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Andrew P

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Going through the service record of an Australian Officer who was killed in the 3rd Battle of Ypres, there is list of his personal effects that was sent back to his family.

Among his effects such as caps, gloves, jackets, pugarees, waterproof cape, etc, there is listed '1 British Warm'.

I'm assumming that this is some type or part of a service uniform, but if anyone can shed further light on what this would be I would be grateful.


Andrew Pittaway

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Guest J.Woodward


As I understand it a British warm is army parlance for the standard issue officers greatcoat of the day. Could be wrong though, anyone else able to confirm this one?

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Yes, but only officers greatcoats; not ones issued to Other Ranks. Remember officers bought all their kit, and officers gear was of a much higher standard. There are varying types of greatcoat used by officers, some of which were fleece lined! Magazines like the Sphere, Graphic and Bystander often carry adverts for them.

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Coats warm (British Warm) referred to a style of Coat and did not refer to all styles of Great Coats.

The Coat Warm was a style made popular by Officers which as is stated before were private purchase.

A War Department procured Coat Warm Mounted Services made its appearance in early 1915 for Other Ranks. This could be isssued in lieu of Coats, great, drab, mounted. Actually both were very similar in construction.

For Officers the defintion of what a "British Warm" could vary, but were usually short (reached only to the upper/mid thigh) double breasted coat with a belt around the waist.

Joe Sweeney

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