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1st Dorsets 1914

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Is it possible to get some info for various dates from the diary? I have been doing my Family Tree and have 4 souls killed from 1 Bn - 1916/17, 3 killed with 2 Bn and 1 killed with 5 Bn. Many others who served with the Dorsets and survived (mostly regular Bns).

I have some of their Military Records and all Medal Cards, but would love some info on how these poor blokes met their demise.

Any info from diaries would be gratefully received.


Stewart Pearce

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can I add another date to Stewart's list please.

I have a man on the Walsall RoH who Died of Wounds on Tuesday 20 August 1918.

Would it be possible to post the WD for around this time, please,

Many thanks,


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This is fascinating - I am trying to follow the movements of 2nd Lt G S Shannon who was a former teacher here at Winchester House School. He was part of A Company, 1st Dorsets and was killed at Hill 60 on the 5th May 1915. If you have any further transcriptions of the war diaries for the months leading up to May 1915 I would be very grateful

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There is an excellent description of the Hill 60 battle May 1915 in the book "Salient points three" by Tony Spagnoly & Ted Smith"


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Hi, I came across this thread while researching a soldier in the 1st Battalion Dorsets. He was killed on the 14th March 1915. I don't know if this thread is still active but I'd like to ask Steve if he can posts any information he can find on a conflict during that day. Thank you kindly.

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Malcolm Linham



 Welcome to the forum 


The information that I have comes from the History of the Dorset Regiment 1914-1919

At this time the Dorsets were garrisoning International trench near The Bluff.


" The most important event in this period occurred about sunset on the 14th March. A relief of the Dorset by the Bedfords had just commenced when a big explosion occurred  south of the canal on the front of the 27th Division. Nothing unusual took place north of the canal and the relief proceeded. But as soon the the Battalion reached Bedford House D Company with two machine guns under 2nd Lt Stanley-Clarke was dispatched to hold the canal bridge close to the Lankhof Chateau .

Early on the 15th A Company was ordered forward to support D, for a long while the situation remained obscure but counter attacks by the 27th Division practically restored the situation and A & D Companies were withdrawn at about 05:30 hours" 


There are no  mention of casualties within this part of the history.


Hope this helps



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