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Portsmouth Bombardier

Guest bob kerby

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I am researching a family member and wandered if anyone can help me.

His name was Bombardier John Martin who was serving in Portsmouth in 1876.

I know very little about military matters, but I assume that because he was a Bombardier he must have been in the artillery. Is this assumption correct?

Does anybody know which Regiments or Batalions were stationed in Portsmouth or Devonport (Stoke Damerel) in the 1870's? This will help me find Martin's service papers.

Thanks so much

Bob Kerby

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In some respects you're on the wrong forum here, as what you are talking about is pre-WW1.

However, you assumption is correct; a soldier with the rank of Bombardier would be in the Royal Artillery. Depending on how long he served, and under what circumstances, you may well find his service record in the Public Record Office under class WO97.

The RA Museum at Woolwich may be able to help with the details of which units were in Portsmouth during this period.

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