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1st Bn Middlesex Regt.

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I recently acquired a nice group of four: QSA (Cape Colony, Transvaal,SA1902) to 1573 Pte.W.Eccleston, Middlesex Regiment; and 1914 Star trio, with Aug-Nov bar to L-8952 Pte.W.Ecclestone, 1/Middlesex Regt. His MIC makes note of the two different spellings of his surname, but it is the same fellow. He later served as #16530, Machine Gun Corps.

My question concerns his QSA. The accompanying medal roll has 5th Bn., Middlesex Regiment as a heading, so I assume this was a militia unit of the regiment. From his clasp combination he arrived late in the war.

Do any of the Pals have any information on this unit? My knowledge of the activities of UK reserve units in contributing to the South Africa war effort is nil!

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Hi there

Stirlings "Our Regiments in South Africa" mentions only the 2nd Battalion, employed in SE Transvaal & in the Newcastle District. They were represented at Fort Itala.

But it does say that 3rd and 4th militia battalions did serve out there.

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Everard Wyrall's book "The Die-Hards in the Great War" only makes one mention of 5th Middlesex. It was the Royal Elthorne Militia. In 1914 they were in Mill Hill, London at the Depot. Of all 46 Battalions on the Middlesex, the book makes no more reference to the 5th!

The 1st Battalion served only in France and Belgium 1914-1918.

More on the 1st Batt at freespace.virgin.net/howard.anderson

I hope that may be of help.



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The paperwork which accompanied the group included a WO100/195 form which listed the roll of individuals entitled to the QSA and appropriate clasps. It was dated at Hounslow on 28 Oct.,1902. Eccleston's name appears here. At the top of the page is the entry "5/Bn Middlesex", so I assume that the fellow was with this militia unit and later became a regular soldier. He arrived in France on 11 Aug.,1914.

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According to British Regiments 1914-18 by EA James:

5th Battalion Middlesex Regiment

4.8.14 Mill Hill

August 1914 to Rochester

March 1916 to Chatham

During 1917 and 1918 at Gillingham

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Everard Wyrall's book "The Die-Hards in the Great War" only makes one mention of 5th Middlesex. ...


Wyrall's book is one I have been wanting to have a look at. I would very much appreciate it if you could have a quick check to see whether it has much on the 13th Battalion, particularly for August 1916.


Clive Maier

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The book has a good amount on the 13th Middlesex but nothing at all about August 1916, apart from the fact that the 17th Batt got some drafts in August 1916 from other Middlesex Battalions including the 13th.

There are about 70 pages in all that describe the actions of the 13th.

Although I paid £110 for the two original volumes some while ago, you can now get a re-printed version that is not at all bad. The maps are much smaller but the text is exactly the same. You can get it for about £38 from www.naval-military-press.com. (I have no connection with them!!!)

I hope that helps.


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