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Grad. Bn.

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I've been researching the wartime careers of International Rugby players for some time, and today came across some information on Robert de Winton, who played at scrum half for England v Wales in 1893. In 1918-1919 he was a Temporary Lieutenant, acting Captain, in the Lancashire Fusiliers commanding a company in a (the?) Grad. Bn., Leicestershire Regiment.

I haven't come across the 'Grad. Bn.' abbreviation before, and will be grateful if someone could let me know the full title.

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From the mothersite:

Later, in 1917, the Training Reserve was reorganised. 14 of the Battalions were converted into Young Soldier Battalions, the job of which was to put 18 year olds through basic training. From there they would transfer to one of the 28 Graduated Battalions. The latter were employed on home defence. In October 1917, the YS and Grad Battalions were once again aligned with the regimental system. Two Grad Bns, renumbered 51st and 52nd Bns, joined each regiment; one YS Bn joined, as 53rd Bn.

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Thanks mate.

Somehow I knew that the answer would be blindingly obvious and that it would be clearly shown somewhere equally obvious that I had overlooked.

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