector of OrdnanceMachinery and onorary Major (temporaryChief Inspector and Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel) D.Brown, 1st Class nspector of OrdnanceMachinery and Honorary Major 0.Collacott, 1st Class Inspector f OrdnanceMachinery and Honorary Major J. R.Davies, 1st Class Inspector of rdnanceMachinery and Honorary Major (temporaryChief Inspector and Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel) P. G.Last, 1st Class Inspector of OrdnanceMachinery and onorary Major A. J.Gay, Deputy Commissary of Ordnance andHonorary Captain G. J.Badcock, ssistant Commissary of Ordnanceand Honorary Lieutenant (temporaryDeputy ommissary of Ordnance andHonorary Captain) A. H.Mathews, No. 3989 Conductor . .Rogers, No. 3963 Conductor W. D.Carolan, No. 5344, Serjeant (Acting Sub-Conductor) W.Pritchard, No. 4837 Staff Serjeant (ActingSub-Conductor) G.Bennett, o. 196 Armament Quartermaster-Serjeant (Acting Armament Serjeant-Major) W.Moth, No. 227 Armament Quartermaster-Serjeant (Acting Armament Serjeant-Major) P.Collier," No. 256 Armament Staff-Serjeant(Acting Armament Serjeant-Major) . F.Gatenby, No. 5320 Serjeant (Acting StaffSerjeant) R.Longstaff, No. 339 rmament taff Serjeant(Acting Armament Serjeant-Major) J. W.Cufley, No. 3629 Second Corporal (Acting StaffSerjeant) H.Daniels, No. 6736 Private (Acting Serjeant)T. B.Webb, No. 5823 Lance-Corporal (Acting Serjeant)F. J.Bell, No. 6654 Lance-Corporal (Acting Lance-Serjeant) C. L.Cruickshank, No. 7347 Private (Acting Corporal)A".Pearce, No. 6488 Private (Acting Corporal)H. W.ARMY ORDNANCE ORPS.Hammant, No. 418 Armament Staff SerjeantA. W.Lesslie, No. 261 Armament taff SerjeantW. S.Patrick, No. 6828 Private (Acting StaffSerjeant) H. F.

ARMY PAY DEPARTMENT.Bass, Lieutenant-Colonel P. de S.Arnold, Major H. T.Isacke, Major C. .Bilderbeck, Lieutenant W. J. H.Blair, Temporary Lieutenant R.Holman, Temporary Lieutenant W.Ormsby-Johnson, Lieutenant G. A. C.Riley, Lieutenant H. G.Moran, No. 49 Staff Serjeant-Major W.Carter, No. 791 Staff Quartermaster-SerjeantL. V.Warneford, No. 1206 Acting Staff SerjeantR. J.

STATIONERY SERVICES.Clifford, Temporary Captain W. H.Grieve, Temporary Lieutenant R. A.Richens, Temporary Lieutenant J. O.

MILITARY MOUNTED POLICE.Baverstock, No. 480 Serjeant-Major A.Bennett, No. 492 Serjeant-Major S.Ginn, No. P/8 Serjeant A", (killed).Sherring, No. 441 Quartermaster-Serjeant G.Carr, No. P/393 Serjeant R. W.Castaldini, No. 542 Serjeant J. J.Bray, No. 615 Serjeant A. W.Bulman, No. 595 Serjeant J.Harris, No. 677 Serjeant C. J.Hay, No. 577 Serjeant W.

Page 73

Lee, No. P/137 Serjeant A. W.Williams, No. 637 Serjeant J. T. C.Willis, No. 665 Serjeant W. J. (killed).Sharp, No. 609 Serjeant A.Scott, No. 658 Corporal A. M.Allaker, No. 618 Lance-Corporal S.Butterworth, No. P/701 Lance-Corporal A. H.French, No. P.376 Lance-Corporal T.Thomas, No. P.483 Lance-Corporal .Thomas, No. 677 Acting Serjeant W.

MILITARY FOOT POLICE.Dale, No. 1168 Acting Serjeant C.Brace, No. P/1114 Lance-Corporal E.Gibson, No. P/1211 Private Acting Lance-Corporal) W.Tullett, No. 1146 Lance-Corporal C.

AUSTRALIAN ARMY SERVICE CORPS.Tunbridge, Lieutenant-Colonel W. H., C.B.Hamilton, Captain .AUSTRALIAN NURSING SERVICE.Wyllie, Miss A.AUSTRALIAN VOLUNTARY HOSPITAL.Cabriell, Miss A. B.Buckham, Miss J. B..Keay, Miss C. V.CANADIAN ORCES.CANADIAN STAFF.Watson, Lieutenant - Colonel (temporaryBrigadier-eneral) D., Canadian LocalForces.Gordon-Hall, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) G. C. W., Yorkshire Light Infantry.Panet, Major E. de B., Canadian LocalForces.Brown, Major J. S., Royal Canadian Regiment.Clark, Captain R. P., anadian Local Forces.Hahn, Captain J. E.Wright, Captain A. S., Canadian Artillery.Lalor, Lieutenant R. C., Canadian Contingent.McGugan, Lieutenant D., anadian Contingent.Berry, No. 1810 Serjeant-Major G. E., CanadianContingent.CANADIAN FIELD ARTILLERY.Morrison, Lieutenant - olonel (temporaryBrigadier-General) E. W. B., D.S.O.Constantine, Major C. F.Gillmore, Major E. T. B., 1st Canadian Division,Ammunition Sub-Park.Goodeve, Major L. C.Leonard, Major E. W.Magee, Major F. C.Dunlop, Captain H. McD., 1st anadianDivision, Ammunition Column.Craig, Lieutenant C. S.Leach, Lieutenant R. ., anadian HeavyBattery.Patcrson, Lieutenant (temporary Captain)A. T.Tingley, Lieutenant F. H.Kelly, Paymaster and Honorary CaptainL. S. G.ROYAL CANADIAN NGINEERS.Vince, Captain E. R.Cosgrove, Lieutenant J. R.Lynn, Lieutenant E. F.Macdonald, Lieutenant J. C.Mathieson, Lieutenant D. M.Shergold, Quartermaster nd Honorary CaptainC. (temporary Second Lieutenant,Royal Engineers).Melville, No. 015 Serjeant A.Sinclair, No. 45200 Sapper W.ROYAL CANADIAN DRAGOONS.Nelles, Lieutenant-Colonel C. M.Codville, Captain F. H. McD.LORD TRATHCONA'S HORSE.Macdonell, Lieutenant-Colonel A. C., D.S.O.Hesketh, Major . A., D.S.O.Critchley, Captain J. A.MacDonald, Lieutenant D. J.PRINCESS ATRICIA'S CANADIAN LIGHTINFANTRY.Pelly, Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)R. T. (Captain, Loyal North LancashireRegiment, Special Reserve).Gray, Major . . B.Carve'll, Lieutenant G. C.Crawford, Lieutenant R. G. (died of wounds).Edwards, Lieutenant N. A. (killed).Cordery, No. 236 Company Serjeant-MajorA. E.Godfrey, No. 589 Company Quartermaster-Serjeant S.Allan, No. 1742 Serjeant M.Christie, No. 576 Corporal J. M.Fleming, No. 14472 Private A. G. S.McAllister, No. 1062 Private J.IST ANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Hill, Lieutenant-Colonel F. W.Lalor, Captain . J. A.Metcalfe, Lieutenant G. A. (killed).Large, No. 6472 Private W. C.Smith, No. 856 Private C. D.2ND CANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Young, No. 8630 Serjeant J. K.SRD CANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Rennie, Lieutenant-Colonel temporary Brigadier-General) R., M.V.O. 'Rogers, Captain J. B.Tidy, Captain F. O. .Reid, Lieutenant G. E.Clifton, No. 9057 Serjeant H. K.4TH CANADIAN NFANTRY BATTALION.Colquhoun, Lieutenant-Colonel M. A.Hickey, No. 11202 Serjeant H. (killed).Sprinks, Lieutenant W. D.STH CANADIAN INFANTRY ATTALION.Hilliam, Lieutenant-Colonel E.Tuxford, Lieutenant-Colonel G. S.Dyer, Major H. M.Anderson, Captain S. J., D.S.O.Nash, Captain J. F. P., D S.O.Anderson, Lieutenant J. G.Mackie, No. 12601 Regimental Serjeant-MajorA. G.Saunders, No. 2764 Corporal S.

Page 74

4TH CANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Odium, Lieutenant-Colonel V. W.Gardner, Captain S. D.Brooks, Captain A.Holmes, Lieutenant . D.Owen, Lieutenant H. H.Fyles, No. 77006 Serjeant J. J.Allison, No. 16619 Corporal . .Hall, No. 23396 Corporal A. E.McQueen, No. 16922 Private W. .5TH CANADIAN NFANTRY BATTALION.Andrews, Major G. W.Prower, Captain J. M.Tate, No. 757 Private H.9TH CANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Ashton, Major E. J.10TH ANADIAN INFANTEY BATTALION.O'Rourke, No. 19612 Corporal D. (died ofwounds).Smith, No. 20378 Corporal H. R.13TH CANADIAN INFANTEY ATTALION.Clf^k-Kennedy, Major W. H.Connor, No. 24829 Private B. J.16TH ANADIAN INFANTEY BATTALION.Rae, Major W.Hastings, Captain V. J.Morison, Major F., D.S.O.Appleton, No. 29410 Private E.Grant, No. 28976 Private . .Payne, No. 29481 Private C.17TH (RESEEVE) CANADIAN INFANTEYBATTALION.Mavor, Captain W.22ND CANADIAN INFANTBY ATTALION.Roy, Major A. (killed).28TH CANADIAN INFANTEY BATTALION.Northover, Lieutenant A. W.CANADIAN ABMY MEDICAL COB?S.Bridges, Colonel J. W.McLaren, Colonel M.Cameron, Lieutenant-Colonel K.Nasmith, Lieutenant-Colonel G. G.Mackinnon, Major W. T. M.Young, Major C. A.Gibson, Captain G. H. R.Macdonald, Captain R. H.Smith, Captain S. A., D.S.O.Hart, Lieutenant W. M.Robart, No. 33801 Serjeant-Major R.Hogg, No. 34618 taff-Serjeant W.Home, No. 33844 Lance-Corporal R.McKeegan, No. 33854 Private F.CANADIAN NTJESING SEEVICE.Charleson, Matron Miss E. M.McLatchey, atron Miss M. O.Nesbitt, Nursing Matron Miss V. C.Rayside, Nursing Matron Miss . .Ridley, Nursing Matron Miss E. B.Strong, Nursing Sister Miss A. C.Tremaine, ursing Sister Miss V. A.CANADIAN AEMY VETEEINAEY COEPS.Evans, Captain . C.White, No. 48506 Serjeant 0. C.CANADIAN OEDNANCE COEPS.Northover, Lieutenant H. R.CANADIAN OVEESEAS RAILWAY CONSTEUCTIONCOEPS.Ramsey, Lieutenant-Colonel C. W. P.Hervey, Major C. L.IST NEWFOUNDLAND CONTINGENT.Franklin, Major W. H.NEW ZEALAND OCAL FOECES.Hellaby, Lieutenant F. A. (attached DevonshireRegiment).GENSEAL LIST.Armstrong, Temporary Captain G. G.Lindeman, Temporary Captain C. L.GENEEAL LIST (NEW AEMY).Lister, emporary Captain F. V.Oldfield, Temporary Captain J. W., BrigadeMachine-Gun Officer.Mackay-White, Temporary Second LieutenantE.W., Royal Engineers.Gray, emporary Lieutenant G., TrenchWarfare, Ministry of Munitions.Romer, Temporary Lieutenant C.SPECIAL LIST.Gold, Temporary Captain E., MeteorologicalSection.Howell, Temporary Second Lieutenant E. B.,Indian Mail ensorship Staff.Maude, Temporary Second Lieutenant R. W.,Interpreter, 2nd/8th urkha Rifles.Wilks, Temporary Second Lieutenant N.,Corps of Interpreters.DEPAETMENT OF THE FINANCIAL ADVISEE.Goligher, H. G., Esq. relative precedence asBrigadier-General).Toplis, J. (relative precedence as Lieutenant-Colonel).MISCELLANEOUS LIST.Price, Ex-Soldier Clerk J. B.INDIAN ARMY.CAVALBY.SED SigiNNEB's HOESE.Nur Muhammad Khan, Risaldar.4TH AVALBY.Johnston, Captain R.6TH CAVALBY.Fateh Singh, Risaldar.9TH ODSON'S HOESE.Corbett, Lieutenant T. W.Stallibrass, Temporary Lieutenant in rmyT. L. W.Tek Singh, Jemadar.10TH LANCERS (HODSON'S HOESE).Strong, Major A. D.

Page 75

11TH LANCERS (PROBYN'S HORSE).Fellowes, Lieutenant .(temporary Captain)H. G. A.Prinsep, Lieutenant E. S. MacL.13iH LANCERS WATSON'S HORSE).Moody, Captain F. H.Pott, Lieutenant D.15TH LANCERS CURETON'S MULT AXIS).Clarke, Captain A. C. K. S.16TH CAVALRY.Lang, Captain W. H.17TH CAVALRY.Skipwith, Lieutenant C. G. Y.18TH LANCERS.Malik mar Hyat Khan, Honorary CaptainHon., C.I.E./M.V.O.19TH LANCERS (FANE'S ORSE).Hira Singh, Eisaldar..20TH DECCAN HORSE.Worgan, Captain R. B.Sher ingh, Jemadar.28TH LIGHT CAVALRY.Bal Singh, No. 2177 Sowar Ward Orderly.29TH LANCERS (DECCAN HORSE).Hemans, Captain G. W.Ghulam astaghir Khan, Risaldar.36TH JACOB'S HORSE.Muhammad Nasir Khan, Risaldar Major.30TH CENTRAL INDIA HORSE.Fraser, Captain W. A. K.QUEEN ICTORIA'S WN CORPS or GUIDES(FRONTIER FORCE) (LUMSDEN'S).Banks, Captain P. 'A. killed).IST KING GEORGE'S OWN SAPPERS ANDMINERS.Bartlett, Captain L. ., Royal Engineers(Hied of wounds).Trevor, Lieutenant H. S., Royal Engineers(killed).Wheeler, Lieutenant E. 0., Royal Engineers.Henley, No. 9158 uartermaster-SerjeantH. T.SRD SAPPERS AND MIXERS.Arbuthnot, Captain A. D. ., RoyalEngineers.Kisch, Captain F. H., Royal Engineers.Rawlence, Captain M., Royal ngineers.Hamilton, Lieutenant H. W. R., Royal Engineers.Mason, Lieutenant A., Royal ngineers.Sprinks, No. 13039 Serjeant M.Sardar Khan, No. 3446 Havildar.Amir Ali hah, No. 3157 Driver Havildar.Hyder Khan, No. 529 Sapper.INFANTRY.BTH JAT IGHT INFANTRY.McPherson, Captain A. B.Ross, Captain R. C.12ra PIONEERS.Teja Singh, No. 1804 Lance-Naik.15TH LUDHIANA SlKHS.Franklin, Major H. S. E.19TH PUNJABIS.Duhan, Major F. T. (killed).21sT PUNJABIS.Cook, Captain J. R. (killed).22ND PUNJABIS.Webb, Captain (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel) . F. R.24TH PUNJABIS.Thornhill, Captain C. M.31sT PUNJABIS.Deedes, Lieutenant . B.34TH SIKH PIONEERS.Cullen, Lieutenant-Colonel E. H. S., M.V.O.,D.S.O.Cooke, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel H. F.Paterson, Captain G. F. J.37TH DOGRAS.Brind, Captain R. M.39iH GARH\VAL RIFLES.Etherton, Captain . T.40TH PATHANS.Dalmahoy, Captain J. F. C. (killed).Campbell, Lieutenant F. C. .Mukhtiara, No. 3893 Sepoy.41sT DOGRAS.Hutchinson, Brevet Lieutenant - ColonelC. A. R.Tribe, Lieutenant-Colonel C. W.42xD DEOLI REGIMENT.Burnett, Captain R. F. D.Patrick', Captain R. M. F.46TH PUNJABIS.Munn, Lieutenant F. L. R.47xH SIKHS.Combe, Captain S. B.Francis, Captain R. F.Ralston, Captain W. H.Drysdale, Lieutenant A. E.54TH SIKHS (FRONTIER FORCE).Mackie, Captain G. . (killed).55TH COKE'S RIFLES (FRONTIER FORCE).Mahon, Captain A. E.Mein, Lieutenant D. B.56TH PUNJABI RIFLES (FRONTIER FORCE).Ls Cornu, Captain C. . S.

Page 76

57TH WILDE'S RIFLES (FRONTIER FORCE).Bainbridge, Lieutenant D.58TH VAUGHAN'S RIFLES (FRONTIER FORCE).Milligan, Second Lieutenant . .Hawinda, Jemadar.59TH SCINDE RIFLES (FRONTIER FORCE).Inskip, Captain R. .62ND PUNJABIS.Morse, Captain L. H.67TH PUNJABIS.Gordon, Lieutenant J. de a .74TH PUNJABIS.Milne, Captain H. W. (killed).89TH PUNJABIS.Campbell, Lieutenant-Colonel L. W. Y.Crawford, Captain J. D.James, Captain W. R.Harnam ingh, No. 1654 Naick.Issar Singh, No. 2106 Naick.Indar Singh, No. 2316 Sepoy.90TH PUNJABIS.3arleton, Lieutenant-Colonel H. A.107T PIONEERS.Hornor, Lieutenant F. H. F.Wallis, Lieutenant B. H.121ST PIONEERS.Heale, Major E. N.125TH NAPIER'S RIFLES.Dennys, Lieutenant-Colonel . H.127TH BALUCH LIGHT INFANTRY.Hulseberg, Major H.129ra BALUCHI s.Hamer, Captain M. A.130TH BALUCHIS (JACOB'S RIFLES).Kensington, Captain . C.IST GURKHA RIFLES.Anderson, Lieutenant-Colonel W. Christian.2ND URKHA RIFLES.Sweet, Major E. H.Cruickshank, Captain J. E.Scoones, Lieutenant . . P.4TH GURKHA RIFLES.Gardiner, Captain W. A.Roe, Captain C. D., D.S.O.STH URKHA RIFLES.Buckland, Captain G. C. B., D.S.O.9iH GURKHA RIFLES.Bakht ahadur Adhikari, Subadar.SUPPLY AND TRANSPORT.Cripp's, Colonel A. W.Douglas, Major H. A.Lushmgton, Major W. N.Young, Major H. N.Barrett, Captain * H. H., Army ServiceCorps.Sargent, Captain A. E. E.Orr, Commissary and Honorary Major R.,Indian Army Departments.Bartram, Conductor A.Edgerley, Conductor W. J.Kemp, Conductor W. J.Payne, Conductor C.Bolland, Sub-Conductor J. F.Eagles, ub-Conductor J.Hughes, Sub-Conductor W. B.Ingram, Sub-Conductor J.Jones, Sub-onductor H.Addison, Staff Serjeant L. J.Durham, Staff Serjeant C.Grindley, Staff Serjeant E.Hewson, Staff Serjeant J. W.Jennings, Staff Serjeant A.Norton, Staff Serjeant .Taylor, Staff Serjeant J. R. K.Terry, Staff Serjeant C. E.Tingey, Staff Serjeant J. M.Dann, Serjeant F. E.QUEEN ALEXANDRA'S MILITARY NURSINGSERVICE OR INDIA.Anderson, Miss C. H.Knapp, Miss M. D.Mills, Miss S. G.Neville, Miss R. .Rait, Miss H. A. M.White, Miss L. A.INDIAN MEDICAL SERVICE.Grayfoot, olonel B. B., M.D.Berry, Lieutenant-Colonel A. E., M.B.Hamilton, Lieutenant-Colonel . A., M.B.,F.R.C.S.Edin.MacNab, Lieutenant-Colonel A. J., F.R.C.S.Boulton, Major ., .B.Bradley, Major R. J., M.B.Browse, Major G., M.D.Cruddas, Major H. M.Fleming, Major A. N., M.B., F.R.C.S.Edin.Good, Major J., M.B.Hudson, Major C., D.S.O., .R.C.S.Edin.Jeudwine, Major W. W., M.D.Kerans, Major G. C. L.'Needham, Major . ., M.B.Shettle, Captain F. B.Carmack, Captain H. S., M.B., F.R.C.S.Edin.Green-rmytage, Captain V B.Middleton-West, Captain S. H., M.B.Nicholson, Captain R. B.Paton, Captain W. C.,.M.B.Scott, Captain J., M.B.Smalley, Captain J., M.B.Smith, Captain C. H., M.D., F.R.C.S.Whitamore, Captain V. N.Wood, Captain C. A., M.B.INDIAN SUBORDINATE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT.Bal-Mukand, No. 991 st Class Sub-AssistantSurgeon.Hira-Lal, No. 1255 1st Class Sub-AssistantSurgeon P.Hira Singh, No. 929 1st Class Sub-AssistantSurgeon, Rai Bahadur.Jassudasam, No. 286 1st Class Sub-AssistantSurgeon S.Kishan Singh, No. 1046 1st Class Sub-Assistant Surgeon.McMillan, 1st Class Assistant Surgeon W. C.

Page 77

Maine, 1st lass Assistant Surgeon W. J. S.Pohlo Ram, No. 772 1st Class Sub-AssistantSurgeon.Shaikh Hussain Ali, Subadar and 1st ClassSenior Sub-Assistant urgeon.Bishan Singh, No. 1143 1st Class Sub-Assistant Surgeon.Browne, 2nd Class ssistant Surgeon R. F.Culpaiikum Virasami Rajagopal Pillai, 2ndClass Sub-Assistant urgeon.Kishan Singh, No. 1246 2nd Class Sub-Assistant Surgeon.Pargan Singh, No. 230 2nd Class Sub-Assistant Surgeon.Boilard, 3rd Class Assistant Surgeon E. H.Mathurapershad, Sarswifc No. 1360 3rd ClassSub-Assistant Surgeon.Messinier, 3rd lass Assistant Surgeon E. B.INDIAN SUBORDINATE MEDICAL DEPARTMENTAND ARMY BEARER CORPS.Rodrigues, 3rd Class Assistant urgeon J. M.Browne, 4th Class Sub-Assistant SurgeonW. A.Clements, No. 9214 Serjeant E. (Packstore).Rowland, No. 7366 Private J. T.Abdul Qadir, No. 4624 avildar Packstore).Fateh Ali, No. 4287 Havildar (Packstore).Nikka, No. 3000 Havildar.Ram haran, No. 1396 Naik.Kundan, No. 7034 Lance Naik.Ram Charan, No. 7074 Lance aik.Mahomed Shah, No. 14 Ward Orderly.Ghainda, No. 2133 3rd Grade Ward ervant.Beni, No. 7204 Bearer.Bhujjoo, No. 7052 Bearer.Chabi, No. 7259 Bearer.Madan Singh, No. 4349 Bearer.Mastan Singh, J>To>. 4397 Bearer.Mulloo, o. 455 Bearer.Narain, No. 7339 Bearer.Dorabji Mehrjibhoy, temporary 1st Class ospitalStorekeeper.Shiv Ram, temporary 1st Class Hospital Storekeeper.MILITARY ORKS SERVICE.McDonough, Conductor A. D.Inward, Sub-Conductor A. A.INDIAN MILITARY ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT.Carr-Hall, Major R. E.Ellis, Captain S. G. V.Lalla Hukam Chand, 1st Grade Accountant.Nand Lall Khanna, 3rd rade Accountant.IMPERIAL SERVICE TROOPS.Hati, Major, Gwalior Transport.INDIAN ARMY.Curtis, Second Lieutenant (temporary Captain)A. C. attached Bedfordshire Regiment).Logan, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)A. . (attached Bedfordshire Regiment).Powell, Second Lieutenant (temporary LieutenantF. (attached Bedfordshire Regiment).Searle, Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant)C. S. (attached Royal BerkshireRegiment).INDIAN UNATTACHED LIST.Lanfear, Serjeant J. H., Military Staff Clerk.McDermott, No. 7834 Serjeant GPrescott, No. 8672 Serjeant W.INDIAN NATIVE LAND FORCES.Rana Jodha ang ahadur, Second Lieutenant,Commandant, Tehri Sappers andMiners (attached Garhwal ifles).INDIAN ARMY (RESERVE OF OFFICERS).Mellis, Captain A. R. (attached urkhaRifles).Durnford, Second Lieutenant C. M.(attached Vaughan's Rifles (FrontierForce).Manson, Second Lieutenant C. C. E. (attachedGurkha Rifles).Nott-ower, Second Lieutenant C. C.(attached Gurkha Rifles).VETERINARY CORPS.Ford, No. 7265 Serjeant-Major R.POSTAL SERVICE.Kanshi Ram, Subadar.Fressanges, Conductor G. F.Coombs, Sub-Conductor M. H.Wilson, Sub-onductor T. G.Morris, No. 5660 Staff Serjeant W.Pay, Staff Serjeant E.Smith, Staff Serjeant E. W.Terry, Staff Serjeant T.Walsh, Staff Serjeant J. E.Waugh, Sub-Conductor . T.Whicker, Staff Serjeant A. E.ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT.Hughes, Conductor . .Macdougall, Conductor J. L. N.REMOUNT DEPARTMENT.T'empler, Lieutenant-Colonel C. F.REMOUNT SECTION.Kesar Shah, Salutri (attached to HeadquartersStaff, Indian Army).SPECIAL LIST.Donnan, Lieutenant-Colonel W. Indian MailCensorship Staff).Coldstream, J. C., Supernumerary List(Indian Mail Censorship Staff).Qadir Bakhsh Khan, Honorary Lieutenantin Army, Maler Kotla Sappers (attached 3rd Sappers and Miners).


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Now click add to favourites....

A couple of things on the list.

Somewhere along the line some capital letters have gone AWOL.

Whether it was the Gazette copy or the Compression Macro I used so that this could fit on less than 100 pages, I don;t know but there are some "emporary olonels" and "orporals" still in there I think.

Please forgive me that, it's only meant as a guide.

Surnames should be intact. (Subject to the OCR of the Gazette not mangling them)

Any suggestions for the format of further instalments.

(If indeed you want them listing....)

teve. :lol:

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Basically just trying to get rid of the line breaks in the copy/paste routine into word, otherwise the post would be endless....

It's just me trying to sound clever.

What it really is is a recorded Macro in word, that was basically keyboard strokes "End">"Delete", repeated 30 times and then the Macro is assigned to a Keystroke combination (Say Ctrl+T) which quickens up the process of deleting the line breaks somewhat.

What I didn't take into account was when the Macro executes and the new line rolls over the edge of the page. Hence, I ended up deleting some letters by mistake.

The new improved Compression Macro is a reversal: "Down">"Home">"Delete" and seems to work better.

I don't think I lost any letters on the second one I posted:


Can someone proof-read the post to the original Gazette, please?! :P


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I can't let this go by without a bigger "shout"

Sterling work Steve, and a source of many searches on this forum.

I applaud you!

ps - how did you do it again?


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Richard from Canada responding. My grandfather left the CEF and joined the BEF (3rd Army, 34th Division, 26th Northumberland Fusiliers). I have a newspaper clipping "MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES" and so perhaps you can tell me where I would find that. Do you have all your data in a ZIP file or something that you could send me?

e-mail: contact@censol.ca

I will gladly exchange this for some other valuable service!

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thank you so much for this. I have been researching Lt Col Walter Thomas Gaisford for some time and it was not until doing a name search on your entries (page 53) that I discovered that he had been mentioned in despatches when commanding 7th Seaforth Highlanders at Loos. Because I need to cite the reference in the work I'm doing could you please give me the correct reference to the source document?

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The London Gazette site has changed recently and many of the older links we have posted on the forum are now broken.

Here is the replacement link to the front page:



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Thanks for this it must have taken a lot of work it will really helpwith research



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I realise this thread is old but I'm researching Matthew Aithwaite and I know he was M.I.D but I don't know what for. Is there any way to find out what he did? 

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3 hours ago, tiddy30 said:

I realise this thread is old but I'm researching Matthew Aithwaite and I know he was M.I.D but I don't know what for. Is there any way to find out what he did? 


The mention could either have been for sustained good work, or a single act of gallantry.  As mentioned in the first post of the thread, the preamble to the Supplement to the Gazette states, ‘ for gallant and distinguished service’.  You can read the text of the Despatch on the LLT http://www.longlongtrail.co.uk/battles/british-field-commanders-despatches/sir-john-frenchs-ninth-despatch-loos/

It deals with the Battle of Loos and covers the period June to October 1915


CSM Aithwaite was serving with the 2nd Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment.  Their war diary is on Ancestry although corrupted with the pages from 1914 jumbled in.  A quick scan gives no indication, there is an entry in FMP from lives of the First War, is that yours?  The MID is not recorded.  There were, however a number of awards for the action at Hooge on the 9th August, 8 D.C.Ms were awarded to NCOs and other ranks. 




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