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If anyone needs info from the 307th FA, 78th Div

Guest dcbrown

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The 307th Field Artillery of the 78th Division did a wonderful unit history that was published in 1919. Each Battery and the HQ, Supply, Medical, etc rosters are all there. If anyone needs anything looked up, just ask. This was interesting:

The other day, I found letters on eBay, from a man who the seller said was in the 307th C. I checked the roster and his name didn't appear, so I almost dismissed the lot. I did a bunch of research and nothing. I then noticed another batch of letters from the same seller listed. I looked at her pictures and saw an envelope addressed to this man at "307th C FA, Camp Dix". I noted a red line through the "307 C FA" and hand-written notation in red "Q.M. Dept. NA", which means Quatermaster Department National Army. He was transferred during training. So, you never know...


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