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Brothers who died on the same date!

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Just to add to the thread this story of three brothers from Sevenoaks who were all killed or wounded on the same date in three consecutive years.


Cecil George Thompson of the 76th Field Ambulance RASC crossed to France on 25th September 1915, the same day his brother, Sidney Ernest Thompson of 7th City of London Regiment died in Sevenoaks of his wounds.


On 25th September 1916, another brother, Captain Arthur Herbert Thompson of 10th King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, was shot through the head and killed whilst leading his men.


The following year, on 25th September 1917, Cecil was in an ambulance that was blown up. He survived but suffered badly from shell shock and died suddenly in 1925.


Their father, who served with the 1st Volunteer Royal West Kents, was demobilised on 25th September 1919.

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Lance Corporal Walter Harold Curson, (23), and Private Bertie Thomas Curson, (21/22) were both killed on the 19th April 1917 whilst serving with the 1st/5th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment in the Second Battle of Gaza. I believe that's the third pair of brothers who died serving with that unit on that day and there may well be more - the 1st/5th recruited mainly from the large Agricultural Labouring families in the west side of the county.


The two brothers came from the small village of Yaxham, just south of the town of East Dereham where the Battalion was headquartered. 


On the day as part of the general attack, a group of 5th Battalion and Australian troops managed to get into the Turkish lines by following a tank, which then became the target for every Turkish gun, eventually being set ablaze. It is not believed any of the troops who went with it survived. The wreck of the Tank was then turned into a strongpoint, and was known to the Allies as Tank Redoubt. Following the 3rd Battle of Gaza in November 1917 the area was taken, and the Australian Archive has a picture of the tank at that stage.



Walter has no known grave and is remembered on the Jerusalem Memorial. Some of brother Berties' Service Records survive and tell an interesting little tale. Initially posted missing, eventually on the 4th July 1917 he was officially declared dead. There is then an undated report headed "Information as to Location of Graves". Bertie was found buried at Tank Redoubt Military Graves, Atawineh, Palestine - presumably this means he was buried by the Turks. He now rests at Gaza War Cemetery but the Commonwealth War Graves Commission web-site does not show a concentration report so I assume he was moved before its predecessor, the Imperial War Graves Commission, took over responsibility for maintaining the graves,



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Pat Atkins

Remembering my father's uncles, brothers Herbert and William Atkins from London. Both killed on the same day, 26th May 1915; one at Gallipoli and the other in France.


14113 L/Cpl H.E.K. Atkins, aged 23. 2nd Royal Fusiliers. Landed at X Beach 25th April 1915, and after weeks of fighting was killed by a sniper while above ground, negotiating a flooded trench. No known grave.


1311 L/Sgt W.F. Atkins, aged 20. D Coy, 1/23rd London Regiment. Killed when his battalion was badly mauled in their first battle, taking (and holding) the German frontline at Givenchy.

No known grave.





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mandy hall

One can't imagine the anguish their parents went through, to lose 2 sons on the same day and for neither of them to have a grave.

RIP :poppy:


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On 3 October 2016 at 19:37, Michelle Young said:


 A family photograph can be seen on the Canadian Virtual Memorial as well as the two original grave markers.

http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/remembrance/memorials/canadian-virtual-war-memorial/detail/259232?Benjamin Alfred Rippingale



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Keith Sparrow
On 10/1/2010 at 22:02, Old Owl said:

Hi Alan,

I can supply you with a photo and some details of Lieut E.H.Tottie of the 1/Northumberland Fusiliers, I'm not quite so sure about his brother, but I need to have a look when I am at home. I should be able to contact you tomorrow or possibly later tonight, I will let know what I have.


I am also looking for photographs of the Tottie Brothers I am in possession of their Death plaques , l would like to do a profile on them 






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Right hand page. Left 4th Down -  O W Tottie





scroll down

There is an article on the circumstances of their deaths in Reading Mercury 10/10/14.

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On 29/08/2003 at 15:09, Geoff S said:

I understand that the 14th Battalion A.I.F had twins killed on the same day during the War. I cannot locate more details as yet.

Steve- Interesting note you make about the A.I.F allowing family members to serve together in the same unit.

Have found reference to an attack by the 16th Btn on Mouquet Farm on Aug 29-30, 1916 where 4760Pte F.B Burrows, age 57, was a member of "B" Company, led by his son, Lieut. W. H. Burrows, M.C. and Bar.

Interesting reversal son commanding the father, pretty unusual I would bet!


Geoff S

Thinking of the Lees, buried near them of course is Henry Webber.  He was always very proud that he, as a 68 year old subaltern, had to salute his field officer sons!

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