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Slightly off topic, but in May 1937, the Field Security Police - a wing of the Corps of Military Police, was formed. Known as the "greencaps" on account of the elasticated cotton cap covers they wore, virtually all 1700 members were transferred into the Intelligence Corps in September 1940.


Back to the topic. There were, however, a number of MFP members connected to the Intelligence Corps in 1914-18.


P4353 LCpl H G S Uglow was a Police Constable in Torquay before joining the MFP. Serving in Egypt and Palestine, he was "attached to the intelligence department" -  http://www.corpsofmilitarypolice.org/soldier/19989/


P5550 LCpl E D P Hardy served in the HLI (No 2275) before transferring to the MFP. He was Commissioned into the Intelligence Corps in July 1917 (MiD LG 20/5/1920).


P10412 LCpl J Worlledge MFP - enlisted in August 1914 - a 22 year old student - into RFA 204 Battery. Transferred to MFP in February 1917, fluent in Russian, Polish and French, he was attached to Intelligence Corps and Detective Branch on 8.3.1917 - Class Z Discharge on 24.2.1919


P11341 LCpl E W Tanfield MFP (Ports Police). Born in Whitby, he is described formerly a "French Intelligence officer at Folkestone." He was awarded the French Croix de Guerre in October 1919.


P16349 LCp Edwin T Woodhall Served with Cameronians 1904-07, then served with Metropolitan Police. He was recalled at the outbreak of war, went to France with Cameronians 1st Bn No 8559  on 15.8.1914, and served with the Intelligence Corps in France from at least Dec 1915 until Nov 17 when he returned to Cameronians 1st Bn.  He was transferred to Labour Corps in Jan 1918 in 842 Area Employment Coy No 447701, then transferred to the MFP in August 1918. He remained with them until being discharged in Feb 1919.  He left the Met (as a PC) in Jul 1919.  He was the author of a number of books including "Detective & Secret Service Days" in which he claims to have arrested Percy Topliss.


Hope this is of interest.





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