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British field cap question


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Some days a go i got this British field cap from the East yorkshire regiment.

I know that its a model that used in 1916.

But is this right and can some one tell me more about this cap?

And is there a good website about this cap's?

Many thankx for the help.



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To know that, we need to see the inside.

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I would have expected to see the american black oilcloth lining on the inside, although this could have been removed I suppose. The cloth sweat band appears to be of the c.1916 pattern though. Any chance of another pic to show a close-up of the eye-lets?

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The eyelets look a bit small (although by itself does not mean fake as original did have small eyelets on occasion).

Cotton head linings were allowed after March 1918 as an alternate.

Problem with lining changes is most are listed as alternates and did not necessarily replace previuos patterns.

It appears to more fall under a cap type that was "Committee Approved" in Oct 1918.

You can go to: http://meltingpot.fortunecity.com/utah/894/uksoftcap.htm

A bit of a warning this article and all article from this web site were written over 10 years ago and are not up to date.

Much better up to date info is found in the Nov 2005 issue of Militaria Magazine.

Joe Sweeney

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