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If a Territorial Force soldier was discharged time-expired in July 1916, what was the last date at which he could have enlisted? Any help gratefull received.

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Would the Territorial have signed up in April 1908 and the minimum they signed on for, then, was 8 years. April 1908 was when the Territorials were formed from the original Volunteer battalions. I have seen two discharge certificates for Royal Warwicks T.F., both of whom finished in may/June ... ish 1916. They had both signed up in 1908. This may have happened to quite a lot of Territorials, I think many re-signed up and stayed with their battalions. The one guy I know of, had had enough and came back and got a job in a munitions factory in Brum.



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The conditions of service for the new Territorial Force, set out in the Territorial and Reserve Forces Act 1907, were that recruits for the Territorial Force would enlist for a period of four years but were allowed to terminate their engagement on giving three months notice and on payment of £5, unless they chose to enlist into the Regular Army when this requirement was waived. Serving members of the Volunteer Force were allowed to transfer to the Territorials on a short one-year engagement but if they chose to continue their service would have to re-enlist for four years.

In the case of your Terrier, Chris, he may have indeed enlisted sometime during 1908 and re-engaged in 1912, or could have enlisted in 1911, as on the embodiment of the Territorial Force on 5th August 1914, all Territorials had their period of engagement extended by one year.

Hope this helps.

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