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Menin Road South Military Cemetery

Guest Hill 60

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Does anyone have a copy of the Register for the Menin Road South Military Cemetery, Ypres and would be willing to give me name, rank, number of any members of the CEF buried there please? :unsure:

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You may also like to know this cemetery was used by Canadian units from Spring 1916 until around August 1916, when Canadian divisions held the line from Hooge to Sanctuary Wood to Hill 62 and Mount Sorrell. From memory, many of the burials here are from 3rd Canadian Division who was prominant in this sector, particularly during the June 1916 battle.

There was a Dressing Station close to this cemetery in a small 'chateau' style building. This is the large house next to the cemetery; a rebuild of course, but if you look to the rear of an outhouse you will the remains of a concrete building that was part of the ADS.

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Paul - Thanks for that snippet of info I wasn't aware of that.

One of my great uncles, Edward Swain, was hit whilst in Sanctuary Wood (2/2/16 with the 12th Royal Fusiliers) and I presume was taken to this ADS because he is buried in the Cemetery, along with 2 of his colleagues who were killed on the same day.

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If interested, I can send a scan of an old postcard showing this cemetery. Although it is no answer to your question.

Gilbert Deraedt


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