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In the continuing saga of trying to trace my grandfathers WW1 footsteps, I came across the attached pic. It is obviously somewhere in Flanders, as we know that he visited there in the mid-1970s. But I am hoping someone recognises the background or the memorial. The inscription on the memorial is hard to make out, even on the original, but seems to include the words..."STORMLOOP OP ..." and the date 1886(?). Maybe someone recognises it?

Just another small piece of the puzzle, but if anyone has any ideas I'd be grateful.




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it's a bit of a guess, and i can't find a pic that fits 100%

but is it Bruges?,

there's a statue/memorial in the square and I am thinking the corner and roof bit ( not very technical I know) over his right shoulder could be the Belfort

I am sure one of our Belque friends might be able to confirm ( or probably tell me I'm wrong!)





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That looks a good match looking at the photos


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