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Immediate and other gallantry awards


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Posting this thread here as I couldn't find a more suitable place

I am slowly researching the commanders and drivers of the first tanks; have now got most christian names sorted and am following up their early and later lives.

Many seem to have gained galantry awards in later actions - some are listed as immediate (and the citiations for these are normally available) - other seem to have gained awards which were not gazetted until after the end of the war and have no citation.

What made an medal award "immediate" - can some kind pal point me in the right direction

Merry Christmas to one and all

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An Immediate award was one generally awarded for a single salient action of Gallantry @ one specific time on a particular day,awards awarded for Periods of gallantry & distinguished Service covered periods of time where possibly the gallantry aspect was not so spontaneous but more of a calculated nature,requiring diligenge,application & stoicism,a more measured clinical type of gallantry,as performed by Aircrew,Naval recipients working under extreme pressure for continuous periods,as with many of the DCMs to Warrant Officersgiven for continued Distinguished Service,rather than a one off storming of a Trench,or Capturing of a MG Nest,etc;

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