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Private John William Brown. S3 022890

Guest doorman

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This is a very long shot and would appreciate any information however small it may seem. I am try to find out about my mothers farther. All I know is his name, serial number and that he was in the Army Service Corps 1914-1918. His name was John William Brown, born in 1895. lived in London, proberly Wandsworth, Earlsfield area. His Army number was S3 022890 and thats about it. No one knows what regiment he was in. Thank you.


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Doorman - Have you tried looking at the Public Records Office at Kew? You should find, at least, his Medal Index Card there.

Although I assume your Grandfather survived I ran a check on the Soldiers Died in the Great War CD-Rom and came up with the following:

SS/22078 Private John William Brown, Army Service Corps, died at home 29/11/15, born in Leystone Essex, enlisted in London, resided in Finsbury Park.

Doubt that he was related to you though.

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Thanks Lee for taking the time to look up Private J.W. Brown. I am hoping his Army number might shed some light. Or somthing else. I know with a name like his it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Still I will persevere. Once again thanks.

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Doorman - this isnt a "needle in a haystack" at all ! - You know his name and service number, and the fact that he was in the ASC, so simply go to PRO and look up his medal index card / rolls and see if a service record survives. He wasnt in "a regiment" - he was in the ASC - an entity in it's own right - go back to the homepage of this site and look in "Army Units and Formations", then "Transport". Regards - Tom

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