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1/1 The North Somerset Yeomanry


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I am researching an individual in the North Somerset Yeomanry for a family friend and would be grateful for any details as to their movements and whereabouts during WW1.

many thanks in advance



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August 1914 : in Sherborne. Part of the 1st South Western Mounted Brigade. In September 1914, moved to 2nd South Midland Mounted Brigade, in 2nd Mounted Division.

April 1915 : moved to Egypt, and in August 1915, dismounted to Gallipoli

December 1915 : moved to Egypt

January 1916 : Brigade became an independent command and redesignated 6th Mounted Brigade.

February 1917 : Brigade joined Imperial Mounted Division.

June 1917 : Brigade joined Yeomanry Mounted Division.

July 1918 saw a complete redesignation: the Brigade became the 10th Cavalry Brigade, the Division the 4th Cavalry Division. The Regiment remained with them in Palestine until the end of the war.


Formed September 1914, and remained in UK until in July 1916, converted into a Cyclist unit. Took over the horses from 2/1st West Kent Yeomanry in November 1916, becoming a mounted unit again. Became Cyclists again in September 1917, and moved to Ireland in early 1918.


Formed in 1915. Remained in United Kingdom until disbanded in early 1917.

I thought they`d served in Egypt, it seems that most Yeomanry Regiments served in Egypt during the war, at one time or other. The Cheshire Yeomanry also served there in WW2 as well.

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Gordon, that is brilliant - thank you very much indeed. however I have since found out that my man Haskett was in fact in the North Somerset Yeomanry. I don't suppose by any chance you have the same sort of detail on 1/1 N. Som Yeo by any chance do you?

many many thanks once again

Regards as ever


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Incidentally, but rather irrelevant now, judging by the last posting, some of the 2/1 Dorset Yeomanry instead of converting to cyclists, joined the MGC & served in France from July 16 onward......... Apparently they joined en masse, as is borne out by plentiful DY/MGC Mic's. But is there anyone who can give me any more info on where & when they might have seen action. i.e. once someone joined the MGC, how can I find out where they went to.


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