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Remembered Today:

Clapham Junction

Andrew P

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I'm researching an officer who was killed in this vicinity on the 21st of Septmeber 1917.

Lt Benno Carl Lehmann MC of the 3rd Machine Gun Company AIF had been wounded at Glencourse Wood and made his way back to a dressing station to have a tetanus shot as he didn't want to be evacuated.

He was making his way back to his company when he was killed by a shell near Clapham Junction.

Some fellow officers of his unit buried him and erected a cross over his grave. The grave had the map location of;

Belgium Sheet 28.N.E. 1:20,000 J.13 D.50.95.

Unfortunately the grave was never found and Lt Lehmann is remembered on the Menin Gate.

Was Clapham Junction on Menin Road itself? and can anyone tell me if there is anything on that spot in the present day, such as a cemetery, buildings etc.


Andrew Pittaway

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Clapham Junction is on the Menin Road and it was a crossroad with a few tracks meeting the road at that point for good measure. It's easy to spot today because it's marked by two obelisk-shaped memorials, one on each side of the road. One is dedicated to the 1st Gloucesters and the other to the 18th Division.

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Thanks Tom, that was a very quick response.

I'm hoping in the next year or two to visit this area, so I'm glad to know it's accessible.



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If you want to visit the place, you can always contact me, I know the area very well ( researched the history of Gheluvelt) and would be pleased to show the exact locations.

Greetings from Flanders,


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