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Brest Litovsk - Pull Russians from Imperial Armies


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Another ten year old thread resurrected.

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On 12/02/2006 at 10:49, Broznitsky said:

After the Treaty of Brest Litovsk, the Bolsheviks requested all Imperial Forces to pull Russian-born soldiers from front-line duties. This likely occurred in February 1918, plus or minus one month.

Can anybody point to any primary or secondary sources or references for this?

I am new here and found this quite interesting as I am writing a book on Communist sympathizers and Soviet espionage within the policy making and intelligence services of the West.

Because there has been so much propaganda and lies on the matter I had to begin my work in the 18th Century and meet up with the real beginnings of the spread of Marxism around the globe in the latter half of the 19th Century up to the immediate post WWI years. What I found interesting was the fact that by 1914 a small number of Western troops had already been infected with Socialist radicalism and what I guess could be called Bolshevism. The split in Russia occurring in  1903. It needs to be remembered that waves of immigrants/emigres with his ideology began arriving in the UK, US and Canada as early as 1910. This is when Lenin decreed, alongside Rosa Luxemberg that they should begin to infiltrate all aspects of Capitalist nations. Trade /Labour movements existed at the beginning of WWI that were already being infiltrated. This includes political parties and civil services. So recruits from Eastern Europe and especially Jews were under suspicion very early. The Jewish involvement has been played down because people are afraid of the truth. However the major contributor to the future CPSU was the Jewish Bund. They had already set up shop in places like London, Montreal and New York City etc. So many, to include the likes of Churchill, were well aware of this. This is not to say all Jewish people were Communists, but a heck of a lot were. Good evidence of this, apart from the Poliburo being about 4.5 Jewish out of 7 and both the Comintern and Profintern run by Jews but the Paris Bureau of the Russian Imperial Police records (misidentified as Okhrana) lists the numbers of known and suspected Bolshevik agents. Then you simply had to look through the membership records of the Comintern itself and its foreign Communist Parties. Anyway getting back to 1916-17. It is evident through eyewitness accounts that the Bolsheviks had been working on the Russian soldier at the front lines since early 1916. Similar propaganda efforts did exist in the West and did not necessarily have to have anything to do with various ethnic groups that came out of Russia. There was an accusation by the Canadian Cavalry Brigade Commander Brigadier-General J.E.B. Seely that that Bolshevik propaganda had impacted the effectiveness of some British troops. Then there are the mutinies in the entirely domestically recruited Canadians, British and Americans that took part in the Siberian expedition. These were led by known Communists who were labour agitators who belonged to various unions such as the IWW (Wobblies) in the US. The lead instigator in the US mutiny was a soldier named Henkleman. The problem is, that after WWI the western media and academia were already being infiltrated by Communists. So to get the truth you really have to dig and bypass a lot of the crap published which is simply Far Left propaganda. Probably one of the biggest lies in human history is that Fascism and National Socialism are RIGHT ideologies. First of all Mussolini and Guovanni Gentile's Fascist Manifesto makes it very clear that it is far closer to Mussolini's Socialist roots than anything even in the center. That dogma had distinct differences with Hitler's points on National Socialism. Doesn't anyone wonder how the DAP with 12 members grew so quickly between 1919 and 1933? It too was Left on the political spectrum and this is proven by the number of Socialists (SPD) and Communists (KPD) switched to his party. He was selling Socialism but a NATIONAL Socialism which was different than Marx and Lenin who wanted a GLOBAL single state. Hitler simply did not want to be subordinate to the Soviets who, through the Comintern, controlled the German Communist Party the KPD. There was NOTHING Conservative about Mussolini OR Hitler. They were the real RIGHT and unfortunately when the poop hit the fan were nowhere to be found. So indeed Bolshevism/Communism was very very active in the front lines in WWI towards the later period of the war. The other lie about Communism is the numbers. The Bolsheviks were not a large organization. They came to power by political connivance. Once the Germans helped them to secure control, they used terror and fear to grow their numbers. The same can be said of Communist China. So it did not take a large popular movement for them to seize control. Once the USSR was established, they helped similar insignificant groups take over. In fact in Bulgaria at the end of WWII there were approximately 300 known Communists in the country. It was the power of the USSR ( largely attained by the actions of Left politicos in the West ) that propelled such insignificant numbers to murderous power. 

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