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Remembered Today:

Can you decipher this signature?


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I've tried to figure this one out but I'm stumped, link to document, page 2. My best guess was Capt. E.C. Ames but no luck in the on-line attestation papers.

He served as an Assistant Provost Marshall at the time of the writing of the narrative. The narrative showed he had a sense of humour, his mention of his failing to salute the Chief of the Imperial General Staff made me laugh, link to document, page 1.

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Put that officer on a charge for sloppy writing :angry:

Possibilities? E.C. Kelly - E.C. Airey - errr, that's it...


Hmm, maybe Amey??

Maybe even Kilroy?

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Thanks for the replies. I'll give these a check and let you know.

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