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Remembered Today:

Gentlemen to your maps !


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Hy all , a little map exercise ,

Would like to know , what we’re looking at

Notice at the bottom left , the trenches around the crater ..

So where are we ?? pic taken from an altitude of 3000meters



By the way where has the map room gone …..?


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There has never been a map room on this site. I think you may be getting confused with the Western Front Association's site, where a map room still exists.

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Hi Patrick

This is only a suggestion. It looks similar to trenches between Souchez and Givenchy. If you have a trench map or the CD Rom with maps on compare the photograph with the crater and trench lines on the map:-

Vimy 44a S.W.3 Square 9c

The crater to the left of height indicator 135 looks in a similar position to your photograph.

Would not the original photograph have a map reference on it? or is this a christmas quiz?



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Might also be near Auchez les la Bassee; or somewhere in the Loos area.

The reproduction of the photo isn't clear enough to pick out ground features.

Is it from a German or British source?

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Evening All ,

Correct Terry ,Wow this little Christmas quiz was quickly solved,

only experts at work here .

I’m impressed .

Here the picture with its German footnotes


Vimy Ridge at Givenchy en Gohelle . At the right the German lines, at the left the enemies ones , in between a number of craters caused by mines.

At the bottom crater we can see very distinctively the trenches digged by the two parties towards the crater ridges .Picture taken from an altitude of 3000 meters

Took this from the book Die Schlacht bei Arras 1916. Foto-Band I WK

Verlag R. Piper & Co, München 1918.

Find this a remarkable shot.

Will have to make a next quiz much harder !

For Chris

Yes this is what I meant, have not been back there at the Western Front Association's site for a while , will have to visit .



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Hello Patrick

If the 1st prize is a night with Melinda Messenger please give me chance to order my viagra !!!!

knowing my luck its a night in that crater!!!



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