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Forgotten Voices of the Great War

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Forgotten Voices of The Great War

Author: Max Arthur, in assc. With IWM

Pub: Ebury Press 2002

ISBN: 0091882095

For the majority of us who never had the opportunity to discuss the war with those who were there, this book offers an insight into their day-to-day lives.

The book comprises of quotes taken from tapes held in the Sound Archives of the IWM and concentrates on the Western Front and the Gallipoli Campaign. Some of the quotes are of just one or two sentences whilst others cover several pages; some are raw and horrific, some matter-of-fact or reflective.

I found the whole book totally absorbing.


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Agrred it is a very good book. My only ' grouse ' is the photo caption on page 116 which states Australian casualties bore the brunt of the casualties on Gallipoli which is another myth which is just not true. It's an IWM picture too!!



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Have other pals read this book since the thread was started. I have heard this title before, but never knew much about the book. RoyEvans' description makes it sound quiet interesting. Thanks, Andy

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The book is an interesting read, though marred by some inaccurate unit descriptions, such as 'Lancashire Regiment' for Lancashire Fusiliers.

The accompanying CD series, with four sets of 3 CDs, ie about 12 hours of first-hand accounts of the War, is well worth listening to. However, not all the voices are really 'forgotten' as they include some well known names, such as Charles Carrington, Cecil Lewis and Henry Williamson.


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Perhaps a kindly moderator could merge them?


Pass Kate the mouse, but you might not get it back!


Ps Operation Smuggle has been rummbled but i am least still in possession of the book if not all my body parts!

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