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The Hon. Frances Alice Mary Fitzalan Howard

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I am trying to research this lady who served with the VAD during WW1 as a nurse in France.

Ive searched all over the net looking for a photo of her or more details on her war service but drawn a blank. The fact that she belonged to one of the most famous English families doesnt help at all.

I know that there was some trouble in the family with her as she divorced her husband. That is was I am a little reluctant to write to the Duke himself.

Can anyone provide even a tiny scrap of information on her?

Many thanks in advance,


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Hi Sue,

I have her MIC and Red Cross records.

She enrolled for the VAD on 21 September 1915. She was selected on the 29th of that month and served from 5th October 1915 to 4th Novemember 1917 at the following hospitals:

3 General Hospital Le Treport

2 Stationary Hostpital Abbeville

Red Cross Records show her with the Charing Cross Hospital in London 1915.

She married on the 19th October 1920 Major George Greaves of Horse Guards. Their seperation was granted in 1927 and their marriage dissolved in 1936.

She must of been a famous face in the VAD?........There were a few titled ladies serving at the time in the VAD, some of which are featured in the books "The War Illustrated" however she isnt featured?



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I have six copies of the Daily Sketch for August 1918

It is full of pictures of Society ladies doing their bit

In one dated Aug 15 1918 the front page has pictures under the heading 'Society Women in the Red Cross Honours list' so maybe you could look in some copies for around that date a year previous and see if she is mentioned, along with a photo. Or look for copies for the time of her service, she is probably in one of them. Her wedding photo may be in one for 1920 too. There are wedding photos of Society people in my newspapers

Try the British Library at Colindale


If you don't live near London and can't visit in person they do offer a research service

You could also try the Times Online database

I've noticed that libraries across the UK offer free access and also offer free access if you join their 'online membership'

I have looked through all of my newspapers and can't see any mention of her


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Can anyone tell me anything about this lady? She was from the Duke of Norfolk's family and served as a volunteer nurse throughout most of the Great War. Later, she married and divorced. When and where did she die? She must have been one of the most socially prominent and aristocratic volunteers in the whole war. Has anyone seen a photograph of her? Thank you very much in advance.

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Frances Alice Fitzalan-Howard was the daughter of Francis Edward F-H, 2nd Baron Howard of Glossop. She married a man called Greaves, divorced, and died 2nd August 1953.


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Guest Grenville

Hello, Frances Alice Mary Fitzalan-Howard was my grandmother. I never met her and I know very little about her and was so interested to read your post. She had two children: Richard and Susan (my mother). I believe she died in the 1970s, not sure exact date, and she was in a nursing home. Did you find out any further information about her? I believe that my sister has a photograph of her somewhere. Thank you.

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I have a picture of The Honourable Frances Fitzalan Howard from country Life Saturday March 19th 1910 

volume xxv11 number 689


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