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Remembered Today:

My website .. ka or ta?


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Favours needed folkies.

Quite a few will be aware that I have been playing around at creating a website for my parochial interests.

Now, you will find a link to this at the bottom of this post.

At times, this link seems to work .. at other times it doesn't.

So, there is another link on 'my profile' which seems to work all the time ...

Now .. in addition ...

Once you click on the link, a very basic 'Wannado' freesite appears. There will be a list of pages on it.

Go to the button which states 'Memorial/War Notes'.

One link (under the Memorial picture, flags etc) obviously links to War Memorial.

Underneath, you will see a 1914 circa newspaper advert. Below that is a link to my 'sub-site' which is actually much bigger than the 'front cover' site. If that makes sense.

Will kind members 1. try these links for me. 2. try and link to the 1916-18 'forward link'

I'm quite chuffed with it. I know it is basic but it does what it says on the tin etc.

I will be constantly updating as more relevant material comes in.

Feel free to sign the guest book. Report back here cos this bleedin' apple mac I'm on at the moment is a useless piece of crop. Works ok from home but I'm skiving in work at mo ... and need reassurance that all the cutting and pasting is not a waste of time.


Desmondo the Fry

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The links worked fine for me.

Great looking sites. I was particularly impressed with the graphics as its an area I have problems with. Mine never turn out looking so crisp and clear. How do you deal with yours - format etc?

If I can make 2 minor points:-

1. The links under the memorial photo and the Tobacco Fund advert on the same page do not make it clear where the user is going to. It would be better if these links were more descriptive - especially as the second one is taking the user to another web site.

2. The Kitchener recruitment poster is obviously well known but, in my opinion, looks a bit odd where you have it and the size you have it at. It would fit well on the Ballymena 1914 page in a larger size.

Best wishes.


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Now I understand what you were whittering on about in the PM.

It looks good and seems to work.

I understand that the adverts are a necessary evil of the freebie site - but I don't like them and think they detract from the work that you and your oppo have done on this. I just think that, for a project of such value to your community, it's a pity you didnt feel able to go down either the digital or paper routes that you first thought of. Top job, in spite of that, mate


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Cheers very much all so far.

Neil - yeah, the clarity of the links requires work. I think I may move the 'whole heap' to the sub site and just use one page of 'Wannadoo' for a 'front cover'

Re- Images - the 'subsite' (freewebs) allows 100 images per site for free/pretty much any size you want.

I have basically used this to jpeg some home-made DTP and posted them on as 'pictures'

re the adverts - I can get rid of them by paying $24 a year ... which is acceptable. Now just have to finish and re-tweak a few more times.

Ta very much all.


Long as I know it's working.

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Links working fine and site looking great. As John has said, 'twould be nice to see in printed form - but hey, that detracts not a bit.

ka? nooooo.

ta? yeeeaahh.

Nice one, Jim

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Everything worked and I liked it very much Des. Now how about doing the same for Bermondsey and Rotherhithe? :rolleyes:


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Hi Des,

Your links all work. :) I noticed you put your email address in plain view, as you will render it liable to harvesting by spambots and before you know it you'll be receiving offers of interesting financial opportunities from Nigerian gentlemen. One solution is to 'hide' your addy with a nifty piece of JavaScript, or alternatively to write it out - des at wanadoo dot co dot uk for ex.

On your extended site, the addition of a 'back to top of the page' link at the bottom of the weekly war pages would be useful, and you might want to consider enlarging the font size.

But what a wealth of information! Kudos to you for researching it all and putting it together.


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Try as I might I could not burst it so it must be ok................ :D

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Hi Des, :)

Well done !! It is a great site and worked perfectly for me.



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Onwards and upwards then.

I'm very happy. All points taken on board. I will now devise a cunning plan to get the thing to work seamlessly.

Or up to a point.

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All worked well and congratulationson getting it up and running, looks GOOD!!!!


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Top Draw mate.

Keep it up.


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Des, it is great and you've done a wonderful job. The great thing with putting up historical information on a web site vs. a printed book is that you can always add to it and revise it. Something you cannot do with a book.

You are also helping a great deal of people who will be looking for this information. You may not see them and they may never write to thank you, but you are performing a silent good deed. You are sort of like Amelie, the woman in that French movie, I know, a chick flick, you wouldn't see it...anyway, you get my point.

$24 seems a cheap price to pay. Makes me think of putting my site on that type of system.

Keep up the good work, and with all the people on this forum who look at your work, you are bound to get some good advice here.

One suggestion, but this is labour intensive since you mention A LOT of names. You could put an index to the soldier's names in alphabetical order that links to their newspaper entry. There are those who may want to scan the list of names quickly looking for a particular person. Here's a sample of that idea on my site - War Dead - Toronto.

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Well done, Des, an amazing amount of information. A truly dedicated site of remembrance and your hard work.

Wouldn't let me sign the guestbook, though. Server Error type Exception report


description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.

Can you link back to the original site from the additional pages??

Edited by spike10764
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Guest book SHOULD be OK now!

I am still investigating how to make the site 'seamless' but it ain't easy.

Weekly War now complete to 1919 .... am now chapterising the Falls history of the 36th (Ulster) Div. on the 1916-18 section. This will include the A-Z of gallantry awards to all ranks.

Future projects:- War Diaries of various Irish units etc.

Thanks to Andy Pay I now have copies of 12th RIR for June/1st July/End July plus Cambrai.

Eventually, I can see a cyber Bn. history being compiled! You know me, plate spinners R us.

If any of the Irish members (north south east west) have thoughts on how I can get an online history of 10th or 16th Divs. please let me know.

I am now 'linked on' to a number of sites so hopefully all will go well.

Cheers for advice from all. It's a learning process!

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