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Remembered Today:

excavated tanks in Flanders

Bert Heyvaert

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Yesterday we saw pictures in 'western european archaeology' class of tanks which were excavated somewhere in Western Flanders. Unfortunatly the Prof. didn't know when, where and by who they were excavated...

His best guess was 'somewhere around Ypres'. He also said they were French, but they were clearly British Mark-tanks.

Does anybody knows something more about these excavations?

Best regards,


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Hello Bert,

excavated tanks in Flanders? I don't think so. I never heard of it anyway...

I do know there are still some tanks around Ypres and people thought they would find some near Frezenberg, when the A19 was built, but they didn't find anything then.


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I remember some bits of tanks were found near Hooge or Zillebeke in the 1970s; maybe when the motorway went in? John Giles showed me some photos of some of the sections, and he had some of the track links in his collection. I believe the bulk of the material went to the Royal Museum in Brussels.

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It seems I was a bit quick with my posting. I saw Prof. Lodewijckx today, and he had done a bit more research about his 'excavated tanks in Flanders'. Seems it were pictures from the tank at Flesquieres, Somme.

So, no excavated tanks in Flanders. Sorry for this 'indian story'.



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