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Aisne- Chemin des Dames Battle May- June 1918


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On 29/11/2020 at 20:59, David_Blanchard said:

This is a trench map included in the 150th Brigade War Diary. It is worth downloading the diary from the National Archives.


That map is great! Ive now found out exactly where the various companies were. I'm intrigued by that front line trench though - it looks to be incomplete with a black line rather than the red trench mapping. Why would that be? Was the front line trench incomplete? From what I understand, the black lines are often designated 'piste' on French maps, which means track, or path. Was some of the front line literally a shallow trackway with no real protection, or is piste another word for a particular type of trench? And where would I find the information about exactly which company he would have been in? 



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