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2 German Officers Photo Albums


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I have not yet been able to determine Hauptmann Rüsse's first name but I can tell you that this officer was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Hohenzollern House Order with Swords on the 20th of November 1917.


I think Hermann v. François could be termed a bit of a "loose cannon". He did briefly command an Army (acting or in German "mit der Führung beauftragt") - the 8th from 9 October 1914 until replaced by the extremely competent Otto von Below on 7th November 1914.



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Once again i am astonished. The people in this forum and their work preserving the memories and lives of those that served on BOTH sides of the lines are to be commended. I have learned so much in this one single thread that i feel like I'm going to burst!

Here in western Canada, although we certainly made our sacrifices for the great war, my country is untouched by warfare of any kind. There is a cenotaph in the city center, but it goes almost unnoticed except for armistice day. I have always felt so far removed from the fronts that they have become for me an almost mythical thing; distant, forgotten, dark, black and white faces of men long gone and deeds long buried by time. So long ago and so far away as to be almost unreal. In my little way, with what little resources I had at my disposal I have railed against that image both for myself, and to any others that would listen, because even though any wounds suffered by my family disappeared with the death of my grandfather in 1967, I always took very seriously my pledge 'to never forget'.

Then, recently, I discover this treasure called the Great War Forum. I have spent almost every hour I had reading the posts, and I've learned so much. Not only have I learned about the times and the people of the war to end all wars in an almost palpable way, I've learned that the people that make up this forum are striving to ensure that the sights, lives, relics and stories are documented and recorded for everyone to share. And that, my most honorable new friends, is PRECISELY the meaning of "We Shall Not Forget".

For that, I thank you. Most honestly and humbly, and I take great comfort knowing that the all the lives, all the efforts and all the hurt and suffering of those years, are in the gentle care of everyone here.

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Wonderful words, Joe.

Bob Lembke

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Did you get anywhere with the identity of the Warsaw Bridge? I've had another look and at the web site you listed but there is not a lot to go on.

Also, could you have a look at the photo (A2 P11 P1)? Could this be in Warsaw?



I totally agree with Bob, wonderful words. And welcome to the forum.


What would Hauptmann Russe have done to get such an award? Would there be documentation available to support the award?

Sorry for asking so many questions, its seems that that is all that I have contributed since day1.



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Sorry, I did not check the bridge yet.

As to the other photograph - it does not strike me as something I know from Warsaw. I do not give a 100% guarantee though - one - maybe I simply can't identify something somthing I know from a different angle, or have never seen it; two - it could had been destroyed in WWII.


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There's no hurry :)

re the photograph A2 P11 P1; Its that looking through the website you posted there seems to be quite a few buildings with a similar corner position that the one in the photograph occupies. just wondered if it may be Warsaw.

regards and thanks for your input


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Made a trip downtown to examine the bridge. Funny how I don't notice things which I passed every day or so for two years.

Yes, there are the short towers on it. SIX of them!


So yes, it is the Poniatowski Bridge.


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Thanks for taking the time out to check the bridge, it really is appreciated, and its one more location identified.


thanks for pointing me in that direction, I had forgotten about the support topic.

2 excellent photographs of "now" and "then" by Ian R. Thanks Ian

Happy New Year


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Hi All!

It's relly very interesting thread!!!

So many interestin WWI photos exposed! Actually I'm from Belarus and can help with identification of places related to Belarus! The only problem: i can't see almost all photos published in this thread! :(

Can anybody help me? May be some of you has saved copies f published photos?

Many thanks in advance!!!

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I coloured the names equivalent to rank- and casualty-lists of FAR 22

Oberst Schmidt, Droste, V. Basti [= von Bastineller], Kritzler, V.W. Kajuter,

Lt. Diahmann, Lt Schmidt (1), V.W Kuhl, Htm. Goille??

Lt Schmidt (2), Dressen, V W Mahr, Heila, Buchmann, Lt Reike,

V.Bastineller, Hptm Buchmann, V.Briesen, Feltgen, H. Herrmann,

V. Hanstein, Thenberg, Hptm Grillo, Oberstlt Remmert [Commander FAR 22 31.10.1914], Teewagg, Besuch,

Driessen, Helier, Velsen

Some suggestions about the names, taken from the regimental history...

Droste = either Friedrich or Clemens Freiherr Droste zu Hu:lshoff, both Lt. d. Res. from Mu:nster prior to war, more likely Clemens; Clemens was a Lt. d. Res. with 4. Batterie on one list, another list has two with this name, both Oblt. d. Res, one with 2. Batterie, the other an Adjutant with Stab II. Abteilung, but possibly the same person (ie. Clemens)

v. Bastineller = Hptm., 4. Batterie commander on one list, 4. Batterie commander and second in command of II. Abt. on another

Kritzler = Major, II. Abteilung commander

Diahmann = Lt. d. Res. Dieckmann, 6. Batterie ???

Schmidt = Lt. d. Res. Josef Schmidt, 3. Batterie; pre-war from Hameln

Schmidt = Lt. d. Res. Hermann Schmidt, Leichte Mun.-Kol. I on one list; pre-war from Siegen

Buchmann = Hptm. d. Res., commander Leichte Mun-Kol II and on another list commander of same unit and/or commander of III Abt.

Goille = is the Grillo listed later, ie. Hptm. d. Res. Grillo, commander Leichte Mun.-Kol. I

v. Briesen = pre-war Lt. d. Res. from Mu:nster; Lt. d. Res. and then Oblt. d. Res. with 1. Batterie

Feltgen = Lt. d. Res. Feldgen, Stab II. Abt on one list (Verpfleg. Offiz.)

H. Herrmann = Lt. d. Res. Hermann, Stab I. Abt. (Verpfleg. Offiz.)? pre-war Lt. d. Res. from Osnabru:ck (may be Wilhelm Herrmann); Hans Herrmann, Leutn. Ord-Offz. Nachr.-Abt. d. 6. tu:rk. Armee kia 6. 4. 18 am Dijala

v. Hanstein - pre-war Lt. d. Res. from Mu:nster, Ord-Offiz. with Stab; or Lt. pre-war and wartime Adjutant I. Abt.

Thenberg = Then Berg, Lt. d. Res. Zugf. L. M. K. II/22 kia 24. 9. 16 Moislains

Teewagg = Lt. d. Res. Tewaag pre-war from Breslau, same rank 3. Batterie on one list, kia ??? as Oblt. d. Res. & battery commander 6/FA185 25. 9. 16 Sailly-Saillisel, buried in Dortmund

Velsen = Lt. d. Res. v. Velsen, Beob.-Flieg. Abt. 62 kia 17. 1. 16 St. Eloi, buried Leipzig, who may also be Versen, pre-war Lt. d. Res. from Berlin

Kuhl = on you list a Vizefeldwebel may be Lt. d. Res. Ku:hl commander 3. Batterie wia 8. 10. 18 Cauroy dow 19. 10. 18 buried Milita:r Friedhof Pauvres

* not sure "Besuch" is a name

** for those interested in German-Americans, on the Reserve Officers' list there is a Lt. VIETOR from Richmond, Va. - he appears on the Stellenbesetzung list serving with 1. Batterie

*** Remmert was previously commander of RFAR66.

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Many photos on this thread were lost on "Filehigh" when storage was not available on the Forum server. I have now replaced all the photos that were missing, so the thread once again makes sense :thumbsup:

However, I cannot edit posts from other members, so where quotes have been made that include photographs, these are still missing. If anyone who took part in the thread, and is prepared to edit their posts to fill in the gaps,then this would be appreciated B)

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Thank You! I thought 'That looks an interesting one', read the first few posts, fast forwarded to the last, and now look foward to enjoying the others!


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21/3 is difficult again:

Parzenka-Insel im Narisch (or Naritsh) See, sommer 16


Isle of Parsenka in Lake Narisch/Naritsh, summer 1916

I cannot find such locations in the East style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/sad.gif

Haven't read the thread to its end - but this might be "Narotsch-See" = lake Narotsch.


Of course we see a AAA site with Flak (Flugabwehrkanone) or gun in the picture.

Feuerstellung=tactical site/ firing site

last words: Sommer 1916=summer 1916

...and than the pretty weird difficult part: I read "Fluggzeug Kan/h (for the correct written word "Flugzeug"=aircraft, it is one g to much!!), also what does "h" stands for("h" for "hoch"= high??)

On the other hand, i could also read "Flaggzug Kan/h" ("Flaggzug" would be written wrong as the correct spelling is "Flakzug". Flakzug means AAA platoon).

Personally I opt for Flugzeug Kan/h. I think we need some more opinions here

Just a suggestion: "Kan" = Kanone/gun

"h" = hoch/high

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